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Prosecutor Princess

I’m watching Prosecutor Princess right now and I’m hating Ma Hye Ri a lot! I get irritated when I read/watch about desperate girls, rash and impulsive/selfish girls, and last but not least, SPOILT BRATS. I know that her character will [hopefully] improve but if this goes on for another episode I’m afraid I’ll throw something. :P. I must say though, that the actress of Ma Hye Ri is not bad! Her acting is really quite good.

I have no idea if I should do recaps or reviews…


  1. Anonymous says

    lol… looks like you’re part of that portion huh? for PP, people either love it to death or didn’t like it..
    for me, i LOVED LOVED LOVED it… everything about it… but it’s okay, i understand why you wouldn’t.
    kk. and ma hye ri is one of my fav female character… as for the actress, kim so yeon, she’s on top of my fav actress lists… she’s SO talented.


    • hahaha actually I like PP a lot!:D I just dont like Ma Hye Ri right now cos she’s so spoilt but I think I’ll like her when her character changes:DD

      I started watching PP because of the guy actually:PP Yeah her acting’s really really good I was so impressed! Did she act in other famous shows aside from Iris? I remembered seeing her face before but I didn’t watch Iris..


      • Anonymous says

        among all the dramas she was in, most famous are IRIS, All about eve, gourmet, and currently dr. champ (you should totally check it out after PP.)


      • Oh.. I was so confused because I thought that she really looked like this actress who acted in this show from long ago about news broadcasters… Have you watched that korean drama before?


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