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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 18 Recap

Wow I was wrong, instead of ONE cute scene here, there are TWO cute scenes! Kekeke… oh right, this recap is once again chock full of translated dialogues so it’s a tad too long, but hope you like it anyway! The relationship between the couple is like the waves of the ocean, always going up and down.

So the couple finished their walk and they went home. Guang Xi finished his bath and it’s Mu Cheng’s turn. There was a sense of awkwardness from Mu Cheng when she entered the bathroom because Guang Xi was still inside, and after she entered the place where one showers, Guang Xi smiled.

He started blowing his hair but he heard a noise from the shower and went to ask Mu Cheng what happened. "Nothing."  "Nothing? Then what’s that noise just now?" "Can you help me call Zhang Ma?" "Zhang Ma? Mu Cheng, come out and talk!"

So Mu Cheng opened the door, and she told him that because of the injury on her back, she couldn’t remove her clothing without pulling the wound open. Guang Xi said that he would help her, but she immediately asked for Zhang Ma again. "We shouldn’t bother her with this kind of trivial matters. You may think that it’s nothing, but I will have no face. We already have Xiao Le… don’t really know what you are struggling about. Six years aren’t that long ago… I can still remember everything about you. Fine, I will close my eyes! A man helping a woman remove her clothes in the bathroom… I don’t know how long I can take it!" Mu Cheng was startled and then she relented, so she asked Guang Xi to help her, and Guang XI was damn cute because he was peeping!


Guang Xi then left the room.

Tuo Ye went home and Bin Zai helped him to treat his wound but it was damn painful. Ouch. Hua Yi called Mu Cheng and wanted to borrow money from her, because Tuo Ye needed one million. Mu Cheng assured Hua Yi and said, "Tuo Ye is someone very important to me." Yet just at this time, Guang Xi entered the room, so he only heard that [ and I was like what the hell!! ] and so he got angry again, thinking that Tuo Ye’s Mu Cheng’s lover.

Sigh… and so Guang Xi became back to the old Guang Xi who was super cold and unfeeling towards Mu Cheng. In the morning, Guang Xi got a call from Lawyer Lin to tell him that the association decided not to punish him, and Mu Cheng said she would go tell Miss Wu about the good news. Guang Xi ignored her and brought Xiao Le to school, even though Mu Cheng said that she could go with them to school, then to find Miss Wu, but Guang Xi was like, "It’s okay you can go and do your own stuff." GAH. 

Enters the second cute scene! Xiao Le asked Guang Xi if he’s sad and Guang Xi denied it. Guang Xi asked Xiao Le if he ever knew the feeling of not knowing what the other person was thinking [ Mu Cheng ] and Xiao Le said that "You can just ask, and you will know!" "Sometimes you are scared that the person’s answers are not what you want to hear…" Xiao Le told him that he’s just like the sun, because he’s like what Granny said [ Director Fang ] "Serious at work" etc but Guang Xi didn’t believe it. Xiao Le whispered in his ears, "You were talking about Mu Cheng right?" "Shh…"


"You dislike Mu Cheng? Dislike?? If you dislike Mu Cheng, how can you have Xiao Le? Dislike? You say you dislike??" "Look, there’s an aeroplane!" "Don’t lie to me:D You dislike Mu Cheng? Dislike??" and Guang Xi just kept laughing and didn’t answer at all which sort of equals to a "No". LOL Xiao Le’s just soooo cute!! 

Now, this happy feeling is then shattered because Guang Xi got a call from the assistant who said that he had been tagging Mu Cheng ever since Guang Xi smsed him and told him to do so the previous night. He told him that Mu Cheng went into the pawn shop after looking at her ring. In the office, Guang Xi’s obviously fretting and super irritated+annoyed+maybe a little betrayed? I mean that’s the wedding ring after all! The assistant tried to assure him that nothing was wrong and that maybe Mu Cheng wasn’t holding her ring, but perhaps something that just looked like a ring.

He told Guang Xi that perhaps the problem was because Guang Xi and Mu Cheng started off at the wrong stage of relationship. He suggested for Guang Xi to take Mu Cheng on to his next case — a supermodel filing a divorce lawsuit to her husband and she wanted to meet him at a villa. "Boss… I think that you are just too pessimistic… maybe you should learn to trust each other more."

At home, Xiao Le asked if the prince and the princess in the fairytales would also have a happy ending. Mu Cheng said that sometimes they would quarrel but in the end, they would still be blissful. Xiao Le asked Mu Cheng if she’s unhappy because she never smiled after getting married to Guang Xi. Mu Cheng smiled and said that even though sometimes it was unhappy between the both of them, they would end up blissful as well. They both of them didn’t know that Guang Xi heard the conversation, and Guang Xi recalled what the assistant told him — that maybe with trust, he would discover that everything’s different. Later, Guang Xi told Mu Cheng about her accompanying him to the villa and he asked her about the ring. She said that she placed her ring somewhere but she would find it back.

Guang Xi had a look of disbelief and he still purposely asked "You won’t lie to me right? I can trust you?" Mu Cheng nodded.

The next morning, they left for the villa after bading Xiao Le goodbye, and Guang Xi saw that Mu Cheng had her ring on. His face of bitter disbelief suddenly melted into surprise. [ ahhh~~] They went to the villa where Mu Cheng told him that she’s surprised because she saw the old Guang Xi in him, which made him have a look of pleasant surprise as well, because I mean he secretly, or not so secretly, wished that they were back together like before. He told her to check in first and he went to meet his client who surprise, surprise — it’s Zhang Ai Li.
Guang Xi laughed and said, "I guess my wife doesn’t need to wait for me inside then!" "Wife? -insert look of hrumph because she still wants him-"

"And you happen to know her as well!:D"

Next scene — full of petty jealousy from Mu Cheng which was quite funny:P Mu Cheng noted in discomfort how Ai Li leaned very close to Guang Xi when she talked and she was like "This is the info you need… I can go to your room to discuss with you later." Knowing that Mu Cheng’s watching them, Guang Xi replied, "Sure.. I think I will understand better with you around, and no one will disturb us." Oopsie as Mu Cheng got irritated more than anything else, got up and said, "You guys can continue discussing and no one will disturb you."

She walked off while Guang Xi said, "Isn’t it natural for a wife to help a husband in his job?" The waiter happened to push the cart by and Mu Cheng stopped him, took the wine and asked them, "You have been talking for so long.. you should be thirsty." Guang Xi took the bottle and said, "Hey Ai Li, isn’t this your favourite brand of wine?" "Wow you still remember… -turning around to Mu Cheng- My tastes have never changed… including my taste in men." Mu Cheng took back the bottle and said, "The husband can do big things… this kind of trivial matters should be left to the wife." and proceeded to pour wine for Ai Li, but she rejected and said, "We will talk later, in your room, Guang Xi." Mu Cheng purposely cut in and said, "When you come to OUR room later, should I prepare the same brand of wine?" thus successfully huffing Ai Li away. Guang Xi smiled at Mu Cheng.

Ai Li later realised that Guang Xi booked the 2-queen bedroom suite and knew that the relationship between the couple wasn’t that good [ since they weren’t sleeping on the same bed ]. She invited Guang Xi out for dinner, immediately after getting news of that, so you could tell that she’s up to no good. 

Guang Xi put down the phone and said, "You heard what she said right? So go and prepare later…" "Prepare? I think she just wants to eat with you." "The way you say it just now… does that mean you are jealous?" "… You think too much… I just don’t know why she has to touch here and there while talking." Guang Xi laughed and said, "She’s just an old friend. Technically, you are the third party in our relationship." "Third party?! This isn’t a matter of who knows who first and later…" "If it isn’t, then why do you get together with Tuo Ye and almost married him?" Mu Cheng looked at him and said, "Tuo Ye and I have always been friends… as for the marriage, you forced me into it. Who ask you to fight with me for Xiao Le??" Guang Xi walked nearer and asked, "Really?" Mu Cheng nodded but he replied, "You don’t need to explain to me, as if I care."


He proceeded to change his clothes and Mu Cheng ducked into the bathroom out of shyness, but behind the close doors she smiled because she knew Guang Xi cared. Later, she helped Guang Xi fix his tie, and Guang Xi asked her if she remembered helping to tie his tie when they were getting ready for the mock-court six years ago.


Mu Cheng said she remembered and that it was because Guang Xi only put on the tie for the first time, "but I think you don’t need me now." "Have you heard of that saying before? A man who just cannot learn a certain thing is waiting for the woman to help him finish that task. Maybe all these years, I couldn’t tie a tie properly because I’m waiting for someone as well -insert thoughtful look into her eyes-" Mu Cheng looked into his eyes as well, until a call broke the silence — a call from Director Fang to lecture them on leaving Xiao Le at home, but you could tell that she wasn’t really angry. 

She helped Xiao Le do his injections and after that, she remarked how Xiao Le should be without troubles now, but yet he knew so much about caring for adults. "That’s just like you Fairy godmother! [ that’s his nickname for her]" "Like me?" "Mmhmm that’s what Mu Cheng said!" Turns out Mu Cheng told Xiao Le about her when they were still in Hua Tian Cun about how Director Fang was the best mother because she would do a lot of things for Guang Xi. You could tell that Director Fang was thinking about how badly she had treated Mu Cheng last time, and that she was touched. She learnt from Xiao Le that Mu Cheng had a hard time earning the income, and also that Tuo Ye had no romantic relations with Mu Cheng. She asked Xiao Le if he had done his homework and he said that he had one — to go to a natural environment with family. He didn’t want to do at first because his parents weren’t at home, but Director Fang said she would bring him instead, causing Xiao Le to leap into her lap with joy.



Tuo Ye prepared to go off to save Chi Xin, and Hua Yi handed the money to him. He was shocked that Hua Yi managed to find the money in such a short time and she told him that gathering the money was small matters, the most important thing was to save Chi Xin and he assured her that the both of them would return safely. 

Ai Li called Guang Xi to tell him that she wanted him to print his documents because she didn’t want to read from the thumbdrive. He left in mild irritation because he had to go to the villa’s office to print, and he told Mu Cheng that he would come back to fetch her. Ai Li went to the room and basically told Mu Cheng that her clothes were so plain that the restaurant she booked would not let them in. She pulled Mu Cheng to her room and the sidekick took Mu Cheng’s phone. Mu Cheng put on a new set of clothes from Ai Li and realised that she was locked in.

Guang Xi returned to the room and couldn’t find Mu Cheng. He called her, but his call was rejected. He was damn annoyed when he went to meet Ai Li and asked her if she saw Mu Cheng but she said she didn’t. Guang Xi told her that Mu Cheng’s nowhere and that he tried to find her EVERYWHERE — the yard, the SPA, the mall in the villa. Then, he got an sms from Mu Cheng’s handphone which said, "Sorry… I don’t want to be with you here. I went back first."

Guang Xi was damn angry and threw his phone on the table. Ai Li smirked. Mu Cheng tried to call but realised the cables were cut as well. She looked up and saw the sprinkler [ What do you call that thing??? ] on the ceiling. Ai Li got someone to move her chair closer to Guang Xi and told him that she couldn’t forget him, that’s why she tried to find traces of him in her husbandS [ that’s right, with an ‘s’ because she had four marriages, uhm and four divorces, the fourth one currently handed by Guang Xi.] Guang Xi said bitterly, "You care for me much more than my wife." Ai Li said that he shouldn’t waste any more time on someone who didn’t love him. Mu Cheng was very smart and she burnt a towel so that the smoke would activate the smoke alarm [ which turned the sprinkler thing on I think ] which caused someone to quickly open the door to check what happen. Turns out there’s paparazzi photographing Guang Xi and Ai Li while they were talking. Ai Li kept leaning on his shoulder but Guang Xi wasn’t seduced or anything. He purposely leaned forward and asked, "You said that you wanted to divorce your husband because he had an affair?" "He didn’t just have an affair… he lied to me as well. If he owns up, I could give him another chance, but he didn’t. It’s okay, because I believe this is Heaven’s arrangement." Then, she leaned back on Guang Xi’s shoulder [ and I was like PLEASE you have no spine?? ] Guang Xi muttered "Give another chance", while Mu Cheng dashed up the stairs, only to see Ai Li lying intimately on Guang Xi’s shoulder. 

Ah, here’s where I really like Mu Cheng, because instead of running away like some misunderstood rabbit or something, she stood up for herself. It might also got to do with how the stupid paparazzi’s camera’s shutter was too loud and Guang Xi heard. Mu Cheng Guang Xi immediately dashed up to grab his camera but the guy was like, "I heard that Supermodel Alice wanted to file a divorce lawsuit. With these photos, I can say that she had an affair with the famous Lawyer Ren Guang Xi." Guang Xi was so angry and said that he knew what he had done, and "Believe me I can sue you for slander." "Sure bring it on! Then I can say that you are just guilty." Suddenly Mu Cheng appeared and said, "You can write all you want, but please don’t drag my husband into this." Guang Xi was so surprised that she’s still there [ wet furthermore] and walked to her side.


"This Miss Zhang trapped me just so there’s an opportunity for her to be alone with my husband. Miss Zhang, six years ago, you wanted to get revenge on Guang Xi, so you kidnapped me. Six years later, you wanted to seduce Guang Xi, so you locked me up. Why do you always use this old trick, isn’t there any new ideas? Why can’t you see that six years ago and now, you choose to use the same method to hurt the both of us, but that will only bring us closer than ever."

Guang Xi looked at her with a mix of touched and surprised. "You should reflect on why your four marriages failed and not try to break others’ marriage. Maybe you are the biggest problem for the failure of your marriages, because you don’t know how to cherish those that are beside you. – look at the photographer- If you want to write, you can write this. Now, my husband and I will like to rest." Then she took his hand and walked off, but not before Guang Xi asked for Mu Cheng’s phone. "I can still fight for you, for free, because you allow me to see today, how brave a woman can be when she wants to protect her man. This scene is very precious." Mu Cheng smiled and they turned to walk away, hand in hand, leaving Ai Li with a face of …. thoughtfulness and resignation? 

Mu Cheng stormed back into the room and asked if she appeared too early and interrupted him and Ai Li. Guang Xi asked, "Those words that you said just now… are they from the bottom of your heart?" "I’m real, but do you care if I’m real? You don’t care, you only treat it like a joke." "Do you really think it’s like that?"

"You don’t need to remind me. I know my status well, that I’m nothing but Xiao Le’s mother to you. I know that you don’t love me at all. The only reason why we’re together is because you want revenge on me, revenge till you are satisfied. That day when we left the hospital and walked shoulder to shoulder, I believed naively that maybe we can return to last time, and I told myself that maybe I can contribute a little more to this marriage… but if you only want me to play the role of Xiao Le’s mother well, there’s no need for you to bring me on this kind of work trips any more. You can just leave me next to Xiao Le, and I will feel more natural that way."

"Why did you not tell me all this before?" "Do you care? Do you know how scared, how careful everyday I have to be with you? Everytime I take a step towards you, I’m afraid that I will step over your line, and your boundary changes every single day. This kind of life puts me on tenterhooks… do you know that kind of feeling?" By then, she was tearing a bit and she sniffed and brushed what she said away. Guang XI was actually tearing as well, and he walked behind her and said,

"What if I say that I feel the same too? Because I fear, that’s why I push you away. Because I’ve no courage to find the true answers, so I escape… because our past has been chock full of lies. Facing you, I have to keep guessing which is real, and which is fake. Actually, I’m quite happy that you threw this tantrum to tell me your true feelings… but you have to trust me that there’s nothing between me and Zhang Ai Li." " You don’t need to explain to me -" "I need to, because you are Mrs Ren. -insert the sad and sweet song- Just like how you misunderstand me and Zhang Ai Li, maybe I did the same stupid thing. Maybe I should trust that what you do in front of me is real, maybe we can really… maybe I should trust you more. Isn’t it supposed to be like that between husband and wife? We need to be honest if we want to be together forever. Maybe there’s something in your heart that you don’t dare to tell me, but if you dare to say, I will believe."

Mu Cheng touched her ring [ which shows that there’s still something wrong with the ring ] and replied that she had never wanted to hide anything from him. "I’m sorry, you might never understand why I left you six years ago, but you must believe that I did it for a reason." "What makes you think that I won’t believe what you said? You were so brave just now, you should brave for yourself too. I want to know why you made that decision six years ago." He booked a bar that night, and if Mu Cheng’s willing, "I want to find the us six years ago, to live for… each other."

Mu Cheng smiled and accepted the invitation. 

Director Fang took Xiao Le out to the natural environment and they had so much fun. Xiao Le accidentally picked up a necklace and asked if he could bring it home to give Mu Cheng, when the owner of the necklace turned up and accused Xiao Le of stealing the necklace from her bag. Director Fang told her what had happened but the owner remained firm that Xiao Le was a thief, until the owner’s boyfriend came and told her that there’s no way Xiao Le would want to steal her [cheap] necklace because his grandmother was the director of Sheng De University. Oopsie! So the owner just left while the boyfriend remarked that "Wow, our school’s director is so cool! She will play with her grandson barefooted!:D" and Director Fang heard and she smiled. 

Guang Xi went outside the room to drink coffee and he received an sms on Mu Cheng’s phone which was from Xiao Le who said that he had a fun time out with Fairy Godmother and he hoped Guang Xi and Mu Cheng had fun too! Guang Xi smiled in contentment and bliss because well, his relationship seemed to be going on well, and everything’s just so smooth. Then, Mu Cheng’s handphone received another sms and when Guang Xi read it, his face suddenly turned bitter once more. 

-the end-

Yeahhh you got what I mean? Just this episode alone is filled with so much ups and downs in the relationship that I kinda pity the both of them. It’s like it kinda irritates me that Mu Cheng wouldn’t own up to the ring thing, because it was quite obvious that she did pawn it to get money for Tuo Ye. However, I still don’t know how she managed to get a replacement ring within a night? Or was that the original ring? 

When I watched the part where Guang Xi told Mu Cheng about how he might be waiting for a girl in his life to help him finish a task? My immediate reaction was –> " HAHAHAHAHA you are just making an excuse puh-lease" which shows that that dialogue was kind of fail because I think it was meant to be romantic:P like Guang Xi waiting for a girl [ Mu Cheng ] to appear… but to me it just sounds like he’s lazy to master it:P I also like the contrast of attitude that he has towards Xiao Le and Mu Cheng. When he’s with Xiao Le, he’s all happy and sweet and not fearing to say what he really manes. When he’s with Mu Cheng, however, he becomes bitter, scared, afraid to reach out because he thinks that every time he reaches out, Mu Cheng will do something to make him bitter again.

This episode feels like it doesn’t belong as much to the whole drama per se, like the whole Zhang Ai Li episode was just to make them closer but it doesn’t exactly contribute much to the main plot. Not that I’m complaining though — it was nice seeing Mu Cheng standing up for the both of them. Even when she really misunderstood Guang Xi, she still came forward to ‘save’ him in a sense. It was nice seeing Director Fang and Xiao Le having such a great time together, but I was so, so indignant that Director Fang only asked the girl to write a 500word apology letter. I mean, yeah true 500words in Chinese would be quite long, but shouldn’t she at least apologise to Xiao Le?? 

Oh right, I discovered a happy track while rewatching the drama! LOL pardon me for being so excited because the famous tracks in this OST are all sad and emo-ish, which kinda reminds me — I just sang the theme song in the karaoke the other day and I realise it’s quite easy to sing! :O


It just kinda amuses me that Mu Cheng looked like that behind the tinted door. She looks like a ghost!

By the way, I will be quite busy these few days, with sleepovers and stuff, so the next recap will probably come in the weekend! I will try to rush out one before I go for my sleepover but it might be a little hard… so just wait for it!:D



  1. Anonymous says

    THANKs for all your hard work!

    this is my second go-around with autumn’s concerto (first time was when it first aired. waiting a week for each episode was torture) and i just finished watching episode 18. i cant get enough of AC but i don’t want to spoil myself and watch the next episode too quick. i just really hate that “post-drama” feeling. because of this, i decided to research other peoples’ impressions or thoughts regarding each episode and i stumbled upon your blog.

    i also read somewhere on your site that even one comment would make your day! and so i am here to hopefully make your day just a little more special 😀 . thanks for your personal analysis of each episode and your feedback.

    i do agree that this episode seems somewhat misaligned with the rest of the drama. it doesnt contribute to the main plot and i believe that is why some peoples’ opinion was that it dragged on towards the end. i dont necessarily agree with that because like you, im not complaining. i felt as if it adds to the overall realism of a story. not every love story will be as gut-wrenching as many dramas make them out to be. there will be highs and lows (black/white) but there has to be a grey area. this was it and it added to the relationship of all characters beautifully. it also was a throwback to earlier times in the drama when they were young. reminiscent moments are always a plus! the 500 word paper was just silly.

    i will comment on your episode 19, 20 recaps too once i watch them.
    i understand im having that “drama” syndrome and you are most likely out of it for AC. but i hope you respond.

    once again, thank you for your hard work and “rambles”


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