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Aishiteruze Baby Review

      credit: http://www.animekiwi.com/aishiteruze-baby/

All right I’m on a roll!:D Here’s the review on Aishiteruze Baby anime:D

It’s about how a teenage boy, Kippei, found himself with the responsiblity of taking care of his 5 year old cousin called Yuzuyu after her mother sort of abandoned her. Originally nothing but a playboy, Kippei grew and mature into a caring and thoughtful caretaker, and finally had a serious relationship with a quiet classmate, Kokoro.

This anime focuses on serious issues like child abuse and sucidal thoughts etc but it was praised for being able to introduce those issues in a light hearted manner so that the show does not get too depressing. I’ve decided to do some screencaps on my own instead of searching the net out there, so meet the cast:

Yuzuyu [kawaii ne~~]
Tadah! Kippei:D

Kippei was a popular guy in school due to his looks and happy go lucky personality. As such, he was often found with girls hanging around him, throwing themselves at him and I don’t know… kissing him.

I really like this anime because other than romance, it also talks about issues in our every day lives. This anime can get people involved with the themes and topics it has chosen, like child abuse. In about 4 episodes, it talks about how this small kid, Shouta, at Yuzuyu’s preschool always got abused by his mum. In another 4 episodes, it revolves around Yuzuyu’s cousin called Mimi who had suicidal thoughts. I like how Yuzuyu brought a change to Kippei’s life and how Kippei in turn, changed those around him. Kippei was originally already a kind hearted soul but it was Yuzuyu who taught him responsiblity and commitment. It was Yuzuyu, that he was able to have a serious relationship with Kokoro [which means heart in Japanese… I find that cool!] 

Yuzuyu herself was abandoned by her mother, but she was mature for her age. Perhaps, the most innocent viewpoint is the best perspective. Sometimes we get so caught up in the world that we forgot… the simplest things can bring a lot of pleasure and happiness. My getaway from watching this 26-episodes anime is about the ability to forgive actually. For different people, they will learn different things, but for me, what struck me was how the young and innocent 5 year olds could forgive so easily. While I waited for the videos to load on Youtube, I looked at what others had commented and it was all almost on the same tone How could the mother have hit the kid?! or I really hate her! or That girl is such a b****. [ah well you can imagine the variations] 

Yet, I realise that each and every single character in the anime is forgiven ultimately. I have no idea if this would be a spoiler, but yes they are all forgiven. The "evil" characters repent, realise their mistakes and apologise, but you know what? This anime showed that there’s nothing really that can be labelled as evil. Each person has his or her own stories and unless we put ourselves in their shoes, it is hard to change anything. The mother hit the kid because she was depressed but the kid’s love for her helped to save her from going into deeper depression. Yuzuyu’s mum abandoned her because she hit her once and didn’t think herself as capable of raising a kid. Kippei and Yuzuyu [ and Kokoro and Kippei’s family members] were understanding and they could really do the " put yourselves in others’ shoes" thing. 

Of course, not everything’s perfect. I find this anime a little draggy at times when characters have actions that are supposed to mirror the reality but it actually slows down the pace. For example, when a character in the anime thinks, he or she is almost like a human in reality — pondering over the options and weighing them etc, but watching the anime character paused for 5-8 seconds in the same position can be tiring. Also, I didn’t really like how Kippei continued to grope Kokoro after they got together, even though the situation got better in the end. Perhaps Kippei likes skinship a lot? Their second kiss and they were already on the staircase landing with Kippei’s hand under her t-shirt on her chest. I’m not complaining though when I say this is one of the animes that I’ve watched so far with so many kisses:P
To end off things on a happy note, what Kippei said in the anime would be what I want to tell you out there, "Even if you lose everything, just stop and look around. I’m sure there is someone watching over you…. Don’t be sad, don’t lose hope.. Don’t forget that…… you are not alone!" 

P.S It’s really funny how I can guess accurately each time when Kokoro and Kippei are going to kiss. I thought I was amazing until I realise it was because they used the same background music everytime that happens:P

    – I love this gosh but it’s not inspirational and I don’t think it teaches the right values actually:PP-
     Before you critisize anyone, walk a mile in his shoes…….
     So that when you do critisize him, he needs to run a mile after you in his socks!


  1. Anonymous says

    wow… you finished it fast… !! i usually watch anime episode by episode as it airs… it’s drama that i marathon sometimes.. kk
    awesome review! you nailed it… XD
    as for me… well.. kippei, kippei, kippei!! more kippei… haha..
    if that doesn’t show that i’m a girl…
    lol at you’re comment about kissing… you’re so funny… although honestly, the same thing happened to me as well… it took me a little while to figure out the bgm was the same. kk
    btw, did you sea ep 15 preview + teaser of PK??
    it’s v


      • Anonymous says

        oh… and i just read about the comment about the shoes and socks… kk… that was wittily funny…
        and now i’m off for realz!


    • I marathon everything lol! Sometimes I just get bored in the afternoons and I just keep pressing the next link:P

      Thank you! Yes, I think Kippei is so wonderful!:DD RIGHT!:D HAHA I seriously thought that “wow I’m good”:P but the bgm is quite nice!

      I’ve seen it I’ve seen it! Knowing you though, you’ve probably watched it already right:D I can’t wait to watch it and recap on it!


      • Anonymous says

        kk. late reply… yes, ive seen it as soon as it was out.
        you know me well. just read your pk 15 recap. loved it. XD


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