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Keizoku 2:SPEC Episode 9 Recap

Here’s Episode 9! 

Ninomae asks furiously why the group of leaders did something else than what they have promised him, and he snaps his finger. Only of the leader is left — to his horror, he finds out that all the other leaders were killed by Ninomae, and the next second, there’s a strange red line across his face. Ninomae laughs and says that if he disobeys his wishes again, then he will cut his brains open according to that line. Argh, and Ninomae just keeps laughing and jumping about with the mirror. The top ranked people has tried to chase Mishou out in a sense, because they cut off its water and electrical supply. Toma obtains electrical appliances from somewhere and has a banter with Nonomura that she hasn’t done anything wrong, even though the truth is she ‘stole’. She then proceeds to steal a heater, and then electricity from that three policemen who are transferring information on their laptop. She then happily suggests having hotpot, and due to the overuse of electricity from one socket or something, there’s a short circuit and the electricity goes out. 

The three policemen trace the source and come to lecture Mishou, ending with a threaten because Nonomura cannot hand over Sebumi’s gun [ because the gun is with Sebumi ] Toma tells them the truth, and one of the policeman is going to ‘scold’ them when Nonomura replies, "What to do? Since I’m already a civilian, I might as well reveal this!" and it’s damn funny because now Nonomura threatens to reveal on twitter that a policeman still holds a gun even though he has resigned. Sebumi goes to pay his respects to Shimura. The sister tells him that she’s still happy because it’s the first time she saw such a smile on her brother’s face and she feels his warmth for the first time. If not for the incident which happens, she might hate her brother forever. She also tells him that she has lost her ability to sense things from objects and people, and that that might be an ability born out of a desire to talk to her brother. She thinks that the ambiance is too sad, and takes some beer to drink. She tells Sebumi that she will continue to live on for her brother and become a great artist, so that she can be praised by her brother. Sebumi kneels and presses his head to the ground, in a form of respect, and leaves. Shimura calls him and tells him to give up finding the killer of her brother. Sebumi gulps down his beer in one go, and goes to Shimura’s photo, before singing the song that all SIT members sing. After he leaves, while he’s walking in the street and crying, Toma appears. She buys food for him, and consoles him in her own way — "Stop emo-ing, do you think that you are a depressed prince?" and etc, finally asking him to return so that they will not worry anymore. 

Sebumi replies that he’s not fit to be a criminal police any longer, but Toma thinks that that’s just an excuse. Sebumi says that he’s not a coward and he must find Shimura’s murderer. Toma reminds him that personal feelings are forbidden, and that police are obligated to find out the truth, but that cannot turn into pure and mere violence. Sebumi thinks that the law cannot restrict those people who have SPEC and killed Shimura. Toma says, "This kind of high level thinking stuff should be left to me. This is why I’ve kept waiting for you to return." Sebumi finishes his food and stalks off, but returns to take his gun and stuff. Toma remarks, "This is why I hate idiots." The three policemen try to find information but it seems like they’re not succeeding. Sebumi emos on a bench, when ‘Tsuda’ sits next to him. Sebumi is taken aback because Tsuda should have been killed, but the Tsuda lookalike tells him that as long as one Tsuda dies, more will take over — "This is why our group is the strongest group in the world. We give up our face, we give up our identity, we give up our lives — a death group." There’s an unnatural movement to all the people surrounding them, quite robotic in a sense. Sebumi asks what they want to do with him, and the fake Tsuda [ let’s just call him Tsuda:D ] tells him that they want him. He refuses but Tsuda says that if he doesn’t agree to join their group, then they can release all sorts of fake information to make Sebumi a wanted criminal etc, and "Don’t you want revenge for your junior Shimura as well?" Sebumi agrees to join their group, but on one condition — not to touch his Mishou colleagues. He even plucks out his tooth to show that he will honour his promise. The weird people at the playground all salute Tsuda and walk off – argh even the dog salutes! That’s plain weird. After that, Sebumi quickly sticks his tooth back.

This is how Toma and Nonomura find Mishou equipped with electricity, and Nonomura is back as the leader of this group. The policeman gives them back the gun that Sebumi’s holding, and Toma questions if Sebumi has been taken by the Aggressor group. The policeman obviously feints ignorance of this group, and leaves. Toma takes the gun and puts them inside her luggage, before leaving. She doesn’t know where Sebumi is but she thinks that as long as she does something to challenge the Aggressor group, they will find her. Nonomura warns her that it will be dangerous, but Toma tells him that she believes that both of them have SPEC. " That the remaining 90% of my brain will awaken according to my wishes… and that will let us see the future." "So, this is a war between people who believe in no boundaries of the future, and those who want to oppress talent…" "Well said, just like last words. Bye." and she leaves. Nonomura wonders if he’s going to die soon. The three policemen receive news that Sebumi’s suspected crime has been cleared, and that they don’t need to investigate about him anymore. However, they think that it’s highly suspicious, and they don’t want to act like stupid policemen again. The leader of the trio tells them that they will investigate the truth this time, because "Sebumi might be stuck in darkness, trying to get out." The other two run out of the room, while the leader calls Nonomura to tell him that they are already investigating Sebumi’s matters, because "As long your heart beats, you should try to seek the truth, only that will you be fit to be called a police. That’s what you told me when I was still a newbie." 

Toma receives a call from Sebumi, who tells him that that’s the last phone call he will give her, because he wants to tie things up with those people who killed Shimura, and Ninomae who cut off Toma’s arm. Toma tells him not to force himself to look heroic, but he says that he shouldn’t be forgiven, and that he’s someone who shouldn’t live in the light anymore. Toma should be the one who takes care of herself because she’s the last piece of light, and with that he hangs up. He throws the memory card [ or something] into the pond where a fish eats it [ poor fish! ] and Tsuda calls him to tell him that no personal calls are allowed in a joking manner. Turns out that they found out the whereabouts of Ninomae’s and they’re going to hunt him down right then. Sebumi tags along, and remarks on the power of the group such that they can even find out Ninomae’s location. Tsuda reveals that it’s the people on Ninomae’s side who reveal it, and that perhaps there’s a struggle for power. "No matter what, being too outstanding may not be a good thing sometimes. Poor thing." Sebumi doesn’t like the idea that they might have to kill Ninomae’s mother as well. During the attack, he realises that one of the attacker is someone with SPEC and to suck power out of Ninomae. The bombs they throw are going to blow up, when Sebumi pushes Ninomae’s mother away and save himself and another attacker. Tsuda says that it’s an inevitable sacrifice and that if they still cannot take down Ninomae with people who have SPEC, then he sees no other way. Turns out that Ninomae’s not dead! In the next moment, Tsuda and the remaining attacker are killed while Sebumi lives on because he saves Ninomae’s mother. 

In a group meeting between the leaders, they’re shocked to realise that Ninomae has escaped once more [ showing that they’re the one who revealed the information ] and then they’re killed by Ninomae too. Ninomae uses their blood to write the word ‘king’ on the television screen, and it seems like it’s true because nothing they do can bring him down. He starts to make his move on the leaders of the world, and startling events happen such as red lines appearing on the leaders’ faces while they’re making speeches. Nonomura reads the news while Toma grills some meat. He gets a call and tells Toma that orders from the above say that they have to nab Ninomae, whether alive or dead. Toma gets worked up because she doesn’t like the idea of police killing innocent lives, but Nonomura tells her that he will be the one obeying the rules, but he believes that everyone’s born good and that Ninomae might have hidden difficulties for doing what he did. It’s Toma’s responsibility to find out if that’s possible, and use the hardest means to restrain Ninomae. Nonomura meets up with Masaki and makes her angry, then Ninomae turns up, saying that he’s a noble old man for making Masaki angry at him so that she won’t be in danger. Ninomae says that he trusts Nonomura and so, he won’t hurt his loved ones. Nonomura takes out a gun and points at him, but Ninomae laughs at his weak attempt. Nonomura tells him that to strive on even when knowing that it’s a failed ending, that’s what a police man should do, but Ninomae just flashes a knife, and blood gushes out from Nonomura’s mouth.

Toma receives a delivery, and inside, it’s Nonomura filled with blood. ARGH. She quickly sends him to hospital, and her eyes fill with determination when she looks at the doctors and nurses trying to save his life. She goes home to pay her respects to her family, and leaves. She sees a boy feeding a cat, and recalls how her younger brother used to do that too. She goes to Shimura’s house and tells her to sense the truth from the knife. Shimura claims that she can’t do that anymore, but Toma knows that she’s lying, and kneels down to request for her to do that, because that’s the only way they can find out where Ninomae is. Shimura reads the truth from the knife, and draws out the location for her. Sebumi returns to the headquarters, and finds lots and lots of dolls, representing the people that Ninomae has killed. The last remaining man runs after giving Sebumi Ninomae’s newest location. Ninomae requests for the guy with the SPEC to rewrite memories to erase all the memories that his mother has of her, and thanks his mother for taking care of him. Sebumi goes to find Ninomae, but he just cannot duel with him, because Ninomae can disappear, and even slice his throat [ or something arghhhhhh ]. Toma marches on with a look of determination, and when Sebumi looks like he’s going to die from a gun shot, there’s snow. Ninomae looks up to appreciate the snow, and realises that Toma’s in front of him with a gun. [ The next part is the part which I don’t understand, so if you do, please enlighten me!:D ]  Toma fires, and Ninomae disappears, but Sebumi has his gun back. Toma walks to Sebumi’s side, and then Ninomae appears again but his legs get caught up in the luggage. Sebumi and Toma both turn to fire their guns, but he stops time again. 

Then he tells Toma that "Technically, I’m not stopping time. Your world and my world are of different time dimensions, and you will never be able to stop me." He appreciates the snow again, and flashes his knife. He’s about to do something to Toma [ like slicing her face or something ] when Toma’s frozen face suddenly smirks. Ninomae jumps back in shock, because Toma shouldn’t be able to move, and he worries why that happen. 

-the end-

Second last episode!:D Yes I don’t really understand the part where Sebumi gets his gun back and Ninomae’s tangled in the luggage… other than that, this episode is the goriest among all other episodes. Gosh! I could barely bring myself to watch Nonomura in the delivery box, because I know that he’s the one inside. I was like "ARGHHH ARGHHH" while the person sitting next to me was like "What the hell are you watching that you are making such weird noises?!" LOL. 

As I promised, I will do the recaps all the way till the last episode, so I hope that you guys will still take time to read them and share with me what you think about the episodes!:D By the way, I might be a little out of touch with the drama because of piling work, so if there’s news of a special/ spin -off/ something, please do tell me!:D


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