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I’m going to try fiddling with the layout of livejournal; I hope I don’t screw anything up:S I’m a noob at tweaking IT stuffD:

[edit] For the time being, I’ve decided not to touch the basic layout of this livejournal because I’m very sure something will blow up if I touch the custom stylesheet or something lol>< I’ve changed some texts and found the very wonderful ‘sticky post’!:D As for the rest, they shall remain the same; I realise this is one of my most favourite layout!

For the tags though, do you think I should put in ‘clouds’ a.k.a like how it is now, or put it as a list?

[double edit] I’ve decided to try out the ‘list’ layout for a while first. It looks more organised:D Also, I will be doing a review on Lovely Complex and La Corda D’Oro the next few days! Playful Kiss might take the form of reviews as well because instead of ‘ I’m going to have my exams soon’, it’s ‘ I’m having my exams now’. GAH. I really hate exams. If only I have someone like Seung Jo to help me get pass><

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