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Keizoku 2:SPEC Episode 8 Recap

Hello!:D [ Argh that sounds disgustingly like someone who likes to suck up to people hahaha oh dear does this mean that I’ll forever have bad impression of a good old cheerie hello??] 

I figured that I should probably get this recap done before the real, hard work kicks in, so here you go!:D 

Sebumi waits anxiously for the door to open, which it does eventually, but he only sees a young boy inside batting. He asks mockingly, "Are you the person who can heal?" and is taken aback when some man’s voice speaks through the young boy. The person speaking tells Sebumi that the person with the SPEC to heal is not that anymore, and when Sebumi asks for evidence to show for the existence of this person, the boy tells him that he needs to get Tsuda to them first. This is because someone is secretly getting rid of those people with SPECs, and Tsuda is like a leader of this group. Sebumi asks for more evidence, and the boy tells him to go to a certain hospital at 7pm the next day. Suddenly, the person who was speaking leaves the body, and the young boy, now speaking with his normal voice, rushes off to his baseball practice. Toma waits for the door to open as well, but it’s actually Ninomae’s mother who answers the door. Ninomae’s mother calls Ninomae down, thinking that Toma’s a teacher from his school. Ninomae rushes down, and there’s this moment of pause when Toma finally sees Ninomae. She reaches out for her gun, but Ninomae stops time again, and the next thing she knows, Toma’s on top of the building. Toma tells Ninomae to stop killing people or she will shoot him, but Ninomae says that she has no rights to threaten him. Toma points the gun towards her sling and says that she has put explosives inside, which will explode the moment she shoots it. 

She asks what Ninomae’s motives are, and wonders if he’s doing all these because Ninomae’s mother is taken ‘hostage’ [ like how Rika was used as a hostage against Sebumi’s senior ]. She tells him that she will protect his mother, so he should stop killing. Initially, Ninomae looks like he’s softening, but he suddenly turns and says, "You want to destroy my whole family, don’t you?" "Eh?" "You still dare to teach me… despicable… Go and die." and Toma plunges down the building. [ AHHH~ ] Her fall’s interrupted by tofu splattering onto the floor and Toma wakes up screaming, in her room. Toma’s grandmother and Chii come running to the room, and turns out that people found Toma fainted on the pavement, and Chii brought her home. She wonders why she’s in the room when she clearly remembers herself falling. Chii asks her if she’s all right, and she tells them to leave her alone because she needs some time to think. Nonomura receives devastating news — Masaki and her policeman boyfriend want to get married, and they want his wife and him to be the witness. Nonomura tries to reject, but Masaki says that she already met his wife the week before and she agreed. The both of them leave, leaving Nonomura with a really :< face, until Masaki turns around, does an ‘Ok’ sign and winks at him. He does the same thing, but murmurs to himself, "What does this sign really mean?" Chii leaves Toma’s house, but not before paying his respects to her family [ parents and brother who died in an aeroplane crash ]. He pauses to take a look up the stairs where Toma’s room is, but still leaves in the end [ Aww. ] 

Sebumi rushes to the hospital, and he’s in time to see EXILE [ apparently a JPOP band. I was so amused!] treat a sick patient. He’s very cynical about it at first because EXILE ‘s just dancing around, but suddenly the sick patient really recovers. Sebumi tells the nurses [ who are ‘possessed’ by that voice ]  that the one who healed him last time was a woman, but the nurses tell him that that woman was just a puppet — the real deal is the five of them EXILE. If he wants them to heal Shimura, then he needs to get Tsuda out for them. Sebumi questions their intention of wanting him to betray the police [ since Tsuda is part of the police ] but they remain adamant that he needs to get Tsuda out. They hand the key over to Sebumi, who grabs their hands, but the nurses suddenly get themselves back, and there’s this scene of comedy where the nurses run and realise they still have the key in their hand. 

Sebumi finally gets the information on Tsuda, and he visits Shimura, while thinking of the times they spent together. After that, he leaves, while Shimura [ the sister] returns. She’s exasperated when she sees the food that Sebumi bought, but the moment she touches it, she sees the images that Sebumi’s thinking of when he held the plastic bag. Basically, it was the memory of the time when Shimura joined SIT, and Sebumi was the leader. Shimura had no stamina to go through the trainings and he cried because he felt like he was a failure. Sebumi bought sushi [ I think ] to cheer him up, and even fellow SIT colleagues came to console him. Shimura finally realises that Sebumi was telling the truth — that he really wasn’t the one who shot Shimura. Sebumi hacks into the system and gets information. Toma keeps recalling about Ninomae, but is interrupted with a call from Nonomura who asks her if she’s taking leave off. "Yes, leave with pay." "Oh you have used that up." "Then leave with no pay, for example, I had menstruation." "Still giving me examples.." Nonomura asks if she knows what happens to Sebumi, because he has quit. Toma jumps up in shock.

Sebumi goes to find this informant who knows a lot of things about the police and demands him to tell him where Tsuda is. However, the informant doesn’t want to tell him, and Sebumi pulls the gun on him, causing him to say that he will confess everything. He asks if Sebumi knows the existence of this group who existed long time ago as part of the SUBCODE policy to deal with those who have SPEC. He cautions Sebumi from knowing more about this group because they have a deep history, but still claims that he doesn’t know Tsuda’s location. Sebumi threatens to throw him into the steaming pot. Tsuda’s sidekicks tell him that the informant has met up with Sebumi and Tsuda says to clear them off. One of the sidekicks writes their names on the dolls, and also Mishou’s name, when Tsuda says to clear Mishou away as well. Turns out that the informant really dies and Sebumi is suspected of it. Toma calls Sebumi to ask about his situation and Sebumi repeats the motto of SIT. Toma retorts, "Stop looking down life. SIT here and there -" "Eh?" "Aren’t you part of Mishou? Then what about us who are so worried about you? I’ve always treated Sebumi-san like a colleague. Even though the ambiance doesn’t feel like it, but I truly feel that there is a link between us. You saved my life a few times like it’s no big deal, but I remember all these in my heart. So please do not walk off in the distance alone… occasionally, you should rely on me and Nonomura as well…-pauses- are you listening?" and Toma realises that Sebumi has hung up. Turns out it’s just a technical glitch because Sebumi immediately calls back and the both of them say at the same time "Don’t hang up on me." then, "Mother/ Grandfather [ remember the word to show superiority? ] I didn’t hang up on you."

Sebumi says that even though she’s ugly and full of the smell of dumplings, the thought of "Sometimes I’m really glad that I’ve met you" will flit through his mind too. He tells her not to worry about him and focus on her case. Instead, they should call him anytime they need help too. Toma goes to Ninomae’s house but realises that they have moved out. She collects a toothbrush in hope to have some leads. She heads over to his school and the teacher tells her that Ninomae scores very well in school, but he just disappeared the day before. Toma murmurs that he must have cheated since he can stop time, and asks the teacher if she knows where his mother works. She goes to the workplace, and is really frustrated because the guy there is just laughing at his own joke [ saying that Ninomae’s mother must have had an one night stand with one of the doctors because she’s a nurse ]. She leaves after giving the guy her number, and hits her arm on the wall in exasperation. Ninomae tells his mother that he will protect her, and a man comes in to do something to her brain. Ninomae smiles, "It’s really useful to have someone who can rewrite memories:D" and he throws a stack of money on the floor. As the mysterious guy picks up, the scene abruptly changes to Nonomura sweeping the floor. Toma comes up and asks why the elevator was spoilt suddenly. She asks where Sebumi’s laptop is, and Nonomura tells her that a lot of Sebumi’s stuff, hers, and his were confiscated. "By who?" "By those higher ranked people." 

Toma is shocked when Nonomura reveals that he’s sacked as well, but he remains optimistic. Toma shouts, "Leader!" and Nonomura turns around to tell her, "When I was a police I was obliged to hide information, but now, I’m not needed to do so anymore." There’s a picture of Masaki pasted on the ceiling, and turns out there’s a memory card hidden under that photo. Toma asks what the memory card holds and Nonomura realises that there’s no laptop for them to see the information on. Toma hurries to her luggage, and comes up with at least 3 laptops [ LOL ]. The card actually holds information about this special group in the police force. Mishou is actually only a cover, there’s actually a group that focuses on people with SPEC [ yes what Sebumi realises as well ] — "Something akin to… the police within the police". Sebumi eats his sushi calmly but looks at a tower, which is revealed to be the location of Tsuda. A car drives up, and a woman pops her head out of the window — but surprise, surprise, she speaks with the same man voice as the previously ‘possessed’ people. Sebumi gets into the car, and tells the woman/man that Tsuda is in that building but there’s heavy security. The woman laughs and says that she has a plan. "What plan?" Sebumi asks, and Ninomae answers. Sebumi asks who he is, and he answers that he’s Ninomae Jiu Ichi, the criminal who Toma has been trying to find for so long. He also tells Sebumi that he has met him a few times already, but Sebumi doesn’t know that. Sebumi asks Shimura can really be saved, because if not, he will have betrayed the police for nothing. He asks Ninomae if Tsuda is going to be killed after kidnapping, and Ninomae laughs, asking if he wants to quit there and then. He says that Tsuda is a killer who kills them off one by one. He promises that Shimura will be saved. 

Toma asks Nonomura why an organisation that is so unlawful can exist. Nonomura tells her that if they talk about the law, then yes that group has committed crimes, but if you talk about a country’s safety, then this group is necessary, because no laws can commit those people with SPEC with crime. He deeply believes that it’s a Pandora box to investigate into all this, but as times change, to hide the truth now will be unforgivable towards someone who believes in the philosophy of the police. However, he feels that he’s old and hence he will hand the heavy burden to Toma and Sebumi instead. Toma asks, "Do you mean that it’s you–" "Yes, it was me who arrange for the two of you to come and work at Mishou." 

A guy comes to tell Sebumi that they cannot park the car by the roadside, and Ninomae laughs, "That’s easy." Suddenly all time stops, and he ‘wakes’ Sebumi up. They go into the building, while Sebumi is still in disbelief over what Ninomae can do. They enter the room where Tsuda is in, and Ninomae tells him that all those dolls in the room represent the people that the organisation has killed. Sebumi recalls all the people with SPEC that he had known, and Ninomae says, "Let everything end here." "End here?" Without warning, Ninomae resumes time. The guards and Tsuda are shock to see the both of them and they shoot their guns, but Ninomae stops time again. He ‘wakes’ Sebumi up once more, and tells him, "Now, you can see the beauty of getting shot by the very own bullet that you have shoot." and he reverses the path of the bullets that the guards have shot. Sebumi realises that he’s the one who causes Shimura to be shot, but Ninomae tells him that Shimura was controlled by someone else at that time, which is why they had no choice. Sebumi starts to shout at him, but Ninomae breaks through his calm demeanour and shouts, "I also didn’t want to do that! I have no choice!" He pulls Sebumi away and stands right in front of the bullet that Tsuda has shot. "Like this, within a split second, everything will end." Suspense builds up as he works to snap his fingers, but at the last moment, Sebumi hits the bullets away and tells him not to look down on life. Ninomae smiles, and asks Sebumi to help him. Sebumi carries Tsuda [ who is still frozen ] and puts him into the car. Ninomae snaps his fingers and everything resumes, with Tsuda suddenly finding himself gagged and bound in the car. He keeps gesturing for Sebumi to help him, but Sebumi doesn’t do anything. The car slowly drives away, and as it turns around a corner, there’s two gunshots. Sebumi closes his eyes in grief and guilt at what he has done, and Ninomae tells him, "Sebumi and I share the same responsibility! But there’s no need for you to feel guilty about it." He smiles at Sebumi, but Sebumi doesn’t look like he appreciate that line of consolation. Ninomae makes a call, and tells Sebumi to visit Shimura. Then he disappears.

Toma and Nonomura have been listening in on the higher ranks’ conversations — "Tsuda has gone missing!" "Missing?" "Yeah guards mention that one moment they saw Ninomae and Sebumi, but the other moment, they were all gone!" The conversation comes to a halt as they realise that others [ meaning Toma and Nonomura ] can listen to their conversation. Toma works it out that there must have been some sort of deal and rushes to the hospital, knowing that Sebumi will go and find Shimura. Sebumi doesn’t believe that things have worked out until he sees EXILE pass by him and say "It’s all over now." He starts to run, and meets Shimura the sister. He excitedly tells Shimura that her brother might have awoken, and true enough, when the both of them [ plus Toma ] run to find Shimura, he’s standing in the corridor, all fine and well. Shimura apologises for the trouble he has caused to Sebumi, and repeats the motto of SIT [ something about sacrificing one’s life]. Sebumi [ learns from Toma ] tells him that life is precious, and Shimura answers, "Yes, I will live to a ripe and old age." By then, Sebumi is crying because his fellow SIT member has recovered. Shimura runs up to hug her brother, but she is suddenly stopped by these two weird man who suddenly start to blow their trumpets. They blow and blow, until Shimura disappears from the view, and there’s sounds of a commotion outside the hospital. Toma and Sebumi quickly run to the site, knowing that something is wrong, and Shimura has also realised that her brother must have died this time. They find his body lying among the flowers, and there’s blood flowing from his ears. Sebumi is shocked and super super stunned, while Toma keeps touching her ears in disbelief and shock.

-the end-

So sad! I really like Shimura the brother just from that mere 5 minutes or so that he survives, and he has to go and die like that D: By the way I didn’t mention it in the above recap, but Tsuda didn’t die from the gunshot that the driver gave him because he was wearing those protection coats inside actually. Gah, enough about him. So, yes the plot has definitely gotten thicker, with a few big questions — who is the guy who can erase thoughts and memories? How come the deal about saving Shimura suddenly just went wrong like that? Or was it planned? What are the two of them going to do now?

When I watched the ending of this episode, I was so excited to go on to the next episode just to have all the above questions answered, but instead, I think the following episode created more questions=.= 

Come to think of it, seriously, that’s just gross — bleeding to death because of loud noises. D: 



  1. That was an interesting episode. It was definitely sad when Shimura died. I was happy when he woke up.

    Thanks for the recap!

    Have you seen the movie Go Ape starring Shirota Yu?


    • I was happy when he woke up too!

      I presume you know Shirota Yu’s real identity in the show right? Sigh I was all for him and Toma getting together.

      Nope! Is it nice?


      • I haven’t watched episode 10 yet actually but I love when Shirota Yu is the bad guy, so I can’t wait to see it.

        I see that someone is subbing this drama. I’m going to watch the whole series again on dramacrazy.net with subs. Yay! πŸ™‚

        My user picture is from Go Ape actually. I don’t know why but I thought Shirota Yu was so hot with a gun.

        I really liked Go Ape. I watched it without any subs though. I’m surprised I found it at all. When I found it on hdmovies24 I was so happy. If you like Shirota Yu & violence then you will enjoy this movie.

        Thank you so much for all the recaps! I’m so grateful! πŸ™‚


      • Haha so have you watched the last episode?

        Oh that’s great, you mean the subs are available on dramacrazy net now?:D

        Oohh I don’t really like violence heh:P But I will check it out for Shirota Yu’s sake when I have time!:D

        You’re welcome!:D


      • I still haven’t watched the last episode.

        Episodes 1 – 6 are on dramacrazy.net now with subs. Hopefully the other episodes get subbed soon.

        Lol. Shirota Yu is worth watching a violent film for lol.


      • Haha are you serious? Lol I’m all right with violent films… I think! Oooh but you have read the last episode recap that I posted, or not?:P


      • I heard that the latest episodes are still not subbed?:O haha I see! Lol now that I have more time, I think I will check it out soon!


      • Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was having daily marathons of Rookies, Tumbling, Nobuta Wo Produce & Mary Stayed Out All Out so I could catch up on Asian dramas before going back to university.

        Am still waiting on episode 9 & 10 to be subbed. Although I haven’t watched episode 7 or 8 subbed yet.


      • Yeah Nobuta Wo Produce was awesome! I loved Yamapi as Akira – he was totally adorable!

        I’m full-time at university so it is pretty hardcore.

        What do you do? Do you work or study?


  2. Lol! Exams & essays don’t wreck my hand, they wreck my brain instead. After handing in a essay when its due, I NEED two days off because my brain is just dead 😦

    I definitely want answers but it won’t be the same without Shirota Yu 😦


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