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There’s a reason to anything that happen…

Haha that was a random title! How’s life for all my readers out there! Life has been really super hectic, but I miss posting entries on a daily basis! I’m currently watching My Princess now, and it’s kinda good — funny and nice, but no way romantic yet [ For your information, I’m still on Episode 3]. 

Here’s just a random shout out to all my loyal readers — thanks for your constant support, and help! I really appreciate it, and I love all your comments, so keep  them coming<3 For new readers, I hope that you will stay on to visit thoughtsramble on a regular basis, and then maybe you will soon come to love those things that I’m writing about as well:D 

Even though I’ve been so busy, I try to read some stuff, and that’s how I found myself reading Agatha Christie’s books! As mentioned before, I find her a little too simple for my liking, since I was expecting hardcore, mind-boggling detective stories. Soon, I’ve come to realise that it might just be a part of her style, and perhaps, even the times that she wrote from. 

Haha that’s all from me right now!  Expect a quick post here and a fast update there from time to time, and of course, I will continue to do recaps and reviews of dramas/books/movies that I like or hate. Ooh! I’m going to watch the Green Hornet soon! Have any of you caught it yet?


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