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 Yep so I’ve been away for more than a week and I apologise!:P 

Things have been moving really quickly for me, and I’ve fallen sick as well. So take care, all my readers! I have a particular strong reaction to cold medicine. The non-drowsy ones give me a sense of being really detached and immobile, you can just imagine what the drowsy cold medicines do to me! [ Yes I’m currently on medication, so after this post, it’s time to sleep. I can’t really move my fingers anymore lol. ] I’ve also taken part in a performance which requires lots of commitment and time to prepare for. I’m really glad that I’ve joined because I love making friends and participating in new experiences. Right now, I haven’t fulfilled many of the goals that I wanted to achieve at the end of this mega-huge performance [ not solo of course! ] but I have faith that these hopes and wishes will come true! 

I just finished Secret Garden last episode. Yes, how slow can I get? I’ve decided to start on My Princess soon, but I think I will have no time to do recaps either! I have a few reviews that I promised I will do in previous entries, and I’m still going to do them when things have quieten down more. I’ll probably do a few not-so-drama-related entries as well, so look forward to those!

As usual, keep those comments coming, because I love seeing new comments in my inbox! Even if I have no time to reply them within a day or two, rest assured that I’ll always reply to your comments with heartfelt sincerity:D 

All right, I shall stop here. See you guys soon!


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