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Secret Garden Episode 1-3

I am utterly hooked on this drama! It’s a good thing that I don’t celebrate Christmas:P 

I put off watching this drama because I’ve heard of the body swap and that sounds a little too….. nonsencial for my liking. However, the moment I realise that it’s Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin PAIRED TOGETHER, gosh I can’t wait to start on this drama. I’ve liked Ha Ji Won from Hwang Zhen Yi and Hyun Bin from other dramas, though I almost couldn’t recognise him, because he’s so much more good looking now. Skinnier? From the first three episodes, they give me a sense of good romance with a hint of comedy, and potential to develop lots of romance scenes that will make us squeal. I’ve no idea what I’ve liked about this drama and what pulls me towards it actually…. perhaps the chemistry of the couple? I like how Joo Won tries to restrain himself yet he couldn’t help but to care for Ra Im. There’s something about her that just attracts his attention, and for that I think that they’ve chosen the right actress. 

Now, I sincerely hope and I know that it wasn’t just me who squealed when —






happens, right??

I’m hopeless. LOL.


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