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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 5 – 9

I admit, it totally got me hooked now! I’m super happy that I didn’t drop this drama after the 4 episodes in front. To this date, I’ve no idea if they seem so boring because I still had my blues or they’re really boring. Anyway, it gave me a shock because I didn’t know I watched that fast! That’s why I said that Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s good point is that it stops just at the right moment.

Continuing from where we left off, the Professor Jung wanted to kick Yoon Hee out of Sungkyunkwan but he told her to keep the fact that she’s a girl to herself and wait for his punishment. Later, the professor was very troubled but he decided not to tell the emperor.  Sun Joon tried to train Yoon Hee but because she was a girl, her physical characteristics made it hard for her to shoot properly. In the end, she left angrily and while Sun Joon followed her, someone cut the strings that were holding up huge and heavy boards, and those boards fell on him. In Soo hurt his right arm but insisted on learning how to shoot an arrow with his left arm, so that he could prove to Yoon Hee, that miracles did exist. He tried all day, and all night, and even during lessons. One day, it was raining, and someone found Yoon Hee to tell her to advise Sun Joon to stop shooting. Sun Joon left, after Yoon Hee told him that what he did was useless, then Jae Shin came to teach her how to shoot. It was at the point in time, that Yoon Hee realised Sun Joon succeeded. If he could shoot with his left hand, there’s no reason why she should not try archery. She told the professor that she would get first in the archery competition to prove that there’s no difference between females and males. The professor did not think that she would succeed and agreed, even though he made it clear that even if she got the first, it didn’t mean that she could stay on in Sungkyunkwan. 

After Yoon Hee found Sun Joon, and told him that she would work hard to succeed because she needed the miracle now, Sun Joon started training her. She tried and tried, and after days of hard work, she finally succeeded in hitting the bull’s eye, but no matter how much she tried, she could not hit the centre of the red circle. Jae Shin found her and told her that it’s because her hands were hurting. He placed her hand into the water to sooth the pain, and Yoon Hee was very touched. She thanked Jae Shin for something that he made that would reduce the pain while doing archery, and requested that he must come for the competition, because the competition was a "dorm" thing. If one person from the dorm was absent, everyone in that dorm would have to forfeit. Unknown to everyone, Jae Shin was actually Hong Beok So, a guy whose name was known in fear by the the lords because his archery was very accurate and he wanted to rid the nation of the caste system [which the lords definitely didn’t want, because that meant that they would no longer be of immense power]. While Jae Shin was out as Hong Bi Shu [ he covered his whole face except for his eyes], the guards of the lords managed to shoot him [with archery, not guns of course]. He escaped, but fainted in this secluded room, after pulling out the arrow.

The next day was the day of competition. At first, Jae Shin didn’t turn up but Sun Joon and Yoon Hee had faith that he wouldn’t desert them when he knew both of them needed to win the competition. After Jae Shin woke up, he bandaged himself and was on the way to the venue, when he got stopped by the guards of the lords. However, he arrived later, to the surprise of In Soo and his sidekicks. Apparently, Yong Ha had guessed where he would be [ even though of course he didn’t know why he was there] and got another professor [ the one that loved to suck up to everyone ] to get Jae Shin. The competition was about to start, and all the prostitutes [ I feel weird typing that..] were gushing about the 4 youths of Sungkyunkwan. Yes, they were such a delicious sight — Yoon Hee [ who is supposed to be a guy ], Sun Joon, Yong Ha and Jae Shin. 

After winning many rounds, Yoon Hee’s dorm finally made it to the finals and their rivals were In Soo’s dorm. There would be three rounds here to determine the winner. Sun Joon won his round, but Jae Shin had his wound and couldn’t shoot properly,  so he lost his round. The last round was between Yoon Hee and In Soo, but In Soo got distracted because he was looking at Cho Sun and noticed that she was looking at Yoon Hee, so his arrow was off. Yoon Hee now had a chance to win, but as she pulled the string, she realised it cut deeply into her skin. Even though Professor Jung asked what’s wrong, she went on with it. With her already bloodied hand, she pulled the string back, and let go of the arrow, which landed right in the centre of the red circle. This meant that Yoon Hee’s dorm won!:D Later, Sun Joon looked at her bloodied hand and touched it caringly, though just in terms of friends. Jae Shin looked at the string and knew that there was something wrong with it. He was going to beat the crap out of In Soo’s sidekick, since it was obvious he did it, when Yong Ha stopped him and told him that someone else [ In Soo ] would punish him for Jae Shin. 

Now, In Soo wasn’t pleased at all, so he decided that he would split the dorm up. Since the dorm was praised by the emperor, because it contained 3 people from different backgrounds, with Sun Joon having the highest "rank" to Yoon Hee being the lowest "rank", what with her background, In Soo used that to split them up. He orchestrated in a way such that Sun Joon might end up with his sister, and Jae Shin’s father also warned Jae Shin not to be close with Yoon Hee. Jae Shin refused to, and told him that the day " You decided to keep my brother’s death a secret in return for your post now, I’ve died along with my brother". Jae Shin’s father then revealed to him that it’s because the one who went with Jae Shin’s brother to protect the Guem Da Ji Sa was Kim Yoon Shik [ the name that Yoon Hee used as a guy] ‘s father. 

Later, In Soo set her up to be a thief, and the emperor decided to test everyone — those who trusted Yoon Hee, and those who didn’t, should go find evidence to proof their stand. After 2 days, they should show their evidence, and the side who won would pass his test. Ultimately, only Sun Joon, Yong Ha and Jae Shin trusted her. They went to find evidence the next day, and they realised that as long as they found the book where the merchants kept note of their dealings, they would find the culprit. Sun Joon was alone in the ware house trying to find the book, when In Soo suspected something and got the guards to search for him. Yoon Hee who saw the guards went to warn Sun Joon while Jae Shin fought the guards for a while. Eventually, Yoon Hee realised that she could not get to where Sun Joon was unless… she dressed up as a prostitute. Ta dang! So Sun Joon turned around to find Kim Yoon Shik looking every bit like a girl, while the guards closed in on them. 

-the end-

That might be a recap that was really boring because there weren’t any screencaps. However, I did take some screenshots of some noteworthy moments. 😀 There was one part where Yong Ha tricked Yoon Hee into taking a bath and Jae Shin accidentally saw, thus knowing that she’s a girl. Jae Shin warned her by banging on the door so that she would know someone was outside. When Yong Ha finally entered, that pervert, he was disappointed because there was no one in the room! Sun Joon was equally confused, because he thought that he saw a fire outside. Jae Shin was relieved, but as he walked out, he realised he heard the sounds of water dripping. Lo and behold, we realise at the same time that Jae Shin realised, that Yoon Hee was hiding above the cupboards/pillars! I wonder how she got up there! I love this part a lot a lot, because it was funny and sweet at the same time!

I love taking screenshots when the 4 of them are together –> 


Seriously, even the F4 that were supposed to be breathtaking in Boys Over Flowers couldn’t win this! This is really the first time that I like all 3 leads, and I’m glad that this story isn’t turning out like You Are Beautiful. Yes, Jae Shin had taken the task of protecting her now because he now knew that she’s a girl, but I like how he isn’t really the second fiddle, at least right now. He’s like quite important as well! I’m sorry but I just can’t stop comparing with You Are Beautiful. Likewise, Sun Joon was super nice to her already because of all his principles and such, and Yong Ha.. was just ridiculously funny. I love how Yoon Hee is actually quite smart, and not like some damsel in distress, that always brings more trouble than joy. 

Jae Shin’s hiccups bring laughter! Kya~~ he’s so cute when he hiccuped! For those who had no idea, he hiccuped whenever there’s a girl around him, so whenever Yoon Hee did something especially girlish, he would start hiccuping. It’s super cute and funny:P 

I think this story is starting to hook me in because there are more ups and downs in the plot. I don’t know why, but it’s just addictive suddenly!:P 

All right, I’m going to watch Episode 11 now. Maybe next time I will do a 3 episodes recap. 5 episodes recap is simply too long, doncha think?



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  1. Anonymous says

    taiwanese drama recommendations

    Some dramas I personally liked were:
    -my lucky star (starring joanne zeng I believe, and jimmy lin)
    -calling for love/calling for big star (starring mike he and charlene choi)
    -hana kimi (starring ella chen and wu chun)
    -summer x summer
    -love buffet (starring aaron yan, calvin chen, joanne zeng, I think)
    -summers desire


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