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Playful Kiss Episode 13 Recap

I love this episode as well!:DD First off, I have an obsession over his hair.. LOL. I realise I like celebs that kinda look the same… like Kim Hyun Joong and Yamapi? I don’t know.. I think they look a little similar and my friends have mistaken one for the other before. Also I read online before that Kim Hyun Joong is like the korean version of Yamapi. Anyway, on to the recaps!~~~ :DDD

They were in the restaurant and Grandpa of He Ra commented happily that they seemed to be like a couple already. He Ra was brimming with joy and choosing food for Seung Jo, but through out the meeting, Seung Jo did not smile much.
Grandpa happily left the two of them to their own devices with a " Do you think I am that senseless?" so He Ra and Seung Jo ended up alone. Seung Jo got a drink for He Ra who asked if he was surprised. She said that she didn’t know it was him until Grandpa showed a photo of him — but I think she’s lying. Anyway, Seung Jo did not sense a thing and just smiled. I do have one question the moment I saw this scene —- why are they sitting on top of the back of the bench instead of sitting ON the bench itself?
Seung Jo went to drink water from a water cooler and He Ra playfully splashed water on him. Seung Jo calmly walked next to her and sprayed the water in the direction of He Ra as well.
Seung Jo told He Ra that he was actually relieved that it was her since he only turned up at the marriage meeting because the company needed funding. He thought that He Ra would be irritated knowing that the reason was like this, but He Ra said that she was actually happy to meet him, even though she knew the reason why he turned up. She shyly asked if they could go out together and just try things out and Seung Jo said okay. She was so happy, jumping about and asking " Really? Really?" that she almost fell.
Back at home, Ha Ni got the news that Seung Jo had gone on a marriage meeting with He Ra because the mum told her. When Seung Jo returned home, the mum wanted to talk to him but he brushed her away.
Ha Ni was very depressed and down and asked if Seung Jo went for a marriage meeting. Seung Jo looked at her cautiously, as if he didn’t want to hurt her, and asked if she knew who was the girl that he met. Ha Ni said she knew and asked if they would marry. Seung Jo replied " Probably, that’s what will follow after a marriage meeting right?" He walked back into his room and Ha Ni slumped to the floor in sadness, crying.
The next day, Min Ah and Jung Ri noticed that Ha Ni did not look good and asked her what’s wrong. Ha Ni told them that Seung Jo was going to get married and that her heart felt pain. Since she did not feel well, she took a leave of absence and did not turn up at Seung Jo’s company.
The manager asked Seung Jo about the meeting and said that Director Yoon was very pleased with him. After he left the office, He Ra sent a message asking him to take care of his health and she added on shyly at the end " acting like a girlfriend". Something which should have been so sweet did not give Seung Jo any smiles, as he looked at the message. He sent a message to Ha Ni, telling her that he would dock her pay for her absence. Somehow, I see this as how Seung Jo missed Ha Ni and wanted to talk to her, but the only thing that he could bring himself to say was something mean like this. Even though he knew why Ha Ni was hurt, he could not bring himself a step forward.
Ha Ni got a call from Joon Gu who told her to head over to her dad’s shop because he just made a lot of food for her to taste. It was really delicious, and Ha Ni praised Joon Gu. Joon Gu said " You are the reason why I live. Because I never know when you will turn up, I always dress nicely, wear nicely and cook a lot of good food. Without you, I won’t even wash my face" Ha Ni thanked him and said that what he said made her feel special. Joon Gu murmured something about a date, and Ha Ni accepted. My take is that Ha Ni knew how Joon Gu felt and she wanted to make him happy.
The next day, Eun Jo told Seung Jo that Ha Ni went on a date —
and he didn’t look happy. In fact, he looked quite stony. Ha Ni indeed went on a date with Joon Gu who took her out for the movies and treated her to good food. They even took photos together and as I’ve said before, I like how Ha Ni sincerely enjoyed herself. 
 Director Yoon paid Seung Jo’s parents a visit in the hospital and suggested the idea of having He Ra and Seung Jo married first before studying abroad. He then commented that he heard smart parents would give birth to smart children, and told Seung Jo’s dad not to worry about his company. Seung Jo’s dad laughed akwardly while Seung Jo’s mum stared at him. 
Apparently, Seung Jo and He Ra went on a date as well. They were watching the clowns and everyone was laughing, even him, when he noticed some people playing badminton in the distance. He thought of Ha Ni and how she waved her racquet around, trying to vent her frustration about Seung Jo and He Ra. He Ra noticed that Seung Jo was not enjoying himself actually.  
Ha Ni told Joon Gu that he really was a good person and that she felt very thankful because of that. Joon Gu asked if she would like to go to the Han River at night and she agreed. Ahhh the view was seriously quite pretty!
It turned out that Seung Jo and He Ra were there as well and both couples met. I thought Kim Hyun Joong’s acting was quite good here, as Seung Jo looked in shock at Joon Gu and Ha Ni. He only knew that she went on a date, but did not know that it was with Joon Gu.

He made snide remarks about them and even told Ha Ni that she looked good with Joon Gu, knowing very well that would hurt her. After Ha Ni pulled Joon Gu away, He Ra looked at Seung Jo thoughtfully. As Ha Ni and Joon Gu walked by the river, Joon Gu suddenly ran down the steps, turned around and proposed to her. " Marry me!" "what?" "What I’m saying is marry me! For 4 years, I have been staring at your back and you have been staring at Seung Jo’s back. Let’s stop this now. Seung Jo has gotten someone else now. You only need to turn around and I will be there" AWW. He really got me with this touching confession and proposal.
On the other hand, Seung Jo helped to open the door for He Ra who said " If I were Ha Ni, you would have said ‘Do you have no hands?’ " Seung Jo laughed and said yes. He Ra said wistfully that she might seem weird, but she wished that Seung Jo would be mean to her as well. Seung Jo ended up being mean to Ha Ni because he was afraid of showing his feelings, his true feelings that could not be solved like a mathematical equation and He Ra suspected as much, which is why I think she said that.

Ha Ni pondered over his proposal back at home but couldn’t stop her thoughts from wandering off to Seung Jo. Seung Jo returned home after his date to face an angry mum who questioned his motives for going out with He Ra. His father did not need him to do this to help the company so " Just why are you doing this?!" Seung Jo purposely replied " I like her" because he knew that Ha Ni was listening upstairs.
He told Ha Ni again, after he went up that they looked good together and that she must have enjoyed her date but his face fell when Ha Ni said " I like it. Joon Gu is a nice person. He treats me nicely, unlike someone." Seung Jo walked back into his room, and his face was crestfallen after what Ha Ni had said.
Ha Ni walked on the streets in a daze and accidentally dropped her bag after knocking into someone. He Ra helped to pick up her bag and handed it to her and they were joined by Seung Jo. Ha Ni took in the sight and realised that they must have been on a date. Seung Jo said " You can join us if you want for dinner" and He Ra smiled and invited her as well. The moment Seung Jo’s back was turned though, He Ra made a face at Ha Ni.
Joon Gu couldn’t stop smiling at the polaroids that he and Ha Ni took on their date. Some customers entered the shop and Ha Ni’s dad was surprised to find a woman [He Ra] with Seung Jo. Apparently, when He Ra wanted to treat Seung Jo to dinner, the shop which she recommended was coincidentally Ha Ni’s dad’s shop. He Ra served Seung Jo a piece of food and asked what Ha Ni was staring at " If you stare so much, Seung Jo’s face would drop off!" Ha Ni’s dad stood by a side and observed them in quizzical silence.
 Seung Jo made a presentation about the idea of the new game that they wanted to develop. Director Yoon was very happy and satisfied with him and asked if he should call He Ra to join the two of them. Seung Jo said that his father was getting discharged and he would need to go home early [which means a No] but the director was happy and said that it would be a good time for He Ra to meet and greet his parents. Seung Jo’s face fell again the moment he said that.
Thus, the awkard family meeting.
Eun Jo remained quiet while his dad laughed akwardly. Seung Jo and Ha Ni sat in silence, and Seung Jo’s mum just kept on verbally attacking He Ra. Yet, He Ra answered all her snide remarks well and no matter what the mum said, it wouldn’t get her down. Seung Jo was unhappy and irritated though, that his mum kept doing that. Apparently, He Ra had given back someone’s love letter and marked it as well. Look at Ha Ni’s face when she heard that — it’s like she realised that was proof that the two of them were just so similar.
 Later, Seung Jo told his mum not to meddle in his love life and career. He wanted to make his own decisions. Seung Jo’s mum was very angry and asked when she had not respected his decisions. Yet, this time he brought He Ra home knowing that Ha Ni liked him. Seung Jo ended the quarrel with a " Please continue respecting my decisions then!"
The mum cried as she said " I thought they suit each other so well… to share what they don’t have and to give what they have too much off, shouldn’t it be that way?" Eun Jo couldn’t resist it and comforted his mum with a remark " Hyung likes Ha Ni". The mum questioned Eun Jo what the meaning was behind that statement and Eun Jo ran back to his room.

He asked Seung Jo if he really liked He Ra. Seung Jo replied " Wouldn’t it turn out like this after you have been together long enough?" Eun Jo whispered " Liar" and the scene cuts to the episode where Ha Ni fell asleep in the woods.
He saw Seung Jo kiss Ha Ni and even after Seung Jo noticed Eun Jo peeping from behind the tree, he told him not to say anything.

Eun Jo thought to himself " Hyung definitely likes Ha Ni" as he stood by the balcony and lol looked older than his age while contemplating issues like this. Due to his remark, the mum tried to bribe him with his favourite pudding to get to tell her why he said that Seung Jo liked Ha Ni. Eun Jo refused to tell her and ran away from her.  
Ha Ni and the dad stood at the balcony and while looking at the stars, the dad asked if they should move out again. Ha Ni said they should and asked the dad how he would feel if she started dating Joon Gu. The dad replied that he had nothing to complain because Joon Gu was a good guy, and the most important thing was that he liked Ha Ni a lot. Ha Ni mulled over what her dad said.
During tennis prac, [ I’m so glad to see Kyung So in a relatively happier state] Kyung So made the boys practise so hard and one of them said " It’s going to rain tomorrow morning. Are you going to make us do this even when it rains?" Kyung So comically looked up at the beautiful sky,
and concluded that he could bet that it would not rain. [ On hindsight, this is foreshadowing:P] Seung Jo turned up at the prac and Kyung So was delighted to see him. Kyung So said that all the girls had stopped coming to practise ever since Seung Jo stopped coming. Seung Jo looked at the court and asked where the ball boy was. " Ball boy? oh you mean Ha Ni. She stopped coming too! She must have been too busy dating that cafeteria boy" Kyung So replied and walked away.
Seung Jo looked down and walked off, when he saw Min Ah and Jung Ri who purposely told him that Joon Gu proposed to Ha Ni and that she met him today to give him an answer. Seung Jo’s face after hearing that —
[Have I said how much I love his new hairstyle?]

At first, the meeting between Joon Gu and Ha Ni turned out quite well but Joon Gu broached on the subject " If you leave a house empty for too long, then you can’t return to it any more". It was raining, and suddenly, there was thunder. Ha Ni shrieked and Joon Gu reached out to calm her. When Ha Ni tried to pull away, Joon Gu refused to and in the midst of her trying to pull away, they tumbled to the ground. Joon Gu tried to force a kiss on her but she ran away.
She said to herself " You made him so hopeful, only to disappoint him so much now." as she stepped off the bus and got herself wet in the rain. As she walked home, she found Seung Jo waiting for her with an umbrella. Seung Jo told her that he knew someone like her would never bring an umbrella out and as they walked home, he asked what answer she gave Joon Gu. 
"Whatever answer I gave him, it’s none of your business."
"That’s right…"
Ha Ni then told him that she would be moving out since she would only be in his way. Seung Jo walked off in anger while Ha Ni continued telling him that it was time for her to help out at the restaurant with Joon Gu and her dad.

"Do you like him, Bong Joon Gu?"
"Of course I do… For four years, he only liked me."
"If someone says they like you, then you just like them too?" Seung Jo replied in angry tones. Ha Ni asked why she could not do that and that she was tired of having a crush. Seung Jo told her that she could not like anyone else but him and Ha Ni asked " What is this, this confidence"
"Am I not right?"
" Yes you are right. I only like you. So what am I supposed to do. You don’t ever see me.. someone like me… "
Seung Jo dropped the umbrella, took her face with his hands and kissed her.
Kim Hyun Joong’s " One more time" played in the background as they kissed in the rain.

"Don’t say that you like another guy.."
"That’s the second one…"
"Second what?"
"It’s the third" he said as he hugged her " It’s okay.. I’m not going to count anymore."
and they smiled, hugging each other in the rain<3

-the end-

I love, love this episode. I know part of it [ okay who am I kidding, most of it] was because of the kiss right at the end. It was so sweet and even though the kiss was awesome enough, somehow I was more touched by the hug that followed and the smiles they had on their faces, like they were finally together. Other than Kim Hyun Joong’s brilliant hairstyle, [HIS HAIR<3]I like the setting colours a lot, like the woods and the park which were filled with pretty colours of the nature.

It’s coming to an end pretty soon, and I know fellow PK fangirls [ I’m sure there are fanboys out there] will be sad just like meD: If this good episode goes on for the remaining episodes, I know that I will definitely love this drama to the core.

The mum still remained a little pushy for my tastes but I can understand where she is coming from so that’s also fine. The thing is, watching this drama and the preview at the end made me a little sad for Joon Gu and He Ra. When two people come together like Seung Jo and Ha Ni, why do others have to get hurt as well? They tried equally hard, just like Ha Ni, for their love, but their efforts did not pay off and they were hurt and sad in the endD: That being said, it’s not like I didn’t want Seung Jo and Ha Ni to end up together(:

I thought the kiss in the rain was very well done and the embrace after that was filled with emotions — I could feel them!  I squealed so much and replayed the scene like six times:DD

Down to 3 episodes now!

On a random side note, it occured to me that I have something for celebs with that kind of hair. Hmm.



  1. Anonymous says

    wow… this twitter thing is useful.
    lol.. anyways, loved the episode as well… Thank you for the recap.
    i replayed the kiss as well.. too many times to count.
    i started to notice all sort of things, like the fact the bsj gulped before talking to hani during the after-kiss talk.
    i love the hug.
    and yes, i feel bad for haera and joongu but i’m confident they’ll end up all well..
    ive just watched ep 14.. hehe.. not spoiling it for u.
    2 more ep to go for me.. -_-”
    i don’t want it to end… thank god for the 7 special episodes.
    btw, do u have a youtube account? if you do, maybe you would want to subscribe to the official PK channel? just to show them that they have many fans… since the ratings in Kr were dismal…
    i subscribed a week ago already. ^^ they even promised english subtitles
    it’s youtube.com/ytkiss


    • Haha all the small things that you noticed!:O I just kept noticing the music and the rain.. and the hug and the smiles haha!

      I don’t want it to end too!D: Oh really? Okay I shall go and subscribe now!^^


  2. Anonymous says

    yes, ive seen the tw drama.. and the japanese one, and the anime, and read the manga… haha… i’m a itazura na kiss completist. XD


  3. Yep! However, I think I’m a little from others in the sense that I didn’t like the TWversion as much.. that’s because I find Xiang Qin’s accent really irritating..as if she’s ACTING stupid.. instead of being really stupid do you get what I mean?:P

    On the other hand, I’ve watched the jap version and I absolutely loved it


    • Anonymous says

      hehe… honestly, all versions have their flaws and draws.
      and yes, i agree that xiang qin was always stupid. It didn’t grate me too much and the tw version has some of the most memorable scenes but because all their characters, except for zhi shu and tiffany, and some others, were all exaggerated, it was a bit hard to take them seriously and identify with them… i’m thinking here of xiang qin, the mom, ah jin and all..
      as for the japanese version, kashi takashi was absolutely gorgeous… perhaps the most handsome of all versions.. and i loved the pace of the drama as well (i generally love the pace of all different jp adaptations). however, kotoko’s ears completely distracted me… i’m generally not someone who looks at physical appearance and she is pretty but her ears kinda ruined the whole thing a bit.
      as for the korean drama… the editing is terrible… some loong fantasy sequences dragged sometimes and the pace could feel boring for some (not for me) but it was also the most “real” adaptations… everything was toned down a bit to make it true to life… hani was also just a normal girl, if a little academic stupid, not just plain dumb and good for nothing. joongu wasn’t too exaggerated… the realistic portrayal made the characters more endearing and easier to identify too.
      my point is i loved all versions in their own way. i don’t know if i can choose a favorite version because when i think of one, i think of a good point another had and i can’t decide.


      • Anonymous says

        sorry… i just realized my comment is full of spelling mistakes.. i don’t know what’s with me lately but all of my comments tend to be riddled with them… -_-”
        also wanted to add the the korean version somehow seems the cutest/sweetest as well…
        what’s your favorite? the japanese one? from what you said…


      • It’s okay — my entries are full of them as well!><

        I think it might be a tie between japanese and korean. Definitely not Taiwan though..


      • Yeah… like for me, Xiang Qin sort of ruined my image of Ariel Lin. I know that the girl is supposed to be stupid but I will take Ha Ni over Xiang Qin any time. The actor for Zhishu is quite shuai too!

        YES he was so handsome! I don’t think he acts in any famous dramas now right? I tried to track his shows but it got a bit hard. LOL yeah her ears:P That show came out when I was still a bit young and I used to tell my mum ” The Big Ear Show is on tv!!!!!” Even my mum identifies the show that way haha.I tried rewatching it but the only versions I could find now have bad qualityD:

        Yep! I didn’t like the fantasy scenes at all — in fact I forwarded past all of them, but I think Playful Kiss got me because it was realistic. I could identify with the plot and everything because it was scripted in a more realistic way, to me that is.


      • Anonymous says

        Yes, subscribe.. kk. they added the subs to 5 vids already and the 7 ten minutes special are set to be in november.

        and bang… that’s the sound of me hitting my head. i just realized a bit too late that i replied to the question “have you seen the twdrama?” thinking it was from you addressed to me… how completey off i was… *hit herself again*

        and yes, i agree about hani vs xiang qin… hani is by far, literally, the best kotoko in all versions, even kotoko herself. haha. she’s not intelligent but she’s not dumb and a total lost case… and she makes what could be annoying seems totally adorable and innocent, if a bit naive. i think it mainly has to do with jung so min’s charm rather than how the character is written.
        i like the joongu of both the korean and japanese version.. as much as i like fahrenheit, jiro was not very endearing in the tw version, especially during iswak. he was better in tka.
        and for haera, it’s a tie between tifanny xu and li si young.. the japanese version didn’t make much of an impression on me.
        eunjo is the best version of all in my opnion of yuki. yu shu was cute too but eunjo is just to die for.
        i liked the mom in all versions but the mom in the tw version made the strongest impression because she was so exagerrated but i think i like the korean mom best even though i know you don’t like her.
        and the reason i didn’t discuss naoki/seungjo/zhi shu is because frankly, i can’t make my mind up. i fell for all 3 of them.

        no, kashi isn’t in any famous show now where he is the main lead… it partially has to do with the fact that he was sick. but just because i’m loyal to his naoki, i’ve watched all the shows he’s in, even when he had the smallest cameo… he’s aged a lot now you know?

        “The Big Ear Show is on tv!!!!!” LOL…
        i have the show on hardrive. i watch it raw though. i also have a subbed version but the quality isn’t super good either and gives me a headache when i watch it now that i’m used to HD. it was just not so many years ago when we had vhs. kk

        and yes… that’s the reason i think i like PK so so so much. it’s SO real it’s easy to identify all the scenes to a moment i have experienced or seen in someone before… the tw version was way too exaggerated and if my memory serves right, the japanese version was also quite realistic, except maybe for kotoko.

        and also, i’ve read all ur replies in the other posts.. just letting u know. thank u for taking ur time to reply. 🙂


      • Anonymous says

        oh.. btw, i realised i didn’t say who i was..
        all the anonymous comments so far in this post are by v.


  4. Anonymous says

    Hahah:P I usually reply all my comments:D

    Nope sadly…. it wasn’t bad per se, at least not at episode 5, but it just wasn’t so interesting that I would go on watching it>


  5. Anonymous says

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  6. Anonymous says

    OMG you totally cleared things up thanks so much!XD I knew why I was confused! I misheard Da Ren’s voice as Ding Li Wei’s voice when she read that sms, so I was really confused for a moment because she looked so touched and all, and yet she stood Ding Li Wei (good job there, You Qing!) anyway.

    I knew that she wanted his hug and that the one she wanted to see was Da Ren, just missed the crucial link, but yes don’t you agree that she’s just loving (consciously) Da Ren as a best friend as of now? I suppose some people have different interpretations — honestly can’t see it as any signs of reciprocating Da Ren’s love.


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