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Keizoku 2:SPEC Episode 10 Recap

 Last recap!

Ninomae finds himself being poisoned, and time resumes. Turns out that Toma figures out that Ninomae is not really stopping time per se, but travelling at a much faster pace than normal people, so this means that the poison mixed inside the snow will hurt Ninomae at a much faster rate as compared to hurting the normal people as well. The poison gets into Sebumi’s eyes and Toma shouts for the three policemen to stop the snow. It looks like Toma has won this battle, until she realises to her horror, that Ninomae has a starfish-shaped birthmark behind his ear, just like her brother, Yoda. Now, Chii reveals his real character. He’s the one who gave Ninomae fake memories seven years ago, such that he hates Toma to the core. Toma doesn’t believe at first because Yoda should be 13 years old, but Ninomae is obviously not. Chii tells her that’s because when normal human live for one second, a few days have already passed for Ninomae, that’s why the age wouldn’t match. Chii laughs that he’s the one who can truly control this SPEC and jumps off, before kicking Sebumi’s gun [ and also Sebumi away ]. Toma hugs Yoda and cries out his name, and in his last few breaths, Yoda murmurs, "Sis… Sis… Sis…"

Chii comes over to rub salt in her wound, and proceeds to delete her memories, as with Sebumi. The three policemen runs down to check on them, and Chii quickly turns into this caring boyfriend that is super worried for Toma. Toma wakes up in the hospital, and asks about Sebumi. Sebumi has been poisoned more severely and Nonomura has survived the attack by Ninomae. Toma asks if they had really beaten Ninomae, and Nonomura says that Ninomae is between life and death now, but he doesn’t think that he can be saved. Chii feeds Nonomura and the three policemen some tea, and they suddenly turn into four jovial very noisy laughing man [ I’m sorry I can’t help but describe them this way lol. ] They leave the room, and Toma asks why Chii was at the scene. Chii tells her that it’s because she said that the investigation will be very scary, and out of concern he tagged along. Toma cannot remember, and Chii tells her to rest. Shimura comes to visit Sebumi, but reads the truth with one touch. She rushes to Toma’s room and asks if Ninomae was Toma’s brother, but Toma denies [ because Chii removes all those memories]. Shimura touches Toma’s suitcase, and tells her that Ninomae has the same birthmark as Yoda. Toma tries to think but gives herself a headache, and asks for water. Shimura rushes out to give her water, but is waylaid by Chii, who return with the water and he tells Toma that Shimura has gone off. 

Sebumi lies in a deep sleep and the doctor tells Nonomura that his body needs time to heal. Chii continues to take care of Toma and proposes to her, but Toma tells him that she needs time to think about it. Chii notices some equations written on a piece of paper and asks Toma about it, so Toma recounts the time where her father talks about the equations and she excitedly wanted to solve them. The leader of the three policemen says that he think something is wrong somewhere, and he knows that even though he shouldn’t trust his instincts, but his gut feeling is telling him that something is wrong. Chii visits this guy and plays chess [?] with him. The guy [ monk?] asks him what he wants to do now that Ninomae is out of the picture, and Chii replies that he wants to be a director of the world in that sense. As he can rewrite and plan memories, he can turn the leaders of the world against each other. He derives pleasure from setting a loving sister and brother against each other, and from the process, he realises that he has interest in Toma. If he cannot have Toma’s heart, then she’s better off not living in this world. The guy asks why then he has to drag Sebumi into this, and Chii replies that it’s because a love story should always have a good rival. The monk disapproves of what he does, and advices him to stop, but Chii gets angry and shoots him. Toma goes to Sebumi’s ward and Sebumi awakes for a while to hit Toma’s head, but falls back into a deep sleep. 

Chii finds Toma in Sebumi’s ward and is obviously displeased about it. He holds Toma’s hand and brings her back to her own ward. Chii wants to kiss Toma [ I think I ought to be disgusted, but the thing is Shirota Yu makes it hard to be disgusted lol ], but Toma hits his head away. He protests since they’re dating, and Toma’s like "Oh yeah", so she allows Chii to kiss her, but their kiss is interrupted by a nurse. Masaki comes in to tell Nonomura that she will snatch Nonomura away from his wife, just like how his wife snatched him from the previous wife [ wah so complicated! ] His wife comes in at this moment, and Masaki gets jealous. Toma returns home while her grandmother is writing calligraphy [ so you can see where she inherits that hobby from ]. Toma looks at a photo of Yoda and drops a tear. She’s startled and asks herself why she’s crying, when her grandmother wanders in and shows her the box of photos that Chii took of her. Chii stands in front of Ninomae and asks him to quickly die. Ninomae’s eyes opens and his fingers twitch, but the next moment, his heartbeat falls to a zero and Chii laughs in ecstasy. He quickly runs to Sebumi’s ward and declares that he’s disgusted that memories of his beloved Toma still lies in Sebumi’s mind. He proceeds to clean every single memory that has gotten to do with Toma. 

The three policemen hear the news that Ninomae is dead, and they get bitter at the meaning of being a police, because they can’t even find clues to investigate yet, and he dies. Toma hears this and heads back to Mishou, to do her calligraphy thing. While doing that, Sebumi’s heartbeat races and he clutches to his bedsheets seemingly in agony. Toma’s ink forms a star, and she seems to remember Yoda. She writes down everything that has happened before, and tears the papers up, saying "I remember everything in my heart" before throwing them. Chii stands on the bridge and says in this distant tone that all the people look like eggs [ or something] when he gets an sms from Toma asking if he wants to know the answer to his proposal. Chii happily turns up at the church, but Toma reveals the truth — that she didn’t like him last time, and she will also not like him in the future. All those photos that Chii has taken are just stalker photos. He’s the one who came up with lots of memories to make her think think that they’re dating, but in actual fact they aren’t. Chii tells her that as long as she goes with him, he will ensure that she’s happy for the rest of her life. She won’t need to feel things like bitterness and worry but she retorts that having the ability to feel worry and grief is the biggest present of her life. Chii laughs that then she will need to live with the guilt of killing Yoda, but Toma tells him that it’s better than forgetting Yoda totally. 

Toma scolds "Despicable" and takes out a gun, but Chii kicks her gun away and starts beating her up, including stepping on her other hand and making it bleed. Toma lies helplessly at one side, and Chii tells her that there’s nothing called the truth. Truth lies in the memories and as long as those people who carry those memories die, the truth will also be wiped out. Truth lies on a path that goes in an opposite direction as compared to time, and with time, truth will die out. He says that humans are stupid, but Sebumi and Shimura suddenly turn up, with Shimura helping Sebumi to point the gun in the right direction. Shimura apologises mockingly that even though her memories were erased, she used her SPEC to sense a lot of truth. Sebumi tells Chii that the truth doesn’t just lie in the brain. His nose will always remember the person with a heavy smell of garlic [ Toda ] and his body will always remember the pain. He gets angry just by thinking about Chii, that disgusting person, and he tells Chii that police are different from criminals because they know what’s wrong and what’s right. Suddenly, Shimura flies out to a chair, and Sebumi gets beaten up while his gun gets flung away. Chii holds out his hands and a gun is placed in his hands. He says, " Thinking that you guys want to ambush me, but turns out that you are the ones being cornered now." Turns out that Chii has people with SPEC working for him, and just now the person has the SPEC of moving super fast. Chii points the gun at Toma and tells her that if she goes with him, the other two will live. Shimura shouts that they will never hand over Toma, and Sebumi puts himself right in front of Chii, telling him to shoot him instead.

Chii looks like he’s just going to do that, when Sebumi finally figures out where Chii is standing. Remember that tooth that Sebumi plucked out the other time and put it back? This time, he shoots the tooth towards Chii, and the sharp end gets pierced into Chii’s forehead. Toma goes to Sebumi’s side and asks him to pull her cast off, which he does. Chii stands up again and takes the gun to point at the both of them, while Toma shouts for her left hand to have the strength to pull the trigger. Nonomura pays his respects to Ninomae, but when he opens his eyes, he jumps back in shock. Both sides fire, and time suddenly seems to stop again. Chii gets shot by his own bullets, and with his last few breaths, he wonders who does that to him. He thinks it’s Ninomae but then Ninomae is dead. He looks in front of him, and says, "Unless…" and dies, with a photo of Toma next to him. Shimura turns and looks at Toma, and Sebumi turns his head as well. Toma stands at a side, with a slight smile on her face.

-the end-

Wow, so this is the last episode’s recap! I’m sorry it took so long, but time has really flown past for me. So, as I’ve said, this episode opens a lot more questions for me, and I really hope there’ll be a special coming up or something! Does this mean that Toma has awaken the SPEC in her, or that Ninomae’s not dead? 

Something that I really like though, is that this episode shows that memories and the truth don’t only lie in the brain. The most important thing is that they exist in the heart as well. The heart is where we feel [ even though I’ve argued with my friends that the brain is technically where you feel, but that shall be discussed some other time ] and by erasing memories, you can’t erase the foot prints they left behind. This means that with your heart, you will forever remember the people you love, the things you love, and so on. I think that Chii overlooks on this point, and that’s the whole point to his downfall! 

I’m quite glad that I found this drama. I’ve started for Toda Erika, stayed on for Shirota Yu [ still staying on for him actually, despite him being a bad guy and all that ], and I really like the drama’s plot. It gives the criminal police a whole new light, and actually has some provoking questions as well. 

Share with me what you think of this drama!:D



  1. ^_^

    Thank you for providing recap it seems like i watch all episode with subs although i started reading your recap in episode 7. Im very much grateful to you for providing this recap. Im sorry if im not commenting in other of your recap.. You said that theres so many question answered in this last chapter, youre very right about that i answered all my question in my head.. But…this last chapter too, gave a very hard question and very hard thing to understand?..I feel very much empty now, because all of the question running through my head after watching the last chapter…1.)Why Nonumura is very shocked?what he see in nominae?and 2.)why the bullet become reversed again?>but i can say that my conclusion is only 10% sure,since there’s so many question im thinking.>> 3.)Since nominae power is not about stopping the time..Is Toma the one who can stop time or the last person we saw in the vid eating 4.) what or who is the real reason that the bullet is reversed again….But i think the last person we saw will be the new villain because with that so many question left there will be a next series or movie of it.. One thing i want is Erika toda will be the lead in the series or movie.Because her acting here is very very good.and also im a fan of her. sorry if this comment is very long and im also suck in explaining hope you will understand my point…hehe…and hope you will share your thoughts too..


    • Re: ^_^

      Yeah! There were so many questions running through my head, that’s why I hope there will be a continuation to answer those questions:D Haha I’m sorta a fan of Toda Erika! I watched Liar Game for her too. I feel as if like Toma had her SPEC awoken and that she was the one who did something to Chii but it feels like Ninomae has a part in this also, since Nonomura had such a huge reaction, so… haha suspense!


  2. Anonymous says

    part 2! part 2!

    love it! thank you! i was a bit confuse watching the episode (currently without sub) so i looked for a summary and found yours~ ahh~ hope there’s another season! that last episode is just asking for it!! so many questions left unanswered!!! really like Toda here! now i like her more!
    ~really hope there’s a continuation for this!!!


    • Re: part 2! part 2!

      hahah you are welcome!:D I like Toda more from this drama too! Yep, I’m sure there’re many people out there just like us, hoping that they will come out with a sequel:D


  3. Anonymous says

    I think Toma has the same SPEC as Ninomae. That explains Chii’s death, and also how Sebumi reclaimed his gun during the battle with Ninomae in the snow storm (as well as her smirk during his time stop).

    Thanks for summing up the last 2 episodes. It was very helpful since there were no subtitles available for those last 2 eps. Thanks!


    • Yeah good guess! I thought she might have the same SPEC but I couldn’t find much evidence to support it haha! Or maybe she has the SPEC that works along the same lines, but not exactly the same, since in Keizoku, no one seems to have overlapping SPECs ability right?

      You’re welcome!:D


  4. Haha you’re welcome!:D Yep I think subs for episode 9 and 10 are not out yet… not sure though! I would like the same batch of actors too!:D


  5. Anonymous says

    yup, it says in the official tbs, also toma said at the end of the episode that she will not do a movie so probably it’s a series for season 2, hopefully ^-^


  6. Anonymous says

    Hey these are great! #5 is from personal taste/preference right? and I have another one.. SOMEONE ALWAYS DROWNS and/or gets hit by a car. I haven’t seen that many kdramas but I feel like drowning is a big theme.. BOF, PK, PP, you’re beautiful… thoughts?


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