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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 12 recap

Haha, I bet you didn’t know my ‘soon enough’ was this fast right?^^

Mu Cheng asked him if he had the key, and Guang Xi found himself walking to the grandfather clock. He took out a key from the top of the clock and knew that he must have been there before, or he would not know that the key was there. Guang Xi told Mu Cheng that after the operation, he would always try and think "What makes me sad… what makes me happy… is there anyone that I care about, but I’ve forgotten… where is the person now… those that I’ve forgotten, are they living well? Do they know that I forgot them?" He only could act like he didn’t care and that he’s not lonely because he didn’t want those taking care of him to worry. Mu Cheng asked him "How does it feel to forget everything?" "It feels like… I’m leading someone else’s life" 

He walked to the door and after unlocking it, Mu Cheng told him why there’s a scratch on the floor, that the music professor [ Guang Xi’s dad] let go of the son’s hands without telling him. Guang Xi smiled and said that the dad must have really loved the son, and wanted the son to know, one must learn how to get up after falling down. Mu Cheng smiled, because that was the exact same thing that she told Guang Xi six years ago, when Guang Xi didn’t know why his father let his hands go. 

Tuo Ye lied to Lawyer Fang that they would leave after collecting as many flowers as they could. Lawyer Fang allowed them to do so, not knowing that Tuo Ye did that to get more time so that Guang Xi could come. After a while, Lawyer Fang lost his patience and was about to start forcefully moving them away, when Guang Xi arrive [ in a super cool manner hee hee]. Mu Cheng covered her face and stood at some obscure corner, in case Lawyer Fang saw her and wanted to say some more stuff.

Guang Xi walked to Lawyer Fang and said that he had evidence in his hands. "Do you want to talk to me, or do you want me to have a good talk with the media?" "You can talk to me." Everyone turned around to find Director He. 

So, Guang Xi went to talk to Director He, who also wondered what happened to Guang Xi. Guang Xi was very angry that Director He not only lied to the villagers but also to him, just to escape his responsibility. Director He said " Are you intergorating me as a lawyer? I’m Yi Qian’s daddy!"

"These are two different matters! I know that Yi Qian wouldn’t want me to do things that are against my conscience" "Conscience?" Director He said that he regretted saving Guang Xi because the old Guang Xi was also very emotional, and ended up with no achievements. Guang Xi said that "Isn’t that good? I think it’s good that I’m like the old me, because I like the Guang Xi now" He told Director He that it’s those villagers in Hua Tian Cun who taught him that there’s warmth between humans and not just profit relationship. "Sometimes you just need to give a little, they will use their everything to repay you" Director He asked what Guang Xi wanted him to do and Guang Xi replied "Give the villagers the justice that they deserve… I just don’t want you to do any more wrong… Dad" 

Hence, thanks to Guang Xi, no matter how reluctant Director He was, he promised to compensate the villagers, but in order to save his own butt, he sacked Lawyer Fang on accounts of him not having taken care of the matter through legal means. Like puh-lease, when Lawyer Fang told you he had scammed Bin Zai, you totally approved of it. =.= Ahem. Guang Xi knew that he’s in trouble for working against his father in law, but no matter, it’s still a happy ending!^^

All the villagers thanked him, and even Tuo Ye acknowledged that he had done a good job.


Later, they had a party to thank Guang Xi, and also as a farewell party, since he would  be going back to Taipei. Throughout the party, Xiao Le was very down because he didn’t want Guang Xi to leave, Mu Cheng was also down, and Tuo Ye was just very silent looking at the both of them.

Guang Xi came and ask Mu Cheng why she didn’t give a toast to him, and she stood up. "What do you want to toast for?"  Mu Cheng looked at him and said " That you are Ren Guang Xi, the old Ren Guang Xi" and the both of them smiled. 

After the party, Mu Cheng stayed to help Hua Yi in clearing up, and while Hua Yi was resting, Guang Xi thoughtfully helped her massage her shoulders. While talking to Hua Yi, Guang Xi learnt that Mu Cheng actually worked at the cafeteria in Sheng De University, and he realised she knew her way not because she often went there to find Tuo Ye.

Hua Yi also told him that even though Mu Cheng didn’t say anything, she knew that Mu Cheng still couldn’t forget Xiao Le’s daddy. Tuo Ye asked Xiao Le why he liked Guang Xi so much, and Xiao Le said "Because I can find the smell of a father on him" Tuo Ye told him that Guang Xi would have his own children next time, but Xiao Le would still have him. 

After some time, Guang Xi and Mu Cheng left Hua Yi’s house and Guang Xi asked Mu Cheng where Xiao Le was. Mu Cheng told him that Xiao Le threw a tantrum knowing that Guang Xi would leave the next day. Guang Xi said that he thought Xiao Le was closer to Tuo Ye and that maybe Xiao Le would forget him after sometime. Mu Cheng looked at him, when it suddenly started to drizzle. Guang Xi took out his blazer and put it on Mu Cheng’s shoulders before putting out a hand, saying " If we run faster, we won’t be wet from the rain."

Mu Cheng looked at his hands hesitantly, and he said "We are friends, aren’t we?" So Mu Cheng nodded and smiled, before taking out her heels [ SO HIGH GOSH ]. Guang Xi helped her take her heels, held her hand, and ran. Soooo romantic~~~ as they ran together in the drizzle. 

Then, they stopped [ I don’t know why ] and Mu Cheng walked over to the benches. Maybe they’re near her house? Anyway, Guang Xi gave Mu Cheng her heels and while she was wearing them, Guang Xi asked what tree she was sitting under, and that he would come earlier next year to see it blossom. Mu Cheng was surprised and asked " You will come back?" "Of course..I find so many good friends here and I’m on such good terms with Xiao Le… of course I will come back to find him.. and I will see if you’re still so thrifty that you wouldn’t spend money to fix a fan, or if your beef with rice, only has carrots but no rice" Mu Cheng laughed, and suddenly, there was lightning. Nope, the lightning wasn’t there to make Mu Cheng shriek and jump into Guang Xi’s arms, but…. for Guang Xi to get even clearer memories — of that night that he and Mu Cheng did it together, because it was raining that night as well.


Mu Cheng asked him what’s wrong, and he told her that he had seen her before and maybe they had known each other last time. Mu Cheng said that she only worked in the cafeteria, so she wouldn’t have known him. "Really? So why do I have a sense of familiarity when I first saw you? And your reaction when you first saw me doesn’t seem like we’re strangers.. when everyone is fighting to be my secretary, only you purposely stayed away… and it’s you who immediately saw what bad intentions I had at first, and you even helped me persuade the villagers… you understand me better than I do myself" Mu Cheng looked away and said that he must have gone around asking everyone if he had known them before his surgery but Guang Xi was very sure when he answered " No, only you" Guang Xi told her that ever since he beat Lee Wang Cai in the court, he had been getting fuzzy memories of a girl who seemed to be very important to him, but Mu Cheng told him that he’s someone who’s going to married in a few days and it’s not worth it to torment himself over a girl of the past. Guang Xi said that maybe she could forget Xiao Le’s daddy so quickly, but he couldn’t. Mu Cheng said that’s why they’re different because she would only cherish those that were with her right now. She walked off, but accidentally sprained her ankle [ and I was like of course she will sprain her ankle, look at her heels!] Guang Xi rushed up to help her and he said " Liang Mu Cheng, let me ask you one last time.. Do we really not know each other?"


Mu Cheng looked at him in the eyes and said "Let me answer you one last time… we really don’t know each other"

Guess who actually came to Hua Tian Cun? Yi Qian. That’s right, Guang Xi’s fiance! Even though Tuo Ye initially didn’t want her to come into the house, thinking that she must be just like her father, but after seeing her wipe the mud off the stairs that she had stepped on, he let her in. When Yi Qian asked why, he said it’s because those who were afraid of bringing trouble to others would never do any bad things. Guang Xi swept Mu Cheng into his arms but told her not to misunderstand. "You will only aggravate your injury if you walk any more. Even if you’re not the girl that I was thinking of, we’re still friends." And this is how it happens that Yi Qian saw Guang Xi carrying Mu Cheng in his arms as if they’re super close and intimate, when they reached home. 

-cue shocked expressions-


However, Yi Qian was very understanding and told Guang Xi to put Mu Cheng down so that they could treat her ankle injury. Yi Qian told Guang Xi that she’s here because she wanted to see the villagers that he was always talking about. Mu Cheng asked Xiao Le if he had bathed, and when he said no, Tuo Ye was going to say that he would bathe him, when Guang Xi broke in and said that he wanted to help Xiao Le bathe. Later, Tuo Ye had to leave and assured Mu Cheng under his breath that he didn’t think Yi Qian recognised her. [ Yi Qian knew her from six years ago as well ]

While Guang Xi was bathing Xiao Le, Xiao Le made a wish that Guang Xi would accompany him that night, and Guang Xi agreed to fulfil his wish. So cute! He even had a soap bubble on top of his head.

Yi Qian was talking to Mu Cheng and she said that after seeing Guang Xi interact with Xiao Le, she felt like Guang Xi would be a good daddy next time. Yi Qian was basically just saying that she thought Mu Cheng was someone who treasured relationships, but Mu Cheng said that sometimes the reality made one had no choice but to move forward, such that some people had to be given up. Xiao Le finished his bath and ran out triumphantly to tell Mu Cheng that Guang Xi would accompany him tonight. Guang Xi asked if it’s all right with Yi Qian. She smiled and said it’s all right. Xiao Le brought Yi Qian to her bedroom and Guang Xi told Mu Cheng "Yi Qian is really a good woman right?" Mu Cheng nodded and said "You’re really fortunate to have met her." "But I feel that being able to meet you and Xiao Le… I’m very fortunate too. Even though you say that we don’t know each other before, but you two have brought a lot of surprises to me. Thank you^^" Mu Cheng smiled and shook her head, while Yi Qian who overheard the conversation looked thoughtful in a down way. 

That night, Mu Cheng was in her bedroom as she looked at the photo they took six years ago, and said that she would be happy for him.

After Xiao Le fell asleep, Guang Xi went out to the garden and sat on the swing, thinking about the times he had spent here. Later he walked into the kitchen and saw a face carved on the carrot.


He read the worksheet beside the carrots and realised that Xiao Le had an assignment to create a feeling of a family. It was then revealed that Yi Qian actually knew Mu Cheng was the woman that Guang Xi loved.

Turns out that Lawyer Fang got people to check up on her, and he passed the information to Yi Qian. Yi Qian then recalled her conversation with Guang Xi’s mother. Guang Xi’s mother had asked Yi Qian not to tell Guang Xi about Mu Cheng, and to fill Mu Cheng’s presence in Guang Xi’s memories with Yi Qian herself.

The next morning, Mu Cheng was watering the plants when Yi Qian greeted her. Mu Cheng asked why she woke up so early and said that maybe it’s because she’s not used to the countryside.

"Lawyer Ren was also like that when he first came here"
"Lawyer Ren? Why are you calling him in such formal terms? I guess last time you have always called him….. Ren Guang Xi?"

Mu Cheng looked at Yi Qian in shock, as she realised that Yi Qian knew about her relationship with Guang Xi.

-the end-

Wow, this recap came even sooner than I had expected!^^ It doesn’t feel as long as the previous recap, but I will still put it as a one episode recap anyway. 

I’m still wondering why Ady An’s acting didn’t appeal to me, but it’s okay, because I know many of you people out there really love her acting. 😀 It’s not that it’s not good, it’s just that it’s so smooth, it kind of loses me because it can’t pull me in. My favourite scene in this episode isn’t the running in the rain, or the carrying of Mu Cheng, but rather, I love the conversation that Guang Xi had with Hua Yi. From this conversation, you can actually feel, how much Hua Yi actually doted on Mu Cheng, and you could tell that Guang Xi learnt another side of Mu Cheng as well. Of course, I really like the scene when there was lightning! I honestly thought that it would be a cliche etc, but it turned out quite beautifully done. 

Xiao Le’s not very cute here, but that’s because he was crying/tearing half the time. Plot wise, I thought everything was good — Hua Tian Cun’s conflict was resolved, Guang Xi finished his community service early, Yi Qian coming to Hua Tian Cun and the ending. To be honest, I was shrieking when Guang Xi carried Mu Cheng into the house, because I honestly thought that there will be a BIG scene over it. So, I kinda love the outcome actually, that Yi Qian didn’t make any fuss [ turns out Tuo Ye was the one who sounded like he wanted to beat Guang Xi up at first ]. I’m loving all scenes that have a Guang Xi+Mu Cheng in a happy and sweet situation, because I think this is a really good couple pairing! I can feel the chemistry between the both of them, and no matter whether it’s six years ago, or now, I think they really complement each other. Wow, you will just have to add in Xiao Le, and it’s one happy family. It’s like… this isn’t my favourite -est drama [ yes, I know there’s no such word, who cares?^^] but somehow I don’t grow tired of it even when I’m rewatching it like mere… days after I finished the last episode. 

I know I’ve said this many times before, but seriously, things are going to get even more interesting!


Admit it, how many of you squealed when you saw the above screencap?^^



  1. Anonymous says

    its v. wow.. that was fast. ill be enjoying reading ur recap. fortunately, it’s the w-e so i have a bit more time, though still not enough if you ask me.
    it’s so weird and interesting to see all you opinion about AC and discovering everything as new when for me, that drama seems like ages ago… this year sure has gone quickly. kk


    • Yeah you sound like you’re super busy!:OO It sounds like college is really a killer:P What do you study?

      Yeahhhh this year has gone by super quickly, and I know that next year I’ll prob not have as much time to post entries>< LOL if you like any scenes you must share with me!:DD


  2. Anonymous says

    Thank you!

    Wonderful recap like always =)

    “but somehow I don’t grow tired of it even when I’m rewatching it like mere… days after I finished the last episode.”

    I second you 🙂 Its such a feel good drama. The family moments and subtle romance leave me delighted ^__^


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