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Playful Kiss Episode 15 Recap



So from the previous episode, Mum announced that she would be holding the wedding on Wednesday and Ha Ni was really delighted, though Seung Jo was irritated because he felt like he was controlled by his mother again.
Later, Seung Jo’s mum saw Ha Ni’s dad sitting outside the house with a very dejected expression. She asked him if it was because of what she had done, but she only did it because they were already living together and people would not say anything about this couple [living together]. I understand her motivation, yes I do, but I really get irritated when she did things like this. If she conveyed these motivations to Seung Jo, I’m very sure he wouldn’t be so irritated! Why did she have to just announce that the wedding would take place and that nothing anyone said would change things?

Ha Ni met up with her friends and told them of the good news. Ha Ni’s dad had already told Jong Gu so he’s currently very sad and depressed. At this moment, a foreigner entered the shop and got everyone flustered because they didn’t know how to speak English. After much confusion, the foreigner herself asked with confusion IN KOREAN if she could have noodles. SHOCK. Apparently her mother was Korean so she knew how to speak Korean. She really liked the food and asked who cooked it. She was told that it was Jong Gu and she continued having her meal amidst much interest from Ha Ni and company.

Ha Ni and Seung Jo went shopping for a ring and wedding dress but Seung Jo didn’t really want to cooperate. He didn’t want a wedding ring and asked " How can something so materialistic be a symbol of love?" I laughed because I never ever thought of it this way. My parents have always been wearing their rings and I always thought it was natural to do so [but apparently not, my friends’ parents don’t..] so it didn’t occur to me that this perspective exists. Solution? Seung Jo, just buy two simple silver/gold rings!:D Which he didn’t. He left the shop after announcing that he didn’t want shackles [rings].
Then they quarrelled on the streets when he didn’t want to buy a wedding dress nor go to the studio.
Ha Ni sulked in the car and asked why Seung Jo married her then if he didn’t want to do anything.
Seung Jo replied that he had no idea either and that "maybe we should reconsider this marriage". SHOCK. [ooh I love the below screencap I have no idea why:P]
Seung Jo went to find Ha Ni’s dad telling him that he had something to tell her. Initially I thought that Seung Jo was really serious about breaking off the proposal and that he was there to tell the dad.
Back at home, Seung Jo’s Mum excitedly showed Ha Ni all the cutlery and cups that she bought. She held up a small cup and was like " Ohh so beautiful! You can drink coffee in this!" Pardon my randomness when the first thing that popped into my brain was " Are you sure you can drink anything out of this???" So anyway, she noticed the sad face that Ha Ni had and asked " How could a bride look so sad?" Ha Ni said that there was nothing and smiled. At this moment, Ha Ni’s dad called and asked if she could go to the shop.
She did, and she was surprised to see Seung Jo there. Seung Jo drove her dad and her to a place. While on the road, she asked where Seung Jo was taking her but he told her that she would know when they reached.
Turns out that he took her to visit her mother’s and grandmother’s graves! SO THOUGHTFUL GOSH. He greeted them and said " Your grandson-in-law is here"
 and Ha Ni was so touched. " I hate you" she said to Seung Jo. " Hate?" " No.. I like it" she whispered back. Ahhh~~
Thus they managed to patch things up! They walked on the road and discussed the wedding’s adminstrative matters. Seung Jo didn’t want a honeymoon at first but agreed because Ha Ni wanted one. He asked Ha Ni where she wanted to go and she said " Rome" "Rome? In your dreams" " Fine…. but I want to go to an island" and Seung Jo suggested a place that she didn’t want. She had Jeju Island in mind so Seung Jo said that " if the three pictures are the same then we will go the place you want to go".
Ha Ni agreed and looked at his handphone eagerly. She kept chanting " Jeju Island" over and over again as he shook his phone.
 They waited eagerly…………… and the three pictures were the same!! Ha Ni jumped around Seung Jo in joy while behind her back, Seung Jo shook the phone one more time. The three pictures came to a stop and they were still the same!

Seung Jo loved to fool her gosh:DD No matter how you shake it, the three pictures would always be the same. Hahaha it was quite sweet and funny at the same time!
Min Ah and Joo Ri stayed over at her house and they bought her sexy lingerie while teaching her tips on how to behave on the wedding night.
In Seung Jo’s bedroom, Eun Jo told him that he was glad his brother married Ha Ni because honestly speaking, his brother’s personality wasn’t that great and had flaws. Ha Ni suited him because she had determination and she liked Seung Jo so so much. He asked Seung Jo if he was happy and Seung Jo smiled. Eun Jo congratulated him and shyly hid his face under the blanket. AWW EUN JO they are both so cute seriously where did they get the cute genes from??
Outside the house, Jong Gu sort of said his "farewell" in a sense and I felt sad for him,but I knew that the foreigner [called Christ??] would be paired with him so I didn’t feel so bad!
When her friends fell asleep, Ha Ni couldn’t sleep and came downstairs to find her dad in the kitchen. She asked him if they should practise walking and while they did that, both cried. I was really touched here because I could feel the love here. Ha Ni’s dad loved his daughter so much and so did Ha Ni to her father.
On the wedding day itself [a.k.a the next day], Seung Jo, Seung Jo’s parents and Ha Ni’s dad stood outside to greet the guests. Seugn Jo was smiling from ear to ear gosh he looked good in a black tuxedo!:D
Ha Ni took photos with her friends and she did look very pretty here(: Her dress was quite pretty and elegant BUT what happened to Min Ah and Joo Ri?? Maybe they purposely designed it that way so that they wouldn’t look prettier than Ha Ni:P [They were her bridesmaid by the way].
Then, guess who came in to find Ha Ni?? Her high school teacher!
WHO WAS PREGNANT WITH SEUNG JO’S HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER’S CHILD GOSH  hahaha this relationship is epic. Even Ha Ni, Min Ah, and Joo Ri agreed with me:D
Next, He Ra came in to find her too. She told Ha Ni that Seung Jo had great taste in girls and Ha Ni was touched. He Ra put out her hand and sincerely congratulated her. " Be happy" She said. Okay this got me tearing for some unknown reason but yes I teared:P I love to see signs of friendship between those who should be enemies. In the first place, He Ra was quite nice — I think they could make good friends!
Jong Gu turned up at the wedding looking cool in a suit. Hey I just realise — he does look quite handsome right? He told Seung Jo that Ha Ni might just run away with him when Seung Jo complimented his appearance.
The wedding was about to begin and Ha Ni was freaking out, but Eun Jo whispered something in her ears.

They had Kyung So as the host of the wedding but they had no officiator so they had to do their own vows. I never knew you could do that — I would write a really interesting and funny one, hahah probably drama-related:DDDD [okay fine, I don’t think that’s allowedD:]
 Seung Jo put the ring on her finger
and she proceeded to put his ring on his finger….. but she was too nervous and the ring slipped out of her hands.
When they finally found the ring, Seung Jo commented that she’s a dummy but Ha Ni said " You actually like me from a long time ago"   "What?" " Our second kiss.. it’s not in the rain, it’s at the pension right?" Seung Jo realised that Eun Jo must have told her and he turned to stared at Eun Jo
but Eun Jo looked upwards and pretended he didn’t see anything. I always do that too, when I’m trying to avoid something!
" Aigoo.. still act so coy ehh" Ha Ni said BEFORE GRABBING HIS HEAD AND KISSED HIM.
This got the whole wedding hall laughing as people got surprised by how she jumped on her. [ I was shocked by Seung Jo’s mum’s lipstick — it’s bright super bright red] Even after some time, she still didn’t want to let him go and people laughed even harder.
Then they were on their way to honeymoon! Seung Jo was still angry because Seung Jo’s mum placed his childhood photos in the presentation that they made — the presentations during weddings where you placed the groom’s and the bride’s childhood photos all the way to their grown up photos. Okay you probably know what my reaction will be so I shall not harp on it:P
 There’s this woman that they met on the aeroplane and who coincidentally stayed at the same hotel as them. Ha Ni immediately grabbed Seung Jo and hauled him off to their rooms before she could do anything, since she was obviously interested in Seung Jo.
After the wedding, Kyung So treated He Ra to lunch and wanted to cheer her up. He succeeded in making her laugh in the end and I could tell that He Ra’s attitude towards Kyung So was slowly changing.
 At the resort house, Ha Ni told Seung Jo that she would be a good wife and then she leaned on his shoulder. The whole atmosphere was just brimming with contentment and happiness but that woman spoiled it by appearing and telling them that her room was just next door. [Sorry, didn’t know what’s her name and I didn’t bother finding out. By the way, she’s on honeymoon as well. Poor husband — first day of marriage and the woman wants to go with another guy]
By coincidence, they even had dinner at the same place and the woman found out that they were the same age — 21. She kept complaining about her husband who was 11 years older than her [ I wonder why they got married?] but kept complimenting Seung Jo.
 Even when they went sightseeing, she appeared. I took a screenshot without her inside — this sweet couple does not need the presence of this irritating woman. Obviously Ha Ni was irritated and annoyed.
Back at in Ha Ni’s dad’s shop, Christ had turned up everday to eat at the shop and it was obvious that she liked Jong Gu. Jong Gu taught her how to use chopsticks but exclaimed " I’m teaching you and where are you looking at?!" [ His face lol]
Seung Jo and Ha Ni went to the museums but the woman pushed Ha Ni away and linked her arms with Seung Jo. Ha Ni asked the woman’s husband to take care of his wife but he insisted that his wife was just being friendly and nice. Instead he was worried because Seung Jo was attracted to his wife. I can only say…. beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
The woman was going to link arms with Seung Jo again when this blond haired lady barralled her way in between them and happily apologised. It turned out to be Seung Jo’s mum!
Ha Ni managed to "snatch" Seung Jo back and as they looked around, she asked if they should buy a present for Eun Jo, but Seung Jo saw this —

and already knew that the blonde was her mum. He told her to put the toy back as Seung Jo’s mum crept up behind them and took photos of them. I actually thought that was quite cute of Eun Jo and his mum!
When they were back in the hotel, Seung Jo asked if Ha Ni wanted to bathe first, and Ha Ni said okay. She went to her luggage and was so excited as she took out the lingerie. " What to do?" she semi-shrieked to herself, when the doorbell rang. It turned out that it was the woman who brought champagne over for them to drink.

Naturally, Ha Ni was in a bad mood the next morning and suggested for Seung Jo and her to be just alone for that day. She grumbled, " We didn’t even take a single photo!" but Seung Jo smiled and told her that " Don’t worry, we don’t need to take any photos". Seung Jo had obviously figured out that his mother would be taking lots and lots of photos of them! Ha Ni dressed herself up and said " I look pretty. This must be why Seung Jo likes me!:D" Yes she looks quite pretty here! I like her clothes, her hair and her hair accessory.
Yet, suddenly the woman’s husband came to ask Seung Jo for help — his wife was in pain. Seung Jo had to touch her abdomen to check where her pain was but Ha Ni didn’t like it at all.
Seung Jo kept pressing around when the woman suddenly grabbed his hand and placed it on top of her chest.

Ha Ni couldn’t take it anymore and cried out loud "Stop it! Stop touching her!"
Seung Jo scolded her because she married someone who would be a doctor next time, someone who would have to touch patients. " Are you going to get jealous of the sick? If you don’t like it, then you cannot live with me" He told Ha Ni. Ha Ni ran out of the room and the woman’s husband chased after her because Seung Jo wouldn’t go after her.
After they were both gone, the woman sat up and commented that it was a pity Seung Jo didn’t meet her before Ha Ni. " I know you don’t like Ha Ni right?" Seung Jo stood up and said " It’s because that we are in this place that I didn’t do anything… If I met you before Ha Ni… I wouldn’t even take a look at you. Don’t you dare compare something like yourself with Ha Ni!" and he walked out of the room. I love that.

Seung Jo found her at the bench dand asked if she was still angry. She told him to put himself in her shoes but he said " You look pretty when you smile……………. when you smile, I start to feel good." Ha Ni was obviously appeased and Seung Jo reached out to tickle her, so they ended up laughing on the bench.

As they sat on the couch in silence, Seung Jo said " You are cute….. every now and then….. you are beautiful…. from time to time" He suddenly put his arms around her and asked " But then… why do I like you? You are not that pretty and you are only cute from time to time…. so why would I always miss you?" He suddenly pushed her back and asked what she did to him. Then, they kissed. AHHHHHHH I was reeling from surprise because this is NOT what Seung Jo sounds like he would say and I was at the same time squealing because it’s just so sweet!

He carried her into the room and on to the bed. Ha Ni suddenly broke off from the kiss and said " Wait I haven’t prepared…." " What do you have to prepare?" " A girl needs to prepare…." " It’s fine.. I can’t wait any longer" and he kissed her passionately while her arms entwined around his neck.

Hee hee:D

Ha Ni woke up in her bedroom that was now remade into the couple’s bedroom. She was so happy and smiling so sweetly until she realised that she woke up late. She rushed downstairs but Seung Jo’s mum had already made breakfast for them. Seung Jo’s mum told them to get the marriage register done so that Ha Ni could be part of the family. 
Seung Jo decided to drop a bombshell then — They would only do register if Ha Ni successfully changed her majors since she wanted to be a nurse. As Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s mum were still recovering from shock, he walked up and as soon as his back was turned towards them, he smiled.
Ah you Baek Seung Jo, I bet you are fooling Ha Ni again!

-the end-

I love this episode! I took so many screenshots that they exceeded my usual numbers again!

However, I find that the pace of events is just too fast. Not so long ago, Seung Jo only just realised his love for her but suddenly he’s filled with lust and desire. I don’t know what is in reality but this doesn’t seem real to me. Yet, I understand that they cut it to 16 episodes and hence a lot of details cannot be planned out.

It’s just plain sweet. I bet all of us here squealed at least once! I think Jung So Min’s acting is not bad and I like how she acted in the scene when she didn’t like Seung Jo touching other women. Kim Hyun Joong, on the other hand, didn’t have many scenes where he’s supposed to cry or act something out of the ordinary. He alternates between being the bad guy and the sweet guy, so it was hard to gauge his acting abilities.

Conclusion: they just look so good together and I agree that Ha Ni is the best match for Seung Jo! The kiss was oh so sweet…

On to the next episode!

     Promise me that you will always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, 
     and smarter than you think — Christopher Robin to Pooh


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  1. Anonymous says

    i loved your recap! and especially all the side comments you made.
    btw, the reason they got married was because she got pregnant….
    it already ended… i think what i’m feeling is the definition of bittersweet… with a bit more bitterness i guess.
    as always, thank you.



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