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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15

 LOL I figured since I’m so caught up in this right now, I will just do a quick entry on it. Right now, I’m watching Episode 11 with the top 4 left — Ann, Chelsey [spelling??], Jane, Kayla. 

I’ve watched one season of America’s Next Top Model before and I didn’t really like it, mostly because of the catfights and I was perhaps too young then to really like fashion. Right now, I’m at the age where… I strongly reject dressing older than how I should be simply because those around me have been getting too caught up about rushing towards an age, and I was like Come on just enjoy life as it is now, won’t you?? That being said, I do like looking at models and fashion but that was also mainly because I have this quirky habit where I like to analyse what makes a person beautiful/cute/pretty. Won’t you? It’s like I could walk pass this branded store and immediately my eyes snaps to a beautiful woman on the poster, and I would be like Hey just what really makes you look good? Is it the eyes? The nose? What the hell is it? [ No, in case you are wondering I didn’t actually say that out loud. ] 

So. I feel like I am in no position to criticize or actually comment because I don’t even look at fashion for well… the fashion! Also, having a sibling at home who is older than you, really into fashion, wanting to get out there in the world for her fashion, and being really good at it, makes one really kinda shut up in case you look like a fool or you think you are not a fool but she thinks you are a fool. I figured then I will just post my thoughts here!

I really like this season because of its lack of catfights and it was really cute and adorable to see Jane and Ann reading the Tyra Mail in Episode 11. -spoilers- I know that Ann won, and maybe she deserves it… but I don’t know, am I actually one of the rare, rare few who is okay with her personality but not with her photos? Maybe I just cannot appreciate high fashion… I’m liking Jane right now, and Chelsey is just… I like Kayla for her professionalism but yeah, that’s about it. I know that Chelsey probably got the best character to impress others but I don’t know, I think she will be nice if she doesn’t view everyone out there as a rival and she gives me the feeling that she thinks she deserves it simply because she has been into modelling and such and that she wants it a lot, a lot.

Ann, to me doesn’t even need to try and she gets brilliant photos [ even though for some photos, I didn’t think it was that good ]There’s also perhaps something to do with how she started out being sooo good and so on the top, and maybe it’s just harder to do better than that, when everyone else is improving. I think Jane would really suit commercial though. She looks like that kind that will just get my attention if I come across her. (: 

Oops, this is nothing to do with this post, but anyway I’ve good news!:D My mother had bought Autumn’s Concerto DVD wow!:D 

Okay, shall get back to America’s Next Top Model!


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