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Secret Garden Episode 13-16

The body swap is just hilarious, and cute seriously. I mention before that I wasn’t planning on watching Secret Garden at all, because of the body swap, but I’m so thankful that I went on! There was/is [ I don’t know and I don’t care ] an uproar on the scene where Joo Won pushes Ra Im on the bed, which supposedly kills some viewers’ love for this drama, but rest assured, not mine. I really wanted Tae Ssun to be un-gay, but haha since that’s impossible, I just wish that he’ll have a happy ending, because 1. Oska’s definitely not gay and 2. I want Oska to be with Yoon Seul. 

Minor Recaps!:D

Pretty!! Ra Im came to the party to tell Joo Won about her decision — which was a yes. Even though she swore by her father’s name that she would not get together with him, she realised that the pain of staying away from him would be even greater. Joo Won was going to tell her his answer, but they were constantly interrupted by people. Oska previously told Seul that he remembered that she liked roasted chestnuts, but she said that the girl he remembered wasn’t her. Now, he gave her cheesecake, with a sense of uncertainty, and Seul also told him that she didn’t like cheesecake.  

The atmosphere was so charged, I swear everyone must be dying to kiss someone else hahaha. That’s the first kiss [ points upwards ]

which was watched on by everyone including Yoon Seul and Oska. Oska got one thing right — the piano piece that Seul loved. 

That first kiss was followed by a kiss on the forehead, and finally, a series of loving deep kisses. Gosh I feel strangely amused when I wrote that sentence. Trust me, er, I wasn’t as calm as I sounded when I watched that haha!


A very sweet hug, which would have been even sweeter if Oska’s face wasn’t in the picture. 

Ah, I see that the director heard my voice, because that hug was followed by a close up that eliminated Oska’s face from that scene. 

HAHAHA Oska’s face is totally covered. 

Oska was really down because he felt like he was this really bad guy, and he didn’t do his Christmas concert even though most of his fans didn’t mind. Yoon Seul came to accompany him, and she looked really great. Her make up was smokey, and her hair was let down, which gives her a softer image.

By then, Ra Im and Joo Won had body swapped, and when someone confessed to Ra Im, while Joo Won was in Ra Im’s body, fake Ra Im was really angry, while fake Joo Won put a hand on his mouth in shock, like any girl. 

In the end, it was really really sweet, because through out the Christmas party, Ra Im and Joo Won were actually holding hands behind their backs. 

Joo Won couldn’t remember Ji Hyun’s handphone number which caused Oska to realise that Joo Won is not Joo Won, because the fact that Ji Hyun’s number is number one on his speed dial, shows how important Ji Hyun is to him. Ra Im, while talking to Director, didn’t know that December 5th was Ra Im’s dad’s death anniversary, and that’s just impossible, thus Director realised the same thing that Oska realised. The four of them met, while the couple revealed the truth. After the meeting ended, fake Ra Im asked fake Joo Won to go to her for a hug, but she was kicked at the shin by fake Joo Won. All this weird stuff [ since it’s usually Ra Im who kicks Joo Won, not the other way round ] was watched on by Director and Oska, which was really funny.

Due to Ra Im [ real this time! ], Joo Won got stuck in an elevator and he had a heart attack [ if I’m not wrong]. While rushing to save Joo Won, Ra Im missed her Dark Blood auditions, and she cried. 

Aww, Joo Won just earned more points by hugging her and telling her to trust him. 

Funny dialogue here –> Joo Won tried to ask for a favour from Oska, who asked what benefits would he get if he helped him. Joo Won said that he could give him anything and Oska quickly answered "Gil Ra Im"

which was just as quickly replied with a "Go and die". Hahaha love the both of them!

I can’t help but think that the heart on the jacket was to signify Joo Won’s love for Ra Im:D

This was pretty sweet and cute! On the paper, Oska wrote "You are really the one who like roasted chestnuts, isn’t it?" -cocks head to the left- and he ended off this paper conversation with a "You are the prettiest in this room… and I’m the second." LOL!

Can you believe that he acted in Prosecutor Princess before, and I didn’t give him a single glance?? Shows how much a character role and hair and ear studs and cool expression can do. 

A cool expression that turns into a smile. That’s just … asking for squeals from us! By the way, yes, Tae Ssun does like Oska, but Oska remains in ignorance. 

Joo Won pushes Ra Im on to the bed [ please tell me that didn’t create another uproar=.=] and Ra Im gave him a kiss to make up for all the hugs that she didn’t give him. 

The end of the minor recaps! 

Anyway, Joo Won managed to bring the director of Dark Blood to watch Ra Im in action while she was working, even though she didn’t know it, so she actually ‘auditioned’. (: However, the director seemed like he had zero interest in Ra Im and thus, Joo Won didn’t tell her anything. In the episode 17 preview though, Ra Im seemed to have gotten past the auditions! I have no way of knowing, because there’re no subs out yetD: We have come to the climax of the show, where Ra Im realised that the person whom her dad died while saving, was actually Joo Won. She seemed like she was going to break up with Joo Won, but I don’t understand why! I mean, she doesn’t look like she hates Joo Won, and it’s just illogical for her to hate Joo Won, not to mention that it wasn’t Joo Won’s fault for getting involved in an elevator accident [ I’m dying of curiosity to find out what really happened ]. I hope Ra Im just needs some time to think, and not because she really hates Joo Won for causing her dad to die, because that will totally just be a cliche, and an illogical flaw. 

Sometimes, I really wish that I’m fluent in Korean0.0 Okay wait, I know I’m not the only one(:



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