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Hey guys! I’m so sorry for not being able to update but —– remember the performance that I was talking about a few entries ago? it’s finally over, and now I will have more time to dedicate to this site! I’m sorry but I definitely didn’t neglect you guys haha!:DD 

Now that I’m quite out of touch with dramaland, would someone like to tell me what’s the hottest news out there?:D Is My Princess considered outdated already?:O



  1. Anonymous says

    my princess

    It’s hanging in there. Could you recap paradise ranch? My princess and Dream high are my favorites right now and paradise ranch has my curiosity?


    • Re: my princess

      Just hanging in there? I thought that it has the potential to set fangirls going gaga over this drama!:P It depends on whether I have the time to watch it, but if I do watch Paradise Ranch one day and I like it, I will definitely do recaps on it!


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