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Autumn’s Concerto 14 and 15 recap

I’m so sorry that I’ve already said one episode recap before, and this is going to be a 2 episode recap^^ Just thought that since these 2 episodes are the transition to the final stage of the drama, I might as well do 2 episodes at once. So it might be a little long, but bear with it, I assure you that it’s totally worth it:D 

Yi Qian was washing her hands before entering the surgery room, and she thought to herself, "No wonder their relationship is so good… it’s because they’re father and son." While waiting for the surgery to be over, Mu Cheng felt cold and she rubbed her shoulders. Guang Xi noticed and gave his jacket/blazer to her [ A ha! My cliche:P]

which caused Director Fang to ask when Guang Xi was so thoughtful, and to his landlady at that. Guang Xi replied that Mu Cheng wasn’t just a landlady, but also his friend, and that it’s Mu Cheng and Xiao Le who taught him a lot. The surgery was over, and it was successful. Guang Xi went to take Xiao Le’s belongings and when he’s gone, Director Fang mused that six years later, Guang Xi still met Mu Cheng. She didn’t like how every time Guang Xi would change when Mu Cheng turned up, but Mu Cheng told her that being full of justice, and wanting to help people, was Guang Xi’s true and real character.

Director Fang then further mused that Tuo Ye’s Xiao Le’s father, but Mu Cheng shook her head. Director Fang laughed and said that she had no idea that her relationships were so complex. -pause- Wow, Director Fang took the word ‘idiot’ to a whole new level! I mean, Yi Qian already told them that parents shouldn’t donate blood, especially when Xiao Le had diabetes.

Mu Cheng found Yi Qian and they went to talk on the rooftop. Yi Qian thought Mu Cheng left Guang Xi even though she knew she had his child [ which was wrong, because Mu Cheng only knew after she left ] but Mu Cheng lied and said that she needed someone who would never abandon her and would stay by her side, which was why she had Xiao Le.


I love the umbrella that Yi Qian’s holding! In fact, I’ve been keeping a look out for those kind of umbrellas actually:P

Yi Qian wanted to tell Guang Xi about Xiao Le, but Mu Cheng managed to convince her that status quo was the best. Even if Guang Xi knew that he was the father, he wouldn’t be able to give his full attention to Xiao Le, because he’s bound to have children with Yi Qian.

Guang Xi was angry with Tuo Ye for not having taken care of Xiao Le, but Tuo Ye reminded him that he’s Yi Qian’s fiance, and that he shouldn’t overstep his role by being too concerned for those that had no relationship with him.

When Guang Xi was going home, Yi Qian gave him the bracelet and told him to wash off Xiao Le’s blood so that Xiao Le could have it back. When they were both at home, Guang Xi was talking to Yi Qian about the wedding but she was distracted because she’s thinking of Xiao Le being Guang Xi’s son.

Director Fang came home to tell them that she had moved the wedding from a week later, to three days later, because she had a convention a week later. Xiao Le finally woke up and he apologised to Mu Cheng. Two days later, Guang Xi called Mu Cheng, but she didn’t pick up his call. Yi Qian asked Guang Xi if he really could marry her without any considerations and Guang Xi assured her while hugging her. The interesting thing was Guang Xi’s expression though.

When Yi Qian left, Guang Xi asked Lawyer Lin if he could tell him what really happened six years ago. Lawyer Lin told him that it’s a Pandora Box and he had no idea if it’s a good thing or bad thing, but the sure thing was everything would change.

[He’s my favourite teacher in Mars!^^] Guang Xi thought for a while and said that since he’s going to marry Yi Qian the next day, he should finally put his past down. Later, he was washing the bracelet when he accidentally dislodged a memory chip. [ AHHH so exciting!^^] He put the memory chip into the computer

and it loaded, showing him photos of him and Mu Cheng taken six years ago.


As he looked at these photos in shock, he got his memory back.

All of it.

Mu Cheng, who had no idea that something so great had just happened, told Xiao Le her heartfelt words — that sometimes it’s also another kind of love to send someone away, knowing that he would get his happiness that way. 

The next day, Mu Cheng had to go to the church to see how much floral decorations Hua Yi needed to send over. Guang Xi wore the groom’s clothes but you could tell something was wrong because of the determined look in his eyes and when he left his room, the photos were still playing on his laptop. There were papers lying around and the camera zoomed in to show the news about him helping Mu Cheng to fight the mock case [ the one about her stepfather going to rape her].

In the church, Mu Cheng saw the organ [ I presume it’s an organ?] and could not help herself, but to play Air On G String on the organ again.  Guang Xi entered the church and recalled their experience on the skating rink. He suddenly just commented that he didn’t know Mu Cheng could play the piano, which gave Mu Cheng a shock. He told Mu Cheng that he needed her to help him with something. 

Guang Xi kept speeding on the roads and Mu Cheng told him to slow down, but he said "Shouldn’t you be used to this? The old Ren Guang Xi used to drive like this." and he suddenly stopped the car. Mu Cheng shouted "Ren Guang Xi!" but she realised that was the stretch of road where Guang Xi kept running after her six years ago. Guang Xi asked her to get out of the car, and he asked if she had seen him running, if she had seen him slumping over after getting stabbed, and that he almost died.

Mu Cheng told him that she didn’t know about the stabbing but Guang Xi shouted at her and asked her to stop pretending.

He finally told her "I remembered everything."  The scene changed to Director Fang being in a fluster and telling Yi Qian and his father that Guang Xi’s not in the church and someone saw him leaving with Mu Cheng. Yi Qian walked over to the table to call Guang Xi, and her face suddenly changed from worry to shock, as she saw the sms that Guang Xi sent her, that had no words but an attachment of a photo — the one that he and Mu Cheng took.

Yi Qian told Director Fang and her father that Guang Xi had already found out, and she slumped over in shock.

Guang Xi showed her the photo that he saved in his handphone and said "I originally didn’t know what secret that your story holds… You must be so surprised that I’m still living. Turns out that the scar I have isn’t because of ice skating but because of your stepfather." "I really didn’t know, Guang Xi" "Will you stay if you had known?! How did you tell me? You told me that you will work hard together with me. How did I beg you, if you really had loved me, even if it’s a little, you would have acted till the very end!" Guang Xi told her that he would not be deceived by her tears again and said


" Liang Mu Cheng, did you know? I really did love you. It’s you who let me believe the world again, and that the world is not as bad as it is, but it’s also you who destroyed my belief." Mu Cheng apologised but Guang Xi said that just a sorry could not help anything. "Just when I’m facing a blank life, what about you? You and Tuo Ye were happily living somewhere else. Tell me, without me, did you live as happily as before?" Mu Cheng shook her head but Guang Xi went on

"I also lost Xiao Le. You know that I’m his father and yet you ask Xiao Le to call me Guang Xi uncle. You know that I’m his father, and yet you could bear to see us being separated again, and again and make me tell Xiao Le that I’m not his daddy?!" "Xiao Le was my decision. He has nothing to do with the both of us.." "Of course he has everything to do with us, I’m his father!!" Guang Xi then dropped the ‘bomb’ that he wanted Xiao Le. If Mu Cheng was disagreeable, then they would see each other in the court. As he walked back to his car, he said "Liang Mu Cheng, I want you to know. Regaining my memory is my fortune, but it will be your downfall." After he left, Tuo Ye called to ask why the wedding was cancelled, and Mu Cheng told Tuo Ye that Guang Xi remembered everything.

When Guang Xi returned home, he informed his mother that the Guang Xi for the past six years had disappeared and that he wanted Xiao Le. When he left the house, he saw Yi Qian and Yi Qian told him that she did this because she could not bear to tell Guang Xi that the woman he loved abandoned him. "To protect someone I love, so that he will not be hurt… Did I really do wrong?"

Guang Xi told her that they had no rights to fill his brain with what they wanted and that the one who disappointed him the most, was Yi Qian. He thought that he could trust Yi Qian but he realised "The more you trust, the deeper the betrayal. The more you love, the deeper the hurt." He said that he wanted Mu Cheng to feel what he had been feeling and he told Yi Qian "I can understand why you did those things, but I cannot forgive you. The both of us… are over." and he was going to walk off when Yi Qian stopped him and asked

"Guang Xi, you’re doing this because you feel betrayed, feel hurt….. or because you still love her?" Guang Xi didn’t reply and he walked off, leaving Yi Qian in tears. 

Episode 15 starts with Mu Cheng finding Hua Yi and getting paper boxes from her. After she left, the village head told Hua Yi that Xiao Le’s daddy was actually Guang Xi [ I have no idea how he knows that though] and told Hua Yi to keep it a secret, but his voice was so loud that the entire shop heard it as well. Mu Cheng rushed home and started packing her stuff, but Tuo Ye came and told her that she had no need to run even if Guang Xi wanted to fight for Xiao Le’s custody. He told her that the only way Guang Xi could target her was that she’s a single mother, so she should marry him. He assured her that they had no need to be scared of Guang Xi.


"It’s an opportunity for Xiao Le to stay by your side…and an opportunity… for me to stay by yours." Mu Cheng nodded her head.  Guang Xi had already started gathering information to prepare for the cases and he was angry when he realised that Mu Cheng couldn’t pay for Xiao Le’s medical fees. Tuo Ye called Guang Xi to tell him that Mu Cheng and him had something to tell him the next day. Guang Xi was very angry at the mention of "Mu Cheng and I" and he got his assistant to check up on Tuo Ye’s background etc. After his assistant left, he looked at the boxes of wine that the villagers gave him before he left and he said "You want to fight with me… and I will play with you."

The next day, Guang Xi went to Hua Tian Cun and Tuo Ye told him that if he married Mu Cheng, Mu Cheng would no longer be a single mother and that he’s confident that Xiao Le would choose Mu Cheng in the court. Guang Xi tore up the form that stated that Mu Cheng would willingly give the custody over to Guang Xi, and told Tuo Ye all the bad points that he could use to argue that Tuo Ye would not be a suitable father — in debt, violence tendencies, abuse kids etc. Tuo Ye then got a call from his mother to say that the police were turning the shop topsy turvy, saying that they did some illegal stuff. Tuo Ye rushed over to the shop and got arrested by the police on accounts of selling wine that were not authorised. Guang Xi turned up and asked "What happened to Hua Tuo Ye?"

 Hua Yi rushed forward and asked Guang Xi to help, but he stunned everyone when he asked "Why is he not detained yet?" Tuo Ye thus got arrested, and when he was brought away, he cried out "Mu Cheng don’t worry! No matter what he does, you cannot hand Xiao Le over to him!!" Guang Xi told Hua Yi and the village head that as long as someone tried to help Liang Mu Cheng, that person would be opposing him. Guang Xi walked over to Mu Cheng’s house and locked Mu Cheng out. 

Guang Xi saw Xiao Le using a knife and got angry, asking if Mu Cheng didn’t teach him that children shouldn’t use a knife. Xiao Le said he knew, and after asking why Xiao Le’s still carving carrots, since Guang Xi already helped him finish the assignment, it was revealed that Xiao Le was trying to grow a new carrot from the carrot that Guang Xi carved a face in. Guang Xi asked "Why didn’t you ask Mu Cheng to help you?" "Mu Cheng says I should not miss you too much."


Guang Xi told him that he didn’t need to grow new carrots because he would always be there for him. "Because daddy will always be here for you." "But I don’t have a daddy" "You have… I’m your daddy." However, Xiao Le thought that Guang Xi was just pacifying him because Xiao Le had always called Guang Xi ‘daddy’. Guang Xi was very angry and he shouted at Mu Cheng for asking Xiao Le not to think of him. He wanted to have Xiao Le immediately, because they had lost too much time. "I beg you. Xiao Le cannot live without me, and I cannot live without him.." "You beg me?! Six years ago, when I begged you not to leave me, how did you treat me? When I begged you to give me an answer, how did you answer?" He then told Mu Cheng that if she wanted to stay by Xiao Le’s side, there’s only one way — to marry him, because Xiao Le needed a mother. Mu Cheng was horrified and asked "Why would you want to marry me when you clearly hated me, when it’s so hard to look at me?" "It’s not hard… I want you to know the feeling of being controlled, of being hurt." He told Mu Cheng "Come tomorrow at 10 o’clock. Whether that gardener can come out safely all depends on your decision"

Yi Qian got a lot of calls from her friends who were concerned because the cancellation of the wedding. Later, she cried to her father, that she didn’t know how to explain to her friends. Even if she wanted to tell the truth, she thought that none of her friends would believe her. Her father told her that from young, he had been too controlling of her life, and now on, he decided to let go.

He would not interfere how Yi Qian wanted to settle this relationship with Guang Xi, and if their resolution was to break up, he would bring Yi Qian to America, since it’s time for his retirement, and that Yi Qian had always wanted to further her studies. Wow, it’s the first time I actually like the father. To be honest, I’ve always thought that he looked like a detestable frog. Yi Qian was very touched and nodded her head. 

Mu Cheng went to apologise to Hua Yi for having involved Tuo Ye in this whole matter, and told her that she didn’t know what to do. Hua Yi told her that maybe Heaven couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted to give both of them another chance. She asked Mu Cheng if she still loved Guang Xi and that maybe Guang Xi still liked her. Mu Cheng said that she didn’t think this matter was so simple, but Hua Yi asked her to ask herself if her love for Guang Xi had changed. "If it hasn’t changed, how do you know whether Guang Xi’s has changed?" 

Yi Qian returned her ring to Guang Xi, and told him that "This… I can return to you as a whole… but I’m afraid I can’t regarding my heart." She then told him about her decision to go America and that "I hope that the next time we meet, we’re still friends." She put out her hand and Guang Xi shook it. She smiled and hoped that Guang Xi would be happier now, and that Mu Cheng and him would face each other honestly. Guang Xi told her that there would be many opportunities in the future because they would be getting married the next day. Yi Qian was very shock to hear that he would use his marriage as a chip for revenge, and she asked if he ever thought that he’s doing all this because he still loved her. Yi Qian sat down and told Guang Xi "Do you know why all these years, I’ve never agreed to your proposal? It’s because I’m scared that your heart still has her, just that you don’t know it. If we married yesterday, and you found out today that you love Mu Cheng -"

"Who said I love Mu Cheng?" "No? These six years…. when you suddenly lapse into silence, I will be wondering if you remembered something… when you suddenly look at me with a foreign expression, I will be thinking if I don’t know another side of you… now that I back out, I don’t wish that you use your happiness for revenge… don’t destroy your happiness for a moment of folly. Marriage should be happy, and not like what you’re doing now…" She got up and was going to leave when Guang Xi stood up and said


"Yi Qian…. thank you. These six years…I truly loved you… really." Yi Qian nodded, teared, turned around and

recalled all the happy times that they had together, before leaving. And that’s the true blue full stop of the relationship between Yi Qian and Guang Xi -sad music in the background-

Mu Cheng told Xiao Le that from now on, Guang Xi uncle would be Guang Xi daddy, and Xiao Le put his head down. Mu Cheng asked if he’s sad, but he said "No, Mu Cheng, Xiao Le already knows that Guang Xi is my daddy…Why do adults like to lie to children?" Mu Cheng hugged Xiao Le and asked if Xiao Le really wanted a daddy.

Xiao Le was very happy about having a father and he asked if Mu Cheng was sad because she’s tearing/crying. The next day, Tuo Ye asked when he could be let out because there’s someone out there who he had to help but the person said that he better thought of himself first, rather than still thinking of others. Mu Cheng really brought Xiao Le to meet Guang Xi to register their marriage. Xiao Le asked Mu Cheng if she’s happy because she’s getting married. Mu Cheng didn’t answer but asked Xiao Le if he’s happy. "Happy! I couldn’t sleep yesterday, because I’m going to have a father!^^" Guang Xi came and introduced Zhang Ma, a nanny that he had when he was small and would be in charge of taking of Xiao Le from then on. He sat down and took out the rings.

He put one on Mu Cheng and said that since choosing rings should be something that a loving couple did, they wouldn’t need to choose rings because he knew that she didn’t want to marry him, and that she only married him for Tuo Ye. Mu Cheng told him that she really had nothing to do with Tuo Ye but Guang Xi said "Why should I believe someone who heartlessly abandoned me when I was going to die? This ring is to remind you of your identity as my wife. In the future, I don’t care who you will want to think of, but please remember to act your role." Finally it’s their turn and it was so sad and unromantic as they registered their marriage. "Happy marriage, wife" "Will you please let Tuo Ye go?" "The first sentence that you said after our marriage… is still about that gardener." "You promised me!" "This scene feels so familiar. Six years ago, you went with me on a date for Tuo Ye. Six years later, you married me for Tuo Ye. You can go to this place to fetch your lover." He gave her the address to fetch Tuo Ye and the keys to his house. Later, he kissed Xiao Le goodbye because he needed to go to work and he was about to leave when Xiao Le asked why he didn’t kiss Mu Cheng goodbye. Guang Xi walked over to Mu Cheng’s side

and swooped in for a kiss, leaving Mu Cheng in a mix of disgust [ I guess] and shock.

Guang Xi smiled and asked "Is there a need to be so surprised? You should get used to your life, for Xiao Le." and he turned and walked away.

Mu Cheng looked down with a resigned expression. 

-the end-

Wow! I was right, right? These 2 episodes have taken the drama in a hundred and eighty degrees direction, and I love it. Of course, I remain dubious of their love which blossomed within less than two weeks six years ago, but putting that aside, I like the twist. In 2 episodes, Guang Xi regained his memory, sent Tuo Ye to be detained, broke up with Yi Qian and married Mu Cheng. 

I know why Ady An fails to pull me in! It’s because of her character, Mu Cheng. Uhm, let me try to explain this. In the drama, Mu Cheng always lies about her feelings for Guang Xi and why she wants to have Xiao Le etc, but because Ady An acts too good, it makes Mu Cheng a good liar, so good that viewers can almost take her words for real. I don’t know if it’s a flaw per se, but it’s not just me who finds it hard to pity Mu Cheng when her lies sound so real. When she told everyone that she left Guang Xi because she couldn’t see a future, it feels so smooth that her lie almost became real for me. When she told Yi Qian that she gave birth to Xiao Le just because she’s lonely and she needed someone who wouldn’t abandon her, I almost believe her — to be honest, I think I did. I always thought, and am still thinking, that she has Xiao Le because it’s a gift from Heaven [ note: I’m not referring to God as in Christianity. Heaven is a term use to simply describe the highest divine being ‘up there’ ] and it’s the only way she can to remember Guang Xi’s times with her. Yet her lies are soooo smooth, that it becomes hard for me to tell, and it makes me think that perhaps, her lies have an ounce of truth in it. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it does make her a little too practical for my likes. 

I particularly like the scene where Guang Xi told Mu Cheng that he remembered everything. That was a scene that convinced me that Vanness Wu had really improved in his acting. It was super good, and considerably creepy, as I watched him switch from mocking, to being in grief, to being in rage, and then being sarcastic. Gosh, he kind of sounds like a schizo actually, but it was good, really. There’s always a resolution between the second female lead and the male lead, and here it comes in episode 15. I like how Hua Yi tries to convince Mu Cheng that perhaps there’s still love in the relationship, and then immediately, they had Yi Qian to convince Guang Xi about the same thing.

Talking about second leads, I just realise something — that somehow I almost always fall for the second leads in korean dramas [ Let me see — Jae Shin, Shin Woo, Yoo Gun etc, though not always, like In Woo etc ], I almost never not fall for the male lead in taiwan dramas! Hmm… that’s an interesting thought… LOL, back to the point, talking about second leads, I realise that I don’t like Tuo Ye as much as I always do like second leads. I like him how he was six years ago, when he knew when to let Mu Cheng go, but right now, I dislike both how Tuo Ye wants to be with Mu Cheng and how Mu Cheng accepts him just to be with Xiao Le.[ Oops, correction, I realise that I totally love Rui in Meteor Garden.]

Hmm, I think it got to do with how korean dramas always get the second leads to help the female lead in the background, and the fact that they’re so giving and yet not asking for anything in return just hits me somewhere in my heart,but Tuo Ye’s too demanding — not at all like a convention kdrama second lead. 

Sorry if I sound super weird up there, I mean, I just realise the reason why I like second leads in Kdramas but not Taiwanese dramas!:O -insert shocked expression- I’ve no idea if I will do following recaps in a 2 episode format, but yeah, I’ve learnt not to say anything too early. :P. Oh right, by the way, I’ve dropped Hi My Sweet Heart, and have gotten myself addicted to Keizoku 2:SPEC instead. 



  1. Anonymous says

    Lol when I first watched it, I wasn’t a Yamapi fan, and I still felt quite sad for Kame cos Youtube’s commments were all about Yamapi+Nobuta… then I became a yamapi fan and I was all like yeahhhhh he’s so cute and adorable. Haha!

    Currently I’m studying(: so it gets really hardcore busy when I have exams:P


  2. Anonymous says

    Yeah Jiro, Aaron, and Calvin are main characters on KO One. They are also main characters on The X-Family but they play other characters.

    Momo Love was just horrible – not my worst drama but it was horrible. ToGetHer was okay, it had good points but I just didn’t seem to end up loving it.

    When did you start watching Asian dramas? What are your favourite Asian dramas ever?


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  4. Anonymous says

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Cool recap like always πŸ™‚

    Even I like the piano version of the OST πŸ™‚

    Have to agree, Vanness Wu’s acting has improved by leaps and bounds πŸ™‚


    • Re: Thanks πŸ™‚

      Thank youuu:D I really like the OST and instrumentals always have an effect on me:D Mmhmm! Can see his improvement through out the episodes.


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  7. Anonymous says

    Autumn’s Concerto

    I truly understand where Quang Xi is coming from…. he’s been totally deceived (lies upon lies) by everyone around him… and especially Mu Cheng where he felt she totally betrayed him… he needs time to get thru his feelings and start healing…. He still loves Mu Cheng very much and just needs time…


    • Re: Autumn’s Concerto

      Mmhmm^^ It’s quite sweet (practicality and possibility aside) for their love to be still so strong and pure despite so many years of not seeing each other(:


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