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Playful Kiss Episode 8 recap

Yep! Here’s the recap/review for Episode 8!

After remembering all the good times that Ha Ni and Seung Jo had together, she was very emoish. She had moved into the room upstairs of the shop that her dad was working in. When Ha Ni met up with her friends, she told them that she had the resolution of forgetting Baek Seung Jo. In the meanwhile, the scene cuts to Seung Jo’s home where the mum was wallowing in sadness. [ One thing I don’t understand though, is why are they so sad?!  I know, Ha Ni left their house, so that cut down on the times they would have together, but she didn’t emigrate or anything! If you really want to see her so much, you can just go and find her any moment, she’s in the same uni as your son!]

Ha Ni didn’t want to eat at the cafeteria because she’s scared that she would waver the moment she saw Baek Seung Jo, but Min Ah said that, " If you really want to forget him, then all the more you should see him often. It would build up your tolerance." As such, Ha Ni decided yes, she would go there! But on the way there, the three friends realise that everyone was looking at them. It was only when they reached the cafeteria then they saw the banner that Boon Joon Gu had hung up " Oh Ha Ni got tired of Baek Seung Jo and dumped him". Ha Ni felt very embarrassed and questioned Joon Gu what would happen if Seung Jo saw that. Joon Gu replied by saying that Seung Jo had already seen it, and that he’s right there [behind them]. At this point in time, I would like to trust my intepretation skills and think that Kim Hyun Joong was trying to act hurt and sad by the banner! [that’s what I saw anyway, the attempt to have some introspective acting]

Ha Ni went for tennis practice where she was still picking up balls. When she returned to the prac room, she was shocked to see that Seung Jo was inside. The vice capt came in to challenge Seung Jo to a match — If he lost, Seung Jo could do whatever he wanted, if he won, then Seung Jo had to attend the training camp for tennis.

Seung Jo agreed with a smug look and the vice leader said they should do doubles. This guy, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry when he revealed the pairings — Seung Jo and Ha Ni, him and He Ra. It got to a point where it was funny when Seung Jo told Ha Ni to run opposite from the ball. Despite all that, they still lost. Seung Jo was irritated as this was the first match he had ever lost. The guy came over to rub salt in his wounds, and challenged Seung Jo to another match after the training camp. However, the pairings would remain the same. Seung Jo accepted

and henceforth ensued a training period for Ha Ni. It was very sweet for me, when later on he revealed to He Ra, that Ha Ni gave him the joy of teaching because she always gave her best. [ Lol is he going to be a teacher?]

Ha Ni realised that it would be so hard to forget Seung Jo. Her heart fluttered whenever she thought that she would spend 3D2N with him at the training camp.

She left for it while Joon Gu came out and gave her a lunch box then told her " I am your home… the place that you can return to whenever you want because it remains the same". Ha Ni was relatively touched and thanked him. Joon Gu was working hard to earn Ha Ni’s respect and not trying to chase her around [based on Ha Ni’s dad’s advice. When they reached the training camp, the guy told Ha Ni that she didn’t have to train — she was in charge of cooking. Seung Jo exposed that his motives were because he was scared that he would lose. After the guy and Seung Jo left, He Ra told Ha Ni that she would confess to Seung Jo. Ha Ni told her to go ahead even though she felt sad inside.

Ha Ni couldn’t cook as we all know, and asked Seung Jo for help, who very expertly cooked up dozens of dishes by himself. Here’s the really sweet part — after he did that, he came up behind others and pretended as if Ha Ni was the one who cooked that feast by herself. His smile was just… cute:D

Someone asked Seung Jo why he didn’t compliment Ha Ni, but he couldn’t bring himself to do since he would be like complimenting himself, so he asked Ha Ni to go out for practice. Ha Ni persevered through out the tough practice even though she ached and was very tired. In the end, she could finally serve and hit a ball. She smiled but didn’t know that Seung Jo who was watching her,

was smiling to himself too!:D 

Joon Gu couldn’t bring himself to call Ha Ni.. oh that shy guy I’m gradually liking him now! Ha Ni had to cook dinner the second time round but without Seung Jo’s help, she failed terribly.

She could not do anything but to confess. The club leader guessed that it was Seung Jo and everyone looked at him incredulously while he looked cutely awkward. After that, the club started getting drunk on beer or something and the only sober ones were Seung Jo, He Ra and Ha Ni. Ha Ni looked on anxiously as Seung Jo and He Ra left one after another. 

Ha Ni rationalised with herself that she just wanted to get fresh air and she’s not following them at all. hahaha. She appeared behind the bushes while He Ra prepared to confess. Then, this popped up behind the bushes!

The vice leader was following them too it appeared. Ha Ni saw him and whispered furiously to him, asking if he liked He Ra too. They whispered so loudly that He Ra and Seung Jo could hear something was going on behind the bushes. Seung Jo got up to investigate and found them naturally. He grabbed Ha Ni and hauled her off to practice and didn’t give He Ra an answer. I guess this is his subtle way of rejecting?

The next day, Seung Jo watched Ha Ni practising. He just kept smiling and it was really heartwarming. He was so happy for Ha Ni when she could finally serve properly

when she fell. He went over and told her good job, while Ha Ni thought to herself " To see his smiling face, and to hear him say Good Job, I’m so happy". They realised though, that she was hurt and Seung Jo proceeded to piggy back her [ ahhhh refer to post on What you can find in a Korean Drama and you probably would]. THE THING IS, HE WAS SMILING SO HAPPILY. This is in a big contrast with how he carried her in episode 2, as if it symbolises that he was slowly, but steadily falling in love with her too.

The thing I like about this show, is that the evil persona, is not that evil. Thus referring to He Ra. She might like Seung Jo, but up till now, she hasn’t done anything that would harm Ha Ni. In fact, I would say that she’s one of the nicest love rivals I’ve ever seen!:O 

He Ra invited Seung Jo out for a movie and he accepted. Ha Ni who over heard their convo decided to tag along, and found her Sunbae [a.k.a that guy] spying on them too. They went into the cinema to try and stop them from doing anything together. So when He Ra tried to lie on Seung Jo’s shoulder, Ha Ni quickly stuffed a pamphlet like thing in between. Yet, when they left the cinema, Ha Ni couldn’t bring herself to follow them any longer. She didn’t want to see how well they were doing with each other, so after she explained to sunbae, she turned around, but accidentally hit somone who was holding an ice cream.

That someone, happened to be somewhat like a gang leader. Though the disparity in image of a macho bully holding an ice cream is somewhat hilarious, the bully was very mean. He wanted them to pay $1000 for the dry washing of his suit and threatened to beat up sunbae. Ha Ni who tried to stop him, was pushed to the ground. Guess what? Seung Jo came and helped her up. He asked her if there was anything wrong and she said no, though she was slightly stunned. Sunbae told the gang leader that Seung Jo might have $1000 since he came from a rich family, and while everyone was looking at him, Seung Jo said " Sun bae, if I were you…." then he jerked his head to his right.

Sunbae understood, and counted one, two, three and they ran. Seung Jo took Ha Ni’s hands and ran, while sunbae and He Ra ran in the opposite direction.

-the end-  

 I’m really sorry for the quality for this recap!  I have no idea what’s the sunbae called can anyone enlighten me? I just keep calling him sunabe/that guy/vice leader.

Okay this episode:D

From the fangirl point of view, it’s good news because Seung Jo smiled a lot in this episode. Which means that we get to see lots of Kim Hyun Joong’s smile! While I was watching I could totally empathise with Ha Ni because I’m a magnet for balls. Seriously. I’ve been hit by all different kinds of balls and tennis is the worst. Gah, I’ve ever been standing there and got hit by SEVEN BALLS in TWO MINUTES! That aside, I really like how the love rival isn’t turning out like how I thought she would be. Maybe she would turn meaner, but right now she’s just trying her best, and not doing anything to harm Ha Ni.

At first I didn’t like Joon Gu either, but the way he loved Ha Ni is so touching, that I find myself liking him a lot. The effort he put in because of his love for Ha Ni…

Hmm lastly, I would just like to say that for me, increase in episode ratings is good news no matter what! Some people read some sites [ i’m sure you guys know what sites] and kept telling me that oh it’s a hollow victory. Come on, don’t let that screw your thinking! I’m very sure if you hadn’t read those sites, you would have been rejoicing. It’s much better than oh the competition channels showing specials and the episode ratings didn’t pick up at all right? Even though I can tell and understand where they’re coming from, I just feel sad for Playful Kiss. It’s okay though, since it’s so famous online and overseas!

I guess what makes Playful Kiss work for me is its high relevance to daily life. It doesn’t have climaxes in their relationship nor evil personas trying to break them apart with underhanded means, but this makes it even more realistic than ever. I can relate so much to it, which is why I love this drama so much!

Of course, that’s not saying that this would happen in real life.. though I’m sure many viewers out there sincerely hope so.. I admit, I’m one of them:P

Have I ever said this before? I used to think that Playful Kiss would be like Boys Over Flowers — based on a manga, remade after both Taiwan and Japanese versions have been out, but I realise that it’s now like You’re Beautiful — lousy ratings in Korea but a huge mega sucess overseas.

Let’s continue giving them our support yeah!

❤ thoughtsramble
     Give it a chance, and you will be surprised at what you find


  1. Anonymous says

    Hey, just letting you know that I enjoy your posts and I know a few others who do too.. ^^
    And it’s quite amazing we kinda have the same interests since I know what you’re talking about in all of your posts. btw, have u read the manga la corda d’oro or uve just seen the anime? i don’t mind that it’s about music… one of my fav jap drama is nodame cantabile. haha. i still haven’t seen liar game the movie and i want to be spoiled… i didnt get what you said about the romantic stuff… did it happen or not?
    Back to this ep… Perhaps my fav so far… i’m sure it’s lacking in some way (altho i can’t pinpoint exactly where besides the editing…)but you know what, I DON’T CARE.. it’s way too cute and satisfying to care about quality and whatnot. KHJ hard-to-see smile (at least as BSJ. in real life, he’s too cute) is swoonworthy. and JSM is too adorable for words. cutest kdrama heroine in my recent memory, although minho is cute too. i guess shin min ah can be the most awesome heroine then.
    that said, I feel like going through torture these past few day waiting for news of ep 9. i feel like exploding. i think the last drama to make me feel this way is You’re beautiful, borderline prosecutor princess. i know objectively speaking, my girlfriend is gumiho + sungkyunkwan scandal kick playful kiss’ ass anyday. and don’t get me wrong, i love them too, just that my obsession has been taken by PK. and i’m the kind of person that if something obsesses me, it takes my whole soul away and leaves no place for another thing. meaning as much as all other things are good, i just can’t seem to bring myself to care for them anymore.
    like with you’re beautiful, IRIS was put into the closet, and for prosecutor princess, even though i skimmed through/watched CS and PT, i didn’t care much for them. i only watched CS for MGY and PT for hot hot hot LMH. haha. how superficial, i know.
    anyways, back to PK. is it wrong but why am i not annoyed with hani for having no pride? usually, i HATE it in dramas when someone is being clingy and yet, in PK, i totally empathize and sympathize with both joongu and hani. somehow, they manage to make it not irritating altho i know a bunch of pple are disagreeing with me. as for haera, i don’t hate her, but that’s because i know she’ll come around to be friends with hani. and worse of all, i know seungjo is a complete jerk so WHY on earth, just WHY can’t i bring myself to hate him. i even find myself fawning over him. shallow much? any other less cute actor and it would be a total different story and i’m not even a KHJ’s fan. i’ve never really love him. i liked him as a person and found him utterly entertaining but i was never a fan. i even like eunjo. he’s too cute. and fortunately, there is one character in PK that i don’t need to justify my love for. the MOM.. BEST k-drama mom in recent memory.
    somehow, i don’t dislike anyone in this drama. except for jangmi but she’s gone.

    sorry for my long post… i tend to ramble a LOT when i start to write so that’s why I avoid commenting, because it usually transforms into a litany and i feel like i’m talking to myself in the end. i also have an LJ but all of my posts are set on private. i’m too embarrassed to show my ramblings to the world. haha.


    • Thank you for commenting!:DD

      I’ve watched the live action drama! I find myself that I don’t like reading mangas because you can only read them in real print or online, and they cost quite a bit if we have to buy yet I don’t like reading books online! So… YES I really like nodame as well! hahah oh I didn’t want to give a spoiler so that’s why I’m not clear I guess? What I mean was that in the trailer, the guy did seemingly romantic gestures [like patting the girl’s head, putting her head on his shoulder, touching her lips etc] but he’s actually doing those gestures with other motives [whispering things in her ears like who’s the liar etc]. However, at the end of the movie, the ending seems to hint that they are together romantically, so which is why I said those actions seem to be a prelude sort of!

      I understand entirely how you feel! I’m dying from waiting for episode 9 to come out argh. I didn’t feel that much for You Are Beautiful though, because my heart hurts for Shin Woo whenever I see how the clueless Go Min Nam keeps hurting him. YES, when I’m obsessive about something I can go on and on about it, which is why I named myself thoughtsramble in the first place!^^

      hahahha I know what you mean! But I guess this is why the ratings are low in that sense, because viewers love to watch drama plots that have climaxes and exciting plots and PK is obviously not one of them. It’s not shallow! Well, for me, I find myself liking KHJ a lot because of his character. I wasn’t his fan as well from BOF but I just find myself liking him a lot in PK. I usually don’t like female leads that don’t have brains [eg Go Min Na] I don’t know why! It’s not as if I’m very smart but I just don’t like how they need guys to come to their rescue and it’s always like what? THREE TO FOUR guys to the rescue… However,I could accept it in PK probably because Ha Ni is really cute! She knows that she makes mistakes and she always attempts to clean up her mess [ though she didn’t in the first few eps which make me a bit -.-]

      I love everyone in PK:D I didn’t even dislike Jang Mi because I knew that there’s no way she could snatch Seung Jo’s heart. Even He Ra was more possible and Jang Mi is like way down there as compared to He Ra, for me!:D

      It’s okay! I love comments, no matter long or short:D Though will it be all right if you leave comments next time with a name? So that I know that it’s you who replied!:D

      Thank you for commenting once again!:D


      • Anonymous says

        hey there. name is v. i’m too lazy to log in my LJ. XD. it’s sweet of you to thanks for the comments (twice!) but looks like you’re getting popular so let’s hope you’ll reach a point where you can’t afford to thank everyone anymore. ^^ fighting!
        yeah, i understand what you mean… i usually dislike reading online as well so I buy the books/mangas. Even when I can’t wait and check online, I still buy it afterwards cuz it’s still better. but i still read mangas tho and i know a whole lot of animes as well. i used to be so obsessed over it. altho i’m more into dramas now and books.
        Thanks for the liar game spoiler! i sure hope they hint at something because if they pull something like they did with the kurosagi movie, i might kill someone. i was SO UPSET about how deceiving the trailer was for kurosagi. grr. there was even less romance than in the drama. so i sure hope it’s something substantial here. btw, i saw ur list of fav doramas/dramas. good one! i’m glad we have the same taste and that some underrated dramas got mentioned. for me, my own list is way too long. i basically watch anything with JE boys in, even the younger ones, or cute boys in, and anything else for that matter. haha. my fav all time jdorama would be Pride though. but i like romcom as well, like hotaru no hikari among others or the solve-mystery things. as for k-dramas, tw-dramas, c-dramas, i don’t have a specific genre i like, from historical to romcoms. just everything if it works. XD. wait, i’m out of topic again.
        yeah, it was painful to watch shinwoo miss timing again and again. but what made me really cry was the bus scene with jeremy. i liked ft island and i never expected hongki to do that well for the scene.
        yeah, im glad KHJ has improved so drastically from before. i never was a fan of him, and still am not (although i’m swoon, and drooled because of him A LOT. haha) but i love his random, witty, awkward real personality. it’s quite amazing how different he is in real life from his characters, which are, let’s face it, boring ones. he was so funny in WGM. doesn’t hurt that the guy knows some hot dance moves as well. haha. and if i’m not a fan and i’m like that, i totally understand the KHJ craze.
        and i totally understand what you mean by disliking the girls with no brains. i’m not intelligent either but when i watch them, maybe because it reminds me of my stupid decisions but i hate it when they do stupid things and then messes everything up unnecessarily. i’m super impulsive as well but it’s irritating seeing it on screen. double standard much? haha. but yeah, hani is cute as a button. the scene where seungjo piggybacks her and she rubs against him was so so so cute. plus, does KHJ have one hell of a hot neck/collarbone line or what?
        and i don’t know if it’s because i unconsciously get jealous or if it’s because the female character was portrayed annoying but i usually tend to get irritated by the female leads in dramas where there’s 3-4 guys around her. like i couldn’t stand geum jandi sometimes (altho i loved gaeul) although i guess there’s nothing wrong with her, really, and min ah was irritating as well (not as much tho). i don’t mind yoonhee in SKKS too much tho. i’d like to think that it’s because of their acting rather than my jealousy tho. i don’t think im the type to get jealous and bitter about celebrities. sure, i wish i could be hani being piggybacked but i don’t hate her for it.
        ahaha oh I thought it was just me! cos I thought that in her flashback the angle seemed to be a little different but I thought it was just my mind playing tircks on me lol!

        and yeah, i agree the jacket looked like spiderman costume (the first one he had in the arena. haha) but if you look closely, it’s a chicken head, with it’s beak and all. XD


      • haha yes I’m do getting a little more readers nowadays but I’m kinda worried [?? not sure if that’s the right word] because a lot of them are PK readers, so I wonder what will happen when Pk stops? No matter what, I’m still thankful that I can share my views with more people now^^

        oh Pride! I don’t know if I should watch that though, I probably will after my exams!^^ It’s a not so recent drama right? YEAH there were no like romance at all in Kurosagi but I wanted to kill someone not really because he didn’t get with the girl though. I distinctly remember that I didn’t like both girls inside or something… Hmm…

        I know! Everyone has been telling me how funny he was in WGM but I have no idea where to get the episode with him on it. I heard about how he said ” I felt like I was saving my wife” or sth to do with mosquitoes???

        Yep yep that’s how I feel too! Even though I admit I make those stupid actions as well, but somehow I feel worse when I see it on screen. For me, I guess it bothers me how they always didn’t need to clean up after their mess even though it’s entirely their fault.

        I don’t get irritated but I will always remain doubtful whenever a NEW guy appears and falls in love with that female lead. It’s like… she has this power of attraction to every single male, which makes drama plots predictable at times. Meteor Garden/BOF was like that!

        LOL! I didn’t look at his collarbone at all, but yes I shall take note of it from now on:PPPP Yep I quite like Ha Ni in this show.. I think she’s quite similar to the girl in Princess Hours! Both personas which I really like:D

        If I’m not wrong, Winta Sonata has one! Shining Inheritance… I think there was one with Lee Seung Ki and the other girl, but I’m not sure if he piggybacked the main girl. Come to think of it, Lee Seung Ki seems a little too skinny to piggyback eh?

        YEP me too! Even though I’ve watched all versions I’m still excited to watch. I guess it’s the love story, yes, and also KHJ lol:PP


      • Anonymous says

        OMG.. i wrote too much so i exceeded the limit. so here goes Part 2. i think i exhausted my rambling for the year. like i said, when i start to write, i can’t stop. one thing i hate is edit essays with word count limits. haha

        about the kiss, it’s definitely two different angles. ive just found someone who did a slow-motion version of the flashback as well. haha.
        i’m trying to find a drama with no piggyback. the problem is even if it’s a drama i think there is no piggy back in it, i would have to rewatch the whole thing to make sure there isnt really one. i think winter sonata didnt have one but i might be wrong. hotelier as well. did shining inheritance have one? i can’t remember seeing a piggyback but my instinct is telling me there is one.

        as for the long preview of ep 9, yay, glad you checked it! i’m so so so excited. i wonder if the second kiss is coming tho and how they would do it. it’s funny how even with watching the jdorama, the tw drama, and the anime, and reading the manga, it still excites me to get the next ep. i guess a simple love story never gets old does it? like the jealousy act. haha.


  2. Anonymous says

    OMG.. long preview for ep 9 is out… and i’m loving it! except poor KHJ looks like a zombie.


  3. Anonymous says

    thanks for your recap

    I love reading PK recaps because it helps me to understand and appreciate the drama more

    i love PK because of simplicity and a feel good drama that is not so hard to digest


  4. Anonymous says


    thanks for your recap

    I love reading PK recaps because it helps me to understand and appreciate the drama more

    i love PK because of simplicity and a feel good drama that is not so hard to digest


  5. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the recap..so nice…like it..so good to read really complete recaps of each episode, yours is one of the best..jjang..fighting MK & KHJ


  6. Anonymous says

    Lol. How can anyone not like like Yamapi, especially as Akira! Lol I was more interested in Akira/Shuji.

    I hate exams! Actually I hate essays too.

    I finally watched the last episode! For some reason I thought Chii was adorable for the whole episode…even when he was being cruel. It was an awesome last episode but am left with so many questions!


  7. Anonymous says

    I own the album and I love it.

    I became a fan of Fahrenheit after watching KO One. I loved KO One and I loved the song Yi Ge Ren Liu Lan. I then watched The X-Family and heard the song Chu Shen Ru Hua and totally fell in love with Fahrenheit (and A Chord) lol.

    I really didn’t like Momo Love or ToGetHer all that much either. I saw Wu Zun in Butterfly Lovers and I actually quite liked him in it.

    I can’t pick a favourite out of Jiro, Aaron or Calvin though because I loved all of them in KO One and The X-Family and have continued to like them all equally. Sadly Wu Zun doesn’t really get a look in because he wasn’t in those two dramas. I still like Wu Zun but yeah…

    Anyways, my favourite songs from this album are Super Hot, Sexy Girl and Keep Loving You.


  8. Anonymous says

    Haha yes I know it’s Xiu^^ I watched the start of K.O.3an Guo because of Fahrenheit’s cameo inside I think.

    Yeah I heard it was really sad! Ooh you should! Right now it’s giving me a great impression because of Lee Min Ho’s acting, likeable leads and super good cliffhangers. Haha sure! Will like to hear your comments if you do watch it in the end!

    Hmm? Isn’t K.O.3anGuo a show from long time ago? There’s still no subs? Ooh Mei Le Jia You… I’ve watched bits and pieces… not bad, but don’t really Cindi Wang when she acts cute 😛 What’s Shima Shima about?

    Haha it depends! Actors that I already like, plot that attracts me, friends’ strong recommendations, mood at that time^^


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