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Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Review


Yes, I’ve finally gotten to writing a review on this!:D It’s quite a recent anime and has only finished just a few weeks ago I think. I can’t really keep track of time nowadays lol.

The girl, called Misaki Ayuzawa, was the president of the student council of Seika High Academy. She worked very hard to change the school environment as it was a previously-all-boys-school-recently-changed-to-coeducation-school. So she tried to protect the interests of the girls so that the girls would like the school environment. The guy, Usui Takumi, was totally unrelated to her, until one day he found out that she was working in a maid cafe as a part time job. Soon, he began to visit the maid cafe very often. At first it was just to irritate her but slowly, he fell in love with her. Yet, Misaki Ayuzawa remained clueless and continued to treat him like a rival. Watch to find out what happened between the two of them!

Yep! This is the anime that motivated me to watch Special A. Even though I can see the high similarities here, but it’s still quite good on it’s own [kaichou wa maid sama]. Usui is a heart-throbber and he’s just perfect. I must confess that I have actually forgotten some parts of the anime as I had to watch it in installments every week, so the first few episodes were watched like months ago. 😛 Nevertheless, I can tell you safely that Usui’s utter sweetness just makes people love him. He always protects Misaki and rushes to her rescue when she needs help. However, I didn’t like Misaki that much in the sense that she’s too conventional and typical. She’s just like the normal kind of girl in dramas who works hard and cannot get a clue about the people’s feelings around her. I like her reasonably well, but it’s kinda boring to watch her always blush and then starts scolding Usui whenever Usui teases her or does something sweet.

Yet, of course it is very fulfilling to finally see them ending up together [no that wasn’t really a spoiler, I know that you know that they will end up together:P] after TWENTY SIX EPISODES>< I have the usual doubts whenever I watch something like this Are you sure the guy likes the girl that fast? Are you sure the girl is that clueless? and so on, but yes this is the time to suspend our disbelief and just watch for the sweet chemistry between them. There are really sweet and funny moments and I must say, I especially love to watch how Usui saves her.

That’s not to say that I’m not dubious about it. Like seriously, there’s only so many times that you can fall, trip, jump, AND STILL LAND ON THAT GUY SAFE AND SOUND. Hahahahah but I’m not saying that I don’t like it! It’s just that it’s quite a typical anime that you watch for the same things and nothing new.

However, if you are hunting for something to while away the time and to laugh or ogle or gush at, this will be quite perfect, especially since all the episodes are out!:DD



  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v. i’ve actually never seen the anime yet… but i sure will after your review.
    i’ve read the manga though, even though i haven’t finished it… (i’m not sure if it’s finished).. so until i finish the anime and compare it with the manga and will be able to contribute more to this comment…..
    as for seungjo, bathrobe with wet wavy tousled hair…. FAINT. i TOTALLY dig.


    • Yep! Even from the looks of the anime, it’s not finished yet so I’m pretty sure that given it’s relative popularity, there might be season 2:D

      I heard though, that the anime had deviated quite a lot from the manga, but since I didn’t read the manga myself I can’t say much either. Looking forward to your comments!^^

      yes omygosh, faint.:DDD


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