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Keizoku 2:SPEC Episode 7 Recap

 Shimura reads Toma’s mind and murmurs to herself, "What is that?" in a I-can’t-believe-this tone. Toma asks her what she’s doing and it’s revealed that Toma’s thinking of her food. Shimura mutters that she’s a woman with no big ambitions and stalks off, while Toma figures out that Shimura has the ability to read the truth and the heart. Sebumi runs back and tells Toma that they found Unno’s location. They rush there but Unno’s not there. They learn from the woman helping out there, that Unno had a meal with six men, and it seemed like they had a good time, before leaving. She tells them that Unno even donates the rest of his money when he leaves. Toma goes to the box and sees a fan there, which says "Doctor, thank you." Toma recalls what Unno says about wanting to have the talent to heal people but God is cruel. She requests to take the fan home, which the woman allows. Sebumi tells Toma not to sympathise with Unno, because he’s a murderer, but Toma is like he’s not only a murderer, and there might be a whole organisation plotting this. "Let’s say this organisation has 1000people, then this is not murder, this is war." Sebumi corrects her pronunciation/choice of words and mocks her, while she replies that she has something in her throat, that’s why. Sebumi doesn’t believe her and says, "So Brother shall change and represents the moon to punish them." Toma replies, "What if I’m correct?" History has always changed while the people in it don’t know. By the time we realise it, history has changed so much that nothing can be recognised. Sebumi says that he’s only a police, not a scholar, and Toma retorts that she’s a police too. 

Shimura is talking to her brother, and tells him to quickly wake up so that the people in the hospital won’t do bad things to him. A doctor wants to talk to Shimura, and the next scene, Shimura goes to find Sebumi and tells him that next week, Shimura will undergo euthanasia and die. Sebumi is very agitated and says that he will pay for the hospital fees but Shimura says that it’s impossible because the fees are just impossible to pay. She walks off, but not before turning around and saying, "You police shot the wrong person but no one comes up and help." Masaki takes Nonomura to this very popular woman who can read people’s minds. She’s like the modern version of Cinderella because she disappears when it’s twelve. This woman calls herself Satori [ the way I’ve heard it anyway.] and she says that Nonomura never has the intention to divorce his wife, which causes Masaki to give him a slap, breaks up with him, and runs off. Nonoomura asks why she says the truth, and she says it’s okay because Masaki already has a young boyfriend who is revealed to be one of the policeman. She pushes a bracelet towards him, which supposedly can help him change his luck for the better. 

Sebumi gets more and more bitter and agitated and he runs to the underpass, shouting for the person with the SPEC to cure illnesses to come out. He rushes back to Mishou and looks at the list, becoming very angry when the name says ‘unknown’. He sweeps things away, when Toma suddenly asks him what he’s finding, which causes him to get a shock, which causes Toma to get a shock. Haha! Toma says that she knows that Shimura’s going to die, because she managed to listen in to some really private conversations. Sebumi asks if she has any ways to solve this, and she smiles. She says that Sebumi’s senior made some notes for Reizei, so she believes Reizei is the key. Sebumi cannot see how Reizei can help, since he only can read the future. Toma reveals that "If it’s me, I will ask Reizei to predict the location and the time when this person will appear." Sebumi sees the logic and says that they must find Reizei, to which Toma agrees. Reizei has a feeling that something bad is going to happen. Tsuda laughs and says that they’re going to move house. Reizei asks Tsuda to release him, but Tsuda says that he can always send Reizei to jail because of all the fakes that he did last time in his business. 

Toma and Sebumi are hard at work when Nonomura comes back and wonders whose child is inside Masaki. Satori suddenly turns up and introduces herself. She demonstrates that she can read minds, but telling Toma that she knows the whereabouts of Ninomae. Toma wants to hit her and dashes towards her, but Satori read the intention from her mind, and dodges. She asks, "Do you guys have any idea of the location of Reizei?" Toma immediately tells Sebumi not to think of anything, but Satori still read the answers from his mind. Toma asks if Sebumi thought of anything, and Sebumi says he thought of the possible locations of Reizei that they’ve searched. Toma runs a check on the modern Cinderella and says that she’s real. Sebumi is still in disbelief, but Nonomura tells him that Satori is real, which causes Sebumi to ask why he’s so certain now. Toma murmurs, "Satori is really after Reizei." Tsuda transports Reizei somewhere, and Reizei keeps having bad premonitions about a confrontation and the first one to be sacrificed will be Tsuda. Satori suddenly turns up in the backseat and says that it’s impossible for Tsuda to escape. Tsuda points his gun at her, but she has already taken out all the bullets. She says, "You are now thinking when this has happened right? And now you’re thinking that it doesn’t matter." She tells him that he can never win against her. The van suddenly stops and the driver turns around to shoot Tsuda, before throwing him out of the van. As the van drives away, Tsuda murmurs, "Reizei, you cannot die." before closing his eyes. 

The police go to the scene where the older one finds blood. However, he gets a call for him to stop all investigation, which causes the younger one to be angry, because he doesn’t want to be a policeman that pretends to be ignorant and easy to manipulate for the rest of his life. Toma listens in on conversations again, and confirms that Reizei was taken away. Nonomura says that she might be "invited for tea" if she continues to listen in, but she’s like " Who ask them to withhold information from us." The phone rings, and Nonomura worries that "Eavesdropping is found out!" Toma assures him that it’s a call from the head who is anxious because they cannot solve this case. She uses the car plate number and enters into the system, which churns out the photo of Satori and the driver. She mutters, "Son of a bitch" and that she wants them to learn a lesson, while Sebumi replies, "Let me slap the cuffs." They realise that there’s an injured policeman, and he must have left his handphone in the car with GPS on, so that they can find the location.

Nonomura is busy asking for a clue from the person on the other line, but Toma already finds the location. Sebumi rushes off to nab them, but Toma says that they need to find a way to stop Satori from seeing their thoughts, or she will escape before they arrive. Sebumi asks if there’s really a black organisation. Toma replies that she has no idea, but it should be a war on power — human resources. If those people fighting are not careful, this war can rewrite history as they are fighting over people with SPEC. Toma finally finds information on Satori, like her background and her real name, but the information is too little, except for a couple of fines. Toma does her calligraphy thing, but stops and declares that clues are too little. She snatches the fines from Sebumi and tears all the paper up, while shouting "Solve!" Sebumi mutters, "She has given up on herself." but Toma says that she understands. She continues to write, but stops when she sees Sebumi peeking over her shoulder. They get into this quarrel, and Nonomura is happy because he finally gets a hint — the name of Satori. He turns around and wonders at the sudden presence of torn paper. 

Reizei is trapped inside a room, and it’s revealed that someone bought him so that he can predict the future of the very important people in the world. He suspects that they want to kill those people off, and refuses to predict anything. He starts to chant a song from AKB48 which is quite funny because Satori gets angry and tells him to chant from Hello Project instead [ because the actress is a former member of Hello Project ] Sebumi wants to rush off again but Toma tells him to wait. Sebumi flares up at her because "What if Reizei is killed while you are calculating your accounts!" but Toma flares back "What if Satori reads my plan from your empty head. Do you still want to save Shimura, your bald guy!" He mutters, "I’m not bald" and goes off somewhere to cool down. He goes to the hospital, and tells Shimura that he will save him out, so he should not give up on himself as well. This words are heard by Shimura, the sister. Sebumi returns to Mishou, where Toma says that SIT members are preparing to ambush Satori at her home. Apparently someone called the police saying that there’s a pervert who doesn’t want to leave a young cute girl’s home. Turns out that Toma wants to use SIT members as a piece for them to catch Satori. However, Satori who pretends to be asleep, reads that Toma is planning something from Reizei’s mind. She escapes with Reizei, and Sebumi panics when Toma hears that Satori has escaped. However, Toma stands up and says that everything is within her control, and that Satori can only be at one place.

Satori wants to find somewhere to stop, so she heads towards an underground carpark but most of them are full, until she comes across this carpark that has empty car spaces. She stops her car there, and steps out of the car to call for backup, when Sebumi suddenly points his gun at her, and takes her phone away. She’s shocked that Sebumi manages to ambush her, because she can read thoughts. Out to comes Toma who tells Satori how she manages that. She tells Satori that there’s a record of a car accident where she twisted her neck, and "For someone who can read the thoughts of all kinds of people, you should be able to avoid all injuries, so how could you suffer from such a heavy injury?" Turns out that Satori was sleeping then. Toma takes out all the other records of Satori having car accidents because of her dozing off in the car. "I already need to eat so much more times than others to keep my brain working, you will definitely need much more energy to read others’ thoughts." Knowing that Satori needs to find somewhere to sleep after midnight, she makes it such that Satori has no other choice, but to come to this underground carpark. Before she can finish her sentence though, Satori falls asleep, despite Toma trying to wake her up so that she can finish listening to her deduction. Sebumi unties Reizei, and he tells Toma and Sebumi that having the ability to foresee the future isn’t as good as one will think. He begs Sebumi not to bring him back at the police station, because he wants to be free for once. This is why when Nonomura calls Sebumi and asks if the ambush was successful, Sebumi answers that they manage to capture Satori but cannot find Reizei.

Reizei’s full of gratitude and he says that he is the saddest man on earth, because he can foresee the most depressing future as well. "Imagine that I can predict that Japan will destroy itself in six months." "Eh?" "If this is a future that can be saved, it’s still okay, but what if this is a future that is at its darkest, and hopeless?" Toma recalls what Unno said, about how he didn’t want the SPEC to cause illnesses either. As a form of appreciation, he helps to find out Ninomae’s house address for Toma, and the location and time that the person with the SPEC to cure illnesses will be. Then, he goes off, finally free. Toma and Sebumi take these papers, and head off to their different directions. Toma reaches the house, and while holding a gun to her back, she presses the doorbell. Sebumi presses the doorbell of a ward, and both doors open slowly, while Sebumi and Toma hold their breath.

-the end-

I like how this episode shows how people with SPEC may not naturally be really happy! I mean how many times have we wished for super powers? I know I have! However, there’s always two sides to a coin, and with the pros, comes the cons. The following episodes get more and more exciting as Toma and Sebumi get closer to their aims [ but also more strange and slightly confusing ] and more plot elements are introduced. 

Do look forward to the following recaps!^^


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