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Shrek the Third Movie Review and Bedtime Stories Review

When Playful Kiss ended, I knew that the number of visits to this livejournal will drop drastically. It has proven to be true but I wasn’t as sad as I thought I would be. This is because I realised the important thing is to remember what I’ve started out wanting to do, and that’s just simply writing what I’ve seen and thought, and what I’ve heard and felt(:

All right! This entry is going to consist of two reviews – Shrek the Third and Bedtime Stories.

First up, we have Shrek the Third.


It is the third installment in the Shrek series and was released in 2007. It continues to tell the stories of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots and other characters as Shrek goes on a journey to find the heir to the kingdom in Far Far Away land. King Harold dies in this installment which forces Shrek to undertake the running of the kingdom unless he can find the heir called Arthur. Even after Shrek finds Arthur, the journey back home is not an easy one.

I really like the idea/theme in Shrek series that revolves around fairytale characters and settings. I don’t know about the guys, but as a girl, I’ve definitely have enough share of stories like Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan and so many more. To incorporate these characters into the series is a clever move in my opinion and I think that’s what works in their favour.

However, I find that Shrek and Shrek 2 remain my favourites. I watched them very long ago, hence I’ve no idea if I was more impressionable then, but they certainly seem funnier and wittier to me. Shrek the Third felt like there was no surprise and that there are no new implications or characters that can add spice to the plot. Arthur wasn’t really counted. Besides, I see not much resemblance to King Arthur [ if that’s what they were referring to] except… well the name.

I haven’t watched Shrek Forever After [ I love the pun though(:] but I will be renting the DVD to watch it. In conclusion, Shrek the Third wasn’t a bad movie, in my opinion, but I must say that I’m glad I didn’t catch it in the theatres. Renting the DVD was actually quite enough.

On to Bedtime Stories.


It’s a fantasy-comedy movie starring Adam Sandler as Skeeter Bronson who worked as a handyman in the hotel set up by Nottingham. Even though Nottingham promised Skeeter Bronson’s father that he would let his son be the manager when he grew up, this promise never materialised and till that day, Skeeter Bronson remained as a handyman. Then, Nottingham announced his plans for a new hotel and instead of appointing Skeeter Bronson as the manager of that hotel, he appointed his daughter’s boyfriend, Kendall, to take up the job. Skeeter had to babysit his sister’s children and he realised one day, that the bedtime stories these children came up with actually became true in real life. More adventures and twists in the plot follow this epiphany.

Right. I’m not following the popular opinion or anything, but this movie was a letdown. I can’t tell why this is considered to be a comedy when I didn’t laugh at all during the whole movie. There weren’t any funny jokes at all! The plot didn’t flow and things were not addressed properly. Scenes jumped from one to another and we were left to infer what happened based on the dialogue. It might be intentional but instead, it gave me a feeling that they’ve gotten on a train they didn’t want to catch and they can’t wait to move to the end. 

The only thing that got me going was watching how the fantasies work out in real life. There was wordplay. For example, Skeeter Bronson got incinerated in the story. In real life, he was fired by Nottingham.  That’s all, unfortunately. It was nice watching the kids because they are so, so cute, but I didn’t like Skeeter Bronson and that kinda sucks cos he’s the protagonist after all.

You know what, I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the movie as well, and not in a good way.

Both movies have one similarity and that’s the predictability of the plots. The bad guys get punished and the good guys live happily ever after. I can accept it in Shrek because that’s what fairytale characters do! They all have their happy endings in the end. It might be a slack job on the scriptwriters part but hey, there’s no way they can get out of the ‘happy-ending’ because they aren’t supposed to. For Bedtime Stories, unless it’s because a bedtime story should happen like a fairytale, I see no reason why every single element in the plot has to be so predictable.

That’s all for now!

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  1. Anonymous says

    I’m glad you weren’t down by the fact that the number of viewers decreased… It’s like both you and KHJ have the same attitude… In his letter to the fans, he also said that he finally learned how ratings are the most important things either… kk
    As for the movies, I’ve see shrek 3 but strangely, I don’t remember much of it at all… I really don’t. I think I might even have confused some of the scenes with Shrek 2.. Honestly, the only shrek I remember is Shrek 1, which is the only one I HAVEN’T completed… It was our last day in art class and we watched parts of it and I loved it… after that, I watched all the sequels completely but strangely, only the scenes in shrek 1 remain in my memory. It is not to say that i don’t remember any images from shrek 2 or 3 but I can’t seem to give them a plot point.
    As for bedtime stories, I remember watching it by accident. I went for the Benjamin Button movie, and then, when I finished it, I didn’t want to leave so I bought another ticket for bedtime stories. I wouldn’t rave about it but unlike you, I honestly felt that it was entertaining and I loved the kids. I don’t remember much from it except the crazy scenes but I remember that i came out of it feeling good. and wow, i don’t know what happened. I wrote so much on 2 movies i don’t even remember that well…


    • Haha! That’s kinda ironic — you should finish Shrek 1, it’s pretty good!:D I wanted to watch Benjamin Button but then I had examinations so I didn’t goDD: Oohh… I guess it’s different opinions then(: I loved the kids too but then something about fantasies make me not like Bedtime Stories, just like how I didn’t like the first few episodes of Playful Kiss because they were filled with fantasies.

      Ooh thanks for that review, I get what you mean about the Love Me if You Dare! If I had watched it, I think I would have interpreted it as a happy ending too, though it depends on where the level of the cement was:P, like if there was sufficient time for them to make their escape.


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