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Playful Kiss Episode 12 Recap

Hello everybody! Here’s the episode recap for Episode 12 of Playful Kiss!:DDD I’m so happy because my exam’s are finally over [OMYGOSH] and I have so much more time to blog on livejournal now!:D I’m sorry this came so late — last week was a really crazy and hectic week of studying><

Mum asked Seung Jo if he could stay for a few more nights but Seung Jo declined. Mum said that he knew Seung Jo wanted to find his goals in life but " What about my dream of a family living together with a bustling life?" She said that he didn’t consider Ha Ni’s feelings and Ha Ni might feel that Seung Jo moved out because of her.
Seung Jo replied by saying that his mum did not consider his feelings either when she asked Ha Ni to come back to their house. I know that Seung Jo did not dislike Ha Ni, but I can get and understand where he’s coming from. From what I think, he wanted to be able to make choices because he WANTED to and not because of a need to please his mother or anything else.

Ha Ni, Jung Ri and Min Ah were eating at Ha Ni’s dad shop when they started talking about the high school reunion. Someone had an idea of wearing their high school uniform and Ha Ni thought it was a brilliant idea, while dreamingly saying " Seung Jo looks the best in uniform" Min Ah and Jung Ri were like " Seung Jo again??!" and Ha Ni smiled sheepishly. She excitedly told Seung Jo about the reunion but Seung Jo thought that it was a childish idea to wear school uniform again.
The moment he walked away, Ha Ni mumbled under her breath "Really that brat, I have no idea what he’s thinking about at times" and Seung Jo turned around to ask her what she said. LOL.
 Back at home, Ha Ni was helping out with the household chores while Mum ironed the clothes. They talked happily about high school reunions and Mum reminisced about the past times. Look at Ha Ni! She was so happy recalling about Seung Jo in high school.
 Eun Jo started sniffing the air and asked " What’s that smell???"
After which Mum realised that she had burned the sleeve of someone’s shirt because she left the iron on it while she was gushing about her husband to Ha Ni. Eun Jo is so cute:D

On the day of the reunion, Ha Ni wore her school uniform and found the leaf that she kept in a cover. She recalled the fantasy like dream that she had about Seung Jo and said " That’s right, the leaf that allowed me to meet Seung Jo". When she reached the place of the reunion, she looked around to find Seung Jo but couldn’t find him. Min Ah and Jung Ri came to talk to her and Ha Ni commented with a laugh that it felt weird with their school uniforms, followed by a question on whether Seung Jo had arrived.
It turned out that Seung Jo was sitting alone in a corner. Ha Ni grinned and told her friends that she would go and greet him. She asked why he turned up in the end and he asked " Why did you leave your handphone at home?" Ha Ni didn’t say that it was his mum who told her to leave her handphone at home, but she just looked at him in confusion. " Mum had to leave for Busan to meet her family and you left your keys at home". Ha Ni took her keys with much gratitude. If I’m not wrong, she didn’t realise that [I think] it’s an obvious ploy on the mum’s part. Ha Ni asked Seung Jo to stay on for a little while more, but he got up and was ready to go when he met his own classmates,
 who sat down and talked to him about the might-have-beens if he had gone to TaeSan University. One of his friends noticed Ha Ni and asked if she was his girlfriend but Seung Jo replied " Girlfriend? I don’t do that kind of troublesome things"
Aww Ha Ni><
Later, there was a performance put up by Bye Bye Sea/ Joon Gu’s friends and while Ha Ni smiled and clapped along, she couldn’t help but notice Seung Jo, who had this expression —
She noticed that Seung Jo left his jacket when he left the reunion and so she decided to return it to him. On the other side, Seung Jo was looking at the stars in a very down and dejected way when Ha Ni appeared and returned him his jacket. He thanked her and she asked if she could sit down. Seung Jo said " Whatever you want" and as we all know, that is his way of saying " Yes" Ha Ni sat down and told him " Do you have any troubles? You can tell me. Don’t they say sharing worries could halve them and sharing your happiness will double them? I always share with Min Ah and Jung Ri, even though sometimes I share too much"
 Seung Jo smiled and after she finished talking, he stood up and told her that he would try to get into the medical programme in university. It was the first thing that he was interested in and he would like to try to do that.
He told Ha Ni not to tell anyone, especially not his parents. Ha Ni promised and after he walked away, she smiled upon the realisation that she must have been the only one that Seung Jo told the huge decision to. During tennis practice, Kyung So paced up and down the court telling the club that since next week would be the club’s 10th year anniversary, he would like to throw a big party. [LOL I swear I really tried to get a nicer screenshot of him, but somehow no matter what I do, he turns out with that kind of spastic face:D]
He ended his speech with a "Aren’t you excited??" and the scene cuts to show an empty court. He has been talking to no one except the captain who told him that He Ra might not turn up. The key is to have Seung Jo there as well and after hearing that, Kyung So rushed off to find Ha Ni.
Ha Ni was checking out the medical faculty, thinking that this would be where Seung Jo would be in the future. Kyung So found her and asked her for a favour, that is to bring Seung Jo to the party so that He Ra would go as well. Ha Ni refused as well because she didn’t like the idea of using Seung Jo as a "bait" to lure He Ra, but Kyung So begged her, saying that only with this method could he confess to He Ra.
They saw Seung Jo walking towards them and Kyung So pushed her towards him, all the while begging silently. Ha Ni went to walk with Seung Jo and asked him what he was doing in the faculty. Seung Jo replied by saying that she wouldn’t understand anyway and she said that his dad and her dad went for medical checkups together. Seung Jo joked " I wonder what kind of presents they will bring back home" to which Ha Ni started thinking about food and what not, and Seung Jo had to explain that he meant the kind of diseases.
Back at home, [ I love this screenshot I have no idea why. Look at Eun Jo! He’s so much smaller than Seung Jo lol] Seung Jo’s dad got back the medical reports and Mum couldn’t read it. Seung Jo took the report over and analysed it correctly. Mum commented that even though he was her child, she was very impressed by how good he was at analysing the statistics and data. This just shows how much potential he would have in the field of med studies. 😀 I, like Ha Ni, would like very much to see him in white robes!:D
Ha Ni went to find her dad who told her that Joon Gu had been very immersed in the art of cookery lately. Proof? He didn’t even run out to meet Ha Ni when she came. Ha Ni sneaked into the kitchen to look at him and I could see new found respect in her eyes.
Joon Gu presented all the food he made to Ha Ni and Ha Ni ate them [ I want!!]. She was very impressed and praised him so much he was so happy. After Joon Gu walked away to get more food, she said to herself " Joon Gu, for ignoring you last time, I’m sorry". I guess the moment Joon Gu "grew up and have some spine" Ha Ni would start noticing him as a man and for who he was. Would he pose to be a serious threat? Which reminded me — what happened to Ki Tae????
Ha Ni went to ask He Ra if she would be attending the club’s party to which a "No" was given. After much hestiation, Ha Ni finally asked the question she wanted to ask " Would you choose the major that Seung Jo is interested in?" He Ra laughed and said "Even if I like Seung Jo, I will do things that I want to…. because it’s my life". [ yes I love that:D] She then proceeded to touch her hair and pat her thighs like.. you know those kind of adults who just finishd talking to a child, and she told Ha Ni " Unnie is leaving now". That really got me laughing:P
Ha Ni acknowledged that the way she thought was cool. Later, she met Seung Jo by the bench and they talked about dreams. Seung Jo told her to tell him about her dreams and she said that " I have a dream that you will be a doctor in the village and I will be the nurse to help you. Even though it will be tiring but it will be okay. But my dream is so simple… and it just revolves around Baek Seung Jo who is in the center of it all. For example, if you want to be a professional golfer, I will be a caddy… there exists no dream of mine at all". Instead of you know getting freaked out or anything, Seung Jo told her that it might be unrealistic but it’s still a dream nevertheless and that the thing about dreams is that the harder it is to attain it, the more you want to try for it. Then, the thing she needed to consider was if she could really BE a nurse if he became a doctor. He left after giving her pats on the shoulder. AWW so nice! I was a bit freaked out at first because I think more on He Ra’s point of view than Ha Ni. Imagine giving up something you like! I guess Ha Ni wouldn’t mind though, as long as she could be with Seung Jo.
Seung Jo got summoned back home to an angry father who demanded to know why he changed to the medical faculty without discussing with him. His dad was thinking of asking him to take over the company and etc but Seung Jo said that he’s not interested. I was a little irritated at this point in time because I didn’t like how the dad kept making it sound like there was a choice when there was actually none. He kept asking Seung Jo if he would consider, might consider etc, but seriously, if Seung Jo didn’t take the path the dad wanted, he would get so angry and worked up. Which leads us to what happened next D:
Something went wrong with his heart and he fainted.
He had to be hospitalised for quite long and looking at the mum, my heart goes out for her as well. Everyone was dead worried about the dadD:
Oh this is damn sad. Apparently the party that Kyung So was so excited about? No one turned up at all. He Ra said " I heard that only you and the captain went and you put a lot of money of yours to organise it" She offered to pay for it even though she didn’t go and said that she would treat him to lunch. However, Kyung So was too down and rejected her offer, also accepting her money in the process. I thought that he might reject her money but maybe the money he wasted on this "party" was really too much. He put up a strong front and told He Ra that he liked eating hot dog bread. Sighhh. Something about putting on strong fronts always get to me><
Seung Jo talked with the doctors about his dad’s condition and they observed that he knew quite a lot about medicine, which points to more evidence of his potential. His dad got a shock when someone from the company said that the game developper had run away and this resulted in a dangerous situation where he experienced pain again.
While the mum was tending to the father, Seung Jo had made a decision — to take over his dad’s company in the meantime.

He turned up at the office and was introduced as the stand in for the chair man. After he was brought to the office, the manager(?) immediately brought lots of files which he had to look through.
 A crowd gathered outside the office with people asking if " he mentioned restructuring" " I’m not too old right" and "Does he have a girlfriend??" Laugh
Seung Jo’s mum left the household to Ha Ni to take care and that night, she attempted to cook for Seung Jo and Eun Jo but Eun Jo’s expression said it all.
However, Seung Jo told Eun Jo not to complain and just eat his food. Ha Ni called her dad on tips on how to make a packed lunch and Joon Gu overheard. The next day, Ha Ni happily handed a packed lunch to Seung Jo who took it and left. Eun Jo who was right behind commented smartly that " You can’t wait to call him hubby" as Ha Ni had been acting like his new bride the whole time. 

He Ra pulled Ha Ni aside to ask her about Seung Jo’s dad’s condition and unwillingly, Ha Ni told her.

In the office, the manager asked if the packed lunch was from his girlfriend and he said " Yes". YES! HAHAH His face is so worth fangirling over.
Joon Gu came in to snatch his packed lunch away, substituting with the lunch that he made. I was fuming at first but Seung Jo was very happy. Then I realised it was because he knew that the lunch Ha Ni prepared wouldn’t be of any standard. Look at Joon Gu’s face!
I have always known that a picture says a thousand words. He looked like he’s ready to puke and the first sentence he said was " Ha Ni, did you really hate Baek Seung Jo so much?"
In school, He Ra confirmed the dad’s conditions and while talking, it got Ha Ni thinking of what she could do to help Seung Jo, since He Ra seemed to be planning something to help him as well.
Seung Jo motivated the group to come up with a new game in 3D with better skills, actions and combos. It was a good brainstorming session and generally I could see that Seung Jo had moved the company workers to use their brain juices. When Seung Jo’s mum came home to take a change of clothes, Ha Ni asked for a favour. It turned out that she wanted to work with Seung Jo as she saw it as a way that she could help.
Seung Jo got a shock when she told him that she would be going to the same place as him but he couldn’t do anything since his mother allowed her to do so. He stared on while Ha Ni happily introduced herself to other collegues. The manager came to inform Sueng Jo that the investor, Director Yoon, was here.
Director Yoon! Who talked to Seung Jo about his father and how he turned out good just like how his father liked to boast about.
I like this part where Kim Hyun Joong looked to the side when Director Yoon asked how his father was doing. To me, that acting may be delibrate, but it was a good show of how Seung Jo was masking up the truth that his father was fine.
Ha Ni came in to give them beverages and promoted the merits of Seung Jo, praising him to the skies. Director Yoon asked Seung Jo if she was his girlfriend but Seung Jo was quick to deny it. 
A few days later, while Seung Jo was in the hospital, the manager came to see him and told him that Director Yoon requested for him to meet up with his grand daughter. The manager subtly hinted that since their company was in a bad shape now, and that Director Yoon was interested, it would be good to go with his wishes just to have the deal closed. Seung Jo accepted and went to meet his grand daughter during the weekends [I think] The moment the lady opened the door, Seung Jo’s eyes widened in shock.

He Ra was the grand daughter. 

-the end-

I like this episode as well!:D The thing is, I have no idea where Ki Tae disappeared to and I hope that he would turn up soon, at least to tie up the loose ends. Even though I didn’t screenshot this, but there were a couple of times where Seung Jo kept pulling at his tie. I like this because it showed that he was very uncomfortable in an office setting and to me, it added a new perspective to why he wanted to be a doctor. I think he found being a doctor something meaningful and interesting, and that he genuinely wanted to learn medicine. Even though his acting is obviously not up to par, but I love how his small actions can mean a lot of things. :DD

Have you guys heard the news or seen the photos!! OF THE KISS IN THE RAIN. It’s supposed to be a classic scene right!! I love the photo that they released online so so much. He had such nice hair in the photo I just went " his hair his hair!" [while my friend went " his jawline!<3"] It looked so good. 

I distinctly remembered that I had so much more to say when I watched this episode last week but I can’t really remember them now lol. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to Thursdays and Fridays!:D It’s going to end next week omygosh time flies so fast><

Of course, here’s the screen shot of the scene where Seung Jo kissed Ha Ni in the woods<3 

All right! I would probably update tomorrow on Episode 13. I’m crazy over this:PP The last few episodes are crucial to me, as they could build deeper love, or kill the entire drama for me.



  1. Anonymous says

    lovely recap.. and lovely screencaps. as always..
    about kitae.. from wat ive seen about the other versions, he’s not going to appear anytime again. blame it on the editing, writing and small number of episode for the lack of closure.. all the other version had some sort of closure..
    oh well..
    and reading ur recap took a bit more time than i anticipated and ep 14 is airing right now so ive gotta go… (and yes. i’m watching it live.. cuz im crazy like that)
    it’s v


    • Thank you!:P

      Yeah…. I wish they had some kind of closure though, it’s going to be a point that people will use to critisize about it when they watch it.


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