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Lovely Complex Review


Lovely Complex was an anime that I’ve watched a month ago. It revolves around a 172cm tall girl called Risa Koizumi and a 156 short boy called Atsushi Otani and their relationship. Risa and Otani were always the comedy duo in school but things changed when Risa realised that she fell in love with Otani. Otani rejected her because he could not accept her as a girlfriend. However, Risa persevered and things started to work in her favour. Lovely Complex also featured their school lives as well!

So.. when I watched this, I had this question in mind from the start till the end — Is it really possible for a tall girl to fall in love with a short guy? I’m not talking about things like a 180cm girl with a 170cm guy. This is a guy that is short, even without comparison to Risa’s height. I asked myself this question and I realised my answer was a ‘Maybe’. I was surprised because I would have thought my answer was a No. I thought that there’s no way I could accept someone so much shorter than me, seeing that I’m not very tall in the first place. However, this anime changed my perspective. It might, in the end, really depend on the personalites.

That really got me thinking.

I like this anime because well, it’s sweet and funny. Otani and Risa were after all, a comedy duo and hence there are always comic acts whenever they were around. Otani is sweet. He may be short but if I’m not wrong, he’s pretty popular among girls because they know that he’s nice and he’s quite cool while playing basketball. He even became the captain of the basketball team, I was so amazed!

As you watch this anime, you find yourself rooting for Risa and you can’t help but keep going " WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID OTANI" because he’s this insensitive lump of …. something when it comes to Risa’s feelings. He didn’t know that Risa liked him even though the most obvious hints were dropped in his face. I was like !!!! at him and I really wanted to do something, except you know.. you can’t because he’s inside the computer screen. Of course, even though he’s insensitive, it doesn’t mean that he’s mean or anything. Quite the opposite actually. So watch and find out what happen between the two of them!

There are shortcomings definitely. Some parts were quite draggy and there was a point where I was bored because Risa couldn’t stop crying. She cried at every single thing and I was quite put off by that. Then she sort of redeemed herself because of her perserverance so this anime will still be a good watch! 

I find myself noticing tall-girl-short-guy couples on the streets nowadays and I can’t help but wonder Do they have a romantic story behind them as well? 

I’m going to hunt out and watch the live action drama soon:D

    Take away love and our earth is a tomb — Robert Browning

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  1. Anonymous says

    awesome review.. spot on!! and yes, hurry and watch the live version… it might not be better but still worth a watch! kk


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