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My last post of the day I swear:DD [ I love typing so much]

I have a feeling that I will regret whatever I typed for the past few hours when I wake up tomorrow and read them again — it’s either gonna be full of spelling mistakes because I haven’t proof read them or it’s filled with ultra weird comments. Somehow, I tend to get a little high when it’s late and I’m tired. hmm.

ANYWAY what was I saying? Oh yeah! This is just to tell you guys that I actually set up a twitter account quite some time ago on a spur of the moment — You can follow me at thoughtsramble :DD I haven’t tweeted anything except this stupid sounding tweet which goes " Hi!:D Have created an account which is to promote my blog etc" but that isn’t really the case.  I just thought that it would be fun if people do follow me and I can interact with them in a more convenient way!:D

So since I have more time on my hands now, I will like to try this out so please do come follow me at www.twitter.com/thoughtsramble :DD

See you!:D



  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v… don’t even talk to me about twitter…
    i’ve been on it the past 4 days trending someone i liked
    non stop.. i didn’t sleep a wink between saturday until yesterday when the craze died..
    i feel like i might be sick of it for a while. but hey, ill follow u.
    just saying that i won’t log in anytime soon.


    • gasp please tell me you are not trying to trend hee chul right?:P Hahah cos he’s been the one trending hotly on twitter so he was the first person I thought you might be trending:PP

      Sure thanks so much for following me!^^


      • Anonymous says

        lol.. exactly.. i’m a super junior fan so yeah… i’ve been trending Kim Hee Chul and all the nonsense that goes with it like Milky skin, sleeping BANGSIN and all that…
        i basically had no sleep during those 4 days he was trending… then twitter banned him as spam… and then today is dong hae’s birthday and we tried to trend #HAEppybirthday but then found out that counted as spam as well.. XD
        immature right? but oh well, i need a bit of immaturity in my life right now. sorry if the trending annoyed you.


      • OH Kim Hee Chul was trending again that day!:O I wasn’t annoyed but I was seriously amused everytime I logged on to twitter and I see him then I’m like “Woah hardcore fans he’s still #1!:O” Then he got banned as spam which was quite funny:P


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