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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 9 and 10 recaps

Long recap here, but I had a great time recapping these 2 episodes — it’s when things really start to gear up.<3 Of course, I gotta love Xiao Le+Mu Cheng+Guang Xi family!

After Tuo Ye left, Mu Cheng went into Xiao Le’s room to tuck Guang Xi in, and while doing so, she saw the ring on his finger. She recalled six years ago, when the both of them visited a church [ on their first and only date] and listened in on someone else’s wedding ceremony. When the pastor asked the guy if he was willing to stand by the bride regardless of disease etc [ the vow], Guang Xi whispered "I do" to Mu Cheng.

Back to the present, Mu Cheng went to sit on the swing in the garden and she touched the photo carefully, the one that they took six years ago. She read the letter that Guang Xi had sent to her before he went in for the surgery, before he got hurt and rejected by her, and cried, because it said "I know I said I will win this battle, but if I don’t, promise me that you will treat Ren Guang Xi and whatever has happened all these while as a long dream, a very very long dream. When one wakes up from a dream, it’s time to forget. You just have to think of me occasionally and it will be enough. I will be in another world… watching over you. " [AWWW I sort of teared when I heard this in the previous episode, either episode 6 or 7].  


The next day, Guang Xi woke up and entered the kitchen where Mu Cheng was preparing rice with beef [something that she made for Guang Xi years ago as well]. Again, there was a misunderstanding, so read the dialogues below bearing in mind that Guang Xi didn’t really know who she was, while Mu Cheng thought that Guang Xi still remembered her. 

Guang Xi remembered Xiao Le calling his mother and he said "Liang Mu Cheng"


Mu Cheng dropped the knife in surprise and turned around to face Guang Xi, who smiled at her and said "It’s really you"

Mu Cheng was going to reply when Guang Xi said "Did that man harass you again?"
"Which man?"
"The one with a very long chin, a chin longer than a broom… called…. Hua Huo! The one I saw in the shop, did he still harass you?"
Thus, Mu Cheng realised that Guang Xi saw her the previous day already but Guang Xi said that it’s their first time meeting that day itself actually and he introduced himself. Mu Cheng asked him why would he say that it’s their first time and he asked if they knew each other. "Technically I only have six years of memory" He then told her that he had a major brain surgery and he lost all the memory before the surgery. After that conversation, she cried, which I interpreted as partly out of relief, because now Guang Xi wouldn’t know their relationship, and I guess, partly out of sadness, because Guang Xi couldn’t remember her. Xiao Le still called Guang Xi Daddy, but both Mu Cheng and Guang Xi told him that he’s just an uncle. [ uncle not as in the real uncle] 

Something that Mu Cheng always put in the dish of rice with beef is carrots and Xiao Le gave all his carrots to Guang Xi, before Mu Cheng called him to give him his shots [ he had diabetes]. Guang Xi opened up his lunchbox and laughed when he saw that there was only meat and no carrots inside the lunchbox "This boy has the same fussy eating habit as me" Guang Xi walked to Xiao Le’s room and saw Mu Cheng giving him the shots. He sorta smiled + had an improved opinion of Mu Cheng and Xiao Le when he saw how strong [mentally] the both of them were. Mu Cheng told Xiao Le "Xiao Le, that uncle is not suitable to live with us. It’s hard for me to explain now, but I will find another place for him to stay. Xiao Le cannot throw tantrums okay" "Okay.. even though I like Guang Xi uncle, but I don’t want Mu Cheng to be unhappy" Guang Xi heard that and had this look [points]

He went back to sit at the table and mumbled to himself that Mu Cheng might be a little weird but was very gentle to the child.

Suddenly he was distracted by all the villagers who stood outside the house, technically only the old aunties, who wanted to be his secretary. Mu Cheng pulled the village head outside to ask if Guang Xi could live somewhere else, but the village head told her that since she’s part of Hua Tian Cun, she should do her part in taking care of the lawyer who was their only hope of saving Hua Tian Cun. Mu Cheng agreed grudgingly. While they were talking, Guang Xi rejected all the aunties because they didn’t fulfill his criteria. He repeated what he wanted and the village head realised Mu Cheng qualified. Mu Cheng tried to reject, but Guang Xi said that if she disliked him, she should at least give him a reason. Mu Cheng started to come up with lots of excuses but the villagers offered to help her look after the flowers, look after Xiao Le etc, until she had no more reasons/excuses. [ By the way, Hua means flowers in Chinese, and everyone in Hua Tian Cun has a surname of Hua, except Mu Cheng who has a surname of Liang ].  She agreed reluctantly again, and after learning that she had to walk Xiao Le to kindergarten, Guang Xi said that he would accompany them.

On the way there, Guang Xi asked about Xiao Le’s dad, but I guess Mu Cheng didn’t want to outrightly lie, so she said it’s none of his business. Xiao Le said that he’s going to be late, so Guang Xi put him on his shoulder since it’s faster that way.

He accidentally touched Xiao Le’s legs, where Mu Cheng gave him the injection earlier, and Xiao Le winced. Xiao Le asked Guang Xi if he had to take injections, or in Xiao Le’s vocabulary, take power crystals and Guang Xi said yes but his power crystals were of a different kind. When he had to take those power crystals, it was so painful he couldn’t even talk and you could tell that Mu Cheng was thinking about the Guang Xi six years ago. Mu Cheng asked Xiao Le what’s the thirteenth rule in Liang household and Xiao Le very obediently repeated "One must do everything on his own and not trouble others" He asked to be put down but Guang Xi told him that it’s not troubling him. Mu Cheng said "Your one moment of sympathy will only bring more trouble to him, because you will never be his daddy!" This sort of brings a faint memory to Guang Xi’s mind because Mu Cheng said something quite similar to him six years ago. 

Guang Xi waited for Mu Cheng outside the kindergarten and Tuo Ye appeared asking him why he’s there [note: Tuo Ye thinks that Guang Xi still had his memory]. He wanted Guang Xi to not come and harass Mu Cheng, but Mu Cheng suddenly appeared and told Tuo Ye privately, that Guang Xi really couldn’t remember her. She assured him that everything would be all right, and Tuo Ye told Guang Xi again that he would protect Mu Cheng, so Guang Xi should keep his distance from Mu Cheng. Xiao Le’s kindergarten would have a parent-child performance in a few days, and Hua Hong struck a bet with Xiao Le — if Xiao Le’s alien daddy, meaning Guang Xi, turned up, then he would give Xiao Le his robot. If he didn’t turn up, then Xiao Le’s ‘girlfriend’ Tang Tang is his. Xiao Le remained confident that Guang Xi would turn up. Guang Xi went for work. So, other than having to help Hua Tian Cun fight the case over the land thing, during his 240 hours here, if the villagers needed any legal consultation, they could find him. Guang Xi spent the whole morning asking anyone who had a complaint to fill in the form and the villagers were so enthusiastic, the whole scenario turned super comical. Just look at Mu Cheng’s expression!:D

During lunch break, Guang Xi asked Mu Cheng about Xiao Le’s daddy, but Mu Cheng refused to answer and asked for a one hour leave to go and give Xiao Le his injections. Guang Xi said that he knew there’s no connection between the daddy and him [yeah right, you had much moreeee connection that you will ever imagine] so he didn’t understand why Mu Cheng treated him so badly but she was so nice to everyone else. Mu Cheng asked him just how much he could remember from before the surgery. Guang Xi smiled and walked towards her "I only remember a girl.. She loves me passionately from the first time we meet and I still remember we met on the ice rink. After that, she knew that I had the illness. Even though we both knew that my chances of living isn’t high, she still stayed by my side" Mu Cheng smiled, thinking that he was describing her, but her face fell when he added on "This girl, is my fiance, Yi Qian. She’s my most important person now" Mu Cheng had to restrain her tears as she realised 1. he really had forgotten EVERYTHING about her and 2. technically, he wasn’t married yet, he’s only getting married after he left Hua Tian Cun 3. he’s getting married to Yi Qian

At night, Mu Cheng told Guang Xi that she felt uncomfortable living with a man in a house where there’s only one woman and a child so she had placed his food and his luggage in the store room [sort of but actually it’s just a very big room located outside the main house]. Xiao Le hrumped and said "Mu Cheng, have you forgotten the seventh rule of Liang household?! One must be nice to his friends!"


Xiao Le apologised to Guang Xi who acknowledged it with a playful smile. Omg they are just so cute!! Xiao Le went to take his dinner to the main dining table, and after dinner, Guang Xi asked Xiao Le why was Tuo Ye his Duo Zai [ something like big brother ] and Xiao Le told him that Tuo Ye was the first person to hold him when he’s born etc. Guang Xi received a call from Director He, who asked him about Hua Tian Cun and sort of threatened him with his imminent wedding with Yi Qian. Due to this call, Guang Xi’s attitude towards Xiao Le suddenly become very cold, and even rejected his request for Guang Xi to act as his daddy for the parent-child performance. Guang Xi fretted and couldn’t sleep because he had the dilemma of helping the villagers/Mu Cheng and Xiao Le, or listening to Director He and quickly asked those villagers to take the money and scram. He heard Mu Cheng talking to Xiao Le and that she wanted to repair the spoiled fan that Tuo Ye brought over the other day. Guang Xi offered his help but Mu Cheng quickly brought Xiao Le into his room, and then they started mock fighting/tickling/laughing when Xiao Le called Mu Cheng Fiona [ the princess/ogre in Shrek]. Guang Xi heard their laughter and smiled himself. 

The next day, he asked those villagers to take the money which would be a better situation for them since there’s no evidence that would help them win the case, but none of them liked the idea. Mu Cheng got angry with Guang Xi and asked him to leave so that she could find a new lawyer. Guang Xi told her that every single villager welcomed him except her but Mu Cheng told him that "The law exists so that even if there’s not enough evidence, one still can prove the existence of truth" It struck a chord in his memory because Guang Xi himself said the same sentence to Mu Cheng six years ago. Guang Xi asked where she learnt the sentence since it didn’t sound like something that Mu Cheng would say and Mu Cheng said that she learnt it from someone who was upright and honest. She continued to say that she didn’t know what Guang Xi had to make him become a lawyer, since he’s full of lies. Hua Chi Xin suddenly ran in to say that Hua Ye Cai Bo was in the field wanting to commit suicide. 

Turns out that Hua Ye Cai Bo wrote a will and wanted Guang Xi to pass to his children. Guang Xi effectively helped to stall the suicide by telling him that his will was not in effective because it was written wrongly. When he had calmed down and he had seen how well all the villagers treated him, he didn’t think of committing suicide anymore. Guang Xi looked at Mu Cheng, who wasn’t looking at him, and smiled.

A second later, Mu Cheng turned to look at Guang Xi, who wasn’t looking at her, but smiled too.

After this incident, Mu Cheng changed her view of Guang Xi and thought that he’s still the old Guang Xi that she knew. She treated him relatively better and invited Guang Xi to have green bean soup at the main house. Guang Xi laughed to himself because he felt like he broke a barrier. Mu Cheng even told him that he could have his meals anywhere; it’s up to him. Mu Cheng thanked him for helping to distract Hua Ye Cai Bo and apologised for her anger before. She had thought that Guang Xi didn’t understand how important Hua Tian Cun was to all the villagers and she even suspected his motive for coming here since he’s the future son in law of He Yu Corporation. Guang Xi was very sharp and told Mu Cheng that he never told her before that Yi Qian was the daughter of Director He, but Mu Cheng managed to cover it up. Mu Cheng emphasised on her confidence in Guang Xi and that he would stand on their side. After listening to her, Guang Xi threw the finally corrected will into the dustbin, and Mu Cheng recalled how years ago, he threw her fish into the bin in the exact same manner, and she smiled. Guang Xi said it’s the first time that she laughed since he came here. Then, Guang Xi started to get more fuzzy memories

[an example of a fuzzy memory]

and he stood closer and closer to Mu Cheng, but Xiao Le suddenly ran home. 

Xiao Le was crying and he had bitten Hua Hong’s arm because Hua Hong said that Mu Cheng must have been an easy woman. Mu Cheng assured Xiao Le that she’s all right, but Guang Xi asked "Who said you are all right?" Guang Xi came and hugged Xiao Le. He told Xiao Le a story about a boy who always bullied others but after that, he regretted his mistakes and not only apologised to all the kids he had bullied, but also made toys for them. At last, all the kids forgave him, but this boy only gave presents to all the obedient kids [ Santa Claus ].  Guang Xi wanted Xiao Le to learn that if one had done something wrong, he should behave like a man and face up to his mistakes. Even though Hua Hong was wrong, but it’s wrong of Xiao Le to bite Hua Hong’s arm.

Xiao Le ran to Mu Cheng and said that even though he still disliked Hua Hong for saying that, but he would be like a man, and apologised to Hua Hong. Guang Xi told Mu Cheng that he said that story for her as well, because she only knew how to teach Xiao Le to simply apologise. When Xiao Le grew up, he might doubt himself and become like a coward. Xiao Le laughed at her, together with Guang Xi, and the matter was resolved like that. 

They behaved just like a family — Mu Cheng preparing the meals and Guang Xi played games with Xiao Le

when Hua Ye Cai Bo came and gave Guang Xi a present — Black Jack, flower bulbs that he bought but all died in his field. He didn’t know whether it would sprout but it’s his heartfelt gratitude. Mu Cheng helped to soak Hua Ye Cai Bo’s leg, because he couldn’t walk anymore and Guang Xi smiled because he saw how caring Mu Cheng could be. That night, Mu Cheng taught Guang Xi how to plant the Black Jack. Guang Xi smiled and said that he forgot to compliment Mu Cheng, that she looked very pretty when she smiled. He put out his hand and asked if they could be friends. Mu Cheng shook his hand, so now they were friends. 

Mu Cheng thought for a while and told Guang Xi that " He left. To him, Xiao Le and I mean nothing. If we meet one day on the street, we would just be like strangers" "Won’t you feel regret?"


"It’s okay, at least I know that he’s living well these few years. It’s enough for me…" "Do you hate him?" "No…both of us used to be very blissful. I met him, love him.. I don’t regret it at all. We had to separate because of a reason, but at that point in time, it’s the best for both of us. Later… I know that his life will be better without us, and I found my little own happiness here.. I really wish that he will be happy.. It’s the last wish that I can give him, because I know that without me, his life will be better… and mine too.." She walked in front of Guang Xi and said " I’ve always wanted to say this in front of him… Thank you, thank you for giving me Xiao Le.. this child is the best present in my whole life" 

It’s quite cute later on, because Xiao Le was super scared of a cockroach and Mu Cheng killed the cockroach even though it was obvious that she’s pretty scared of it too. -laughs-

She asked Xiao Le how he could be scared of cockraoches when he wanted to be a man. " Who said men cannot be scared of cockroaches?" Xiao Le asked, and both Guang Xi and Mu Cheng laughed.

Mu Cheng asked Xiao Le to go to sleep because he still had that performance tomorrow. Xiao Le asked if Uncle Guang Xi could be there, but Mu Cheng told him again that "Uncle Guang Xi can be your good friend………… but he cannot be your daddy" Xiao Le was very sad and went to cancel the words "Dad" of the name "Guang Xi daddy" on his drawing of his alien Daddy. Later, Guang Xi webcammed with Yi Qian, and he told her that he’s living in the house of a single mum, but her five year old son was quite cute. Yi Qian said " Eh… this is the first time you laughed mentioning someone else other than me" Guang Xi said that Yi Qian should come here for a walk some time, but Yi Qian told him that her father’s already very anxious about the case, and she wanted him by her side as soon as possible. 

The next day, Xiao Le was very down because Mu Cheng’s choice of performance was knitting.

He was also sad that his alien daddy didn’t turn up. Guang Xi stuffed a stack of papers into his bag when Tang Tang turned up and told him about the deal that Xiao Le had with Hua Hong = the deal that concerned her lifelong happiness. Later, Hua Hong took Xiao Le’s equipment, the one that sent signals to his alien daddy, and laughed at him. Xiao Le went to take it back, and in the tug of war, it accidentally dropped on the floor and broke.

Xiao Le started crying, took it and ran out of the kindergarten. Guess who appeared! Guang Xi who dressed up like some alien cool daddy. He stepped out of the car and went " Mi Xiu, Mi Xiu, Mi Xiuuuuuuuu" It was damn funny.

He taught Xiao Le how to rollarblade and after the performance, Guang Xi wanted to punish Hua Hong for Xiao Le, but Xiao Le stood up and thanked him. He said that he had always known that Guang Xi uncle wasn’t his daddy, and that his father wasn’t even an alien. " I don’t know where my dad is, I don’t know why my daddy didn’t come to find me.. but it’s okay because I have Mu Cheng and Duo Zai… I had a great time today.. Thank you!^^" Mu Cheng cried because she didn’t expect Xiao Le to be so smart and yet so thoughtful. Hua Hong felt bad and apologised to Xiao Le, and it was a happy ending here!:D

Later, Guang Xi took Xiao Le home and taught him how to rollarblade properly.

Mu Cheng remembered that Guang Xi told her last time that his father taught him how to rollarblade, and so she asked Guang Xi why he wanted to teach Xiao Le that. "No idea, I just thought it will be something that a father will do". He taught Mu Cheng how to rollar blade as well and they accidentally fell on the lawn. This whole incident brought memories to Guang Xi’s mind again, because years ago, he taught Mu Cheng how to skate on the ice rink as well.


That night, after Xiao Le fell asleep, Guang Xi took the first aid box out and helped to bandaged Mu Cheng’s injured knee [because of the fall]. She thought of the sweet memories that they had last time, and she cried. She thanked Guang Xi because it’s the first time that she had seen Xiao Le so happy, but Guang Xi said that she didn’t need to be so touched.

She asked Guang Xi why he treated the both of them so well, but Guang Xi just laughed and said "I’m the kind that once I start doing something, I will not give up" [meaning caring for the both of them] and Mu Cheng was stunned because he said the same thing to her last time.  "As long as I’m here for a day.. I will be here to protect the both of you… You are right.. I should try my hardest for you, for Xiao Le, for all the villagers to fight the case. It was Xiao Le who taught me to be honest with myself." 

So, to honour his promise to Mu Cheng that he would help the villagers, Guang Xi called Director He and asked if there were other alternatives other than buying the land. All the villagers had to survive on this land, but Director He was irritated and told him that he would get Lawyer Xu to settle the case and that Guang Xi didn’t need to care about it anymore. Tuo Ye went to save Bin Zai and succeeded in getting him out but not before two major things happened 1. learning that Guang Xi was the future son in law of Director He = no hope for them to win the case 2. in order for them to escape, he pushed the gang leader Brother Fang into shelves where there’re bottles of acid and a bottle overturned, so Brother Fang’s eyes got acid in them. 

The next morning, Mu Cheng found shredded pieces of paper in the bin and upon reading them, she realised that Guang Xi had initially planned on duping the villagers. Those forms that they had to fill in if they wanted to complain? They were actually forms to agree that they would take the money from Director He and move away from Hua Tian Cun. Mu Cheng realised that Guang Xi really wanted to help them, since he even shredded those papers.

Don’t they look just like a happy family??:DD Guang Xi told her that he suspected something’s up with Director He for wanting to buy the land so desperately. He already got his assistant to email the information that he needed and he would be looking at them in the office later. 

There was this cute dialogue between him and Hua Chi Xin. Hua Chi Xin always dressed a little too skimpily so her cleavage always showed. She was just talking when Guang Xi said " Chi Xin" and motioned about his own chest area. Chi Xin oh-ed! and pulled up her shirt but went "Ren Lawyer, yours…. hahahahaha" and Guang Xi realised that his V-neck was also very low. 

Hua Ye Cai Bo came in and thanked him again for saving his life. Guang Xi felt super guilty because those villagers treated him so nicely and thought that he’s so nice but they didn’t know that he was planning to cheat them all along [until well, last night]

Tuo Ye suddenly came into the office and said " Actually you’re a liar" Hua Yi was like hey this would be our village’s savior, how could you talk to him like that, but Bin Zai appeared, with lots of injuries, and said "He’s the son in law of He Yu Corporation. He’s simply sent here to shut us up!" 

-the end-  


I really like these two episodes because as I’ve said before, it’s where I could start to feel Guang Xi’s character change, such that even Yi Qian sort of felt it too. I like how their situations kept mirroring what happened six years ago, because to me, it feels like that way, Guang Xi can get to know his old self more and more. Vanness Wu really looks better with short hair, and so does Ady An with her new hair.

So. The misunderstanding is resolved, but with added complications. I can feel the dilemma that Mu Cheng has, because on one hand, she doesn’t want Guang Xi to remember about her, but on the other hand, it’s just sad that their sweet and loving moments are entirely forgotten, only to be filled with Yi Qian’s presence. I feel like the first six episodes didn’t appeal to me as greatly as these few episodes because Mu Cheng sprouted TOO MANY quotable quotes, it’s like unnatural because no one talks like that during daily talk. Granted, I love her words, and I will probably rewatch one day, and write down all these quotes for myself and you guys, but now it really feels much more natural.

I guess you can begin to see where Xiao Le/ XiaoXiaoBin works in this drama! He’s like the glue for Mu Cheng and Guang Xi to come together, because Guang Xi can see how much Mu Cheng care for Xiao Le, and because of his attitude towards Xiao Le, Mu Cheng sees the old Guang Xi in him. It’s kinda quite brilliant, considering that Xiao Le is the evidence of the love between Mu Cheng and Guang Xi. XiaoXiaoBin is also the reason why the episode ratings increased for the six years later part, not the main reason, but definitely a crucial part of it.

I love screencapping those screenshots like the above 3. [ For those who don’t understand… for taiwanese dramas, when there’s a break in between parts of the drama, they will put like a short snippet of the song with a scene. Sometimes, for Autumn’s Concerto, they used scenes that are not in the drama ] LOVE THEM!:D Hmm… just as a sidenote, somehow, I feel like chinese [mostly Taiwanese because I only watch Taiwanese Dramas] quotes strike a chord in my heart harder than english quotes. It’s like… it’s just very smooth and filled with the essence of what one wants to say…but once you translate them, they kinda lose the beauty. I don’t mean english quotes equaivalent of like "11.11 happens twice a day because everyone deserves a second chance".. I mean like drama quotes hahaha. 😀

It gets more and more exciting from here!:D




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