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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 16 recap

 Oopsie daisies! I’ve gotten away with America’s Next Top Model lol:P

Mu Cheng gave Xiao Le a bath and she could tell that Xiao Le was unhappy.

She asked if his classmates or parents said something to him and he replied that they talked a lot of English to him which was very difficult. He wanted to call Tang Tang because he missed her and asked for Mu Cheng’s phone, then he chased Mu Cheng out of the room saying that he wanted to have a secret conversation with Tang Tang. [ LOL those kindergarten couples are damn cute please!]

Bin Zai brought Tou Ye back to the prostitute place and it was revealed that Tuo Ye didn’t do anything the previous night [ meaning no one night stands, no nothing ]. Tuo Ye got a call from Mu Cheng, and he was hesitant about picking it up, but Bin Zai told him to pick up in case it was really something urgent.

Turns out that it was Xiao Le calling him. Xiao Le wanted to know what the proverb meant [ the one previously mentioned which means a monster in human disguise ]. He knew that it was something bad about Guang Xi which was why he didn’t want to ask Mu Cheng or Guang Xi because he didn’t want them to be unhappy. Tuo Ye beautified the proverb and told Xiao Le that it’s something used to praise people.


Xiao Le said that he missed him, and so did Mu Cheng, and Tuo Ye teared because he missed the both of them as well. He told Xiao Le that he’s welcome to call him any time. After he put down the phone, they heard a woman being pushed into a van. Bin Zai joked that it sounded like Chi Xin when Tuo Ye noticed that the girl dropped something. He ran forward and – as suspenseful, exciting music comes into the background-, he realised that it was the amulet that Chi Xin gave up.

He ran towards the van but it was too late. The van, that contained Chi Xin had driven away.

Mu Cheng remembered what Lawyer Lin said and went into the study. She found books and notebooks that contained all of Guang Xi’s hard work and perseverance.

Then, she saw a magazine which contained an interview with Guang Xi and inside Guang Xi mentioned how he had to listen to recordings because the doctor said he worked too hard, causing his eyes to be unable to focus on the words.

The interviewer asked why he wanted to become a lawyer and he said that he had a dream, inside the dream, he helped a girl won a case. "Even though I cannot remember who the girl is, but I remember her helplessness, her tears. This is why I’ve worked so hard to become a lawyer, that maybe if I can get people to trust me, I can find a little of myself." Mu Cheng realised that it was because of her and the case six years ago which caused Guang Xi to become a lawyer. Guang Xi came into the room and she told him that she’s very impressed because this meant that even when he lost his memory, he still believed in justice. Guang Xi said that it’s useless, since everyone now thought that he’s a cruel and cold blooded lawyer. Mu Cheng told him that Lawyer Lin came to the house that morning, and Guang Xi said he knew about the association. He asked her to go to sleep and after she left the study, he took out the VCD and looked at it. 

Mu Cheng went to find Wu Ren Hua and when you could tell that Wu Ren Hua trusted Mu Cheng a little because she started talking to her, after Mu Cheng told her about a girl who retreated into herself because she was constantly sexually harassed by her stepfather, [ a.k.a herself ] and that it’s because of someone whom she met who gave her the strength to go on. [ a.k.a Guang Xi]


However, after Mu Cheng said that she’s the family member of Guang Xi, Miss Wu got really agitated and she threw things around, causing hot water to splash on Mu Cheng’s arm. Later, Mu Cheng gave her number to the nurse, and asked her to contact her immediately if there’s anything with Wu Ren Hua. [ her mother committed suicide after being sexually harassed by Lee Wang Cai ]. 

Director Fang got called to the kindergarten because Xiao Le fought with Eric [ whose mother who insulted Guang Xi on his first day ].

Later, Xiao Le told Director Fang that he did that because Eric said Guang Xi’s bad words and he didn’t want his parents to know because he didn’t want Guang Xi to know that people had been talking badly about him. Director Fang said that he’s just like Guang Xi when he’s young and that Guang Xi was constantly in fights also. Xiao Le was like "Did he win?" "It doesn’t matter if he wins, because fighting is wrong." "Oh…" "But he did win…" "YES!" [ HAHAH HOW CUTE! ]


Director Fang softened and told him about Guang Xi when he’s young and that the good point about Guang Xi was that once he had a goal, he would strive hard all the way. At night, Director Fang told Mu Cheng that they should have taken better care of Xiao Le’s emotions and Guang Xi who heard, thanked her for what she had done. She was taken aback, though you could tell she was touched, when she heard that, because I guess it’s the first time that Guang Xi thanked her. 

Guang Xi went into the room and Mu Cheng followed him, telling him that if he needed anything, he could find her. Guang Xi was very angry because he thought like she should be happy since the man she hated was being so irritated to death by the press now. Mu Cheng said she’s not and that he shouldn’t use the lawyer’s attitude to question her.

He grabbed her arm, and she couldn’t help herself but to wince. Knowing that something was wrong, Guang Xi pulled her sleeve up, while saying "Why do you always hide things from me?" He saw the red mark left by the hot water, and Mu Cheng had no choice but to tell him what she did. He asked why she always had to think of others, and never for herself. She said that it’s because it concerned about him, that’s why she wanted to help, and she would help Wu Ren Hua, just like how he helped her six years ago — by being with her and trusting her.

She knelt down and held Guang Xi’s hands, saying "Even when the whole world criticizes you, you must remember, your family members will not leave you. Xiao Le will also retaliate for his father, because we believe that your actions were done after thinking and that you feel that it’s the correct decision." "Can I trust that what you’ve said is from the bottom of your heart?" "Of course…" Suddenly, Mu Cheng got a call from the hospital to tell her that Wu Ren Hua had disappeared. 

She recalled her conversation with Wu Ren Hua and deduced that she must have gone to find Lee Wang Cai. The both of them rushed out to his house. Lee Wang Cai got off a cab, drunk, and true to Mu Cheng’s deduction, Wu Ren Hua went there and wanted to stab him. Guang Xi mananged to stop her in time, but she went berserk when she saw that it’s Guang Xi, and she raised her arm to stab him, but Mu Cheng blocked Guang Xi and she stabbed her back instead.


Guang Xi was so worried, and quickly took out his blazer to cover her back. Wu Ren Hua started crying and apologising. Mu Cheng went up to her and said, "It’s okay… later I will accompany you back to the hospital and not let you be alone… I once wanted to do something like this to that guy" and Wu Ren Hua realised that the girl she was talking about earlier was herself, "but before that could happen, I met him. He accompanied me" and Guang Xi knew she was talking about him "which stopped the torture from continuing to torment me." Mu Cheng hugged her.

Later when they’re at the hospital, Guang Xi finally apologised to her, and Miss Wu said that she knew that was his job, but her heart still hurt a lot nevertheless. Guang Xi said that he knew that all she wanted was empathy and understanding [ which Mu Cheng said as well previously ] and Miss Wu told him that Mu Cheng said the same thing as well.

She said that they must have been very loving to have such telepathy and to be able to contribute to each other so selflessly. Mu Cheng came out and Miss Wu told the both of them "To have another half that will save you without a single thought…. you two should cherish this." Mu Cheng and Guang Xi looked at each other and Miss Wu asked, "Yet.. is there really no way to punish Lee Wang Cai?" Guang Xi got a call, and it was Lawyer Lin who asked him if he was sure that he would want to do that, even though he should know that he would be punished. Guang Xi said that he’s sure and Lawyer Lin smiled. Walking back to Miss Wu, he told her, "I have a present to give you and I think it’s not too late." Turns out he wanted Lawyer Lin to give the VCD to the police, and with the VCD, there’s no way Lee Wang Cai could run away from being convicted. Lawyer Lin called Director Fang to tell her what Guang Xi did, and that he had a favour to ask from her. Guang Xi got a call from his mother, and she sounded like she was going to scold him, but later her tone softened and said that the favour he asked from her had already been granted. Guang Xi smiled. Miss Wu asked if it’s really okay but Guang Xi was like since his family had so much money, even if he lost his job, he could go teach law at Sheng De University. Then, Guang Xi told her that he would email her the information about scholarship and application to Sheng De University. [ the favour he asked from Director Fang ] She thanked them and when they left, she smiled. 

Mu Cheng thanked Guang Xi for what he had done and he said that he should reward her for helping him block the knife. Mu Cheng said that she wanted to go for a walk and Guang Xi smiled and said " I forgot that you had such a weird hobby." because six years ago, when they went on that date, Mu Cheng wanted to go for a walk as well.

While they were walking, they found a bird that had fallen out of its nest and Guang Xi helped to put it back into the nest. Mu Cheng laughed, and after Guang Xi asked why, she said that she realised six years could change a lot of things, yet a lot of things had remained the same as well. Six years ago and now, she was still like a busy body, and he’s still by her side. "Turns out that six years later I’m still by your side.. I could only say that it’s my misfortune." which was supposed to sound like an insult, but both his tone and his expression were like so soft and gentle that Mu Cheng knew he was jesting.


Thus, they continued on their walk in this happy, blissful, loving mood. Ahhhh~~

Tuo Ye went to save Chi Xin and Fang Ge wanted to chop off his hand + get money because he wanted revenge since Tuo Ye spilled acid into his eyes.

Tuo Ye agreed and even though Fang Ge didn’t really chop off his hand, he pierced the knife deep enough to cause excruciatingX10 pain to Tuo Ye. Fang Ge looked like he was going to release Chi Xin and Chi Xin who was tortured enough, couldn’t walk so she sprawled on the ground, [ remember the sad music! ] telling Tuo Ye that she would not be so immature again and their hands were going to touch — when Fang Ge leaned down and stopped them from touching, and he told Tuo Ye that he would only release her three days later when he get the money ready for him.

Then the sidekicks pulled Tuo Ye away while Chi Xin cried.

-the end-

First off, I really like that blissful air that the couple exudes in the last scene. It’s not in your face kind of thing, and it’s not over-the-top kind of romance. What always strikes me the most is subtlety which somehow in contrast, portrays an emotion that strikes a very strong chord in viewers’ hearts. It was heartwarming to see that they’ve changed someone’s life [ Wu Ren Hua ] together. It wasn’t simply Mu Cheng who succeeded — it was the both of them. Now that I’m rewatching this, I get a stronger than ever feeling that Guang Xi had been keeping Mu Cheng out of the loop of his ‘scandal’ because he didn’t want Mu Cheng to worry about him. I mean, his concern for her totally just broke through when he knew there was something wrong with her arm, kinda like six years ago when he saved her from drowning. It’s also kind of cute and sad at the same time when he asked "Why do you always hide things from me" because it’s like something that highly bothers him, and he only reveals that because of his concern. 

Chris Wu’s acting is really flawless. You give him touched, he got it. You give him grief, he got it. You give him tears of joy, he got it. Yet, it still doesn’t resonate within my heart for some weird unfathomable reason. I know why Ady An doesn’t affect me — because I could see traces of acting in her acting. Does that make sense?? When she cries, I could see the actress in her getting ready to cry [ you know the preparation and all that ] but what really affects the audience out there, is when you see the character crying, not the actress crying. It feels a tad too… deliberate and not smooth enough. I didn’t have such a problem with Chris Wu, but perhaps I’m just not crying because well I’m obviously rooting for Guang Xi.

Old Granny’s completely softened by Xiao Le, and that’s great, because there’s nothing better I love than to see hard exteriors crack under the innocence and cuteness of someone else. I was just thinking though, what happens when XiaoXiaoBin grows up and see himself in the first few minutes of this show which shot him to fame??


I mean, he was completely naked!:OO [ Haha I screencapped one that he wore his undergarments already. Before that….] LOL yeah true he’s like just five… but given his potential, I’m sure that he will be relatively, if not quite, famous next time and I’m just amused. Would he be like "What the hell was I thinking that I agreed to be naked?:O" ? 

The next episode is going to be really exciting, with more developments between Guang Xi and Mu Cheng and a really cute scene:P It’s going to be the third last recap as well! Sorry guys that I took a longer time than I should, mostly because I was watching some other stuff. Heh 😛


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