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Hit counter

If you are observant enough, or have been reading my earlier entries, you might have realised that I’ve added a widget to my sidebar:DD That’s right! A hit counter that counts only unique visitors… The thing is when I first tested this test counter as a private entry, it’s not jumping in tandem with what livejournal guests stats shows me.. so I was wondering if putting the hit counter in an entry hinders its function in any way and hence I’ve put it in the sidebar.

I’ll be checking the numbers with the guests stats of course, and if it still doesn’t increase properly I will take it down again(: Somehow I have more readers in the guests stats than what is shown in the counter and I’m just curious why..

Nevertheless, this whole episode of hit counters and what not has made me very happy because I’ve learnt a new thing! — how to put a widget in the sidebar:P

Yes I’m an IT noob:D Till then see you guys!


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