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You know what pisses me off the most? When people form opinons not because of what they really think but what they see and hear. I’m someone who places a lot of emphasis on thinking with what I really feel, and it just irritates me how people can complain about things which I will have been very happy to hear out until I read that exact same complaint or opinion online, I’m literally this –> =.=

I mean it’s fine if you simply agree with what they say and all, but isn’t it sad that your opinions are so easily influenced by what others think? It is even more irritating if I know that the original you wouldn’t have said that but you did in reality just because you read those things.

GAH I might be irritated at trivial things but yes, this is one thing that will definitely tick me off. We have brains you know, it’s time to use them and judge the veracity of things that we read.

Sorry for rant, it’s not called thoughts rambling for nothing gah.



  1. Anonymous says

    lol… i dont’ think you have to say ur sorry… it IS thoughtsramble LJ… and UR thougthsramble LJ.
    anyways, I agree with you… although not completely i’m afraid… i mean discussions/forums/comments are meant to be shared because they can contribute to the exchange of opinions, opening of minds, and discoveries of diverse and different opinions, and thus, in some cases, influence others and change their way of thinking… and in many cases, not necessarily in a bad way. In a way, it’s learning.
    That said, I DO get irritated and annoyed when people talk trash about someone/something and thoughtlessly judge just because the person before did as well even though they didn’t think it was a big deal to start with. Or if they base their opinions on unfounded facts, or do not consider seriously or at least gave a some thoughts about the opposite side before forming their opinions. Mob mentality can be quite scary and hurt others as well.
    and btw, it’s v.
    hehe… i guess i got my mini rant as well.


    • Hmm yeah no no as in that’s what I mean.. it’s okay if you learn from it or if you have gained new perspectives because of sharing with others.. I mean I totally am fine with that and I actually like that.. but I will get irritated quite easily if the person does not judge how true the opinion or source of information is before spreading it around… I mean do use some brains in judging others’ opinions before adopting them as your own. If you have given thought about it and still agree with it, then why not?

      LOL. Dontcha love mini rants:D


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