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A couple of updates that seem like they have nothing to do with what this Livejournal is about — First, I’m watching the latest season of America’s Next Top Model!:D It’s the second season that I’m watching and I’m loving it. Second, CN Blue’s I’m A Loner is deeply stuck in my head. Yikes. 

Hahaha, right on to more relevant updates — Karin’s slightly irritating me out, but I will explain why when I do a review on it, probably tomorrow or something. I’m amazed! I’m going to finish the series really soon, making this a record of finishing an anime within 2 days. – waves hand and acknowledges the applause- Autumn’s Concerto next episode recap is in the making, and I’m dying for the next episode of Keizoku 2:SPEC to be out and subbed. 

That’s about all… I’m wondering if I should watch Secret Garden when I’m free, and if I should continue My Girlfriend is A Gumiho. Come to think of it, I’ve never dropped a drama before. Even if it’s the crappiest shit ever, I persevere through the end trying to make it work. Is it like this for you too? 



  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v. hehe. i’m watching america ntm as well with my floormates although ive missed a few ep. honestly, i don’t have much time (ive read ur replies and will reply to them later…) so i plan on catching up during christmas. i don’t love it but it’s entertaining enough. my fav american contest show should be dancing with the stars.
    and usually, i finish around 90% of the dramas i’ve started, perhaps less than that. i used to be like you and finish everything but as time went by, the number of dramas im watching started to increase so it’s almost virtually impossible for me to finish everything now. and yes, you should check out secret garden. what are you waiting for? XD


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