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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 7 and 8 recap

All righto, here’s when we get into the really good bits of the drama — after 6 years, will Guang Xi meet Mu Cheng [ uhm duhhh?? ] and what will happen after that? [ Uh huh, that’s what we all want to know so just get on with it:D]

Before we get started, I actually took a screenshot of Guang Xi saving Mu Cheng [ mentioned in the previous recap ]. I have no idea why, but even though I thought that scene adds on to how illogical the crush/love was, I really like that scene, hence the screenshot. 

So, 6 years later, and the audience is introduced to what I highly suspect is the winning factor of this successful drama, Xiao Le, the child of Mu Cheng and Guang Xi. [ acted by Xiao Xiao Bin ]. Xiao Le carried around this equipment that is of bits and pieces of recycled materials, and he thought that it will help to send signals to his alien father. He would always call out " Mi Xiu, Mi Xiu!". After that it was revealed that Mu Cheng always told him that his father was an alien from another planet, and that one day, his UFO-like-thingy broke down in front of the bus that Mu Cheng was in, they met, fell in love and had Xiao Le. Yet, because Xiao Le had no father, he was always bullied by Hua Hong, a boy his age and whose father constantly eyed Mu Cheng as a wife.

Hua Hong was just bullying Xiao Le, when Tuo Ye came along and helped to put Hua Hong in his place. There was a moment of confusion as the audience might wonder what’s the relationship between Xiao Le and Tuo Ye, but it was quickly revealed that Xiao Le thought Tuo Ye as just a big brother, even though Tuo Ye evidently wanted to marry Mu Cheng. He was the one who brought Mu Cheng to Hua Tian Cun, after all the dramamama and he had been taking care of Mu Cheng and Xiao Le all these years. That day, he took a fan from his house to put in Mu Cheng’s house. Mu Cheng had been requested by Hua Yi, the mother of Tuo Ye, to keep her distance from Tuo Ye, because his mother had high hopes for him to end up with Hua Chi Xin, a girl that Tuo Ye thought of as a sister. However, no matter how Mu Cheng refused Tuo Ye’s goodwill, he still wanted to help her, purely out of kindness. Later, Mu Cheng wanted to cook her specialty, Rice with Beef, for Xiao Le, who complained that he had eaten that day before, but he wanted to eat it after remembering that Mu Cheng said before that that dish should be eaten with the people that you love the most. Xiao Le thought of his father and agreed to eat the rice with beef.

So, what happened to Guang Xi? It’s now revealed that after the surgery, he lost his memory and that means that he lost all memory of Mu Cheng and what happened between them as well. Yi Qian now stayed by his side, and Guang Xi recalled how Yi Qian had been there for him the moment he opened his eyes. Due to the surgery, Guang Xi lost the knowledge that he once had, so he’s just like a baby in a grown up man’s body. Yi Qian was the one who taught him the basics again, from how to walk, to how to tie his shoelaces "The rabbit grows a pair of ears, runs round a tree, into a burrow. Pull tight." At first, Guang Xi couldn’t do it at all, and after he threw a tantrum, Yi Qian ran out of the room out of sadness, because she couldn’t bear to see someone so brilliant and smart behaving like just a young toddler.

Before running out of the room, Yi Qian told Guang Xi that no one else could help him if he decided to give up. Due to that sentence, Guang Xi decided to try again, and he succeeded. Back to the present. Guang Xi told Yi Qian how much he loved her, and then he proposed to her. Yi Qian had rejected his proposal many times before, but this time round, she nodded her head. Finally, they’re getting married, much to the happiness of Yi Qian’s father [Director He] and Guang Xi’s mother [Director Fang]. Lawyer Lin asked Director Fang if this was what she really wanted for Guang Xi — to forget Mu Cheng and to become a lawyer that worked only for money and not for justice. The old Guang Xi who helped Mu Cheng get back the justice six years ago had disappeared, and he was replaced by a Guang Xi who, as long as the client had enough money, could turn black into white and white into black. Director Fang said that this outcome was the best.


Guang Xi took up a case where the guy sorta obviously sexually abused both the mother and the daughter who worked at his house as maids/helpers. However, because the guy had money, Guang Xi helped him win the case. During the case, and after the case, because what the accused and the defendant said resembled greatly to what Mu Cheng and her stepfather said years ago, he started to get faint memories. The memory became so great, that as he remembered punching someone six years ago, he felt the fury inside him, and he punched the guy. 

Guang Xi wondered what made him do this kind of things, especially when he could always keep his calm and cool.

Director He actually bought the land from Hua Tian Cun but they refused to move away, because the land deed was obtained under illegal means. They asked Mu Cheng to write in to request for a lawyer, and I think you know and I know, who is the lawyer that’s going to be sent there. As Guang Xi beat someone up in the court, and he’s a lawyer, the association had to punish him. He had to spend 240hours of community service at Hua Tian Cun. [ TA DAHHH ] After Guang Xi told the family about him having to go to Hua Tian Cun, Director He told him that the conflict the villagers had must be the one between him and the villagers. He told Guang Xi not fight for them, and quickly come back. Guang Xi agreed. 

Later, Guang Xi was super angry as he boxed, because he couldn’t believe that he had to waste 240 hours of his life simply because he punched someone whom everyone agreed was downright perverted. Yi Qian helped him pack his pills [ he still had to take pills in case he got cancer again] 

Yi Qian told him that she’s happy he actually punched someone, because the Guang Xi that was full of justice and placed lots of emphasis on friendship was the one that she loved the most. She thought that Guang Xi had changed after the surgery, but after this thing happened, she’s positive that Guang Xi was still the old Guang Xi that she knew and loved. Guang Xi took her hand, looked tenderly into her eyes and said "I will be back as soon as possible, and then, you’re gonna be the most beautiful bride" in English [note:this is a Taiwanese drama] He kissed her forehead, and for some reason, I love the look on his face as he said "Hua Tian Cun". [ points below]

Xiao Le accidentally spoiled Hua Hong’s toy car and Hua Yi told Mu Cheng that if she went to talk nicely with the father of Hua Hong, there’s a chance that Mu Cheng didn’t need to pay for the damage of the expensive toy car, and she didn’t need to repay all her debts to Hua Hong’s father. Even though she was super reluctant, Mu Cheng decided to take up Hua Yi’s suggestion to meet Hua Hong’s father. The next day, she sat on the public bus to go and find Hua Hong’s father, when someone’s car broke down in front of the public bus. All the passengers had to alight from the bus and walk to where ever they were going. Mu Cheng smiled a little to herself, as she remembered six years ago, when Guang Xi stopped his posh car right in front of the public bus. She came down from the bus, and took a look at the car

but the man was hidden behind the hood of the car. This man, as we all know, was Guang Xi, and this was thus how Guang Xi and Mu Cheng missed the chance to see each other. By the way, Mu Cheng didn’t know that Guang Xi lost his memory and all these years, she just thought that Guang Xi hated her, so he never came to find her. 

As Mu Cheng had to go and find Hua Hong’s father, she didn’t stay to help him. She met up with Hua Hong’s father who thought that she turned up to discuss marriage with him. They realised that it was a misunderstanding set up intentionally on Hua Yi’s part. Guang Xi coincidentally walked into the shop that they were at, and heard the conversation. Hua Huo [ the father] started insulting her like saying things like oh how she shouldn’t act shy even though she had Xiao Le already [ meaning she’s no longer a virgin = no need to act so innocent and shy ] and like how she didn’t give him face even though he still wanted a broken bowl that nobody else wanted. Mu Cheng excused herself to go to the toilet, and told herself to calm down and that she needed to talk to Hua Huo again, for Xiao Le’s sake. While she went to the toilet, Hua Huo took her drink and put pills inside, most probably sleeping pills, but Guang Xi saw. Guang Xi walked over to the table, and told Hua Huo that he’s very willing to be Mu Cheng’s lawyer and sue him. Hua Huo didn’t know who Guang Xi was at first, but after looking at the newspaper [where Guang Xi was featured after helping to win a super big case], he got scared. Guang Xi threatened to take Mu Cheng’s drink as evidence that Hua Huo wanted to do something to her, and in a haste to destroy the evidence, Hua Huo drank Mu Cheng’s drink. Guang Xi left before Mu Cheng came back, and Mu Cheng was surprised to hear from Hua Huo that she didn’t need to pay him back all the money she owed him, before Hua Huo collapsed on the table. Mu Cheng was very worried but the girl in the shop assured her that Hua Huo was only getting what he deserved, and that the lawyer was here. 

Guang Xi went back to wait for the village head. Xiao Le went with the village head to welcome Guang Xi, since the lawyer would be living in Mu Cheng’s house [technically the village’s house, because it’s not hers]. However, there was a pregnant woman on the road who was about to give birth, and the head had to drive her to the hospital. As such, Xiao Le was the only one to greet Guang Xi, and the scene that greeted him was exactly like how Mu Cheng told him — his dad’s car broke down in front of a public bus. Xiao Le immediately ran up to Guang Xi and hugged his leg while calling " Dad!" SUPER CUTE. Guang Xi told Xiao Le that he’s not even married so Xiao Le shouldn’t call him Daddy, but Xiao Le was adamant that he’s the dad from the other planet, Planet Dala. The village head soon joined them, and because Xiao Le needed to pee, he needed Guang Xi to help him pull his pants. Guang Xi was initially disgusted because Xiao Le’s pee got onto his hands, but after hearing from the village head that Xiao Le was fatherless since he was born, Guang Xi felt sympathy for him as Guang Xi himself had no father since he was young and his attitude towards Xiao Le improved tremendously. He even taught Xiao Le how to tie his shoelaces, using the way that Yi Qian taught him. 

The villagers held a welcome party for Guang Xi and obviously they had no idea that Guang Xi wasn’t going to help them win the case. He got drunk during the welcome party and Tuo Ye who was padlocked at home [ because Hua Yi was scared that he would go out and foil her plans to matchmake Mu Cheng and Hua Huo ] heard his name. He realised that Guang Xi was the lawyer that the government [?] had sent to them and he shouted for someone to let him out of his room. Later, the village head brought Guang Xi to Mu Cheng’s house. Xiao Le shouted happily "Mu Cheng! I found Alien Daddy, come out and see!:DD" Mu Cheng was inside the room and laughed as she walked out of the room " Xiao Le, I already told you that he’s the lawyer from Taipei and not your Da.."

Mu Cheng got stunned as she realised, it’s indeed Xiao Le’s daddy.


What follows is a misunderstanding that I personally thought is very well scripted. Just think, Mu Cheng thought that Guang Xi still remembered her, but Guang Xi only knew her as the woman that he rescued at the shop earlier.

Guang Xi looked at her and recognised her as the woman that was harassed by Hua Huo earlier. He smiled and said "It’s you".
Mu Cheng was shocked as flashbacks of her leaving Guang Xi filled her mind. [ By the way, she lied terribly kay, she told Guang Xi that she wanted to leave with Tuo Ye because she couldn’t see herself having a future with Guang Xi].
Guang Xi walked a little closer and said "So the mother of this child is you… I didn’t think that I will meet you here" He smiled a little, and slumped over in a drunken state. Mu Cheng rushed to his side thinking that something was wrong but Xiao Le assured her that he was only drunk. Mu Cheng asked Xiao Le why he kept calling Guang Xi Daddy, and Xiao Le told her that he found Guang Xi in the same situation as she had described, but the village head kept telling him that it’s not his Daddy, it’s the lawyer.

Mu Cheng heard this and realised that Guang Xi was the lawyer that was sent to help them, which also means that Guang Xi succeeded in his dreams of wanting to become a lawyer. Xiao Le was very happy and held Mu Cheng’s hands "Mu Cheng, Xiao Le will have a Daddy next time right?:D" Mu Cheng told him "Xiao Le, listen to me, he’s not your father" "If he’s not my father, why are you crying?" "I’m crying because I’ve worked too long today" "Oh I know! You’re crying because you haven’t seen Daddy in a long time right?" Mu Cheng tried to convince him that Guang Xi wasn’t his dad, but Xiao Le asked how could Mu Cheng know the lawyer’s name [ she called his name when he fainted in a drunken state] Mu Cheng shouted at him, but apologised for scolding him. 

Tuo Ye finally broke out of his ‘prison’ and came to find Mu Cheng. He helped Mu Cheng carry Guang Xi into Xiao Le’s room and Mu Cheng asked him if she should leave. Tuo Ye told Mu Cheng that he saw Guang Xi wear a ring on his fourth finger, which meant that he’s married, which in turn means that Guang Xi had forgotten about Mu Cheng. [ though they had no idea it was ‘forgotten’ taken to the real, literal sense] Mu Cheng thought about what he said and agreed that now that he’s married, they had nothing to do with each other, and since he didn’t know anything about Xiao Le, she would just wait until Guang Xi left. She’s just scared that Guang Xi would find out about his relationship with Xiao Le but Tuo Ye assured her that he’s the only one other than her who knew that Guang Xi was the father of Xiao Le. He told Mu Cheng to simply tell Guang Xi, if he ever asked, that Xiao Le’s father died. 

Tuo Ye got a call from one of his gang sidekicks that they found Bin Zai, the guy whom Tuo Ye suspected got duped into selling Hua Tian Cun’s land deed. If they could get proof that the land deed was obtained through illegal means, then they wouldn’t need to move. Before leaving, he told Mu Cheng that he would request for another lawyer, and asked Mu Cheng to ask the village head to get Guang Xi to sleep in another villager’s house. 

-the end-


So what do I think of these 2 episodes? I like the change in Guang Xi’s character. Yes you’ve heard that right. You might be wondering why I will like such a negative character change in Guang Xi, but after years of watching dramas, I know that they had that change in his character [mainly from being full of justice, to working for money] so that Mu Cheng would be the one, who would slowly change him back. Hence I like that character change, because I thought it would be a logical and sweet thing for Mu Cheng to make Guang Xi slowly realise his real character. I also like the change in styles and even the acting. As this is six years later, Guang Xi cut his hair, so that he no longer sports the young, cool, fringe covering the eyes, kind of look. Six years later, Mu Cheng had long wavy hair, instead of straight rebonded hair, and she pinned up her fringe. Even the acting is quite well done. I didn’t know why, but when Ady An had to act like twenty in the first six episodes, I actually thought it was quite unnatural. I mean her acting was not bad, she didn’t look too old etc, but somehow the actions and the way she speaks is just too mature for a twenty year old. At least that’s how I feel, which is why I’m quite happy about the six years later, because now everything seems to fit. I think that it got to do with how both leads are also acting an age quite close to their real ones, hence their actions seem more natural. 

Xiao Le’s super cute! By the way, his "Mi Xiu Mi Xiu!" actually means "Miss You Miss You!", something that he would always say when he misses his dad. I think XiaoXiaoBin adds a lot of cuteness and flavour to this drama, something which will be more obvious in the following episodes. I also like the idea how Guang Xi seemed to be immediately attracted to Xiao Le, and vice versa, the first time they met, because it sort of emphasizes how close that father-son bond is. 

Ooh I almost forgot about this! I shrieked, yes I did, when Guang Xi answered his handphone six years later, because LOOK AT WHAT HE’S WEARING :DDD Yes, the bracelet that Mu Cheng bought for him six years ago, and in which contained the memory card which had all their photos together.

All right, finally a transition to the main part of the drama. Do check back for following recaps, which might be a bit long, and also take a longer time to come. This is because I can understand Chinese, so most of the time, I would be listening to the drama while writing the important scenes [ and translating the dialogues] , hence longer recaps which take a longer time to write. This is relatively different from previous recaps where I paraphrased from the subtitles, but I feel like hey, since I can understand Chinese, I might as well try and write something that I feel fully convey the meaning of the dialogues, instead of paraphrasing and losing the meaning. Yep, so do have patience with me!:DD



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