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Wow, haha you can see that the busy times I’m talking about are here! [ referring to entries where I mention that I will probably post only once or twice a week, instead of everyday]

I’m going to keep on doing Keizoku 2:SPEC recaps even though I’m pretty busy right now, so be patient for it:D I’ve heard that subs are out on some places, but I still couldn’t find them, so I shall take it that my recaps are still in demand right now(: Even if no one else needed those recaps, I think I’ll still go on, because I don’t like the idea of not finishing what I’ve set out to do haha! Nevertheless, it’ll be great if I have readers, thank you<3 

I’m currently reading The Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead, but I’m so reluctant to reach the ending! Like any dramas, I hate it when stories or plots come to an end, because that means I won’t ever know more about those characters and their lives [ sad endings excluded ]. For those who know what I’m talking about, I’m a Dimitri + Rose fan, but I’m sad that Adrian’s heart got broken that way! Gahh. Still, it wasn’t written that well, and to this date, my favourite books of the series are still the first three. The last three felt a little draggy, especially with Blood Promise, that seems more like a filler than anything else. 

Sometimes, I’m really curious how my readers imagine myself to be. :O When I used to read recaps from Dramabeans, I was always curious who they’re!:O Now, I think it will be fun to know what you guys think lol, okay maybe not. Will you guys be shocked if I say I’m 5, or 50? [ hahaha no, that’s not my age obviously ]. 

All right, au revoir! I hope that an entry will come soon:D



  1. They’ve actually been posted at , but I really like reading your recaps because… I’m more likely to pay attention to everything as I read and watch, you know? Whereas with subs I just watch the subs. Idk how to explain it hahah. But I get the bigger picture with your recaps! I love them, so thank you for the hard work! ♥


    • Hahaha yes I get what you mean! Like if there’re just subs, you will focus on reading the subs, and not really watching the scenes?

      You’re welcome!:DD


  2. i still prefer subs but since i cant find them, you are a really good help.
    yh, ourhour community has the subs, but i cant join it T.T, dont know why though, so your recaps help me a lot, since my jap isnt that great xD


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