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Yo Yo Yo!

Lol I just finished a language exam!^^ Have been a little busy these few days preparing for the examination and what-not, and I’m going out now, so here’s just a quick post to tell you guys that Autumn’s Concerto Recaps will come really soon, maybe tomorrow or something…. and that I WANT KEIZOKU 2:SPEC EPISODE 9 TO BE SUBBED :< 

All righto, I’ve discovered a new anime series, but it’s quite old — Karin. Aint like how those female anime characters always have unnatural bulging chest, but other than that, everything’s going lovely^^ Usui’s eyes are the smallest eyes I’ve ever seen though. 



  1. hope it went well 😀
    I really enjoyed watching Karin!
    haha her chest is.. yeah XD
    it was much less exaggerated in the manga.


    • Sigh… I really hate it when they do that but I guess it’s inevitable seeing that well… jap guys seem to love it:O

      I will be doing a review on it pretty soon!^^


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