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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 10 -12

All right, things got a little angsty right in these few episodes as Sun Joon struggled with his what-seemed-more-than-friendship-love love to Yoon Hee. As Sun Joon and Yoon Hee got angsty with each other, Yong Ha/ Yeo Rim stood by the side, viewing everything with much amusement, and Jae Shin… Jae Shin protected Yoon Hee, regardless whether she knew it or not.

The guards opened the door to the warehouse and suddenly, Yoon Hee pushed Sun Joon to the ground such that they looked like they were doing it on the floor.

With her clothes, Sun Joon was blocked from the guards’ view and the guards rushed out of the warehouse, thinking that they intruded on a rendezvous. However, later In Soo learnt of the news that there were a prostitute and a guy in the warehouse, and he suspected something was up, so he ordered the guards to bring them back to him. At the same time, Sun Joon’s heart palpitated wildly because Yoon Hee was just too breathtakingly beautiful in her woman’s garb.

Sun Joon had already found the accounts book, but suddenly a door behind them opened up. They realised that the secret room contained ALL the accounts book that recorded the dealings with the high officials and lords. Yoon Hee wanted to bring one away, but Sun Joon told her not to create more trouble. They managed to escape with Yong Ha’s help.

While helping Yoon Hee to jump over the wall, Sun Joon once again was confused because of how feminine she looked. Jae Shin was very worried, and couldn’t stop pacing until Sun Joon and Yoon Hee arrived back at Sungkyunkwan, though Yoon Hee had already changed out of the clothes. Yoon Hee raised a hand to touch Jae Shin’s wounds, but he started hiccuping and pushed her hand away.

After examining the book, they realised the culprit of the theft must be living in Ban Chon, the village which contained Sungkyunkwan. Yoon Hee wanted to find the culprit immediately, but Sun Joon and Jae Shin said at the same time " Sit down."

Hee hee! They looked at each other, while Yong Ha looked on in amusement. After they finished their meals, they went to Ban Chon. They tried finding the real culprit, but the poor protected the poor, and everyone refused to tell them where the real culprit stayed. On the other hand, In Soo manged to find the real culprit before they did and used money to shut his mouth, telling him that if the culprit would not admit to his crimes, he would get money after the test was over. Sun Joon, Yong Ha, Yoon Hee and Jae Shin finally found the real culprit, even though it was too late because he refused to admit his mistake to the emperor. He cried and told them that he needed money for his mother’s funeral. After hearing his story, Yoon Hee couldn’t bring herself to persuade him to clear her name, so she left. Later at night, she revealed to the other 3 that she had actually taken one of the accounts book out of that secret room, and that book contained all the records of the bribes that the officials took from the merchants. Sun Joon was very troubled because even though his father’s name was not inside those records, those records inevitably pointed to his father.

Yoon Hee told Sun Joon that " I believe you, more than I believe myself. This is why.. I trust that you will choose the right path, even though the answer may not be what I expect", and handed the accounts book to him. Sun Joon went to find his father and asked if he could follow his father’s lead [i.e be a upright man and a true scholar]. His father told him that Sun Joon had never disappointed him before, and he had confidence that he would not disappoint him either in the future. Jae Shin couldn’t take it down that Yoon Hee had to be expelled for being a thief, so he went to find the culprit and told him that younger brothers always followed their elder brothers’ lead. The culprit looked at his younger brother, who was a page boy in Sungkyunkwan, as Jae Shin asked him how he would want his younger brother to be like next time " A petty thief? A coward?"

The next day, the emperor asked Yoon Hee if she had managed to find the real culprit. Yoon Hee said that she didn’t find the real culprit but Jae Shin insisted that the real culprit would turn up soon. Sun Joon suddenly appeared with the accounts book and told the emperor the real culprit was all those names inside the book. As the officials received bribes, the law regarding trade made it hard for the poor to survive, thus they had to resort to stealing. In Soo said that his argument didn’t make sense and wanted the emperor to punish Sun Joon and Yoon Hee, when the real culprit turned up. He confessed to his crime and when the emperor asked why he had the courage to confess, he said " I’ve always been a half life and wanted to live my whole life being a half life. Yet.. these scholars treated me like a human, and make me start to want to be a real human. So that the one that is always following me, always behind me, will grow up like a human too" He said to the emperor. The emperor passed the four of them, while he gave everyone else a failing grade. Yoon Hee was cleared of her name, and she turned around to smile at Jae Shin,

who acted cool but started smiling the moment she turned away.


Ever since Sun Joon saw Yoon Hee in women’s clothes, he couldn’t stop noticing her, and her lips. He wondered if he liked men instead but Yong Ha told him that all men should like pretty women. As such, Sun Joon fell into Yoon Hee’s trap of accepting to go out with the Minister of War’s daughter, Hyo Eun, [ also In Soo’s sister]. He was required to bring other guys along, and so he invited Yoon Hee, who had no idea that he was going to meet other women. Instead, she was very happy as they sat on the boat to the island but devastated when she realised the truth. She wanted to leave the island, but it started raining. Hyo Eun and Jae Shin were super worried on main land, and Jae Shin even punched Yong Ha, because he knew that Yong Ha orchestrated everything. On the island, Sun Joon had a fever but after his fever broke, he was very thankful to Yoon Hee because she worked hard to keep a fire going, just so that he could be warm. They laughed and talked until it was almost dawn when Yoon Hee fell asleep. Sun Joon almost kissed her, but controlled himself. Then, Hyo Eun arrived on the island, [ because Yong Ha managed to find a boat] and was fussing over him, when Yoon Hee saw and felt a little jealous. This was when things started to get a little angsty between the two of them.

Sun Joon got jealous when he saw Yoon Hee and Jae Shin laughing and playing, and Yoon Hee got jealous when she saw Sun Joon and Hyo Eun.

The day that Sungkyunkwan opened its doors to any female, Cho Sun came to find Yoon Hee, but couldn’t find her. Jae Shin wanted to have dinner with Yoon Hee and as she sat down, she teased him about him not having any women coming to find him and asked that maybe he did not have anyone he liked. Jae Shin smiled and said that’s why he wanted to have dinner with her. [ since I think Jae Shin sort of know subconsciously that he likes her ]. However, two women suddenly flocked to Jae Shin’s side and caused him to have hiccups. He excused himself from the dinner and escaped, thus leaving Yoon Hee to have dinner with Hyo Eun and Sun Joon. It was awkward, as both of them took jibes at each other, that even Cho Sun who joined them noticed something was wrong. Cho Sun suddenly stood up and walked to Sun Joon’s side and kissed him, which left Hyo Eun and Yoon Hee in shock.

-the end-

I think this show is just filled with cuteness and sweetness! Ooh by the way, I’ve left out some important plot elements because I forgot when they happened exactly. For example, the emperor called the four of them into the palace and even though it wasn’t revealed to them yet at that point in time, the emperor had every bit of intention to get the four of them to find the Geum Da Ji Sa, something which would rid Joseon of its caste system. 

Jae Shin is super cute! After he found out that Yoon Hee was a girl, he started sleeping in between Sun Joon and her, so that Sun Joon would not unknowingly do something weird to Yoon Hee. Thus, every night, they ended up like this –>


Jae Shin who always got very worried whenever Yoon Hee started moving towards him. LOL.

I would say that the leads’ acting is pretty good and the OST’s not bad either! Even though I have no idea if it was unnecessary or anything, I would rather they spend less time on the sadness and angst, and more time on developing the secret behind the Guem Da Ji Sa, something that seemed to be very dangerous to obtain. However, I do know that Sun Joon now thought he’s a gay, while Yoon Hee’s being sad because she thinks that Sun Joon likes women and she does not appear like a female, nor is she supposed to be female, thus she should not be jealous over Sun Joon. Have I ever said how much I pity Jeremy in You’re Beautiful, Sun Joon in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, the male lead in Coffee Prince and Nakatsu in Hana Kimi, because they always thought they’re gays? Admittedly, sometimes it brings laughter and extra conflict to the plot, so I hope that the angst would not turn out not needed at all later on. [ just like how the angst in Episode 14 to 15 of Personal Preference was so not called for. ] 

With that, I leave everyone with 2 screenshots of our darling 4 leads! 


The producers are simply too good to us. At this rate, I think I can make a collage of screenshots of the 4 of them or something!^^ 


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