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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 11 recap

 AHHH I don’t know if it’s because I’m rewatching the drama while recapping at the same time, the recap has become ridiculously longggggg. 

So now all the villagers were reeling from the shock that Guang Xi was the son in law. Tuo Ye said that He Yu Corporation couldn’t succeed in chasing away the villagers after scamming Bin Zai [ they got someone to get him addicted to gambling, so that he will gamble his land deed away], so they sent Guang Xi to chase them off.

Guang Xi said that he really didn’t know about the scam thing. He told them that it’s true that initially, he wanted to follow what Director He’s instructions, but after coming to Hua Tian Cun, he got to know all the villagers and knew how nice they were to him. He realised that the way He Yu Corporation tried to obtain the land was too extreme, which made him suspicious, and that he really wanted to help them. Tuo Ye said "I’m listening to you fart [ uhm not taken literally.. just means that he thinks that Guang Xi’s talking nonsense] If we didn’t know your true identity, we wouldn’t even know if you sold Hua Tian Cun away. Whatever that He Yu Corporation did to us is the same as robbery. You can scram! We will find a new lawyer. We don’t need you" 

Guang Xi replied him by saying that they had no evidence to prove that Bin Zai was scammed, and that without him, there’s no way Hua Tian Cun could win the case. Hua Ye Cai Bo was so angry that he collapsed from a heart attack and even though Guang Xi rushed up to see what happened, all the villagers just started shouting at him. They were so angry that they wanted to beat him up but Mu Cheng suddenly appeared and they accidentally hit her instead. Tuo Ye saw, and asked everyone to stop, but Guang Xi was equally angry and shouted "STOP!" Mu Cheng requested for everyone to be calm and that she believed him. Hua Huo said that she must have selfish intentions for wanting to help him out, and that maybe they were already together [since they’re living in the same house]. Seeing that the villagers were turning against Mu Cheng as well, Guang Xi said that he’s the one in the wrong and they should not implicate the innocent, so he left the office, not before the camera zoomed in on Tuo Ye holding Mu Cheng’s arm [because she was ready to rush out towards Guang Xi], thus giving a sense that Guang Xi’s uncomfortable with Tuo Ye being around Mu Cheng. 

Later, Tuo Ye told Mu Cheng that he’s not the same Guang Xi that the both of them had known. Now, he’s just someone who knew power and as long as you have money, he could fight and win the cases for you. Mu Cheng told him that she didn’t know how to explain to him, but she believed that Guang Xi wouldn’t harm any of them, simply because he’s still the old Guang Xi. She turned around and was going to walk off when Tuo Ye asked "Is it because you still love him" "I just don’t want to wrong him" she said and she walked off, while Tuo Ye shouted "Are you lying to him, lying to yourself…. or lying to me…"

Mu Cheng rushed home to see Guang Xi angrily packing his stuff and he was even angrier when he saw the bruise forming on Mu Cheng’s forehead. "I really want to help them now, why won’t they calm down and believe me? If not for that damned case, I wouldn’t beat damned Lee Wang Cai [ the pervert], and I wouldn’t be sent to this damned village!!" "What case?" Guang Xi told her that he accepted a case of a sexually abused victim and his client’s a big boss who sexually harassed the domestic helper and her daughter at home. Even though he already won the case, when he heard the client talking to the daughter in a very rude way, he lost his mind and punched him.

Mu Cheng told him that "I always believe… that in the deepest corners of someone’s heart lies the most honest side of that person… something that cannot be faked"
"Is he like that too? Xiao Le’s daddy? You sound like you know someone like me"
"He appears to be super irritating and bad, and often does things that no one understands, but the most important thing is that whatever he does is full of justice"
"Sounds just like me… thanks for believing me and your care all these while. I’m sorry for not being able to stay and take care of you"
Mu Cheng told him he would never know how much he had done for her and Xiao Le and that maybe it’s Heaven’s arrangement. 

"I also didn’t know why Heaven sent me to live here, meet you and Xiao Le.. confuse my principles.. couldn’t carry out the bad thing that I’m supposed to do… should have been able to leave with no guilt but I’m filled with guilt now.. Why?" -cues deep and thoughtful look into Mu Cheng’s eyes- which was broken by Hua Ye Cai Bo who wanted his Black Jack back. Guang Xi gave him back the Black Jack and then they realised that it sprouted! :OOO They realised something was wrong because Mu Cheng and Guang Xi used the same bulb but different source of water and soil. Guang Xi told them that he had already suspected that He Yu Corporation’s factories that surrounded Hua Tian Cun might be polluting the water and the soil in the fields and that the corporation might be desperately trying to obtain Hua Tian Cun’s land to avoid being found out. Mu Cheng showed them the shredded papers to show that Guang Xi really wanted to help them and asked them to believe Guang Xi another time.

Even though Tuo Ye was reluctant, he agreed as well, not before warning Guang Xi that he would be watching him carefully.

They stopped Hua Yi from drinking the underwater from Hua Ye Cai Bo’s field, and she thought that Guang Xi wanted to snatch her water, after snatching the land, but Mu Cheng told her that Guang Xi suspected the underwater was already polluted by the factories, which was why Hua Ye Cai Bo’s Black Jacks never grew, and why his leg was starting to rot. Tuo Ye was trusted with the task of obtaining water from the factories’ pipes and sending the samples for analysis. Mu Cheng cautioned him about the factories’ workers, [ notice the arms] and Guang Xi saw, but it wasn’t very clear whether he’s just being observant, or jealous, or uncomfortable.


Guang Xi took Hua Ye Cai Bo to Yi Qian for a check up regarding his foot, and said that "If there’s an angel on Earth, it will be Yi Qian." Yi Qian took a blood sample from Hua Ye Cai Bo and when Guang Xi asked her later if their marriage would be affected, Yi Qian told him that as long as he’s doing the right thing, she would support him. She asked him why his attitude changed so fast in just a few days, and he told her that maybe it’s because of the villagers, Xiao Le and his mummy. After that, when Yi Qian walked Hua Ye Cai Bo to the door, she even gave Guang Xi sweets with no artificial sweeteners to give to Xiao Le, since she learnt from Guang Xi that he had diabetes. Guang Xi was so touched by her thoughtfulness that he gave her a kiss on the forehead. 

Tuo Ye went home and Chi Xin gave him an amulet that she got from the temple, but she refused to listen to Tuo Ye when he told her that he only thought of her as a sister, and nothing more. Mu Cheng asked Guang Xi about Yi Qian’s reaction and he told her that she’s fine with him working against her father. Mu Cheng had this expression,

as she said that Yi Qian was both pretty and kind. Guang Xi asked her how she would know whether Yi Qian’s pretty or not, but she evaded the question [since she’s not supposed to have seen her before]. Guang Xi was very cute because he then quickly put the carrots back into the fridge and hi fived Xiao Le since the both of them hated carrots. Tuo Ye came and asked what else he could do, and Guang Xi told him that he suspected Zhang Zheng Ji, some great figure in the conservation area, might have taken bribes from He Yu Corporation to change the reports on the level of the chemicals in the water expelled by the factories. Mu Cheng then asked them to have dinner. It’s very cutely funny here as Tuo Ye and Guang Xi ‘fought’ with each other by using Xiao Le. 

Tuo Ye: "Xiao Le, don’t you always sit next to me?"
Guang Xi:"Xiao Le, didn’t you say that you wouldn’t eat if I don’t sit next to you?"
Xiao Le:"Can you two don’t put me in a dilemma? Eat your dinner, let’s start!:D" -ahhh super cute!-

Later, Xiao Le gave Tuo Ye all his bitter gourd, and Tuo Ye happily accepted.
Guang Xi:"Xiao Le, we shouldn’t be fussy with what we eat. Who taught you to have this kind of bad habit? – look at Tuo Ye- what if you can’t grow tall?"
Xiao Le said that Guang Xi was also picky about carrots, but he said that those from Planet Dala didn’t need to eat carrots to grow tall, which caused Tuo Ye to dump carrots on Xiao Le’s bowl, while telling him how good carrots were. Seeing that, Guang Xi told Xiao Le that it’s compulsory to eat bitter gourd and he dumped bitter gourd on Xiao Le’s bowl as well. Poor Xiao Le!

Mu Cheng came to ask for an empty plate to put all the leftovers. Tuo Ye and Guang Xi offered theirs at the same time, thus adding on to their ‘rivalry’.

That night, Lawyer Fang from He Yu Corporation came to tell the villagers that he would chase all of them off the land at twelve the next day if they didn’t scram by then. Xiao Le suddenly stood up and cried "Bad guy go away! Bad guy go away!" Mu Cheng tried to shush him up but it was too late. Lawyer Fang already remembered that she was the Liang Mu Cheng that was together with Guang Xi [ Lawyer Fang was the guy who defended Mu Cheng’s stepfather in the court six years ago]. He told Guang Xi how he would feel if he knew that he had been lied to all the while, but Guang Xi had no idea what he’s saying. Tuo Ye told Mu Cheng to help Guang Xi to get evidence that Zhang Zheng Ji faked the reports while he would stay in the village to try and buy more time from Lawyer Fang. Later, Mu Cheng asked Guang Xi how she could help, and Guang Xi said that she needed to dress up for the next day. Mu Cheng asked where they’re going, and Guang Xi replied "Sheng De University" [ the university they went to six years ago]

The next day, they went to the university because Zhang Zheng Ji’s going to hold a talk there. Guang Xi remarked that Mu Cheng seemed to know her way around the school very well. Mu Cheng lied that she had always come here to find Tuo Ye, that’s why she knew her way. Guang Xi said that they seemed to be on very good terms and asked why she chose Xiao Le’s dad last time, and not Tuo Ye, but Mu Cheng didn’t answer him. 
So they set their plan in action: First Mu Cheng accidentally banged into Zhang Zheng Ji, such that he would help her pick up the documents and saw the reports on Hua Tian Cun’s environment health levels that were not accepted [ meaning that something must have done to make it accepted in the end] then Guang Xi would help to check themselves in as Lee Wang Cai [ that pervert]. Zhang Zheng Ji came forward to talk to them, and Guang Xi baited him with the talk about Hua Tian Cun, and acting like as if he needed Zhang Zheng Ji to help him changed the reports as well. Halfway through, someone came forward and asked Mu Cheng if he had seen her before, so Guang Xi excused himself from Zhang Zheng Ji and went to Mu Cheng’s side, placed an arm around her waist, and said that she’s his girlfriend. 


Guang Xi told Mu Cheng that they should continue to act like a couple, but Mu Cheng just felt very weird and unnatural. I love the below screencap!<3

Guang Xi introduced Mu Cheng as his girlfriend to Zhang Zheng Ji, and he purposely ‘insulted’ Mu Cheng by saying that "She’s not only pretty, but very kind too, just that she’s very cold to strangers [referring to her treatment of him when he first came] and has a weird temper" LOL

Lee Wang Cai actually came to the talk but Guang Xi also managed to get him doing something somewhere before Zhang Zheng Ji could find out that Guang Xi’s not Lee Wang Cai.


Guang Xi left Mu Cheng to take care of the situation, and even though she was flustered at first, she managed to cover up for the both of them.Finally, they managed to bait him into saying that he was the one who changed Hua Tian Cun’s reports from not okay, to okay. Guang Xi and Mu Cheng immediately excused themselves and calmly, but quickly exited the place. However, Lee Wang Cai suddenly turned up, and Zhang Zheng Ji knew that he had been duped. He sent his men to chase after them, and called Director He, who said that he would settle the matter. Mu Cheng and Guang Xi heard the men chasing after them, and Mu Cheng pulled Guang Xi into Sheng De Tang.


Like six years ago, they were accidentally locked in, and while being confined there, Guang Xi kept having flashbacks and he felt like the place was very familiar. He knew that there was supposed to be a piano there, and in his flashbacks, he saw a girl [ Mu Cheng ] playing the piano. Mu Cheng tried to distract him by saying that Tuo Ye’s waiting for them to hurry back with the recording of Zhang Zheng Ji’s words, but Guang Xi was deep in his thoughts. He saw a scratch on the floor, and murmured " Rollarblades". [ Guang Xi fell down when his dad taught him rollarblading there, thus the scratch.] 

-the end-

Haha I was planning on a 2 episode recap, but somehow, somewhere, sometime, I just got carried away with the translation of the dialogues and ended up with a very long recap. So, do pardon me, and episode 12 recap will come soon enough!^^ 

I love the mock rivalry that Guang Xi and Tuo Ye had over Xiao Le. It’s like something so trivial, but it sort of highlights their similarities AND their differences. I think Xiao Le’s very cute in those scenes because he’s so innocent and yet he knows that the two of them are ‘fighting’. I thought the plan to dupe Zhang Zheng Ji was very smart and pretty well done, not like some of the dramas where the plan was quite screwed but it went well anyway. It was also quite funny how Guang Xi managed to sneak in an insult while complimenting Mu Cheng at the same time. 

I find some of Guang Xi/ Vanness Wu’s expressions really cute:P especially when he quirks his eyebrows and teases someone, or when he smiles real big… I wonder how many fans he has gotten himself with after this drama! It’s like no one notices him when he starts out in F4, but I highly suspect it’s because of the long, straight rebonded hair. Then, he acts in this drama, and because Guang Xi the character sort of brings out the good points in Vanness Wu, I think people’s perception of him has changed. Remember my remark in the first recap when I said that his pronunciation kind of sucks? Well, I do still hold my stand, but I must admit that it has improved a lot. It sounds like he’s more used to this language, rather than sounding like an American who accidentally got cast for a drama with Chinese language. On the other side, I aint complaining, but Ady An’s acting will seem rather flat. It’s like she’s so good in acting and memorising her lines that right from episode 1 till now, there’s no change. 

Going to work on Episode 12’s recap! I certainly hope it’s not as long as this one:P By the way, I’m watching Hi My Sweetheart now but I don’t think I’m going to do a detailed recap of it, yet. 




  1. Anonymous says

    Awesome recap like always 🙂 Didnt mind the length at all 😀

    “I love the mock rivalry that Guang Xi and Tuo Ye had over Xiao Le. It’s like something so trivial, but it sort of highlights their similarities AND their differences.”

    Me too! Really enjoyed this scene :)lil kiddo didnt want them to fight ^__^


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