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Playful Kiss Episode 11 Recap

Hello! Here’s the recap for Episode 11:D I"ve made a record in number of screencaps again lol!


So as we all remember, Seung Jo and Ha Ni were sleeping on the same bed. Now I bet we all wanted them to do something, though my fantasy was just innocent — that they will wake up with their faces really close to each other or something. I know there are ahem people out there who just wish they will do it there and then, but anyway of course, thanks to Ha Ni, this won’t ever happen.

First she flung her hand right smack on his head. That smack must have hurt a lot, it was so loud!
Then she snatched his blanket away. Poor Seung Jo~~
After that, she put her leg right on top of him
And lastly, since you know she has done that, might as well go a step further and put her head on his butt.

I was really laughing like mad when I watched this part, it was so funny! It kinda reminded me of my own weird sleeping habits:P Seung Jo was so irritated with her that he couldn’t sleep. The next day, Ha Ni woke up thinking that Seung Jo was in the same bed as her, but instead Sueng Jo was already up and about, reading the newspaper. She asked him if he slept well, and he was like " No because of you" "Why" "You have bad sleeping habits" "Ehh.. What are you talking about, I’m a very still sleeper" It’s no wonder Seung Jo gave this expression!-
The "Yeah Right" expression:D Ha Ni picked out clothes for Seung Jo to wear, but Seung Jo didn’t want to wear them and chose his own clothes. Ha Ni was still standing there in dejection when Seung Jo started unbuttoning his shirt.
Ha Ni didn’t really register what he was doing until he turned around and asked if she was going to stand around and stare at him.

Ha Ni blushed, aplogised and quickly turned around all the while smiling to herself. Then look! Seung Jo was smiling too!:DD Aww that’s like a sure sign that you like her just confess will you!:DD
When Seung Jo was ready, Ha Ni quickly turned his shoes facing outwards so that he could wear them. Seung Jo remarked that she treated his home like her own. When they walked out of the house, Ha Ni was very happy because to leave for school from Seung Jo’s appartment made it seem like they were a couple. Seung Jo turned around and asked "What kind of fantasy are you having now?" LOL he’s so smart; he can totally read people’s minds!:O
When they reached the university, they found a huge crowd in front of this banner. Upon taking a closer look, they realised that it said " Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo had slept together last night!" Everyone was whispering among themselves when this oddly dressed student went in a really funny and low voice " Tell us all the details! Tell us all the details!" Yes. It’s Baek Seung Jo’s mother! Seung Jo took her aside and told her not to do funny things. After he walked away, Seung Jo’s mother was disappointed to hear from Ha Ni that nothing had happened at all. She asked Ha Ni where’s the chocolate, and it was only then that Ha Ni realised she had lost them. He Ra was very dejected at first but she brightened up the moment Seung Jo said " You know that nothing had happened between us" She murmured "That’s right.. it’s impossible!"
Joon Gu who also thought that the two of them had indeed slept together, was emoing by the window. Kyung So found him and asked him what he was sad about. Joon Gu replied that he was trying to forget his love and that after all these years of chasing, he wanted to give up now. Kyung So was like "What are you talking about, how can you give up on Love!" and proceeded to teach him how to make a confession i.e pushing a girl against a wall and kiss her. LOL. Come on you have to know that if you are not Baek Seung Jo you can’t do that properly:P
THEN HERE COMES THE NEXT SCENE:DD Seung Jo walked out of the bathroom right after having a shower SQUEAL

and noticed a present lying on the ground.
Yes, it’s Ha Ni’s chocolate! He opened it and read the note inside. AND SMILED because I bet he thought that Ha Ni was really cute.

He took out a piece of the chocolate and proceeded to eat it but the screencap below spoke a thousand words.
 Nevertheless, after spitting the chocolate out, he still smiled again because I guess he was touched by the sweetness of this gift.
His Hair<33 In school, Ha Ni told [gosh I forgot her name.. oh wait!] Min Ah that nothing had happened. Mid terms were coming and Ha Ni had resolved to focus all time on English since it’s the only class that she was taking together with Seung Jo. She studied all day and all night long for it that when the day finally came, Seung Jo looked at her face and asked her if she was okay. He Ra rubbed salt in her wound by emphasizing on how difficult the paper was. When the test started, Ha Ni didn’t do anything but to stare at Seung Jo, thinking that he looked the best when he’s answering questions. I agree totally:D There’s something about wit that gets me somehow.
Ha Ni imagined that Seung Jo did the paper for her —

He Ra was frustrated because at first she thought that this was the last time that Ha Ni would survive in this English class but now that Seung Jo helped her, there’s no way she wouldn’t pass this midterms. Ha Ni stuck out her tongue at her.
but it turned out to be a figment of her imagination! She only had forty minutes left and she hadn’t written a single thing.
Joon Gu wanted to talk to Ha Ni and to confess to her how he felt. Ha Ni was so tired that she was nodding off and not really listening to a single word he said. Min Ah and the other friend quickly pulled Joon Gu aside and told him that nothing had happened. Joon Gu was so happy that he swept the still-sleeping Ha Ni off her feet into his arms and ran off with her. It was so super funny looking at Ha Ni’s ?? face!:D

At tennis prac, Ha Ni was picking up the balls as usual when the cart banged into someone. She looked up to find a guy [ I was thinking it might be Seung Jo! Haiz] who confessed to her there and then.
Apparently he had always noticed Seung Jo and her, so he knew that Ha Ni liked Seung Jo and that they weren’t dating. He’s a second year senior called Ki Tae. He was very straightforward and asked her out for a date that coming weekend. The whole tennis club crowded around to listen and after he left, Kyung So said " Ah Ki Tae and I were so famous with the females seniors" HAHA look out all the laughing faces behind him!
Ha Ni remained shocked as both her and I realised that this was the first time she had been confessed to. Joon Gu never did confess his love in a serious way and she had been doing the chasing towards Seung Jo.
Her two friends were so excited for her since they also realised that it’s the first time someone was chasing her instead of the other way round. They decided to tell Seung Jo to test for his reaction but Ha Ni was very dejected when Seung Jo replied that he’s not worried at all when the two friends told him that Ha Ni might be snatched away by Ki Tae.
He Ra was naturally ecstatic to find that Ki Tae liked Ha Ni and she congratulated them while patting Ha Ni’s shoulder for a job well done. She’s funny, I give her that:D
After Seung Jo’s mum got hold of this news, she told herself that she needed to do something or the cute Ha Ni would really be snatched away by someone else. I did feel a sharp twing of irritation when I hear this. I like/love the mum because she’s helping Ha Ni and I do want the both of them to end up together, but I think she might be a little controlling at times. (?)
Seung Jo’s mum took a lot of photos of Ki Tae and developed them but these photos were seen by Ha Ni. Ha Ni assured her that she only had eyes for Seung Jo and she would reject his date right then. Mum stopped her immediately because she thought Ha Ni and Ki Tae going out on a date would be a good way to spark the jealousy off in Seung Jo. Hence, Ha Ni decided to accept his date in front of Seung Jo but she was disappointed that he didn’t have any response.

On that day, Ha Ni visited Seung Jo’s part time restaurant again and ordered an ice tea. Seung Jo asked if she wanted to kill time with just that drink and she said " No, I have another appointment" when Ki Tae turned up. Ha Ni intentionally acted very intimate and close to Ki Tae but saw no signs of jealousy or displeasure on Seung Jo’s face.
She alternated between feeling very uncomfortable at sitting so close to Ki Tae and acting really happy when Seung Jo appeared. They did went on a date after that and I was quite happy to note that Ha Ni sincerely looked like she enjoyed herself. It would totally suck if she went on a date with Ki Tae but could only show him a sad and down face.
After the date, Ha Ni accepted the fact that Seung Jo did not turn up to spy on them or anything… and really that spoke a lot of things right? She gazed at him from behind the library shelves when Ki Tae suddenly shushed her and pushed her against the shelves. She actually wanted to fess up to Ki Tae that she wouldn’t give up on Seung Jo but Ki Tae wouldn’t listen. As Ki Tae slowly leaned towards her, which would have been very romantic until you see the ARGH NO!! look on Ha Ni’s face
when Joon Gu turned up and asked him " What are you doing with my Ha Ni!!" They got into a fight there in the narrow space between shelves and Ha Ni couldn’t stop them at all. I actually felt a little embarrassed for  Ha Ni! I know that there are girls who fantasize all day long about having 2 hot guys fighting over her, but I’m not one of them.
Seung Jo turned up and said " Are you two fighting over Ha Ni? It wouldn’t matter actually but the person that Ha Ni likes is me.. isn’t it a waste of time to be fighting" After which he promptly led Ha Ni away from the 2 guys and the crowd that had gathered. Seung Jo revealed that he had seen through the ploy that his mum and her had planned and told Ha Ni to use her brains next time. Instead of feeling insulted, Ha Ni laughed to herself that Seung Jo had actually known everything. I guess she had this immense trust in Seung Jo, that he’s all knowing! LOL I have that trust too:P
When Seung Jo went home for dinner, he was very worried for his dad as he had very bad complexion and looked like he was going to collapse any moment. His dad asked him if he could take over his company but Seung Jo flatly replied " No" as he had absolutely no interest in that.
Later, Seung Jo changed his part time job, but Ha Ni still found him anyway. Seung Jo was very happy to see Eun Jo but wondered how on earth they found him.
Then he realised that it’s Kyung So and he worriedly asked him if he told other people as well. At this moment, guess who appeared?
He Ra! Who arrrived on the scene with a sleek red sports car and pushed Ha Ni away to talk to Seung Jo. Well, look at the startled expression on Seung Jo’s face! He Ra quickly took Seung Jo away to take polaroids and Kyung So told Ha Ni that he had an awesome plan. Ha Ni felt very uneasy but still went along with his plan which was that he would plan a couple’s game and He Ra and him would pair up together, Seung Jo and her.
He was excited but Ha Ni was very dubious as they clapped their hands to the right, to the left and said "Fighting!"
Joon Gu! Needless to say, he had decided to tag along and find Ha Ni.

It turned out that either Kyung So lied, or it was really unintentional, because Ha Ni didn’t end up with Seung Jo but Eun Jo. Eun Jo was mildly pissed but Ha Ni wanted to play the game happily. On the other hand, Kyung So did end up with He Ra and he denied that he had manipulated the couple pairings. As He Ra walked in front of him, he took out a black lump of thing, which I had entirely no idea what it was, until he flung it in the air in front of He Ra. It turned out to be an object that resembled insects/bugs!
He Ra screamed and leapt into the safety of the nearest human, which happened to be Kyung So. Sly Kyung So, he actually held his jacket opened already!
They had to find the six stamps that he had placed all over the trail but his stamina sucked and he couldn’t get one of the stamps. He Ra muttered " So you see why it’s impossible to fall in love with you" and went to take the stamp herself while Kyung So asked " Doesn’t this make you feel some motherly instinct?" At which He Ra just ignored. Sigh.. sadly to say, no Kyung So, I did not feel a single pang of motherly instinct for youD:
There was some animal in the mountain howling and that got Ha Ni and Eun Jo really scared. As they ran away from the sound, Ha Ni accidentally slipped and fell off. Her hat dropped off from her head and disappeared.

Joon Gu who was navigating the trail found the hat instead, which meant that he was pretty close to the location of Ha Ni. He tried to use a stick to get the hat off the branch but fell into a crevice(?) instead.
He Ra and Kyung So arrived back at the resorts utterly spent. He Ra had leaves and twigs in her hair and Kyung So was just plain lousy. He kept asking for water but Seung Jo ignored him and asked He Ra where Eun Jo and Ha Ni where. Cue suspense music!

Ha Ni had fallen off the track as well and Eun Jo went to accompany her. He gave her a blanket and even held her hand when he realised that she was cold. Ha Ni felt touched and remarked that Eun Jo was just like a mini-Seung Jo — dependable and reliable. Eun Jo started planning how to get out of that place but Ha Ni asked " If we stay here, wouldn’t Seung Jo find us?" This showed the trust that Ha Ni had in Seung Jo, that no matter where she was, he would save her.
It was quite funny because Joon Gu who was still stuck there called out " HAAA NIIIIIIIIII" but over at Ha Ni’s side, they could only hear a howl of an animal. Eun Jo told Ha Ni to get behind her as he grabbed a stick and prepared to fend off any animals.
Then Seung Jo appeared! So yes, Ha Ni was right! She could trust Seung Jo with her whole heart. After that, Seung Jo went on to save Joon Gu who grudgingly told him that he would repay the favour one day. The next day, Ha Ni woke up and took a walk among the woods. She picked some leaves and were staring at them when Seung Jo happened to walk by. Seung Jo asked why she didn’t come alone and if she knew his feelings, but before she could answer, Seung Jo leaned down and kissed her. ahhhh~
LOL. Yet I wasn’t surprised at all, when Ha Ni realised that she was actually dreaming!
She woke up and said that if she had known it was a dream, she would have slept a little longer. " But.. the feel of his lips feels so real.." She trailed off as she looked around her. The scene moved to a side where someone was hiding behind a tree,
and it was revealed to be Eun Jo, who looked really nervous and shocked.

-the end-

When I watched this episode on Thursday, I was shocked at the ending! I thought that maybe Eun Jo had kissed her or something, but then obviousy I wished it was Seung Jo:DD I know that someone had kissed her in reality but then, I couldn’t figure out if it was Seung Jo or Eun Jo. Then even though I haven’t watched Episode 12 yet, my friend already told me that it was indeed Seung Jo who kissed her, but Eun Jo saw!:DD

AHHHH SO EXCITING:DD and how sweet awwwwww. It totally made my day when I heard that — I was smiling right before my examinations!:OO

All right, hope you guys enjoy this recap!

    A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new — Albert Einstein


  1. Anonymous says

    hey. it’s v. thank you for the recap… have been looking forward to it for a while.
    some comments:
    this episode had the most horrendous editing in kdrama history. which means that i must love PK a lot for the monkey editing to not waver a single bit my enjoyment of the episode. but maybe that’s because i saw/read all the previous versions and wasn’t confused as many were.
    for me, seungjo looks best in a bathrobe, with wet tousled hair. thank you very much show. although he does look good taking the test as well.
    about the cheating thing.. it wasn’t cheating. it was hani daydreaming. again, horrid editing. the only way you knew it wasn’t real was when haera finished her test and saw hani’s and said that she didn’t write a thing down yet + hani came out of the test all boggle-minded.
    i still love the mom. i wouldnt want to be seungjo in a million yrs but since i’m on hani’s side, it’s all good. and the mom is persistent because she knows that her son will be happy with hani only, and no one else. so in the end, it’s for her son’s own good.
    i actually thought the fact that seungjo didn’t show up at the scavenger thing was unintentional from kyung soo’s part.
    as for the bug.. it wasn’t really a bug.. it’s just kyung soo pretending it was one.. again, bad editing.
    same for the kiss. since ive seen all versions, it was clear to me that it was seungjo but a whole lot of people thought it might have been eunjo. basically, he kissed her while she was sleeping and because she felt it, she dreamt about it as well.
    ok.. ive gotta go. i think i forgot to mention one thing i wanted but i’m out of time…
    again, thanks for the recaps. and lovely screencaps.


    • HEY!:D

      LOL NO WONDER I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND SOME SCENES. haha thanks so much for enlightening me! I edited the recap already because I didn’t want others to have a wrong idea:P

      Yep it’s for the son’s own good.. and of course, since she’s helping Ha Ni I should be happy, which I am, except I get the feeling that Seung Jo wants to choose Ha Ni out of his own accord and not because of the mum, but the more the mum interferes, the more it will irritate Seung Jo.. that’s just the feeling I get anyway:P

      LOl cos they showed Eun Jo looking so nervous, I thought it might have been him, but I definitely was asking for a Seung Jo kiss. I forgot the other two versions already, which is why I’m watching this drama with almost a new state of mind!

      Hahaha sure! You can always comment about that thing when you have time^^


  2. Julia says

    Just a question, where can I watch all of the episodes of Playful Kiss with english subs? Pleaaaaaaaaseeee help a troubled frieeeend. :((((


    • Hello there! I am not sure because this drama happened so long ago… I vaguely remember that I watched on My Soju back then but I’m not sure if the site still functions. Maybe try Myasian Tv?


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