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Playful Kiss

LOL but anyway seriously I’m not kidding his hair looks awesome in the episodes to come<33333

Just to clarify, [ I think] I am better at writing reviews rather than writing recaps because I tend to synthesise what I was thinking into one "essay" and it’s kinda hard to do recaps. Playful Kiss is my first drama recaps so it might be less professional as compared to the famous sites out there that do lots of recaps. Nevertheless, I see my recaps as a way to share with the world out there what I think of the show and my point is always this — it’s always better to watch it yourself. Hence, my recaps are a little too longwinded in my own opinion because I want to bring even the smallest details to the readers. 😀 Just saying:D

Other than Episode 13 recap tomorrow, [ I foresee mad screencapping in for the next four episodes] there will be other posts on hit counters [ I’m actually excited this like. okay.] and lovely complex.

Oh right, and I’ve started on this anime called Ashiteru Ze Baby. It looks really good:D

   P.S I’m kinda half dead now lol the first day of freedom after examinations and I’m awake in the wee hours. I always thought wee hours
   sounded weird, don’t you think so?


  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v.. is it my imagination or you changed your LJ title???
    don’t worry about recaps.. you’re doing just fine but do whatever is comfortable for you.
    as for AzB.. good choice. tell me what u think once ur done


    • Yes I’ve changed it!^^ But I changed it back again because I realise that it might confuse people as to what my LJ title is… the previous new LJ title is now in the “subtitle”!:D

      Thank you!

      Hahaha okay! Can’t wait to write a review on it:P


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