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Secret Garden Episode 18-20

Ooops! It has been too long from the last episode of Secret Garden! Have you guys watched it? 

It was really, really cute here when he got amnesia and thought that he’s 21 years old! He’s like this awkward, funny guy lol!

See what I mean?:D

Goshhhh a white grand<3 the showdown of the two love rivals!


Then a showdown between the two women in his life. Poor Oska! It was very funny here because his mum seems to have a much better impression after Seul took out the same perfume spray as her haha!

I think she’s so pretty! I can’t tell if she went through plastic surgery or not though:/


HIM PROPOSING — "I didn’t want to marry you because I love you -a look on Ra Im’s face- I want to marry you because I can ONLY love you, and I don’t want any other women in my life." AWW!

Before this, I was choking up with laughter for some weird reason that I cannot remember… I think it got to do with how much er Joo Won wanted to ahem do their first night thing together with Ra Im and it just somehow amuses me haha!

Concerned Tae Ssun.

Making out in the lift….. and getting caught by a whole group of subordinates.  

SOH YE JIN!! If you had read my previous entry about her in Personal Preference, I mentioned that I really, really like her because she’s the first woman who struck me as beautiful [ with that whole package, not just the face ] and then I was quite disappointed because she aged so much in Personal Preference. However, I realise that she looked so much better here! Seriously, if Director can get this ending with Soh Ye Jin [ since she’s acting as herself in there! ] then I won’t feel bad for him at all, for not getting Ra Im. 

You can tell that this entry is not so much of a recap, then just screenshots(: I really like this drama because of the great chemistry between the two leads! At first, I was a little bored because it seems to be a little repetitive when Ra Im kept pushing Joo Won away. Then they got together and things became really interesting, which was good. However, I will love dramas that have a conflict right till the last episode, which then resolve in a good and brilliant way, because that leaves so much more impact on me! The last episode of this drama was more of a…. concluding statement to all its characters and what happened to them etc. Not that I mind that much though, I mean it’s always great to watch more about the two of them in their cute, immature ways. 

This drama isn’t perfect because it does have flaws — illogical points, sudden conflicts and miracles, but then again, which drama is perfect? I’m sure we all have that perfect drama in our heart, but till we find that wonderful, awe-inspiring drama, we can have a really satisfying meal with desserts, with dramas like Secret Garden. It was a really enjoyable watch for me, and I officially fell in love with Hyun Bin! Gotta love it that the mum kept her stand all the way though. I thought she will become this really nice old granny, but I guess not lol:P 

Sorry if I flooded anyone’s Friends’ page:PP


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