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Prosecutor Princess again

Hey… I’m sorry but I’m kinda lazy right now to go back and screenshot Prosecutor Princess again… This is because I might most probably watch it again, I aint sure, but I was thinking if I’m going to watch it again, then no harm screencapping scenes at that point in time! So yep… I’m just telling you guys that the screenshots might never come/take a long time to come. In the meanwhile though, I ❤ these 2 screenshots: 

A pause which resulted in an accidental comical expression on our darling handsome Prosecutor Yoon’s face.

Oh dear… this cannot be seen, but anyway this is one of my favourite scene in the drama!<3 Ma Hye Ri was in the lift with him and their hands sort of was going to touch but then In Woo pulled his hands back and acted like he was drunk/indifferent. Hye Ri’s level came and she went out of the lift. She turned around, and there she saw a tear, forming and coming down In Woo’s face. I don’t know why, but I really really love this scene! It got something to do with how special and uncliche that this scene is. I mean, after having watched so many dramas and animes, you’ve gotta admit it, that that almost all scenes are cliches. It’s more than what I’ve written here –> http://thoughtsramble.livejournal.com/?skip=50#asset-thoughtsramble-3120 Almost every scene can be counted as a cliche. It’s the plot that makes each drama different, and the chemistry and characterisation of the leads that set each drama apart. However, I can’t really recall any dramas that I’ve watched that has this scene and I like how it shows how In Woo is really feeling, that Hye Ri saw it, but In Woo didn’t know that Hye Ri saw him crying. 

I’m pretty sure that it isn’t just me who was so deeply affected by this scene. In fact, I’ve asked some friends of mine, who watched the show after my recommendations, and they agreed with me wholeheartedly about this scene. ❤

Yes, that’s the 2 screenshots that I have! By the way, I had so much fun writing the cliches of Korean Dramas [where you can find in the above link] that I feel like writing something like that again for fun. Any suggested topics?:P


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