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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 20 Recap

 It’s finally here! I apologise for how late it came:P

So, as we know, Yoon Hee finally found Guem Da Ji Sa. The emperor wanted the Minister of War to apologise to the Sungkyunkwan students, and they would release Sun Joon. They sent a representative to talk to Yoon Hee but the representative and the students realised that Yoon Hee was no where to be found.

Honestly, I thought this part was quite funny, because I don’t get why Yoon Hee would go back to Sungkyunkwan just to fix a puzzle. Anyway, Yoon Hee appeared, and she held the box in her hands.

"I found it"
"I found Guem Da Ji Sa!"

Jae Shin and Yong Ha were super happy that she found it, and so was the emperor. That night, they released Sun Joon, but Sun Joon couldn’t find Yoon Hee, much to his disappointment. Yoon Hee was actually talking to his father, who told her about her father and how he didn’t ever think of killing her father. Yes, he disliked him and did things to him so that he wouldn’t be so idealistic, but the idea of murdering Jae Shin’s brother and her father didn’t occur to him.

Jaeshin saw Sun Joon and the first thing he said was "If you dare to be so arrogant again, I shall ignore you forever." Yong Ha looked at him in surprise and went "Oohh is this a mushy confession that means that you want to be with Sun Joon forever? And you said it in front of me!" I love Yong Ha and his acting gay moments.

Sun Joon went back to find Yoon Hee and was ‘angry’ at her for not turning up. Yoon Hee told him that they had already seen each other the previous day so there’s no need for them to see each other again that day. Sun Joon asked indignantly if they were in the kind of relationship where they didn’t need to see each other everyday and Yoon Hee asked what kind of relationship they were in then. Sun Joon looked stunned as he said "Kim Yoon Shik!" but Yoon Hee was only teasing him, and she showed him that she was wearing the ring.


She reached out to hold his hand, and they were going to hold hands, when Yong Ha who was hovering by the door suddenly opened it and asked what they were doing outside. He even winked at them, and asked them to quickly enter the room. Gosh, Yong Ha’s winks are just so funny!:P

So they drank and it was funny when Sun Joon got irritated because Yong Ha complimented Yoon Hee. Yong Ha was the first to collapse and Jae Shin told Yoon Hee to go to Yong Ha’s room to sleep. Sun Joon agreed entirely, but Yoon Hee was like hey this is my room, if I don’t sleep here where should I go, and promptly flopped herself down. This is how they ended up sharing a room, and in the middle of the night, Sun Joon even held Jae Shin’s hand tenderly, thinking that it’s Yoon Hee.

The next morning, Yoon Hee asked Sun Joon why he was irritated with her and she said he was like an old grouchy man. Sun Joon told her "Someone who doesn’t treat sleeping with men in the same room as a big deal, I’m worried that I’ve a lover that doesn’t care about small details that I didn’t sleep yesterday… how do you want me to say this all out to you? Grouchy old man…"

Yoon Hee laughed and teased him, saying that if she had slept by his side, the more he couldn’t fall asleep. Sun Joon looked at her in shock while she covered her mouth and realised what she just said. She ran away from his side and into the library, but Sun Joon was hot on her heels. Sun Joon said "Tell me honestly, if that person who always help to make copies of the book on porn is…" "No! I only wrote 3 copies!"

Sun Joon’s jaw dropped expression is priceless.

At first I thought that all Yoon Hee meant was that you know, he wouldn’t be able to sleep, but I didn’t realise that she was referring to that. LOL.Anyway, Sun Joon told Yoon Hee that he wanted to visit her family and Yoon Hee asked why. Sun Joon told her that of course it was because of the marriage. He was serious about wanting to marry her. In the meanwhile, In Soo who now knew that Yoon Hee was a girl, told the Minister of War, who in turn told Minister Lee, who told the emperor.

Yong Ha got called out by Hyo Eun who told him to treat her with some respect. So Yong Ha smiled nicely and asked her to go on with what she wanted to say.

"My brother already know!"
"Know what?"
"Don’t tell me you all still don’t know?"
"Know what?! You have to say it for me to understand"
"That Yoon Hee is a girl!"

Yong Ha looked at her quizzically,

before fully comprehending what she meant.


That day happened to be the day when Sun Joon wanted to meet Yoon Hee’s family. She dressed up and was waiting by the road side for Sun Joon. She looked into the mirror to check how she looked, and saw someone standing behind her. She quickly grabbed her lantern but the person grabbed her first and she dropped her mirror.

Jae Shin sat on the grass and talked to his brother, telling him that he always thought that his brother hated the world and that’s why he felt sad for his brother who had to leave the way he did. Yet now he finally knew that his brother loved the world.

Yong Ha suddenly appeared and told him that something went wrong. He looked at Yong Ha in alarm.

Sun Joon went to Yoon Hee’s house but didn’t see her outside. Then, he noticed Yong Ha and Jae Shin running towards him. He tried to hide, thinking that they didn’t know about him and Yoon Hee [and the fact that Yoon Hee’s a girl] but Yong Ha asked him if he was there because he heard the bad news as well. Sun Joon looked at him questioningly, and Yong Ha noticed the broken mirror on the floor. He exchanged worried glances with Jae Shin.

Yoon Hee actually got caught because the emperor wanted to make sure that she was a female. The emperor was very angry because by sending a woman to fulfil his task, he’s actually not obeying the books, and he knew that others would use this as a way to refuse to acknowledge the existence of Guem Da Ji Sa. He called for Professor Jung and was equally angry at him, thinking that Professor Jung wanted to make him a fool. He told him that equality between the two genders only exist in the Western Studies and told him that he could go seek forgiveness from the gods in Western Studies. Professor Jung told him that there weren’t gods, and that the only person he would follow was the emperor.

Jae Shin,Yong Ha and Sun Joon found Profssor Jung and asked him if the emperor caught Yoon Hee for her protection, but they knew that wasn’t the case when the professor didn’t answer. They were angry and disappointed that all their efforts were just dismissed simply because Yoon Hee was a girl. Most importantly, they wondered what the emperor would do with Guem Da Ji Sa and Yoon Hee.

Yet the professor had no answer for them. Gosh, the three leads all crying for the girlD: Cho Sun got the news that Yoon Hee was a girl and she was ordered to fetch Yoon Hee from the palace for the Minister of War. Jae Shin and Yong Ha were drinking when they heard that Minister of War had gotten all the scholars to gather on a day, which coincidentally [or not] was the day when the emperor was supposed to reveal the existence of Guem Da Ji Sa.


They guessed that the Minister of War would use the support of the scholars when they knew that Yoon Hee was a girl. They knew that the scholars would be meeting at a certain time, but they weren’t sure where. The guard came and told Yong Ha that there’s a letter for him.

It was actually from Cho Sun, who mentioned in the letter where the gathering of the scholars would be. Cho Sun herself, dressed up like the Red Messenger and told the Minister of War that she wouldn’t be helping him to get Yoon Hee out. In fact, she’s going to stop him from even going to the gathering.

The Minister of War was very angry and told his guards to take her down. In Soo looked worriedly at her, then at his father, but his father didn’t stop.

Then, In Soo saw Cho Sun drop her sword and a guard closing in on her, with his sword raised. Suddenly, In Soo rushed forward and grabbed Cho Sun into his arms, thus protecting her. His father asked him just what on earth he was doing, and In Soo told him that now he knew what’s happening, he would not let his father hurt Cho Sun any further. His father was so angry that he told his guards to take him down as well. The sidekick went to protect In Soo, but they looked super weak.


Guess who appeared? JAE SHIN<3 I love the way how he appears. It’s like hey one moment he’s not there, and suddenly he’s there and fighting off all the bad guys.

He told the Minister of War that he aint letting him go anywhere either.

"My character is the kind that.. if I don’t want to do something, I definitely won’t do it"

and he told In Soo "This is the first time I feel that you are like a human"

❤ the gruff Jae Shin! He rushed towards the guards at the same time they rushed towards him

On the other hand, Yong Ha was trying to keep all the scholars inside even though they were trying to come out, wanting to find the Minster of War. However, they kept pushing on the door, and Yong Ha couldn’t keep them in.

They rushed out like a swarm of angry bees but Yong Ha stood in front of them and said "I’m sent by the Minister of War"

"I’m a professor from Sungkyunkwan, Gu Yong Ha"

wink, smile

-wait is the sound of fangirls swooning-

Thanks to Yong Ha’s quick thinking, he managed to keep all the scholars inside of the room, and he talked about all the morals and values that he read in the books, thus ultimately managed to stop them from gathering with Minister of War.

After that, he met up with Jae Shin who told him that now that they had manged to stop the Minister of War to meet up with the scholars, he’s rushing to the place where the emperor would be revealing Guem Da Ji Sa.

Sun Joon actually begged his father to help him and his father did, by asking the other Norons to accept the existence of Guem Da Ji Sa. However, the rest of them didn’t want to do that, and so his father couldn’t do anything. The emperor said that Guem Da Ji Sa was right in the chest, and he looked like he was going to open it, when the Minister of Law barged in and told everyone that the Guem Da Ji Sa [ was found by Yoon Hee who was a girl] but before he could finish, the emperor said "The Guem Da Ji Sa could not be found. It seems like it’s purposely fooling me"

After the meeting, the Minister of War wondered that if the Guem Da Ji Sa really didn’t exist and at that moment, Jae Shin’s father came to arrest him for being the mastermind of the murders.

The emperor burned the Guem Da Ji Sa and told Yoon Hee to at least remember him in her memories, so that he could continue to live on in her memories. She promised the emperor and when she left, she bumped into Minister Lee who later, talked to her and to her surprise, asked her to stay by Sun Joon’s side.

Sun Joon thanked Jae Shin and Jae Shin said "This is the last time… the rest will be your responsiblity.. In order for me not to worry about her, you must protect her forever"
"We will not forget the times that you protect us. Thank you"

Jae Shin got shy and told Sun Joon not to say anymore.

Someone missing? Yes, Yong Ha! He twirled out from behind the tree and the three of them were going to find Yoon Hee, when Jae Shin pulled him back , and told Sun Joon to go alone. Yong Ha was like "Why???"
"Is that a place where you should go?"
"Ahhh then is my place"
-pats Jae Shin’s shoulder "Here?"

Jae Shin acted disgusted and gave him a mild shove. Yong Ha laughed, and then Jae Shin laughed too.

Sun Joon found Yoon Hee in the library, and the song played as they looked at each other and smiled.


Then, they showed what happened to each of the characters a period of time later.

Yong Ha — flirting with a prostitute, buying her clothes..

still saying "Who am I? I’m Gu Yong Ha"


Grinning into the sky as people shouted that he Green Messenger had sent messages again.

Jae Shin — a guard [ I think, I’m not very sure about this, but judging by his clothes he looked super important! He’s not just any normal guard ]

Caught the Green Messenger and pulled off his mask, only to realise it’s a her. Scolded the Green Messenger not  because of what she had done, but because the messages she wrote were too bad.

Still as cute as ever, hiccuping when there’s a girl around.

<333 I wish that they had paired him up with someone. 😛

As for our main leads, they were both professors at Sungkyunkwan. Yoon Hee attracting lots of students, whom I think still thought she’s a he

Quarelling in school in the day, but super loving as husband and wife at night. Yoon Hee asked if he passed as a husband for being jealous in the day about students tagging after her. Sun Joon "I can accept it that you say I’m wrong, but I can’t take it if you say you don’t like me"

He leaned in for a kiss, and asked if he passed.

Yoon Hee laughed and he said that he would continue to kiss her until she said he passed. Yoon Hee stopped him, leaned over to blow the candle out and Sun Joon pushed her down on the mattress.

What was so cute about this scene, was Sun Joon grabbing and looking at the red book [ the porn book that Yong Ha gave him] and said that "I’m still not very good at this. How does this work?"

-cue laughter and theme song-

-the end-

So this is over!




All right, I must admit that the last episode sort of spoiled everything for me. I didn’t like the fact that the emperor burned Guem Da Ji Sa. It’s like, that’s the whole point of the show, and what? It’s gone in a second. Also, I was right! In the end, it wasn’t even stated explicitly if Yoon Hee knew that Jae Shin liked her. I mean she didn’t have to feel conflicted or anything, but it would be nice if she could thank Jae Shin, or something, for what he had done for her so far.

In the first place though, what made me like this drama wasn’t because of the plot, but because of the characters, and when it ended, I miss the characters the most. I think all of them acted quite well, and the OST’s good. I would miss Jae Shin’s Red Messenger moments, and his smirk, Yong Ha’s wink and smile, and Sun Joon Yoon Hee’s good couple chemistry. I really like the friendship they share and it’s the thing that hits me the most. Dramas are sort of like something we wish for, but will never come true. [ Sorta ] We might not meet the love that dramas harp on about, simply because they’re dramas, but friendship, that’s another thing all together. This is why the scenes that I love the most are always those with Yong Ha and Jae Shin, or the Jalguem Quartet.

I had a great time recapping Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and I hope you guys had fun reading those recaps as well.Right now as I’m writing this, my blues were gone, but as I mentioned in an entry a week ago, I had bad blues then. It was a good watch and one thing that Sungkyunkwan Scandal is successful in, is to make me super interested in checking out the actors/singer [ heh, not so much about the actress] and their other shows/songs!




  1. thank you for the recap of SKKS last episode.
    IA the best thing about SKKS is the friendship
    of the 4 idealistic scholars. I try to imagine
    how as adults they continue to be idealists
    and help transform the country. SKKS is on top
    of my kdrama favorites ever. *hugs * cookies*


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