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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Review


Yes I just finished watching that!:DD 

I watched that after watching Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away [ which I will do reviews later on ], so I had this weird impression that it was directed by Hayao Miyazaki. I think that this movie has similarities when compared to Spirited Away, but I was thinking more of the drawings of the characters. When I realise that this movie was directed by Mamoru Hosoda, whether you want to call it as a trick of mind, I could immediately feel the difference in directing styles. For me, this movie is interesting because it shows what will change if time allows some events to be changed. 

Basically, this movie talks about a girl who accidentally chances upon the ability of travelling through time by leaping. At first, she uses it for totally frivolous reasons like acing exams and all, but she soon realises the effects of leaping through time — bringing changes to other people’s lives, in a bad way. There was a twist towards the end, so I highly encourage you guys to watch this! 

You know how Harry Potter The Prisoner of Askaban portrays time travelling as something that can change something for the better? [ I love that book 😛 ] I guess in this movie, they portrayed it more like something that we shouldn’t dab with. At least that’s my takeaway, because if anything happens now, we should just face it and solve the problem, instead of time travelling back, because you will change other people’s lives as well. Of course, I’m really glad that Makoto had that time travelling ability because the first leap she took was just…. worth it. It’s the following leaps that kinda spoilt things for her I guess. I really like her friends, Chiaki and Kosuke, and it does put questions in my mind. [okay spoiler ahead, but I’ve changed the question such that you don’t know who I’m talking about:P] If a guy confesses to me like that, I’ve no idea if I’ll do the same thing as what Makoto did. I mean, he’s a friend, wouldn’t it be very awkward? The ending was soooooo sweeet, [ argh I’m dying to quote. Okay I shall quote. Readers, you are forewarned, this is just a plain spoiler. ] especially when he says to her, "I’ll wait for you in the future." I totally melted there and then, even though I had a question after that — does this mean he will be really young when he finally meets her in the future? 

Spirited Away and this movie have a similarity in the sense that they both had relatively open endings. They sound like they made a promise, so yes that should be a happy ending, but then yet again, their circumstances and situations make it harder to believe. Hmm. What this movie has taught me though, is that I shall never entertain the thought of I wish I could leap through time because I know, one wrong leap and that’s it, unless that leap is used to save lives then, well done! Length and pace wise, I thought it was quite all right. There wasn’t any slow parts that I wish they could just hurry up, and I actually wish for more scenes. The scenes are quite unforgettable, and the movie might stay in your mind for no particular reason, in a good way. 

So, share with me what you thought of the Girl Who Leapt Through Time!


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