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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 16 recap

One episode recap!^^

Tuo Ye was freed and he smiled when he saw that Mu Cheng was waiting for him. As they walked down the road, Tuo Ye told Mu Cheng that they couldn’t do anything to him. He suspected that Mu Cheng had done something and asked her. Mu Cheng fingered her ring, and told him that they had married. Tuo Ye laughed and said that it’s just a joke, even though you could tell that he sounded like he was in denial. Mu Cheng told him that they just registered their marriage that morning. Tuo Ye turned around and asked if Guang Xi forced her, but arghhhh that Mu Cheng told him that she wanted to give him another chance blah blah and that he’s Xiao Le’s father. Mu Cheng told Tuo Ye to think of the pros, like Xiao Le would have a father and that Tuo Ye would not be in danger again. 

"You promised to marry me just two days ago, and now you married him." Tuo Ye was very pained for her because she always thought of others and not of herself.

"Why did you still get snatched away by Guang Xi even though you promise to marry me? Why… when I know you first? But you still chose to hold his hand six years ago… and six years later. Do you know… that I didn’t care the most about you marrying him? What makes me really sad was that you didn’t trust me from the start. When you’re in trouble… the first person that you think of… is not me. I’m very foolish… naive right? I thought that as long as I stay by someone’s side, that person will understand… but I think I’m wrong… Mu Cheng..This is nothing… You can go and quickly be Guang Xi’s wife. This is better… you can be a wife of someone who is rich… instead of suffering by my side.. I’m not too bad either, I’m sure someone will have me. This is nothing… it’s just separation… just that it’s different from six years ago.. because I don’t think I can treat you as a friend anymore. You don’t need to put it at heart… because it’s just me being one sided from the start till the end… It’s okay.. it’s only six years anyway… it’s okay as long as I don’t be so stupid in the future." He turned around and Mu Cheng said, "Tuo Ye…you will always, always, be the most important friend I have." Tuo Ye was seriously crying by now and he mocked, "Friend? I only realise now, that I really hate it when you say that." and he walked off, leaving Mu Cheng in tears and she murmured, "Forgive me, Tuo Ye, forgive me." 

Guang Xi went back to his office, and it was revealed through his assistant, that Guang Xi decided to stop being Lee Wang Cai’s lawyer. Even though the assistant said that his pay was very high, Guang Xi said that money was not the issue, and that he would never help this kind of people again. The conversation below’s quite funny!

The assistant saw Guang Xi’s ring and said, "Boss… new ring?"

"It’s my marriage ring."

"Oh congratulations to you and Yi Qian!"
"I didn’t marry her."
"Boss… don’t pull my leg. Who doesn’t know that you only have Yi Qian for the past six years?"
"Do you want to look at my ID?"
"Ahh there’s no need! Anyway marriage’s a good thing, no matter who you marry."
"Can you give me the website where there’s toys like spaceships etc?"
"Sorry Boss… why do you keep wanting me to buy toys like spaceships… it’s for?"
"It’s for my son."

Assistant in shock, "Ahhh actually.. there’s nothing wrong with a shotgun marriage! Now the most popular dowry the girl can have is the child in her stomach.. there’s nothing strange about that. When’s the expected date?"

Guang Xi laughed mockingly and said, "My son’s five years old."

And thus, the assistant got shooed out of the office, feeling damn confused and I was like hahahahaha, poor assistant! Mu Cheng went to Guang Xi’ s house and Xiao Le just got home as well. Xiao Le showed Mu Cheng his room and wanted to invite Tang Tang over, but Mu Cheng told him that Tang Tang and Hua Hong would have to stay in Hua Tian Cun.

Xiao Le started tearing when he realised that even Duo Zai [ Tuo Ye ] would not be with him, but he’s still happy because he wanted to be with Guang Xi. Mu Cheng made rice with beef for dinner and because it’s for Guang Xi and Xiao Le, she specially took out the carrots. Director Fang happened to come home, and Xiao Le ran up calling her Granny, but she was damn mean and said that she didn’t want to live in that house anymore.

She got Zhang Ma to move the luggage that she’d packed into the car. Lawyer Lin asked her if she would still hide the truth about Guang Xi’s dad’s suicide from Guang Xi, and re-pieced his memory after he lost it, when she knew what would happen now. She said she still would. She never thought that she did anything wrong, just that she didn’t do well enough. Lawyer Lin told her that if she wanted, she could start with Xiao Le and learn how to treat her loved ones all over again. Director Fang left the house, but not before looking at the hankerchief that Xiao Le lent her the other day.

Guang Xi’s assistant told him that the victim of Lee Wang Cai, Miss Wu, had committed suicide, and she’s in ICU now. Guang Xi was stunned but told him that since he’s not Lee Wang Cai’s lawyer anymore, it didn’t concern him. 

Guang Xi went home and he smiled when he saw the rice with beef on the table.

He went to Xiao Le’s room and his look was so contented and gentle as he looked at Mu Cheng tucked Xiao Le in,

but he quickly changed his face to indifference when Mu Cheng saw him. Mu Cheng followed him down to the kitchen and asked him if he’d eaten already because she made his dinner but he said that he ate. Then, Guang Xi asked where’s her luggage and laughed when she said that it’s in the living room because she had no chance to ask Zhang Ma where’s her room. "Are you kidding me? Of course you should sleep in our room." He kept walking forward menacingly, so she had to walk backwards,


until she fell on the bed, and Guang Xi leaned over her and said "When I come out from the shower, I want to see a newlywed couple’s room." Mu Cheng moved her luggage into the room, and she saw the suit that he wore six years ago in the court when he fought for her.


She remembered that day with much longing but Guang Xi appeared and asked her to look carefully at the scar that he had on his abdomen. Mu Cheng apologised but he said that "Hurt means hurt.. an apology is no use…this is what you’ve said before." Mu Cheng said that she would go sleep in Xiao Le’s room but Guang Xi told her "There’s no need to act so innocent. All my memory came back, including that night." and he scooped her up in his arms and dumped her on the bed.

Mu Cheng cried out and struggled but Guang Xi pinned her down and started kissing her neck. Unable to move, Mu Cheng stayed still and cried, which caused Guang Xi to stop.


He shouted, "This should be to your benefit. Other than asking you to leave Tuo Ye’s side, I don’t see why you have to cry." "Tuo Ye will never do this to me…" Mu Cheng murmured, which caused Guang Xi to have a look of pain and he got off her and stormed off. 

Tuo Ye, on the other hand, was drowning his sorrows when Bin Zai came and told him there’s a gathering where they would discuss about wine and flowers. Turns out he’s bringing him to those girls where you pay money and they will you entertain you through the night kind of thing. Tuo Ye was fine with it, but that made Bin Zai uncomfortable instead, because the original Tuo Ye would never do this kind of thing. They went into the place and they heard a girl being pushed into a room. That girl was Hua Chi Xin and yes, she was caught by Fang Ge and he made her into a prostitute. Fang Ge was the one whom Tuo Ye spilled acid into his eyes, and he’s clearly looking for revenge.

The next day, Guang Xi was sleeping in the office when his assistant came in to tell him the bad news — he’s on newspapers headlines for being in suspicion of destroying the evidence. [ a VCD where Lee Wang Cai filmed the sexual harassment. Oh god, how gross. ] Director Fang went home, wanting to find Guang Xi, and incidentally saw Mu Cheng giving Xiao Le the shots. She looked pained but when Xiao Le saw her and rushed up calling her Granny, she hardened back into that mean old woman. She asked Mu Cheng what the headlines were about, but Mu Cheng asked her back the same question. "Aren’t you guys married? So Guang Xi doesn’t even tell you these things?" Director Fang mocked, and Guang Xi suddenly appeared saying, "Because there’s no need for her to know." Director Fang told Guang Xi that she’s on very good terms with the person in charge of the newspaper and she wanted him to have a good talk with that person, and request him to do an article that would be in the favour of Guang Xi. Guang Xi hated that she would always use her despicable means to settle things, and that she never cared for what’s the truth.


Mu Cheng heard his tone, and quickly rushed up to tell Director Fang that Guang Xi’s not in a good mood, which explained his tone, but Director Fang was like "He’s my son. I know his character better than anyone else. There’s no need for you to explain." She told Guang Xi that she would use all her means to lower the repercussions of this ‘scandal’ and left. 

Guang Xi and Mu Cheng brought Xiao Le to his new kindergarten, and Guang Xi’s displeased with Mu Cheng because she flinched every time they had to act like a loving couple. Xiao Le was at the playground when this boy called Eric pushed him to the ground and he fell. Guang Xi and Mu Cheng rushed up to see if Xiao Le was hurt.

Eric’s mother was nonchalant about it so Guang Xi went up to her and asked her to take her child in hand. She happened to be reading the newspaper and told Eric that he shouldn’t play with Xiao Le because his parent was ‘a monster in human’s disguise’ [ a proverb in Chinese]. Later, Mu Cheng wanted to talk to Guang Xi about it and said that "Even though I don’t know Lawyer Ren, but I know Ren Guang Xi." She knew that Guang Xi felt guilty towards the case and didn’t want him to be unhappy, but Guang Xi said "If not for the fact that I know you like Tuo Ye, I would have thought that your concern was true. Too bad, because I’m not going to be tricked again." He left for his work, leaving Mu Cheng in dismay.

The repercussions were starting to show, as various corporations and organisations called to say that they would want to cancel their contract with him. Lee Wang Cai called to tell him that his new lawyer told him that the VCD was incriminating evidence, and Lee Wang Cai wanted Guang Xi to destroy the evidence. Guang Xi told Lee Wang Cai that he should be trying to think of ways to make up to Miss Wu [ Li Hua ], but Lee Wang Cai was like "Why should I waste time on her? I just spend a lot of money organising a bikini competition and there’s going to be a lot of hot babes for me to see." Guang Xi was very angry and shouted into the phone, "Taking up your case is the biggest humiliation in my whole life!" before throwing the phone against the wall [ which I promptly realise that it’s his assistant’s phone.] 

Mu Cheng was at home and received a lot of calls as well. Lawyer Lin came to find Guang Xi because he wasn’t picking up the calls. Mu Cheng asked him if the repercussions were really serious, and Lawyer Lin told her that there’s going to be a committee set up to investigate into this case. Mu Cheng said that Guang Xi told her, as a lawyer he did nothing wrong, but Lawyer Lin told her " In the eyes of the law, yes he didn’t do anything wrong, but in the eyes of the society, everyone pities the victim, thus his career will face a huge blow." Mu Cheng asked if the situation would improve if Guang Xi stood out now to prove that Miss Wu was really sexually harassed, but Lawyer Lin said that "There’s a rule which states that lawyers cannot use the evidence that the clients produce, against the client, unless approved." He then went on to say that if Guang Xi did that, his license might be revoked. Lawyer Lin then told her that "If you want to narrow the distance between you and Guang Xi, maybe you should go take a look at his study room, and you will find the Guang Xi that you have missed." Mu Cheng smiled and sent him to the door. Lawyer Lin left after saying, "Actually your situation was very similar to Miss Wu…sometimes these people only need understanding and empathy… I guess you know what you should do that will be the best for Guang Xi." and Mu Cheng nodded. 

-the end-

As promised!^^ Here’s the second ‘bed scene’, except that it’s not really one. I kinda pity Tuo Ye, even though I didn’t cry for him for some weird reason, because he kept thinking what he could do for Mu Cheng, and yet Mu Cheng had already married someone else. It’s also really quite sad that even though he’s the one who stayed by Mu Cheng’s side all the while, the moment Guang Xi appears, Mu Cheng will somehow go with him — both six years before, and six years after. Chris Wu’s acting is flawless and it did make me sad. I kinda pity Guang Xi as well! It’s like you could tell that he kept hoping that things would go back to normal between him and Mu Cheng, but he’s afraid as well, so he kept his hard exterior and didn’t let her know about his real inner feelings. I love it that the scriptwriters got Guang Xi to terminate the contract before he made the headlines, because that showed that he really, truly changed back to who he was — someone that is full of justice and honesty. 

However, I felt like Vanness Wu’s acting, or rather pronunciation, went downhill a little! It could be because they filmed this scene first before the previous scenes, somehow, he sounded like an awkward guy again:O Lee Wang Cai’s truly a……ARGH. I mean he’s both stupid and pervertic — the worst combination ever. Oh… have I ever said that how much I thought Mu Cheng’s stepfather was similar to Qi Luo’s stepfather in Mars? I thought Mars was more well done though — that stepfather was really super eerie and creepy. 

Did you see the colour coordination in second and third screenshot from the bottom?:D I love colour coordination, especially between couples or between a character and the settings. It might be coincidental, because I don’t think there was any more colour coordination scenes later on, but who cares!^^ 

LOL my comments on the previous recap were so long, that this one ended up quite short. [ To be honest, I’m super tired now — I was made to wake up really early to wait for someone, who in the end, came really late. I’m currently between a =.= and :< right now ] 


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