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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 13 recap

All right, from now onwards, I’ve decided to do a 1 episode recap each time!:D This is because a 2 episode recap is really too long [ at the rate I’m going with my translation of dialogues and details]. This episode is really exciting, with the drama poised to take a change in another direction!

Yi Qian told Mu Cheng that Lawyer Fang went to Hua Tian Cun and told Yi Qian about Mu Cheng. Actually Yi Qian knew her six years ago, because Guang Xi always mentioned her, and in his eyes, he honestly thought that Mu Cheng was a wonderful girl. Mu Cheng turned around and she had tears in her eyes as Yi Qian wondered out loud how she could have the heart to dump a man who was willing to give his all for her.

Yi Qian had that question in her heart for six years how Mu Cheng could just leave him even when he begged her to come back. "No one can do that… unless you don’t love him enough" Mu Cheng breathed in, turned around and said "When two people are together, of course it’s love. When there’s no troubles, of course it’s love, but when I found out that he might leave me any time, it’s time to face the reality — I’m not someone who can live with a future that holds no promise." "So you left Guang Xi, and went together with Xiao Le’s daddy?" Mu Cheng agreed, but Yi Qian felt incredulous that she had the courage to be a single mum, and yet not have the courage to be with Guang Xi. Mu Cheng continued to lie, that Xiao Le was an accident that happened after she arrived at Hua Tian Cun, but she had the choice to give birth to Xiao Le. Yi Qian told her that she wouldn’t speak with such a righteous tone if she had seen how Guang Xi was like after he woke up from his surgery. [ Okay I really like the dialogue below, so even though this is going to make everything even longer, I will translate it ]

"Six years ago, when you’re teaching Xiao Le to call you ‘Mummy’, the Guang Xi that you’ve abandoned woke up from his surgery and lost all his knowledge towards all things… he felt scared towards the world like a five year old child, because he can’t recognise his mother, he doesn’t know how to call his mother… when you’re teaching Xiao Le to walk… the Guang Xi that you’ve abandoned was in the physiotherapy room… a 180cm man having to learn how to walk, how to talk.. have you ever thought how people had looked at him when he couldn’t walk and fell on the ground?! He even had to learn how to use the chopsticks and the spoon all over again." Yi Qian then clarified that she told her all these not for the purpose of wanting Mu Cheng to do something now, because Guang Xi’s pain could never be erased, but she just hoped that Mu Cheng would feel a little ounce of sorry. Tuo Ye appeared, and told Yi Qian that Mu Cheng didn’t do anything wrong. He walked towards Mu Cheng and held her hand "Because you’re more courageous to face all these, that’s why you’re the best person for Guang Xi, what’s wrong." Yi Qian looked at their linked hands and asked "Guang Xi, Hua Tuo Ye and Xiao Le’s daddy, did you date all three of them at the same time? How could you do this to Guang Xi?!" Mu Cheng said yes but all those were in the past and should not be mentioned again. [ I’m highly amused and impressed that even though Mu Cheng only dated Guang Xi last time, the fact is that she really appears as if she has dated three guys. Wow, it’s like triple identities!] She asked Yi Qian if she would tell Guang Xi about all that she knew, but Yi Qian said she wouldn’t. Tuo Ye held her hand even tighter and told Yi Qian that Mu Cheng’s with him now and he would take care of both mother and son. Guang Xi came out from the house and asked them what they’re talking about, but Mu Cheng told him that they’re merely congratulating Yi Qian and "I hope that you can wish us all the best too, is that all right? Miss He?" and Yi Qian nodded. 

Later, while Guang Xi and Yi Qian were talking by the car, the village head came to give them some gifts for the wedding, and that the whole village had agreed that in order to repay Guang Xi for saving the village, they would offer free supply of floral decorations for the wedding venue. Chi Xin ran up to them and gave them the couple blankets and pillows that Hua Yi wanted to give them, and she ran into the house after hearing that Tuo Ye’s inside the house. Guang Xi followed her, wanting to thank Tuo Ye. Tuo Ye was actually talking to Mu Cheng and he confessed to her, telling her that he really wanted to take care of her, and that he had decided that he would follow her where ever she was. "Can you let me be the one to take care of you, and protect you?" Mu Cheng thought for a while…smiled and nodded her head. Tuo Ye let out a cry of joy and he hugged her.


By the time his confession ended, he was crying, and so was Mu Cheng [ but strangely, not me].

The camera turned to show that Chi Xin and Guang Xi both saw and heard the confession. Guang Xi left, but he wasn’t sad or anything. Rather he looked uncomfortable for having ‘intruded’. It was Chi Xin who looked heartbroken. Guang Xi went out to say his goodbye to Xiao Le, and he gave Xiao Le his address in Taipei. He even gave Xiao Le his bracelet. [ is it a bracelet or a bangle???] " You just have to say ‘Miss you miss you’ to the bracelet and I will come and find you." but Xiao Le couldn’t stop crying, which cause Guang Xi to start crying as well. [ AHHH why Guang Xi leaves and everyone’s crying D:]

"Xiao Le, you are very obedient.. if only I have a child that’s as cute and obedient like you." [ARGHHH] 

After asking Tuo Ye to take care of Xiao Le and Mu Cheng, he got into the car with Yi Qian and drove off, but Xiao Le ran after the car crying "Guang Xi uncle Guang Xi uncle!!"

Guang Xi was also crying but he didn’t stop. [ you can see Xiao Le in the mirror D:] Mu Cheng heard and knew that Guang Xi truly left, so she finally let out her tears. When Guang Xi and Yi Qian reached home, Guang Xi’s mother just got off the phone with Director He who called to ask why Guang Xi’s so emotional now. After Guang Xi went to place his luggage in his room, Guang Xi’s mother asked Yi Qian if there’s anything strange that happened in Hua Tian Cun, but Yi Qian said all that happened was that Guang Xi met a group of nice, and enthusiastic villagers. During a conversation between Guang Xi and Yi Qian, Yi Qian realised that Mu Cheng lied about the accident [ Xiao Le], that she was pregnant before she was even in Hua Tian Cun.

Mu Cheng just finished giving Xiao Le his jabs and Xiao Le asked if Taipei was very far. Mu Cheng knew that Xiao Le missed Guang Xi, and taught Xiao Le a method — to close his eyes, think of Guang Xi, listen to his own heartbeat. The heartbeat’s the sound that showed that Guang Xi’s thinking of him. Xiao Le threw a tantrum because he wanted to see Guang Xi immediately.

Mu Cheng closed her eyes, and thought to herself "Actually… I really, really, really miss…" That night, Tuo Ye bought a karaoke singing machine for Chi Xin and announced to the family that his six years of waiting had finally paid off. Hua Yi was very angry and pained for Chi Xin, but Chi Xin who heard the confession knew that was coming, and tried to act like nothing was wrong. In the middle of the night, Chi Xin gave Tuo Ye his lunch for the next day, and even though Tuo Ye thought it was weird, he just went back to sleep. Then Chi Xin turned around and said "I’m scared no one will give you your lunch anymore" and the camera zoomed out to show her in her outdoor clothes. -cue sad music-


She fingered the amulet that she had gotten for Tuo Ye and said that she’s going to treat the amulet like it’s Tuo Ye’s presence. She took her luggage and left. Even though Hua Yi was very flustered the next day because of the note that Chi Xin left, Tuo Ye wasn’t worried at all, because he had received too many letters in the past where Chi Xin wanted to leave the house as well. 

Xiao Le flagged down a cab,

and even though the driver was reluctant initially, after misunderstanding and yet getting the right picture, the driver thought that Xiao Le’s parents were separated [ one in Hua Tian Cun and one in Taipei]. He looked like he could empathise, and agreed to Xiao Le’s request. Mu Cheng was very flustered because she couldn’t find Xiao Le anywhere and she was that close to hysteria as she and Tuo Ye went around Hua Tian Cun. Even Hua Yi and the village head [ who called himself Hua Ze Lei by the way which was damn funny because it was link to Rui in Meteor Garden] helped them, but Xiao Le was no where in sight.

While she’s worried, and the audience is freaking worried too, Xiao Le was happily in the cab saying ‘Miss you miss you’ to the bracelet. Then Tang Tang appeared and told them that Xiao Le went to find his daddy in Taipei and Mu Cheng and Tuo Ye quickly went to find him. Mu Cheng’s especially worried because Xiao Le would be in danger if he didn’t take his shots [ diabetes] soon. She called Guang Xi to tell him that Xiao Le’s missing and that he’s on his way to find him.

Guang Xi was actually viewing the wedding venue with Yi Qian and he told her that because of Xiao Le, he had to hurry back to his office. 

Xiao Le actually found his way to the office but in the lobby, he saw a woman drop her papers and he ran out after her to give her back the papers. Turns out it’s Guang Xi’s mother! Guang Xi’s mother [Director Fang] gathered all her papers and hurriedly left, but she left another file behind. Xiao Le called her but she didn’t hear and continued walking, so Xiao Le just kept following her. After a while you could tell that Xiao Le’s getting weaker and weaker. Finally, Guang Xi’s mother saw him and after realising his good intentions, she said that she would bring him back to the office. Director Fang was ‘melted’ by Xiao Le because of his innocence and cheery disposition.

She walked in front and suddenly, Xiao Le fainted. He tumbled down the side of the stone steps and there was a gash on his leg. Director Fang rushed back towards him and cried for her chauffeur to bring her to the hospital that Yi Qian’s working in. Guang Xi had rushed back to his office, to look at the CCTV to confirm if Xiao Le was there. Mu Cheng [ and Tuo Ye] got there almost at the same time, and Guang Xi asked if they had any photos of Xiao Le to show the police. Mu Cheng said no, but Tuo Ye had one. [ which was like… AWW! because you would only carry the photo of those that you care the most ]

Guang Xi grabbed Mu Cheng’s arm to assure her that everything would be all right, and Tuo Ye didn’t like their physical conctact. 

Yi Qian was very shocked when she saw Xiao Le, and after getting the right doctors to come and do a surgery on Xiao Le, she called Guang Xi. While checking Xiao Le into the hospital, she realised that there was information about Xiao Le’s birth date and she read it. Director Fang sat outside the room and was sincerely, honestly worried for Xiao Le. She touched the hankerchief that Xiao Le just lent her, and wished that he would be all right.

 The three of them [ Guang Xi, Tuo Ye and Mu Cheng ] rushed to the hospital, and there was a moment of shock as Mu Cheng and Tuo Ye saw Director Fang,

who was equally shocked to hear Guang Xi introduce Mu Cheng as ‘his landlady in Hua Tian Cun’. Then Yi Qian came out from the room to tell them that Xiao Le needed extra blood.

"Xiao Le’s a B. We might need the people here to give him blood."
Mu Cheng hurriedly said, "I’m an O, I can give him."
Yi Qian "Even though many people do not know this, but it’s dangerous for a direct relative [ like your parents etc ] to transmit blood. Is there anyone who is a B or an O here?" [ By here I was seriously shrieking. I have no idea if you guys saw what’s coming, but AHHH]
At the same time, Tuo Ye shouted "I’m an O!" and Guang Xi shouted "I’m a B!" and the both of them said "I can donate" but —

Mu Cheng cut in and said "Guang Xi can’t, he cannot donate!" 

"Why can’t I donate? I’m even more suitable than Tuo Ye. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t!"

Yi Qian looked at Mu Cheng with shock/surprise but with a heavy hint that she had suspected [ because she saw Xiao Le’s birthdate] and Mu Cheng shook her head [ indicating that no way should Yi Qian let Guang Xi donate his blood]. Hence, Yi Qian lied to Guang Xi that he’s not suitable because he had brain surgery before and got the nurse to lead Tuo Ye to donate his blood.

-the end-

I really like the conflict here! I was shrieking like a mad hyena, which inevitably got weird stares from those around me ==. Yi Qian knew who the father of Xiao Le was, even though Guang Xi wouldn’t know because the excuse that she gave covered up nicely why Guang Xi shouldn’t go for that donation of blood. Xiao Le plays a really, really important role here, because he not only brings Guang Xi and Mu Cheng together, and adds conflicts to the plot, he also helps to break down that tough exterior of his grandmother [Director Fang]. Here, Xiao Le called Director Fang a pretty godmother, and you could see Director Fang smiling, because this boy is just too cute and too sweet! I mean seriously, how many couples out there wish that they have a child like Xiao Le. 

I think it was good how they got Tuo Ye to carry around a photo of Mu Cheng and Xiao Le. It emphasises on just how much he really loves the both of them, how much he really wants to protect them, and how much weight they carry in his heart. This is quite sad though, that he didn’t even care about Chi Xin leaving, and thought that it was just her throwing a tantrum. He didn’t know that Chi Xin was really serious about leaving home, but the sad part was, she didn’t do that to make him worry, or to make him find her. She did that because she heard the confession and knew how much Tuo Ye liked Mu Cheng and that she’s truly just a sister [ By the way, I forgot if I’d explained, but Chi Xin has no blood relation with Tuo Ye] Yet, Tuo Ye didn’t even appreciate this thought of hers, and still thought that she’s as immature as ever. 

If you have been following my recaps/my Livejournal, you will know what really affects me when I watch a drama. That’s right, the OST! It’s not just the main tracks that affect me when I watch a particular scene, but also the instrumental tracks [ like a piano version of the main track or a violin and organ version etc]. So, what do I think of this OST? I think that it’s not bad with the two main tracks sang by Ding Dang. I don’t really like the way she sings though, but that’s another discussion that we can have next time. I think it’s kind of sad, yet at the same time, interesting that the main track is sad. The second main track is filled with nostalgia. I can’t honestly remember a track in this OST that’s happy! 

I just realise today that even though I do recaps for dramas, I myself don’t read recaps — because they’re spoilers!:O So, I thought about it, and read my profile again, thinking if I had done something that thoughtsramble shouldn’t have done, but I realise something, all these while, other than Playful Kiss, I’ve been doing recaps for those who actually have watched the dramas. Granted, I’ve been doing for those who hadn’t had time time to watch the dramas etc, but I actually love the thought of having my recaps to evoke fond memories for those who have watched before. 

Just a thought:D 



  1. Anonymous says

    recaps, autumn’s concerto, episode 13

    yes, i have been drawn into the conflicts as well when i watched this episode about ten minutes ago!! ive also been worried stiff for xiaole, and it was so epic at the end with the conflicts and the blood transfer part. i enjoy reading your recaps, the reason i read them is actually to be reminded of the scenes in the drama, and i enjoy reading the opinions and your thoughts too. another reason is because i don’t process every detail because i don’t natively speak mandarin (i speak cantonese and english as my first language(s), lol 🙂 so i love these detailed recaps.


    • Re: recaps, autumn’s concerto, episode 13

      Yep that’s what I thought too! That I would love it if my recaps can bring back memories for those who have watched before. Oh I see! I can understand Cantonese [ probably from all the Hong Kong dramas:PP ] but I don’t speak it.

      I’m glad that you like my recaps! Hope that you will like this drama all the way till the end^^


  2. Anonymous says

    Did you only watch the first part of K.O.3an Guo with Fahrenheit? Did you like it?

    How come some fans are targetting Aaron because of Wu Zun leaving Fahrenheit?

    Lol. Your recaps are getting me a little bit interested in watching City Hunter! Especially the pictures :-p

    Yeah K.O.3an Guo is from 2009. Viki had subs for some episodes I think but the videos are having problems or something. DoReMii fansubs are doing K.O.3an Guo & are up to episode 37 but of course they have a lot of other dramas too but I don’t mind waiting because I’m so in love with this show lol. Like seriously in love with it…

    I’m loving Mei Le Jia You! I like the storyline & of course Mike He. Lol I don’t mind Cindi Wang acting cute & she is so cute in this drama.

    Shima Shima is about a woman who sets up a co-sleeping service with four hot guys, that is for woman who have trouble sleeping alone. I really wish there were subs but from the limited Japanese I know, its a good show.

    Lol I’ve recently been watching dramas because my favourite actors are in them & it hasn’t worked out so well… I recently watched Hong Gil Dong, Hwang Jin Yi & Beethoven Virus & haven’t really liked any of them much & only watched them because of Jang Geun Suk.

    Have you seen the K-drama Bad Guy?

    I’ve started watching Hayate The Combat Butler & its good so far. Have you seen any of it?


  3. oh my god – awesome recap!!! I spoiled my fun because I’m only reache episode 3 so far and I’m recapping, too, but when I found yours here I couldn’t resist readind.
    well writtend and good summary. ^^I should learn from you to skip to the important things, but there are so much lovely scene which I like to write about. 😉



    • Haha hi!

      Great that you like my recaps, you are recapping too?:D

      Lol I understand how you feel, in fact I think I focus too much on small details already:P Cos when I read the recaps from the more famous sites, those are really more succint and hence take less time to write, at a point in time I was struggling (while writing Playful Kiss recaps) but I decided that I shall stick to my style!^^

      So if you want to write about lovely scenes, go ahead haha!:D And naughty!! How can you read this episode recap when you are only watching episode 3 lolol.


      • yeah, I’m recapping, too. ^^ My blog is similar to yours. I also talk cross-field about asian pop culture, no limit to K-dramas although I like them the most. But currently Autumn’s Concerto got into my heart and I stick with it. ^^ I’m a newbie in recapping, but it’s fun. But it’s in german language, coz I’m no competition to the english blogs and don’t want to be. ^^
        read you soon when I reach the next ep. of Autumn’s Concerto!


      • Haha I see, I have no particular dramas of a certain country that I like, but I mention before that perhaps ultimately Taiwanese dramas are the ones I like the most because it’s a language that I can understand and does not need to depend on subs:D

        Yeah it’s fun right(: Good luck to you!:D Oh wow! German language:O Lol it’s okay… I don’t think thoughtsramble is good competition either… just moderate.


  4. Anonymous says

    Thanks 🙂

    Fantastic recap! 🙂

    “I actually love the thought of having my recaps to evoke fond memories for those who have watched before.”

    Your recaps leave me ^__^


  5. Anonymous says

    thanks for the awesome episode recaps. i’m currently learning mandarin so i’m using mandarin soaps as a way to train my listening and reading (from chinese subs). i’m trying my best not to use english subs so i don’t use english at all when i watch but i make sure to read your recaps first to ensure i understand everything that is going on first before diving into the show. keep up the good work and i will be picking my future mandarin shows based on what you have recapped so far!


  6. Anonymous says

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  7. Anonymous says


    what is the name of the song that plays when mu cheng realizes that xiao le went to taipei?


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