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Keizoku 2:SPEC Episode 4 Recap

Here it is!^^ This time, I did a little change to the way I recapped — more narrative than dialogue, and I did summarise some scenes. Hope you guys don’t mind!

Nonomura is praying to his gods with everything that is needed placed on a pedestal [ not sure what you call those things ] and Sebumi bows three times to it as well. Turns out Nonomura prays for a successful divorce and while praying, Toma accidentally knocks over the pedestal because of a bamboo stick that she just bought to hang her clothes. Toma and Sebumi are just in the midst of a heated argument whether she should bring a bamboo stick to work when Masaki

I find that she’s very pretty!

brings the presence of this woman [ whose name I can’t find, so I’m so sorry, let’s address her with her real actress name:D] Okunuki Kaoru. She tells Mishou that her daughter who has supposedly committed suicide has sent her an sms, causing Toma to be so excited. The sms reads " The leader wants to kill me. Help!" Okunuki tells her story, that a year ago on 30th of October, her daughter came into her room to tell her that she wanted to commit suicide and she bade farewell to her mother before rushing out from the house. Her mother couldn’t find her even with the help of the police, and 3 days later, the daughter’s possessions were sent to the house. Turns out the daughter joined this suicide club where people will commit suicide together.

The mother says that she refuses to acknowledge her daughter’s death until she sees the body, but her assistant says that it’s hard because all the bodies have to be hidden — a strict rule of the perfect suicide. Toma goes online to find information on this Perfect Suicide club — it’s an online thing where you need to sign up. Once there are 7 people gathered with the intention to die, they will meet together and drink a glass of wine. However, out of the 7 glasses, 1 is mixed with sleeping pills instead of poisoned wine, so this ‘unfortunate’ person who gets to live on shall take on the role of the leader and he has to send the people’s possessions home, deal with the bodies and also kill anyone who tries to escape. Okunuki is adamant that her daughter is still living, and that she must have escaped and doesn’t dare to return home in case she is hunted down by the leader. She begs Mishou to help her find her daughter, and her assistant asks, "Do you understand what she’s saying?" Out of concern so that she will stop begging, Nonomura answers, " Yes, yes we understand." and this is how Mishou unintentionally undertakes the task of breaking this case.

Toma twirls her hair and says, " That means that the leader is still living, and is preparing for the next suicide gathering. " Sebumi replies, " That’s why we have to stop this as soon as possible." Okunuki stuns everyone, however, when she reveals that she wants to join in the investigation as well.

Assistant tells Okunuki that they have tried to find out the details of the people who attended the same suicide session as her daughter, but even after 10 days, they cannot find anything. Toma rushes to the laptop and finds the details almost immediately, causing the rest to go 0.0 and running to the computer as well. Toma says, " The leader is one of these 7 people." and pushes her chair backwards so that the rest can continue to 0.0 at the computer. Sebumi assures the mother that they will do their best, while Toma comes up and tells him, " Older sister will handle this." but Sebumi knocks her hard on the head, causing her to roll on the floor in pain, and wanting to arrest Sebumi for knocking her. Then, they go to collect all the possessions that were sent to each home of the 7 people, and Toma dwells into a deep silence when one of the grieved mothers asks her to return her son to her. She goes back to Mishou and works herself into this angry silence when she thinks of the suicides. Sebumi says that he understands how she feels and that those who want to commit suicide are already hopeless. Toma begs to differ and she just cannot forgive those who are continuing the tradition of gathering to die together. Nonomura says that in one day, they have already collected 6 out of 7 people’s possessions, and Okunuki says that the last person might just be the leader. Toma types something, and then ‘enter’ it with a look of determination.

Chii is teaching tuition and Shimura [ the sister] comes in to wait for the class to finish so that she can clean up. Chii starts talking to her and learns that she’s trying to get into a university but has failed. Shimura thinks that Chii is hitting on her, and so Chii leaves. After Shimura finishes cleaning the classroom, she finds Chii’s keys on the floor and when she touches it, her eyes widen in shock. Chii is eating dumplings at the shop when he realises that he has lost his keys. Shimura turns up with his keys and leaves, leaving Chii in bewilderment as to how she knows where to find him. Toma and company go to find the last person’s possessions the next day and the father says that it’s kept inside this storage room. However, there’s something wrong with the lock. No matter how much Sebumi tries to open it, he can’t and Toma takes over. She easily opens the door and rubs it in [ because she and Sebumi are sort of like competing ]. Back at Mishou, everyone is looking at the possessions that they have collected, and Okunuki realises that all of the possessions have marks of a struggle, because they are all bent and spoilt. Toma says that she has realised the same thing as well, and she’s wondering why this is so, when Okunuki says that she thinks that the Perfect Suicide thing is just a fluke — the leader is actually a psychopath who gathers those people, make them write their last words as if they are really committing suicide, then kill them. They all notice that the last person’s possessions have no such marks of struggle and suspect that he’s the psychopath. Nonomura thinks that it’s a possible idea, because as long as the bodies are dealt with, no one will know whether it’s murder or suicide. He promises Okunuki that he will find the truth.

Some time later, Toma reveals that she has actually signed up for the Perfect Suicide thing, because she wants to bait the leader. Okunuki and the assistant arrive when Okunuki reveals that she has actually signed up for it as well, such with her desire to find out what really happened to her daughter. Sebumi starts to fill them in on the information that he has found out about the last person, and he has records of violence and he can use weapons well. Nonomura says that it’s too dangerous for two women to go there alone, but Toma assures them that it’s all right — because she has just helped to sign Sebumi and the assistant up. Chii is very worried when he hears what Toma has done, but Toma tells him that since they’ve already broken up, she’s not happy with his lecturing. Chii replies that he never wanted to break up with her, " I lost all contact with you, and two weeks later, you appear with only one arm left." Toma tells him that it’s not possible between the both of them and as police, she has to constantly put her life in danger. Chii leans back in sadness [?], when Toma’s handphone beeps. She has a hard time trying to find the right phone, because she has just so many phones, including a pager. [ wow. ] Turns out that the leader has smsed her about when to meet for the perfect suicide. This is how Sebumi, Toma, Okunuki and the assistant end up on the bus to the destination [ and Toma happily gets Sebumi to pay for her bus fee ] When they alight from the bus, two motorcyclists arrive at the same time and the assistant makes a remark about their motorcycle. Toma reveals that she actually can ride a motorcycle [ Vulsan ] and the assistant is in awe. Sebumi asks if the two motorcyclists are part of the Perfect Suicide thing as well, and they nod. So this is everyone who has signed up for the Perfect Suicide and they walk into the woods. Toma sees a sign that says " P.S walk to the right" and she happily dashes off — to the left. Everyone else continues on the right path, and Sebumi mocks "Yeah you can just continue walking, and don’t ever come back." Toma starts to fake cry and says that Sebumi bullies her.

They’ve finally reached the place and the leader is all covered in black cloth. The leader gets them to write down the address where they want to send their possessions to, because "At the end of the end, we still cannot bring trouble to others. That’s the strict rule of the Perfect Suicide." Toma sniggers. They are all going to drink down the wine, when Okunuki suddenly stands up and asks, "Is it like this a year ago?" "Yes." " No one backed out at the last moment?" "Yeah, no one backed out." "You are lying, the truth is that you killed everyone then right? Isn’t it? It’s you who killed them!" and she pulls at the leader, until his head rolls, and everyone realises that it is just a puppet/robot. Suddenly oil starts spilling from the top of the house, and some get into Okunuki’s eyes so Sebumi carries her since she cannot see. Everyone runs because they think that the leader will burn them. When they get outside of the house, they realise that the leader has gotten away on a motorcycle. Toma and Sebumi give chase while Okunuki stands in the middle of the road, and touches her earlobe. The leader goes past a curve, cannot brake in time, crashes, and dies.

Later, Toma does her calligraphy thing [ I’m always super amazed that she can actually gain ideas from that:P] and again, she has gotten all her answers. She finds Okunuki and then reveals that Okunuki is actually the killer of the leader. She actually has the SPEC which uses will power to do whatever she wants. Whenever she wants to use her willpower to do something, she will touch her earlobe, and this is why every time they went to collect the possessions, she touched her earlobe to twist the objects inside and made it look like they went through a struggle. [ it’s pretty cool because now that Toma brings that up, when I rewatched the scenes, Okunuki was really touching her earlobe every time! ] Okunuki tries to deny it but Toma brings out the last point — what was it that made her suspect Okunuki? It was the lock [ I don’t really understand this part but anyway ] that Sebumi couldn’t open when they went to collect the last person’s objects. It’s twisted off, rather than sawed off [ I think ]. Okunuki is the only one out of the 6 people who signed up for the Perfect Suicide that doesn’t know how motorcycles work. If you want to brake, you need to press on the right brake and the left pedal. However, when the leader dies, and the brakes were broken, it was both handles that were broken. If it’s someone who knows how to work motorcycles, they will know that the left handle is useless when it comes to braking, and this is why she can conclude that Okunuki is the one who causes the leader’s death.

The final blow dealt out to Okunuki is that the leader that she killed, was actually her daughter. Toma says that she blames herself for not understanding her daughter better and works herself into this illusion that her daughter was killed/backed out/didn’t want to commit suicide, but the truth is, her daughter did go for the Perfect Suicide thing and was actually the ‘unfortunate’ person who survived. When Okunuki hears that, she becomes crazy and starts to use her willpower to rip out the lights, wires etc to hurt the both of them. They are going to be in serious, mortal danger, when Sebumi who is super smart, finds a cut wire and holds it to Okunuki’s leg so that she will be electrocuted. However, suddenly, there are people swarming the place and knocking out Sebumi and Toma. These people are under the orders of Tsuda, and they carry Okunuki away . 

A girl and her mother go to see the doctor, who happens to be Unno. The doctor rests his forehead on the girl’s and assures the mother that the girl only has a mild fever. After the girl and her mother leave, the nurse comes out to call in the next patient — Ninomae. 

– the end-

Sorry! Towards the end, the video wouldn’t work anymore but because I wanted to get this recap done for you guys as quickly as possible, so I wrote from my memory. I will try the video again, and if I find any discrepancy, I will change it at once!^^

Right, hahaha I know that Okunuki’s not the name of the woman, but it’s easier to address with a name. ๐Ÿ˜›




    • This episode was really interesting… :O Thank you for your hard work! I look forward to the next episode’s recap. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for the end part, from watching the video and reading your recap, I think you got everything right? Just that the part with the doctor / Ninomae is actually before the part where Okunuki is electrocuted. But yeah. ^^

      Thank you, again! These are really, really helpful. XD


      • Merry [belated] Christmas!^^

        Haha you’re welcome!I just hope that by summarising some scenes, it doesn’t affect when you guys watch the episode:P


      • Merry Late Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚

        No, it definitely helps, even if it’s just a summary. It helps me better understand what’s going on, so thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: New comment

    Hello there! It’s been some time!(:

    I see, thanks for clearing things up then! It’s probably the slight discrepancy in the translation because I watched from Chinese subs and they might have interpreted things differently/translated wrongly.


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