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Prosecutor Princess again

Hey… I’m sorry but I’m kinda lazy right now to go back and screenshot Prosecutor Princess again… This is because I might most probably watch it again, I aint sure, but I was thinking if I’m going to watch it again, then no harm screencapping scenes at that point in time! So yep… I’m just telling you guys that the screenshots might never come/take a long time to come. In the meanwhile though, I ❤ these 2 screenshots:    A pause which resulted in an accidental comical expression on our darling handsome Prosecutor Yoon’s face.  Oh dear… this cannot be seen, but anyway this is one of my favourite scene in the drama!<3 Ma Hye Ri was in the lift with him and their hands sort of was going to touch but then In Woo pulled his hands back and acted like he was drunk/indifferent. Hye Ri’s level came and she went out of the lift. She turned around, and there she saw a tear, forming and coming down In Woo’s face. I don’t know why, but I really really love this scene! It got …

Prosecutor Princess

I bet you are shocked to see another post titled Prosecutor Princess right?:P I’m in the process of doing recaps on Sungkyunkwan Scandal right now, and while screencapping scenes, I realise I never did any screenshots for Prosecutor Princess! At that point in time, I was so anxious on watching the drama that I didn’t really care for screencapping, but I think I will go back and do some screenshots after I’ve finished Sungkyunkwan Scandal! I guess I would put some screenshots in the recaps itself, but there’ll be another post with just screenshots of scenes that I like, but not necessarily mentioned in the recaps themselves. Do check back for it!:D

Prosecutor Princess

I’m watching Prosecutor Princess right now and I’m hating Ma Hye Ri a lot! I get irritated when I read/watch about desperate girls, rash and impulsive/selfish girls, and last but not least, SPOILT BRATS. I know that her character will [hopefully] improve but if this goes on for another episode I’m afraid I’ll throw something. :P. I must say though, that the actress of Ma Hye Ri is not bad! Her acting is really quite good. I have no idea if I should do recaps or reviews…