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Playful Kiss Episode 14 Recap


Ha Ni’s dad told Seung Jo’s parents that he wanted to move out but Seung Jo’s mum was reluctant about it. At this point in time, Seung Jo and Ha Ni returned home, with their clothes and hair wet. Their parents quickly told them to have a change of clothes when Eun Jo shouted " Hyung! Ha Ni is going to move out!" When Seung Jo heard, he reached out to hold Ha Ni’s hands,
and announced that he wanted to marry Ha Ni. They would marry after they graduate from college and he asked Ha Ni’s dad for approval. Ha Ni’s dad asked if he was serious, and he said yes.
So obviously, Ha Ni’s dad said okay!:DD Seung Jo’s mum leapt up in joy and hugged Ha Ni in a dance of joy while everyone laughed and smiled. Lol that Eun Jo was like " I knew that things would turn out this way".

Later, Ha Ni was standing by the balcony and looking at the stars. After talking to her, Seung Jo said he would go and sleep but Ha Ni reached out to stop him. " I’m scared that after you go to sleep, when you wake up tomorrow, you will be the cold Seung Jo again. " "So, you want us to sleep together tonight?" He laughed and asked.
Ha Ni shook her head and Seung Jo replied " Right. Let’s stay here a bit more" . He hugged her from behind and smiled. 
Ha Ni said that never in her dreams would she imagine Seung Jo to really like her back. Seung Jo replied " Me neither" [HAHA] and Ha Ni turned around to hug him back. GAH the amount of sweetness here! It turns out that Seung Jo’s mum was busy snapping pictures of their embrace behind the pillar.
Ha Ni sat by the window and mini-shrieked to herself. Seung Jo heard her and asked if she was not going to sleep, sending Ha Ni scuttling off to sleep. Seung Jo smiled with much happiness and contentment:D
Ha Ni told Min Ah and Joo Ri about the great news and even though they doubted it at first, they were so happy and excited for her. " Your four years of hard work and effort have finally paid off!" Min Ah exclaimed. They were squealing over the fact that Seung Jo must have realised that it was love he felt for Ha Ni. Min Ah and Joo Ri asked about He Ra and Joon Gu, and Ha Ni said that Seung Jo had gone to settle things with He Ra. She would have to find Joon Gu as well.

Joon Gu made a lunchbox for Ha Ni but when he brought it to school, he saw the banner that announced Ha Ni’s and Seung Jo’s engagement. He was depressed the moment he realised what the banner meant.
He Ra told Seung Jo that he took a faster time than she thought he would have taken to realise his feelings. " She was difficult.. an equation that has no answers and it was hard.." He said. " So it’s not difficult now?"
" No. The moment I admit to myself that I’ve given up to this kid, it became fun.."
He told He Ra that he sincerely thought that it might work out between the two of them because he felt comfortable with her around. He Ra commented that " You run away from the difficult Ha Ni to the comfortable me?" which he didn’t deny. He Ra stood up and congratulated him on his marriage, albeit an early congratulation. Seung Jo thanked her and shook her hand.
I love this scene! I like how every thing looked really good together, like all the colours come from one pretty palette of paint. Do you get what I mean? Of course, Kim Hyun Joong looked really good here too, with his hair and his outfit:D

In school, Ha Ni called Joon Gu but he didn’t want to answer it, because he knew what Ha Ni was going to tell him. Ha Ni sighed to herself, thinking that she should have told him in person first. 
After the "breakup" sort of, He Ra who put on a strong front in front of Seung Jo crumbled and started hitting tennis balls in frustration. No matter how tired she was, she wouldn’t stop. Kyung So saw her and ran to a convenience stall to buy a drink for her, guessing correctly that she would be thirsty. It was rather heartwarming to watch this scene because Kyung So didn’t know what to buy for her Sport drink? arsh just because she was doing sports does not mean she needs a sport drink. Coke? Ah ahh diet coke! No that would be saying that she needs to lose weight. She got nothing to lose. In the end, he asked the girl at the cashier what she would like to drink when she felt thirsty.
The answer is beer. He Ra insisted on opening the beer can herself but she couldn’t open it. She started crying but turned her back towards Kyung So because she didn’t want to let anyone see. Kyung So told her that it was okay, and she should let it all out. He Ra leaned on his shoulder and cried, while Kyung So went through a struggle as to whether he should put his arm around her to comfort her.
Joon Gu was very dejected as well. He sat by the river and looked at the firework [stick?] he had in his hands, thinking that he really wanted to do that with Ha Ni. He sang the song that he sang for Ha Ni during the graduation party but was called back to the shop by Ha Ni’s dad.
Ha Ni waited until everyone else went home before she stepped into the shop. She wanted to talk to Joon Gu but Joon Gu kept brushing her off because he’s in denial. Ha Ni couldn’t say anything but Seung Jo turned up at the shop. He said that they didn’t need his permission to date but it’s important to Ha Ni. Ha Ni apologised to Joon Gu
but he asked her what she had to apologise for.
He turned around and told her that even if Seung Jo wasn’t nice to her next time and she regretted it, he wouldn’t change his mind for her anymore. " Are you sure?" Ha Ni didn’t reply and Joon Gu turned back to tell Seung Jo " See, are you scared? Ha Ni couldn’t reply!" Seung Jo said " Yes I’m becoming nervous" [I laughed here because he sounded like he was pacifying a childish kid:P] and Joon Gu warned him " If you make tears come out from Ha Ni’s eyes, I will make bloody tears come out from yours".
Ha Ni’s dad returned to get his wallet but saw Seung Jo and Ha Ni walked out of the shop. He guessed what had happened and went in to console Joon Gu. Joon Gu cried and told him that he really wanted to call him "Father" with his own mouth. Sigh. My heart really went out to He Ra and Joon GuD:
Haha! This has not much relevance to the plot, except that Seung Jo looked really cool driving a car somehow. 😛 Something about guys driving a car just makes me want to fangirl:P Don’t mind me~~~ Ahem. Anyway..

Seung Jo’s dad went to find Director Yoon to ask him if he could continue sponsoring the game. Director Yoon refused. At this moment, Seung Jo turned up at the office and said that he would not apologise because having the same personalities, he knew that He Ra would not like it if she was put in a position where she had to accept an apology. However, he wished that even if Director Yoon didn’t like him, he would still help to invest in the game so that it could be released. The game was the effort put in by everyone in the office and some who had not even received their pay.
" You wastrel! You should come in and beg and apologised about He Ra." Director Yoon scolded, thus causing Seung Jo’s dad to look at Seung Jo with a "See what you have done!" face " Only then I would waver and sign the contract " Director Yoon continued in a softer tone and proceeded to call his secretary to get the stamp for the contract. A win for Seung Jo!:D Director Yoon was obviously very impressed with his speech:D
At home, Seung Jo’s dad told him that he could return to school and join his medical faculty. Eun Jo announced that he was much better at gaming than Seung Jo and he would be the heir. Everyone laughed and Seung Jo observed that it seemed like after he saved the company from a potential collapse, he was now being chased out immediately. " That’s right! We shall shoot Seung Jo off to med school!" His mum laughed. Ha Ni grinned, because that means that Seung Jo could do something that he liked now. I am super happy as well!^^
He Ra watched as the press interviewed Seung Jo about the game. She added wistfully to her grandfather " Why would I fall in love with a trival person?" " It’s in past tense… Does that mean you have cleared up your feelings for him?" " Sometimes I get greedy again when I look at him like this…" He Ra replied.
Joon Gu was watching the press release as well and laughed that looking at Seung Jo motivated him to do work even harder. " Just you see Baek Seung Jo. I will become as great as you!"
Ha Ni got back the results from her university and realised that she counted her credits wrongly. She worried about it to Seung Jo but he was very cold to her. She asked if she should stop studying then because no matter how hard she tried, she could not make it. " Where is your perserverance? Without your perserverance, you lose your charm" Seung Jo replied, since he noticed her because of her determination and perserverance. Ha Ni was very sad because he did not attempt to comfort her. Instead he was just this cold, unsympathetic person. She threatened that she might go and find another guy.
 " Who? Joon Gu? Or Kyung So sunbae?" Seung Jo asked mockingly.
In the end, Ha Ni really left the house with her luggage. Seung Jo told his mum that it would be a good time for Ha Ni to think independantly. Ha Ni went to find her friends and they went drinking. Min Ah offered to put her up for a few nights stay and while on the way to her home, Ha Ni wondered if Seung Jo was worried about her and if she needed to inform him where she was.
The next day, Ha Ni went to find Seung Jo, out of curiosity to see if he was worried to death about her. However, to her disappointment, Seung Jo looked as fine as ever. In fact, I would say he looked radiant eh?
She decided that she would not return home. However that night, Min Ah’s family suddenly came and Ha Ni could not stay at her house anymore. Ha Ni realised that she hadn’t changed at all and that she needed this opportunity to think without Seung Jo, because she’s usually too dependant on others. Then, she saw a restaurant that put up a notice " Work required" and Ha Ni happily went to work there. On the other hand, Seung Jo was worried about her but he would not go and find her, seeing as he wanted her to think for herself. Aww Seung Jo~~
Min Ah and Joo Ri were talking about Ha Ni and that she didn’t want Seung Jo to know that she had been working in a restaurant. However, they didn’t notice that Seung Jo was standing next to them and had heard every single thing they said.
 The scene cuts to show Ha Ni at work. She seemed really comfortable in her job and I’m proud of how she could treat the customers well and do her jobs right. She might be tired but she always had a smile on her face. While delivering food, she accidentally ran into He Ra who just bought books for her licensing exam that she had to take since she had decided to take law. Ha Ni commented that it must be easy for them because they were so smart when He Ra pulled off the adult-talking-to-a-child act again! She’s like " There’s no free lunch kiddo" while patting her hair and the arms. "You are looking for something else to do? Hmm let me guess…. housewife? Not bad, you and the tray look quite good together:D" and she left. HAHA I think I really like He Ra’s sense of humour, albeit that she’s a little bit mean.
In the restaurant, someone ordered a meal and Ha Ni cooked it. While she served it —
Anyone can tell who’s behind the newspaper right!:D Ha Ni walked away and he put down the newspaper to have a taste of the soup, only to ask loudly " Why is it tasteless?" Ha Ni rushed back to the table and apologised but was shocked to find out that it was Seung Jo.
They had a talk outside and Seung Jo asked what Ha Ni had thought about these few days. Ha Ni told him that he might laugh at her, but she genuinely wanted to do only one thing — help in Seung Jo’s work. She might be selfish and only thought of her own comfort but she sincerely wanted to become a nurse and she would try her best. Seung Jo stood up, patted her head and then hugged her. "Stop it and come home now" he said.
Ha Ni admitted that she really missed him these few days and Seung Jo said "I know, I know it all" Haha I bet you missed her until you wanted to die too, Seung Jo!

And so, everything’s happy and fine:D During dinner, Seung Jo’s mum told everyone to make their Wednesday free. Almost everyone couldn’t make it but she insisted that they rescheduled. Why? She proudly announced " Because it’s going to be your wedding!"


-the end-

Ahhhh -let out a contented sigh- Seriously, how can anyone look so good? I mean I don’t know what on earth happened; I certainly didn’t notice Kim Hyun Joong when he acted in Boys Over Flowers. Yet suddenly in Playful Kiss, he’s just so radiant and wonderful. The whole set looks really good and I really like the colour coordination.

I like the parts where they show the aftermath of "breakups" with Joon Gu and He Ra, and I really like how they are continuing with their lifes no matter what. Joon Gu, working hard in his cookery, and He Ra, going on with her major and goals in life. Their efforts didn’t pay off even though they put in the same amount of effort, but they moved on with their lifes. I see an end to what we call the evil persona of He Ra and my judgement of her is this — I like her. I have no idea if the scriptwriters did this on purpose or that it just somehow turned out like that, but He Ra was the best "evil persona" that I’ve ever watched. I wouldn’t even label her as evil come to think of it. She tried things out without harming anyone, though using her grandfather to be together with Seung Jo might be called a backhanded tactic by some. She’s funny, though condescending at times. The best is that she can put down the past and go on with her life. This goes the same for Joon Gu as well(:

I always tend to notice the second leads more than the first leads, because almost always I know that their hearts are going to be broken. Unless the first lead snatches my attention away [ E.g Lee Seung Ki in Shining Inheritance, Ethan Ruan in Fated to love you, and Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss etc], I will be fixated on the second leads [E.g Shinwoo in You Are Beautiful]. So I am glad that it was sort of a happy ending for Joon Gu and He Ra(:

2 episodes! I foresee bad withdrawal symptoms when next Thursday comes.

Of course, I love the main couple more and more — they are just so sweet and cute! ❤

   -Aishiteruze Baby is a really enjoyable anime. At this rate that I’m watching, I can write a review pretty   
    soon!:D and I leave you guys with one of my favourite quotes-
    Don’t be sad about the people in your past; there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future-


  1. Anonymous says

    lol.. that was fast…. u’ve just watched it yesterday so i expected the recap a bit later… not that i’m complaining! XD
    anyways, i think we can all let out a contented sigh here… 🙂
    best way to man up ever..
    for me… ive known KHJ before bof so when i saw his horrible orange thingy, i was like, what have you DONE with him?!.. it wasn’t only the hair, it was like he lost his soul trying to act like jihoo sunbae, nothing like the goofy idol he is really.
    and yes… i totally loved the color coordination… especially at the balcony scene.. i dont know if you noticed but KHJ inadvertly touched jsm’s chest with his thumb and she flinched.. haha
    as for the second leads, they were brilliant…. kuddos to them.
    hehe.. looking forward to ur review of A
    and wished i could practice ur quote… it’s harder than it seems to forget though.


    • ohhh before BOF I’ve never heard of him so my first impression of him wasn’t very good!:D Ohh but my friend did show me some of his MVs and I was like “HEY HE ACTUALLY LOOK COOL HERE:O”

      SHE DID?? HAHAHA you love noticing the small details don’t you!:D

      True… I have personal experience and I can say it’s quite hard to practiseD:


      • Anonymous says

        lol.. the image of jihoo sunbae and stiff-neck seungjo will forever be background if you know kim hyun joong.
        he’s goofy and witty and bizarrely but awesomely weird.
        he’s also hot when he wants to. go youtube his persona seoul 2009 please be nice to me performance. watch the whole thing. it’s HOT and a shame if you didn’t know that part of him really.
        and I would also give other vids when he is goofy but that’s basically in 90% of his vids so i don’t think you’ll have a problem missing that.
        yep yep. she did. and hehe. i like details. which is why i like ur recaps and screencaps.


      • Haha thanks! I thought I was too detailed but I still went on with that style of recapping:D

        Yeah like Kim Hyun Joong is just like known for his goofiness:P Since exams are over, I’m going to start watching wgm!:D Quite excited actually:D


  2. Anonymous says

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