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Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review

Now, before I get started, I must say that all the following opinions are of my own, and you are free to agree or disagree with me! In fact, I would really love it if you guys just leave a comment about how you thought the movie had gone for you.

So, most of us, at least quite a considerable number of us, have read Deathly Hallows. Was I disappointed with the movie? Well, no, and in fact I love it! I know how there are critics out there who say that it’s too draggy for them, but I love the movie. I guess there’s always the pros and cons, and each time, the director can’t satisfy both sides. It’s either you stick closely to the book, and people like me love it, but others hate it for how draggy it becomes, or you cut the scenes.

I went with some of my friends, and they said that some parts were quite slow. Boring? No, but some parts were so slow paced that it becomes dangerously close to boring for them. My other friend actually fell asleep. For me, I thought everything was good! I like the pace, I like the sets/the scenery, I like the script. Yeah, granted, the pace of some scenes could have been a little faster, but this isn’t a particular flaw for me. Ultimately, I feel that you have to read the book to fully appreciate the movie.

Some people may find the part where Hermione told the story of the three brothers draggy, but I actually love that scene a lot. It’s not just because I love the way they portrayed the story but also because I know how important that story is to the whole book, in fact to the whole series. This is not a generalisation, but I do realise that among my friends, those who read the book, love that scene, while those who didn’t read the book, kind of dozed off. I thought the start of the movie was actually pretty well done, and I love how they showed Hermione’s pain when she had to make her parents forget who she is.

Emma Watson’s still as pretty as ever, and I love her clothes as well! Even though I wonder how they brought such trendy clothes while on the run, I like how the coats and scarves match with the colours of the setting. Daniel Radcliffe’s acting has improved very much so, in my opinion. For example, there was a particular scene where he had to cry. I could see the eye areas of Harry Potter gradually turning red and then, the tears slowly welled up. You might think that’s not a great deal, but trust me, he couldn’t even cry in the previous movies. I would have wanted to see more of Snape but I guess that would come in Part 2. Now that I’m thinking of that, I kinda want to see more of Draco as well, but yes that will come in Part 2 too!

Ron was pretty cute and funny, even though I wished that he hadn’t gotten jealous. To be honest, I don’t see the need for fake Hermione and fake Harry to be naked while kissing but I’m cool with that [even though it got my friend reeled up, because she thinks there’s absolutely no need for that scene] Dobby is my favourite book character, and naturally I cried for him, while I was reading the book and watching the movie. You can’t believe how down I was after watching the movie, just because of Dobby’s death. Ah, and the dementors scared the hell out of me. I don’t know why, but when I first watched the dementors in Harry Potter:Prisioner Of Askaban [ ahh Sirius! ], they left a bad, bad impression on me. Oh, and I thought the effects were cool. They got so many people screaming in the theatres, I guess there’s no other evidence better than that to show how successful the effects are right?

The Harry Potter Medley brings great memories for me. Harry Potter has been such a great part of my life; the first book came out when I was still so young, that it felt like I had grown up together with the series. It’s a world that I would really want to enter, much as I know that it’s impossible. I have no idea if it’s the same for you, but I will definitely miss the books and the movies a lot when Part 2 comes out, and ends.

   — There’s so much more that I would want to say, but I suspect it kinda revolves mostly on how much I love the movie, or maybe how much I love that magical world. Do leave a comment!-


  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v.
    i have yet to see the movie so i am not reading your post just yet. just commenting on how lucky you are… the theater is just a mere half a mile from my house and yet… I was still unable to convince my parents that i could go watch.
    sad. HP remains to me one of the best series i have ever read.


    • Why will your parents not allow you to watch?:O

      Yeah I was really, really sad when I finish reading the last book. It felt like I could never enter that magical world again.


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