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Spirited Away Review


Yay! I finally had time to write a review for this!:D 

So Spirited Away was a classic animation movie as well, wasn’t it? I love the soundtrack, and the love between the characters. I’m not talking about just romantic love in that sense, I’m also referring to love between friends, and the love that you can give other strangers. Spirited Away was a little scary for me because of all the gory characters that they had. Okay, maybe they aren’t gory, but I will tell you that slugs and snails and frogs and scary huge lumps of smelly gods aren’t what I have in mind. Yet, in a way, these characters draw the viewers’ attention and captivates them as well. 

In case there are readers who have no idea what this movie is about, I shall provide a short synopsis. Basically, there’s this girl called Chihiro who wandered into this abandoned amusement park with her parents and even though she told her parents not to, they still ate the food that was left cooking in a particular stall. She got bored and wandered around, until she reached a bridge. A boy suddenly appeared to tell her to leave quickly, and that he would distract them (identity of them unknown at that point in time). Chihiro was confused and went back to find her parents, only to find them having been turned into pigs. To cut the long story short, that’s how Chihiro found herself stuck in this bizarre world with shapeless translucent things called gods, and other characters. Who else better to help her survive in this world than the boy, Haku?

I really like the flow for this movie, and how relationships were built up. I admire Chihiro for her determination, love and perseverance, even though I didn’t like her at first due to her whining a lot. Yet, she proved to me that she was quite smart, and perhaps the reason for her complaining so much was because she had a bad gut feeling about the amusement park. This movie also shows that there are more than one side to any character. Just because he appears shy and timid doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t become scary and mean later, but at the same time, it doesn’t mean that once he becomes scary and mean that he’s a bad guy and wouldn’t change back to being kind. On the other hand, just because she turns characters into something else, it doesn’t mean that she’s evil. 

It has been some time since I watched this movie, but I remember myself missing it a lot. A successful movie for me, is to be able to draw me into that world and makes me want to meet the characters. Even though Chihiro left the strange world in the end, and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t desire to go back any time soon, I know that she would miss the friends she made there, and that was characters’ depth for me. 

On a side note, I really like Haku. I mean, who doesn’t?



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