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La Corda D’Oro Review


Yes, La Corda D’Oro:D

In Seiso Academy, the students were split into two sections — the General Education and the Music Education. Our main heroine here called Hino Kahoko, was a student from the General Ed. One day, she ran into a fairy called Lili, who’s a musical fairy that only appeared to certain people. It was hinted that the director of the academy could see this fairy as well. The Academy was going to hold it’s concours again, a competition for those who were good in music. Kaho was shocked to find herself listed as on of the participants even though she couldn’t play any instrument. It was revealed that Lili was the one behind this, and he gave her a magical violin for her to participate in the concours. She refused at first, but was pressed by Lili to join. Slowly, she began to fell in love with the violin and she met really nice people along the way [ Len Tsukimori, the blue hair guy, who played the violin. Kazuki Hihara, the light green hair guy, who played the trumpet. Ryuotaro Tschuira, the dark green hair guy, who played the piano. Azuma Yunoki, the purple hair guy, who played the flute. Keiji Shizumu, the blond hair guy, who played the cello. Shoko Fuyummi, a girl that is sadly not shown in the picture above, who played the clarinet]

Kaho met alot of obstacles along the way, but those people she loved and liked around her were always there to support her. Watch to find out what happen!

For me, I really like this anime because it revolves around music. The music that they play is so beautiful and it is because of this anime that I fell in love with a lot of new classical pieces that I’d never known before! There are other pieces that I’ve heard but I’d never known the name, so I was quite happy that the characters inside used these pieces. I don’t know if this is a spoiler, or if it will put off anyone who is going to watch it, but there is quite little romance here. Even though ultimately, almost all the male characters fell in love with the girl, the girl is the usual character whereby she remained oblivious to the attention she gained from those around her.

I can’t really tell if this will be good for those who don’t love music/ never liked music before, because I’m not one of them, so I can’t really put myself into their shoes. However, I would say that this anime is a good way to start exposing yourself to music, because it’s really good! Otherwise, one can also watch for the plot though I would say that he or she wouldn’t be enjoying the anime fully then.

I learn the piano and have only started loving it much more in the recent years/months. I’m fortunately one of those who chose piano out of my own accord, so I’m more willing to learn it as compared to those around me who were sort of forced by their parents. Therefore, this anime is very enjoyable to me! So much so that as aforementioned, I’ve managed to finish 20 episodes in like… 2 days, and finished the entire season 1 + special episode + 2 more episodes titled: La Corda D’Oro Secondo Passo

I didn’t read the manga though but I would love to check it out when my exams are over!
*For those who are interested, in La Corda D’Oro, they played really nice and famous pieces like Ave Maria, Serenade by Schubert, La Campanella, Salut D’Amour etc

Hope this review helps!^^

   -it feels kinda strange, but at the same time very gratifying, to be writing something non-playful kiss related, but I hope you guys like my
    non- PK posts as well!- 
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  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v. i promise myself to comment quickly this time…
    I’m so GLAD you like this anime. The manga is not done yet so i’m quite impatient to see how they end it…
    and i think it’s reasonable to say that pple who have no particular interest in music will like this drama as well (if they are into shoujo genre of course) since i know friends who like this and who don’t know much about classical music at all.
    I’ve just watched PK…sigh. why do guys blow hot and cold.
    now i’m off to watch MGIAG and Fugitive. As much as I care about those two, i really really hope PK’s ratings rise.


    • oh the manga is not finished yet?:O you must tell me then if Kaho did end up with anyone! Right now I don’t know which couple pairing to root for lol.

      I’m watching Episode 9 but I can only put up the recaps tomorrow since I haven’t finished it yet>< but I thought Seung Jo is quite okay? I was squealing at the backhug [sorta] in the hospital:PP


      • Anonymous says

        nope… the manga is not finished yet but i sure hope she ends up with someone… anyone would be fine by me, just someone. i hate it when dramas/mangas/whatever else set up for some romance and ends up killing it. atachinshi no danshi nearly killed me when horikita rejected sho out of fear of rejection. thank god they kinda hinted something in the end as well. or for BoF when kim bum never really confessed. i’m kinda confused, r they officially dating or not.. at least, that’s better than what happened with Hanayoridango and meteor garden.
        lol. don’t worry about wirtting recaps since ur busy.. life should take priority (and here i think i should take my own advice). i was literally squealing at the backhug, or any times seungjo smiled… i loved him the first half of the ep. and then he turned all mean again. sigh.
        just watched ep 10 live. it was awesome. the first part was depressing but the second part was really cute+squeal-inducing. and no preview… as expected but still disappointing altho i guess they compensated with the cute special tennis scene.
        and ill reply to ur other reply here as well.
        well, if PK stops, i’m sure there’s something that’ll come up as well. and try to find pple with the same interest as you (there’s plenty)…j-entertainment as a bunch of fans and you’re an entertaining writer as well+uve just started.
        OMG, you haven’t seen Pride… now, THAT’s a MUST-SEE drama… ok, im afraid i’m overhyping it but seriously, go see it. it’s not a too old dorama. kimutaku has older dramas (that are really really good as well). but, yeah, please go check it.i don’t know if you’ll like it but i’d hate it for you to miss it without even trying it.
        Kurosagi: both girls? which one. i remember only horikita… im a yamaki shipper since nobuta days but i also like masami. it’s a toss up really.
        and OMG no.2… you HAVE to watch WGM if you haven’t. if you want to watch it (i don’t know if u need subs or not). no subs is easy to find. without subs, there’s mysoju.com… man, that show is awesome. KHJ’s ep start ep 9 from what i remember. the guy is totally hilarious. i knew it before watching WGM because SS501 appeared in other shows as well but WGM particularly highlighted that aspect of his personality. there’s other couples too and you should totally watch them too. i didn’t know half of them before starting the show and now, i love all of them, even the mania Witch couple. yep, the mosquitoes thing is when he was smashing mosquitoes and felt like he was protecting his wife by doing it. haha. only the reason there was so many mosquitoes in the loft was because of the opened window. -_-”

        lol.. his collarbone+neck during the piggyback.. i totally wanted to kiss/bite it… sigh. yeah, yoo eunhye in goong was cute as well. but i think i like hani slightly better even tho she seems like she forgot to bring her pride with her whenever she meets seungjo.

        piggyback.. what about New Heart? MGIAG also had a piggyback but it was the girl piggybacking the guy. i dont remember winter sonata piggyback… hum, which one was it… and leeseungki, skinny? OMG, you haven’t seen his abs? the guy is far from skinny. he’s quite buff behind his prim and proper shirts. i remember in an interview, he said he worked out a lot.
        and sorry for the long comment… AGAIN.


      • Oh yep they did get together! It was kinda a hinted ending in that sense, if I remember correctly he told Ga Eul that she would be the first person he would visit after he returned from overseas… and when the kid that Ga Eul was teaching asked if he was her bf he didn’t deny I think:D I like them the best in BOF somehow they were so cute!:DD

        I’m waiting eagerly for the preview to come out!^^ I squealed so much in episode 10 it was quite unlike myself:P

        Thank you^^ [ reference to entertaining writer]!

        Okay! I shall check it out [Pride] after my exams. I think I didn’t want to watch at first cos I didn’t like kimutaku much.. I tried finding WGM online but I don’t understand? It’s like when I start from episode 9, I don’t see the Hyun Joong couple but another couple… so I watched a bit and was so ??? that I just closed the window. LOL.

        I think I like both equally! They just look so similar and have the same feel, it’s kinda hard to determine for me which one is cuter.:P Oops! He’s not skinny? hahahaha he looked so…. young and small I don’t know I just get the feeling that he’s very skinny^^

        It’s okay!


      • Anonymous says

        its v. oh so they did go out together… i didn’t know how to interpret the “my boyfriend was from sweden” thing she told her students… it could either be “he’s really my bf” or it could be “im saying it cuz i wish thats what it was and like to boast about it”.

        about WGM, there’s several couples on the show, and each couple takes up just a part of the show. sometimes, the couples meet together and have a trip together as well. seriously, don’t get discouraged because you would miss one of the most entertaining shows ever (and that’s not just me. a bunch of pple agree so i think theres certainly smth to that). if you have trouble starting from ep 9, then perhaps you should start from ep 1 altho hyunjoong only enters in ep 9. but i know a bunch of pple who started at ep 9 for hyun joong and were still able to catch up on what happened with the other couples as well and then of course, they all went back to watch the first 8 ep later on.
        but i dont know… maybe it’s not of your taste.


      • Anonymous says

        will comment on ep 9 + 10 recaps later on… i’m out of time right now… sorry. i read them though and like them to bits!


      • Anonymous says

        its v. i was browsing on soompi and someone gave out this link with all the wgm cuts of the lettuce couple…so i thought it might help you. that way, i guess you won’t have to be confused about the other couples, although i would still urge you to watch them as well later on.


      • I think it’s a “he’s my bf!” I hope so anyway since when I watched BOF I totally forgot about the main triangular romance and focused entirely on Ga Eul and Yi Jung.

        Thanks so much!^^ I will definitely check out those cuts and yes, I will still and try and watch through episode 9.. lol and perhaps forward until I see his face or something.. because yes I’ve heard so much good things about the lettuce couple it felt like a waste if I don’t watch!^^


      • Anonymous says

        you too? lol. perhaps it’s because ive watched all other versions of HYD before but when i watched BOF, seolmate couple were my focus as well… i didn’t care much for the main love triangle… i also think it has to do with the fact that it was THE cutest version of the couple and that it’s the only version when it looked like they had a chance to end up together…

        btw, did you see the translated diary entries of seungjo? they are so cute..


      • I haven’t watched Hana Yori Dango actually…:D YES! They were the cutest couple ever in all three versions; I had so much fun fangirling over them!:D

        Oh there are translated entries of Seung Jo??


      • Anonymous says

        its v. yes there are… one of the places where you can find them is kathysbench.blogspot.com but you have to browse a bit.. there’s also eunjo’s entries (2 so far) and hani’s entry (1).
        or you can find them on soompi thread, page 1. or many other places.


  2. Anonymous says


    i think its a reverse Harem type of manga right…?
    anyway, i already finished watching the anime, last year. i so loved it that i read the manga..
    i was rooting for Ryuotaro after the anime, but when i read the manga I changed my mind i a a 100%Len-kaho fan..
    and yes the manga is far from over, there are additional characters and they seem to be vying for her attention, one is kaji and another new .. gosh what girl wouldnt want to be in her shoes..
    being loved and wooed by exceptionally handsome and talented 7 men (manga)..

    i could tell you some spoiler of who she picks and how the characters true feelings lie..?
    cause in the manga, its quite hazy who is his prince right. well for me it was…


    • Re: manga..!!!

      Yep! I’ve read somewhere that it’s a kind of reverse harem… except harem gives a very sick image in my mind.. hmm I wonder why…

      Really?^^ I still couldn’t decide! I keep switching between len-kaho and ryuo-kaho so much lol!Apparently they said that the anime cut out some sweet scenes that happened btw len and kaho so maybe thats why we didn’t get too much of the len-kaho pairing vibes

      7 MEN?! Woah this is even worse/better than boys over flowers:D

      She picked someone already?!


      • Anonymous says

        Re: manga..!!!

        this is v. butting in… sorry. just letting you know that in my opinion.. i’m not sure if she picked the guy or not.. i think she herself is confused. the manga makes it quite hard to know for sure what will happen romance wise. anyways, i try to keep my mind open because it has been way too many times when i root for one particular couple and end up heartbroken because it was the wrong one to root for.


      • Re: manga..!!!

        I always get my heart broken when I KNOW that I’m rooting for the wrong guy but still want to root for him anyway… like Shin Woo:O


  3. Anonymous says

    me again

    actually in the manga she already has someone who really moves her so much. but the other guys also seem to be zeroing in on her in showing her their true feelings…
    but then in the end she will choose only one of those gorgeous and talented men…
    but i think the ultimate rivals for her would always be ryou and len..
    but i still vote for len, but if he goes abroad.. (i know spoiler right, sorry) i will still root for him..
    anyway just saw the raw of the lastest episode, and some are clearly disappointed with len and clearly rooting for ryou..
    but i will always be for LEN, all the way..!!
    and maybe next is Ryou..
    then Kaji..
    then senpais..
    then the new guy…


    • Re: me again

      Ohhhhhh that sounds like a potential spoiler!! I really hope they will come up with a second season/third season or something. I mean I never get to know all these!:D

      oh that’s okay. As in I already read about how he wanted to go abroad or something in wikipedia:P

      I still can’t decide. Lol!


  4. Anonymous says

    I have watched quite few numbers of Japanese dramas and movies even l do not understand even a single words. The best still Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2 (Sori, l don’t like the final movie).Right thumb for Hana Kimi Jap as well, l have watched it 4 times and still l’ll laugh for Nakatsu and the 3 dorms. I kinda love goodlooking actress and actor hence l don’t prefer Hana Kimi Taiwanese, Ella is just overacting. I recommends for Jap drama lovers to watch Koizora, Yamato, Nobuta, Kimi wa petto, Gokusen and few others, they are really nice and worth watching. Thnx


  5. Anonymous says

    Episode 10

    Thanks for recapping !!! Awesome as always!!! 🙂

    Second to the last episode..Everytime I think of it makes me sad all of a sudden because the next one is the last episode…

    As always, Maeda and the others did the great job.

    I really love watching Nakatsu and Kayashima’s bromance… they’re so sweet together!!!
    I don’t mind if those two would end up together. !!! 🙂

    I’m also touched on the last few scenes … It made me smile and cry too …

    Thanks again for recaps!!! I truly appreciated this!!! ♥♥♥♥♥


  6. Anonymous says

    How is Mei Le Jia You going? I’ve noticed that a lot of Asian dramas have bad endings.

    I’ve watched the first three episodes of Kurosagi & I love it! Do you mean that I’ll hate Tsurara?

    I’ve watched the first episode of City Hunter. It looks like it should be good.

    I’ve watched the first episode of The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries & loved it so far.

    I’m watching Can’t Lose. Watched up to episode 6 & its okay.

    K.O.3an Guo is finished & I loved it! One of my favourite dramas! Hayate The Combat Butler is finished & I loved it though I was a little disappointed at the ending. Myung Wol The Spy is also finished & I loved that too but the ending was a bit weird & random.

    I see you’ve watched all of Hana Kimi Remake. I’m still waiting on subs 😦 I’m also still waiting for subs for the last episode of Ikemen Desu Ne. I can’t believe that Protect The Boss has just two episodes left! I don’t want it to end! Are you watching Protect The Boss again?

    I can’t believe how many dramas I’ve finished in the last month. Drama blues are so much worse when heaps of dramas finish in a close time frame.


  7. Anonymous says

    Oops haha still haven’t finished it._. really busy these days.

    Yay haha Kurosagi was quite enjoyable!(: Is Tsurara the girl? *bad memory* City Hunter is good! Watch on((: See, most dramas actually have not-so-good endings… there are actually very few ones that tie up the loose ends nicely and that actually make perfect sense, if you think about it.

    Yep! I’m continuing Protect The Boss, might be doing recaps on it, might not:/ Indeed, hahaha I will always remember those drama blues that I’d when my five favourite couples’ shows all ended ._.


  8. Anonymous says

    Re: the annoymous call

    I think that Li Wei is into You Qing and have learned his lesson when he cheated previously. He might resolve to never cheat again but he might also be weak when a woman or his secretary for that matter tries to come on to him or seduce him. As they say, not all men can resist temptation…


  9. Anonymous says

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