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Howl’s Moving Castle Review


The one I watched is not English dubbed [ of course! ] because I just cannot stand dubs. 

All right, I watched this, and I love it. So what’s the catch of this movie? First, you have a young girl called Sophie who was turned into an old woman. She’s in love with Howl, who seems like he only likes young pretty girls, so a secret there. Second, you have Howl, a wizard, who is really vain and ensures that he is at his best whenever he goes out, so you have a tiny bit of comedy. Third, did I mention that Howl is actually super charming [ and in my opinion ], quite good looking? He has his secrets of his own, so you have a mysterious, dark, handsome good lead. What are you waiting for?

The film starts off with an introduction of Sophie, and within ten minutes or so, the mysterious arrival of Howl, who teaches Sophie how to walk in the air. The pace is just right, with no unnecessary slow pauses. There are a lot of likeable characters, like Turnip, the scarecrow, who is actually under a spell, Markl, Howl’s apprentice and assistant, and Calcifer, the fire demon. Oh right, and not to exclude Howl, the wizard who likes to steal young girls’ hearts. There is a sense of mystery in the film because Sophie wants to break to contract between Calcifer and Howl, except she doesn’t know how. 

This film appeals to me because there’re so many secrets in there. I like the characters so much, that I want to watch the secrets being revealed and solved. I think it also wants to tell its viewers to forgive and forget, because Sophie decides to help the Witch of the Waste when she’s stripped of her power, instead of hating her because she was the one who cast a spell on her. However, I guess it didn’t work for me in that sense because the witch suddenly went crazy and wanted to eat Howl’s heart, and that’s a no-no way to get into my good books. However, my takeaway from this film is, ironically, to be forgiving, like Sophie. She does not rub salt in the witch’s wounds when she became a senile old woman. Instead, she takes pity on the witch and even brings her back to the castle. I really like the animation, and the idea of a moving castle that can lead to four different portals just by turning the knob. It’s also always fun and anxious at the same time to see romance blooming from the two main characters. 

There are constant changes to the plots – wars, detection by Madame Sulliman, bombs, transformations of Howl, collapsing the castle etc, that it’s certainly a very enjoyable watch. Of course, I’m not saying all of the above just because Howl’s Moving Castle is an internationally acclaimed film. To me, it was really good, and I’m glad that I’ve started my first animation film [ I think ] with Howl’s Moving Castle, because now I have a really good impression. It was also good to realise after wiking, that this film was inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle, which was written by Diane Wynne Jones who have won me over, when I was young, with her Chrestomanci series. 

Do give this film a try, and share with me what you’ve thought of it! 



  1. Anonymous says

    hey… it’s v.
    i’m just passing by to say (extra) belated happy new year!!
    i’ve been super busy this past month and will be even more busy but i’ll check your LJ out from time to time.
    initially, i just wanted to leave my best wishes and then move on but i couldn’t resist scrolling down… i’m happy you’re onto SG right now! kk. didn’t have time to read ur comments but i assume you enjoy it since you’re recapping it. haha. what did i tell you? kk. but what made me really stop is the Howl’s moving castle post! omommomomo… it’s totally my fav miyazaki anime…. for the sole reason that i’m a huge diana wynne jones fan!!! i cannot believe you read her as well! kk. i’ve have all her books, some of which i like better than others… my fav of the chrestomanci books will always be christopher’s lives though. if you can’t tell, i LOVE christopher. but i like all the other chrestomanci books as well. i expected to be disappointed by the two new books but i actually liked them. and i also love howl’s books. honestly, i fell in love with him almost as much as with christopher…
    and i really really gotta go.
    so, let me give you my best wishes for New Year! may it be full of joy and may your LJ be blooming! btw, hope you at least check out My Princess and Dream High… u might like them. dream high’s acting is not too good but there other things that makes it up. but maybe i’m wrong because i haven’t had the time to watch them… i just read some recaps and then fast foward the DL episodes… haha.


    • Hi! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you!:D

      Yep! I really love it hahaha the body swap’s really quite funny and not at all ridiculous as I’ve thought it would be! Yes I’m a huge fan of her Chrestomanci books! I can’t remember which one is the Christopher’s lives, but I know my favourite one was the…. oh wait I think that’s my favourite one too! The one where his lives were turned into matchsticks etc etc? I wanted to read her new books but then I can’t find it in the library and I don’t know if it’s worth it to buy!

      I did:D I’ve checked out My Princess and it looks promising, but I guess I will only start on that series proper after I finish Secret Garden!


  2. Re: IM DEPERATE!!!!

    Haha thank you!^^

    Ooh I get what you mean! I think that this touch is because of how Diana Wayne Jones write her books!^^ You can try out her other series under Chrestomanci…there is an absence of romance, but ultimately, that sense of magic and beauty is there( if that is what you are seeking for that is:P)


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